Restaurant Recruiting During and After COVID-19

7 Shifts

Restaurant recruiting during the COVID-19 pandemic can be advantageous for restaurants because so much restaurant talent is looking for work. Here’s how to implement those restaurant recruitment changes to keep your current staff safe and give job candidates peace of mind. Use 7shifts’ Manager Log Book to ensure that all restaurant recruiting managers understand and follow the new restaurant interviews process.

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Knowing the best way to approach recruitment and onboarding is an essential skill, but many of us don't think too much about it. Typsy's Recruitment and onboarding course is all about taking the guesswork out of hiring. In hospitality, people make the place. As a hiring manager, the culture of your workplace - and the people you invite into it - is entirely in your hands.

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Three Simple Ways Restaurant Owners Can Boost Retention and Drive Recruitment 

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To thrive in this labor climate, it is essential that food service employers explore innovative ways to stand out among competitors to recruit and retain sharp, dedicated talent. Finance Operations recruitment Retention staffing and retention

7 Strategies To Improve Recruitment For Diversity In Hospitality

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How do you improve the diversity recruiting efforts for your hospitality business? Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality RecruitmentDiverse companies perform better. Implement these 7 strategies!

How To Hire Part-Time Employees In 6 Steps

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9 Tips To Improve Your Hospitality Recruiting Strategy

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9 Tips For Hiring First-Class Restaurant Employees

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Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality RecruitmentYou need the best restaurant employees to provide excellent experience to your guests. How do you find and hire them? Follow these 9 tips!

Your Guide to Hiring Temporary Workers That Are Right for the Job

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Follow these 6 steps and improve your recruitment process! Hospitality Recruitment Recruitment Inspiration RetailHow do you make sure that you hire temporary workers that are right for the job?

9 Steps To Hiring Exceptional Hotel Staff

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Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality RecruitmentFinding and selecting the best employees for your hotel is essential to offer a memorable guest experience. Hire exceptional hotel staff with these 9 steps!

5 Low-Budget Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

Gecko Hospitality

Restaurant management Creative Restaurant Promotions Low Budget Restaurant Promotions Restaurant Marketing Ideas Restaurant Recruiting Companies Restaurant TalentYou don’t need high overhead to promote your restaurant with a high return.

2019 97

11 Tips For Hiring Servers For Your Hospitality Business (And Retaining Them)

Harver Hospitality

Recruitment Inspiration HospitalityFrontline service employees such as waitstaff are the faces of your hospitality business. Hire the best servers by following these 11 tips!

3 Ways to Attract Candidates in a Skills Shortage


Decision Makers Employer Best Practice RecruitmentGiven the current hospitality skills shortage , now perhaps more than ever it’s imperative to attract the right candidates for your venue. Gone are the days of throwing up a generic job advertisement on SEEK. All the great talent out there have options, so why would they go for the standard, boring post that doesn’t illustrate culture or character?

How to Recover Your Restaurant’s Reputation After a Poor Review

Gecko Hospitality

Restaurant management Effects of Bad Company Reputation Hospitality Recruiters How to Fix a Bad Reputation in Business How to Restore a Company Reputation Restaurant Staffing Agencies Near MeBad news always travels faster than good, which is why a poor online review of your restaurant can do some damage. You may not even feel the review is accurate, however, it still may negatively affect your business. What’s the best way to deal with a bad restaurant review?

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8 Causes of Employee Turnover in Hospitality

Harver Hospitality

Hospitality Employee Turnover RecruitmentA deep dive into what causes hospitality employees to leave prematurely. Learn how to tackle employee turnover in an efficient way!

Management Software to Consider at Your Restaurant

Gecko Hospitality

Restaurant management Hospitality Industry Recruiters restaurant management jobsRunning a restaurant is challenging, and even slight fluctuations in your profit margins can make or break your business. A successful restaurant needs strong management, and the right restaurant management software can improve all areas of your business, ensuring it runs efficiently, reducing costs, decreasing customer wait times, and preventing billing and scheduling errors.

