Culinary Cues

We have all had those moments (some of us more frequently than others) when we question what we are doing, the level of commitment required, and the price to pay. As chefs we all are aware of the time, physical stress, and emotional trauma associated with running a busy kitchen.

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Making Customers Happy, One Eatery at a Time


Successful restaurateurs open new eatery that's part lounge, part NYC pizzeria and part Happy Hour Haven. The owners of Valley staples The Woodman and Jalapeño Pete’s really know how to make people happy. Their generous “Happy Hours” seem to keep customers coming back.

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The Top 10 Things Learned from Working with 1000+ Restaurants

Embrace the Suck

I keep detailed coaching notes from every client I have had over the past 11 years as The Restaurant Coach™ Some of those stories make it into my books, speaking gigs, podcasts, or just as a solid warning to new clients about what not to do!

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Top 5 Hospitality Trends for your Business — the Inside Scoop


The hospitality industry is fuelled by people’s obsession with food. This fixation has driven innovations like self-serve kiosks and kicked off fads like ramen burgers.

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Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

7 Shifts

What is the key to success in the restaurant industry? While a delicious menu and an inviting ambiance are critical components of a restaurant’s success, staff are the lifeblood of a restaurant. The people you hire to run your restaurant can make or break the business.

Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs and Technology

Future Food

Customer Service at Mcdonalds (Image via Bustle). Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs & Technology. Will Guidara, one of the owners of Eleven Madison Avenue in New York, has been quoted as saying that it’s “compassion and passion [that] gives a fantastic dining experience.”

How to Track True ROI from a Restaurant POS System

Focus POS

When a technology solution affects as many areas of business as your restaurant POS system does, it can be difficult to track the true return on investment (ROI) that it offers.

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Onboarding New Baristas: What Café Owners Need To Know

Perfect Daily Grind

A thriving specialty coffee shop environment revolves around consistently crafting and serving bespoke, high-quality beverages – and your staff’s performance is essential to being able to do so.

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How to Conduct a Restaurant Sales Forecast with POS Data


Accurate restaurant sales forecasting can fuel more informed decision making in nearly every aspect of restaurant operations.

How To: Social Media Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

We get it, you’re busy. The idea of using social media marketing to attract customers, all the while managing inventory and payroll, can be exhausting. But millennials and Gen-Z are quickly becoming the largest generation, overtaking baby boomers in 2019.


Culinary Cues

Chemistry is by far, the most important ingredient in building a successful kitchen team. When a chef is able to bring a group of seemingly opposing forces together into a functional, well-orchestrated team then great things happen.

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Mama Lion – A Continuing Evolution


The creation of a destination. Emiliano De Laurentiis. A progressive evolution that has allowed Mama Lion to manage renovations and to react to evolving markets.

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Effective Restaurant Accounting Tips


Preparing good meals and serving customers is always an exciting part of running a restaurant. When it comes to numbers, however, most restaurant owners do not know what is expected of them.

How To Open a Restaurant: 12 Steps to Starting a Restaurant

Restaurant Clicks

Opening your own restaurant is an exciting business venture. Wanting to start a restaurant business and knowing how to open a restaurant are two different things, however.

By restaurateurs for restaurateurs: Advice for opening in 2020

7 Shifts

Are you opening a restaurant in 2020? Congrats! ?? And good luck. It’s going to be the ride of your life. As you plan out your concept, location, menu, staffing, and marketing, take a read through the advice left by hundreds of restaurateurs to ensure you’re set up for success in 2020.

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30 Employee Engagement Ideas For a More Productive Team


A team is like a family. Sure, your team isn’t related by blood, but it benefits from many of the traits that make families strong: camaraderie, cooperation, and strong bonds. Increasing employee engagement will help you build those traits and attract and retain the best talent.

Food Haven CEO José Fabregat’s take on food delivery and cloud kitchens in Spain


Founded in Barcelona in 2018, Food Haven is one of Spain’s most ambitious and innovative cloud kitchens. The business was created to elevate the customer’s food delivery experience - a mission which Food Haven takes very seriously.

How Restaurant CEO Priorities are Evolving in 2020

Aaron Allen & Associates

Restaurant CEO priorities are shifting in 2020, and it makes sense given how quickly the consumer and competitive landscape are shifting as well as the introduction of new forces impacting the industry. Here, we round up ten factors influencing how leaders are evolving their views and approach.

