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Menu Redesign Avoids Confusion and Promotes Optimization

Modern Restaurant Management

" Originating in Las Vegas in 2001, Ori’Zaba’s multiple locations can be found throughout Nevada and the chain is expanding into Michigan, Texas and across the United States.

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Chambers Wine

A Wine Story

Lillie Wolff 2001: The Beginning Chambers Wine and Spirits. David Lille founded Chambers Street Wines with partner Jamie Wolff in 2001. Often shortened to Chambers Wine, this old street wine shop focuses on European wines from small, mostly family owned wineries.

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Buzztime Weekly Bar Trivia Challenge – Week 25

Buzztime Business

Here are five outdated questions guaranteed to activate your brain cells: 6 – In 2001, Jane Swift became the first female governor of this New England state: 7 – In 2012, what singer donated $1 million to Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief? Most bar trivia and pub trivia games don’t give you multiple choices.

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Preparing your Cafe and Restaurant for the 2020 Recession

Ken Burgin

The last time we had an impact like this in Australia was back in 2001, after the 9/11 attacks in New York. I wrote a fairly lengthy article back in 2001 , with advice on how to manage the effects on small businesses – it still holds up well.

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Creating a Celebrated Culture

Modern Restaurant Management

When she started there in 2001, she admits they followed more traditional Human Resources approaches: 360-degree feedback reviews, training managers on performance reviews, and creating manuals that no one would even open. ” Schatz has seen the evolution of the culture at Sonny’s BBQ firsthand.

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Get Ready for the Post-COVID Economy Now!

Embrace the Suck

Look back to a black swan event you might have already been through the events on September 11, 2001. Events like this are what economists call a “ black swan ,” catastrophic occurrences that basically cause a global shift in mindset and behavior. The coronavirus will change the way restaurants do business as well.

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The Complicated Legacy of ‘Super Size Me’


Along with other influential contemporary cultural documents, like Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation in 2001 and Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma in 2006, Super Size Me changed the way many Americans think about fast food by exposing the nefarious underworld that sustains it.