2018 43

11 Ways To Boost Your HR In Hospitality

Harver Hospitality

Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality HRHow to make sure that your hospitality employees are productive, engaged and, above all, happy? Check out these 11 ways to boost your HR in hospitality!

9 Best Employer Branding Examples For Hospitality Businesses

Harver Hospitality

Hospitality Recruitment InspirationA strong employer brand for your hospitality business gives you a competitive advantage on the candidate-driven market. Check out how others have built it!

Temporary Staffing Mistakes & Best Practices in Hospitality & Retail


HR Tips from Bizimply 52 tips recruitingTemporary staff can be a blessing if you're busy, but there are mistakes to avoid. In this article, we're looking at the best and worst practices for temporary staffing in hospitality and retail. The post Temporary Staffing Mistakes & Best Practices in Hospitality & Retail appeared first on Bizimply.

3 Things To Consider When Hiring Employees

Candy Bar

Every company in the world, including the best, are looking for ways to solve the staffing and recruitment problem. Hiring employees is an art. For small businesses, hiring employees can […]. The post 3 Things To Consider When Hiring Employees appeared first on

How to create a great team from the first interview


So how do you get employees there, especially when you’re looking at new recruits? If you're in the process of hiring new hospitality staff, or you will be soon, knowing how to approach the interview is as important for you, the interviewer, as it is for your candidates. There is a clear link between staff morale, motivation and employee turnover: happy employees stay longer and collaborate more effectively to support core business values.

7 pro tips for writing a job-winning hospitality manager resume


In today’s blog post, guest blogger Aditya Sharma walks us through seven pro tips that can help you tailor a flawless managerial resume, getting you closer to your targeted job by ensuring you communicate your potential as a great manager to recruiters. One major benefit of the hospitality industry is that it’s rarely affected by recession. This means looking for work in the industry can always be fruitful – if you have the right tools at your disposal.

How to Start a Restaurant: 6 Places to Hire Your Back of House


It’s also very helpful when short staffed and you’re recruiting full-time employees. Recruiters. Recruiters are an excellent way of finding great candidates – but they come at a cost. There are both large national recruiting companies, as well as local ones that service specific regions. It’s important to make sure the recruiter you choose has experience when it comes to sourcing good candidates for the restaurant industry. No extra fees for recruiters.

7 Ways to Creatively Staff Your Restaurant

Embrace the Suck

This is good news for the restaurant that is willing to make recruiting a priority. Actively recruiting talent must be a top priority when hiring in the coming year! They are just starting to turn 21 and are a prime resource if you know how to recruit them. If you want to attract better talent, then make social media an integrated part of your recruiting plan! A smart operator will open their eyes to new ways to actively recruit, hire, train, and retain their talent.

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How to Streamline Human Resources and Payroll in the Restaurant Industry


Tailor your hiring and recruiting practices. The first step in reducing high turnover is to examine your hiring and recruiting practices. There are many moving parts to hiring and recruiting. Successful restaurant owners and operators don’t just provide great food.

Optimizing Your Restaurant Staffing and Onboarding for a Successful Recovery


Recruiting better candidates to re-engage your workforce. Since recruiting your staff can be such an extensive undertaking, here are a few factors for you to consider when designing an effective recruiting and onboarding process to rehire and appropriately schedule your restaurant’s workforce. Recruiting where your potential employees are searching.

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Tailor your hiring and recruiting practices. The first step in reducing high turnover is to examine your hiring and recruiting practices. There are many moving parts to hiring and recruiting. Successful restaurant owners and operators don’t just provide great food.

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Why The E-Myth is Still So Relevant

Ken Burgin

4 Key Business Systems: * How we do it here * How we recruit hire and train people here * How we manage here * How we change it here. develop the strategic objective * develop an organisational plan * develop management systems * develop recruitment and staff systems * develop marketing systems * develop your operational systems – soft, hard and information. It was published 24 years ago in 1986, and reverberated like a thunderclap in the world of business.

The Top 10 Things Learned from Working with 1000+ Restaurants

Embrace the Suck

Are you actively recruiting talent each week or just placing a couple of boring job ads hoping that the next superstar is going to walk in?