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How Cold Brew Captured The Millennial Market

Perfect Daily Grind

Cold brew is a popular drink in many specialty coffee shops around the world. This is in large part thanks to demand from millennial coffee drinkers, who make up a sizable amount of the world’s coffee consuming population.

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How a Restaurant Employee Mobile App Keeps Millennial Restaurant Staff Engaged


Restaurant staff labor retention is one of the primary areas of focus for today’s restaurant manager. With unemployment hovering around 4% , today’s labor market is one of the toughest in three decades.

How to Become a Successful Restaurant Owner?


Owning a Restaurant is quite challenging but at the same time, it’s a rewarding role. No matter what type of restaurant you are running whether it’s fine dining or a food truck, all need the same efforts to make it call a successful food business.


Culinary Cues

There is no issue more pressing, and no task more important than building a kitchen team and establishing a culture of retention. Yes, I do mean a culture of retention.

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Taylor Rothchild, Wine Industry's One to Watch in 2020


His mission is simple: Create Wines and Champagnes worth sharing. Joyce Sevilla. With a long family history and intense passion at its core, each bottle from Tayson Pierce Estate Wines possesses a rich history of its own.

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4 Reservation Apps that Will Drive More Traffic to Your Restaurant


From dating to health, consumers are relying on an online company to guide them. Dining out is no exception; customers are seeking restaurants that integrate the latest reservation technology.

MRM Franchise Feed: CPK in Canada and Real Famous BBQ

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Franchise Feed offers a glimpse at what's new in the restaurant franchise and MUFSO environment. Send news to Barbara Castiglia at bcastiglia@modernrestaurantmanagement.com. CPK Heads North.

How to Build a Successful Employee Engagement Program for Your Restaurant

7 Shifts

Did you know that there are more than one million restaurants in the United States alone? These restaurants rely on 15.3 million employees to give customers the meals and experiences they crave. The key to making customers happy is to make employees happy.

7 Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas That Work

Restaurant Clicks

You’ve done months of work planning your restaurant, creating menus, hiring staff – it’s finally time for the grand opening of your restaurant! A restaurant grand opening is an exciting event, and a successful one can help start your restaurant off on the right foot.

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How Your Restaurant Can Survive the Valentine’s Day Dinner Rush


Valentine’s Day is both a day to look forward to and a day to dread (as a restaurant manager, that is). Yes, more diners mean more income–which is always a good thing. But it also means more stress for your team as you try to deal with the Valentine’s Day dinner rush.

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Why choosing the right POS system is a top priority


Setting up a business in the hospitality industry comes with a big checklist of things not to forget. In addition to your restaurant’s concept, location and menu, there are a few technical aspects you need to think about, as well. One which certainly cannot be overlooked is the POS system.

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Entering China’s Emerging Coffee Market

Perfect Daily Grind

China might be the fourth-largest country in the world and have the largest population on earth, but it has one of the world’s lowest coffee consumption rates, with citizens consuming an average of just one cup a year. .

Mastering Restaurant Bookkeeping in 5 Simple Steps


How to Do Bookkeeping for a Restaurant in 5 Simple Steps. Restaurant bookkeeping involves financial and accounting practices that track your business’ detailed costs and revenue.

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4 Benefits of Online Restaurant Management Software

Focus POS

It’s no secret that many businesses across the restaurant industry are turning to the power of technology to make running their operations easier. Not only are they looking to improve operations within their kitchens, but also enhance the overall customer experience.


Culinary Cues

Two of the most significant issues facing businesses today are RETAINING good employees who are so difficult to find and MAXIMIZING the productivity and efficiency of those same employees.

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Where to Stay, Dine & Be Seen During Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Miami


Event date: February 2, 2020 (All day). Enjoy the big game at a new eatery or acclaimed restaurant with stellar food & drink specials in Miami on Super Bowl Sunday! Kush photo credit: Gita Shonek.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans


Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans. Owning a restaurant is both an exciting and challenging experience. Before the challenge of making a profit, you also have to identify sources of financing. Restaurant financing and restaurant loans are crucial to successful running of a restaurant.

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Customer Service Trends in the Restaurant Industry to Look For in 2020

Modern Restaurant Management

The food and restaurant industry has evolved dramatically over the years. Now that consumers have become more particular with dining, service standards have skyrocketed, and expectations are higher than ever before.

How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Valentine’s Day

Xtra Chef

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a big deal for restaurants. From singles on first dates to longtime couples to groups of Galentine’s Day enthusiasts, people across the country use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to celebrate and go out for a nice meal.

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