How to Create a Restaurant Staff Training Manual

7 Shifts

As you ramp up hiring again, there’ll be a huge influx of applications, so it’s essential you get your post-COVID recruitment right. The more staff you have to replace, the more money you have to spend on recruitment, and the more time you have to spend interviewing and training.

Eight Ways to Fill Seasonal Positions Amid Record-Low Unemployment

Modern Restaurant Management

In a job seekers market, if we don’t alter our approach to sourcing, recruiting, and hiring, we'll be left with open jobs and few applicants to fill them. The restaurant industry is extremely relationship driven, making your current staff a great resource for finding new recruits. Sourcing, recruiting, and hiring can be challenging in today’s low-unemployment environment, but it can still be done.

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Why You Struggle with Hiring

The Restaurant Coach University

Another step to finding top talent is to become obsessed with recruiting. Always carry business cards and use your social media connections to constantly be recruiting. Please remember that networking and trying to recruit A-level players is a lot like dating; you need to build a relationship and get to know them before you ask the big commitment question. Hiring and recruiting can be very similar to mining for gold.

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Retain Restaurant Employees with These Six Hiring Tips


Your long-term employees are your number one recruiting tool and can also be a great retention tool. The hiring process in the restaurant industry is similar to hiring in other industries, but the restaurant industry experiences higher turnover than most other businesses.

The Need to Know Guide on Restaurant Expansion for Restaurants

MBB Hospitality

Do I Have Strong Marketing & Recruitment Strategies? In the beginning of any business, you need to devote a majority of your time to marketing and recruitment strategies, but once you get busy with a lot of customers, there is less and less time for it. Put together the statistics to describe your target customer from your customer database so who you should focus your marketing and recruitment strategies on.

The Need to Know Guide on Restaurant Expansion for Restaurants

MBB Hospitality

Do I Have Strong Marketing & Recruitment Strategies? In the beginning of any business, you need to devote a majority of your time to marketing and recruitment strategies , but once you get busy with a lot of customers, there is less and less time for it. Put together the statistics to describe your target customer from your customer database so who you should focus your marketing and recruitment strategies on.

Rostering and Staff Scheduling Systems for Cafes & Restaurants…

Ken Burgin

We take the complex, and we automate it to ensure your time is spent on the important stuff’ Combines rostering, recruitment and payroll in one package. These systems have become indispensable if you want to control wage costs and manage labour allocation.

Why Outsource Management of Your Restaurant?

Goliath Consulting

Management firms, like Goliath Restaurant Management, help restaurant owners reassess their food costs and supply chains, rein in bar costs and consolidate their liquor inventory to better suit their demographic, create marketing calendars and promotional materials to keep sales growing, and serve as a human resource department for recruiting, hiring, training and retaining staff.

How a Restaurant Employee Mobile App Keeps Millennial Restaurant Staff Engaged


While not always directly related to sales or revenue, mobile apps can give restaurants the edge in recruiting and retaining employees. Restaurant staff labor retention is one of the primary areas of focus for today’s restaurant manager.

Restaurant Staffing: 9 Tips for Hiring the Right Staff

MBB Hospitality

Sometimes the most challenging aspect of the employee recruitment process is knowing which sources are best to pull candidates from. There are a lot of recruitment agencies out there and job listing sites on the internet, but don’t forget about also using your current employees to help you as well. Don’t Rush the Recruitment Process. MBB Management can also help you recruit prime positions like your chef and general manager.

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xtraCHEF Recipe Card: Natalie Vittese

Xtra Chef

As People & Culture Manager, I’m responsible for managing all HR operations – from recruiting to payroll and benefits. Explain your role at xtraCHEF. Much of my focus over the last few months has been on fostering company culture and employee engagement while we are all working remotely. I also have a role in company communications and working with teams and leadership with an overall goal of making the experience of working at xtraCHEF a positive one.

What can we learn from "Waitmares"?

7 Shifts

In fact, between productivity loss, recruitment, selection, training, and pre-departure, replacing just one employee costs almost $6,000 ! According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 50-85% of adults have nightmares from time to time. What’s behind these sleep-disturbing dreams?