Culinary Cues

Bigger isn’t always better. Bigger brings a significant upswing in headaches, unforeseen challenges, an inability to flex, and long-term costs.

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan [with Sample]

7 Shifts

You can't start a restaurant without a plan. A restaurant business plan is one of the most (if not the most) essential elements in getting a new restaurant off the ground. There are a few reasons for this: A business plan is typically the first thing any lender or investor will want to look at.

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Covid-19 + Restaurants: How Mobile Chatbots Can Help

Social Hospitality

The pandemic has drastically affected the restaurant industry. For most restaurants, the focus remains on delivery and pickup to serve customers. The pandemic’s toll on restaurants was more limited than otherwise because of delivery services.

5 Signs You Might Have a Bar Inventory Problem

Krista Dinsmore

How are you managing your bar's inventory? No matter how in control you are of your bar's inventory, there's likely something you can do better

Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template

When it comes to benefits, communication is critical. To help you easily explain your offerings at open enrollment, Paycor created an open enrollment sample letter (and a few tips). Download this free Employee Open Enrollment Letter Template today.

Why Today’s Customer Experience Requires Technology, Human Touch


This article was written by Tony Smith, co-founder and CEO and appeared in Fast Casual. Explore how to find the perfect balance of high-tech and high-touch service. When I picture a restauranteur there are three qualities that immediately come to mind: Entrepreneurial. Determined. Resourceful.

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Retail Management 101: 20 Skills You Need To Have


Effective retail management requires a vast array of skills. In a broad sense, those skills boil down to managing your time, managing your staff, managing their training, and managing change. But those general categories do little to tell you how exactly to get those jobs done.

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How Technology Tools Help Restaurateurs Do More With Less

Modern Restaurant Management

Ensuring guests experience true hospitality is tantamount to running a successful restaurant. Thanks to restaurant technologies, it’s possible to not only deliver a superior customer experience — the crux of hospitality — but also take things to the next level.

Why Smaller Menus Are the Best Thing for Restaurants Right Now


Reading Time: 3 minutes. When the Covid-19 delivery boom took off, many restaurants shortened their menu in order to focus on their best, and most delivery-friendly, items.

Restaurant Inventory Management Technology Improves Efficiency

Restaurant Technology Guys

Restaurants need the latest and most efficient restaurant inventory management tools to ensure a smooth business flow and stay completely stocked and informed. The post Restaurant Inventory Management Technology Improves Efficiency appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

The Ultimate Playbook for Automating Restaurant Operations

Restaurants are operating with 6.2 fewer back-of-house employees and 2.8 fewer front-of-house employees. Learn what thriving brands are doing to address labor shortages, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency, all while increasing their bottom line.

Building a Restaurant Tech Stack for your Business

Focus POS

How an Experienced Restaurant Solution Provider Can Benefit You. Restaurant owners and managers work long hours, holidays, and most weekends.

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Culinary Cues

March 9 was National Dish Washer Day. I’m not sure who decided that this declaration be made, but for those of us in the restaurant business – it is so appropriate.

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The History of Tipping in Restaurants: The Complicated Past, Present, and Future

7 Shifts

When you dine out at a restaurant, you tip your server. It's the expectation and an essential part of how restaurant workers earn a living. A guest's tip subsidizes wages for most of America's restaurant workers. It's a reality that only exists in North America—the United States and Canada.

How to Build a Customer Engagement Strategy

Social Hospitality

We invest money and effort into marketing campaigns to build relationships with our target audience. We want people to engage with our brands both online and offline. Once people feel connected to your brand, they’ll be more inclined to choose you over your competitors.

10 Ways to Keep Your Hourly Employees

Getting and keeping hourly workers is no longer as simple as offering them more cash. Employees have options. But this guide from Paycor will help you put your best foot forward to recruit, retain, and develop hourly workers so you can remain competitive.

What Labor Shortage?


Here’s how your restaurant business can swim in revenue and cost savings— even when the labor pool is shallow. Management Maximizing Profits Vol. 26 No. 04 #restaurantmanagement #restaurantprofits management

2022 193

Improving Restaurant Inventory Management to Beat Rising Food Prices


Restaurant inventory management plays a key role in overcoming rising food prices. Logistics challenges and labor shortages have fueled rising food prices at the wholesale level. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the November Producer Price Index, a measure of wholesale prices, up 9.6%

WARNING: Restaurant Culture In Crisis

Embrace the Suck

Interview Series: Brian Duncan of Down To Earth Wine Concepts. Here is another interview from The CONQUER Online Restaurant Summit with my friend Brian Duncan. Brian always has a unique understanding and view of the world. The topic for this talk was how Restaurant Culture is in Crisis.

2022 212

35 Employee Incentive Programs That Actually Work


Are you searching for a way to recognize your employees for their years of service, reward them for a job well done, and retain them longer? Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

2022 124

Scheduling Headaches? AI Can Solve Them

Machine learning proves to be effective for predictive scheduling and empowers employees by giving them more control over their lives and schedules. Download this guide to find out more!

Managing Inventory with Quality Data and Automation

Modern Restaurant Management

Accurate inventory management is crucial to running a successful business because it directly impacts a company’s bottom line and is key to maximizing profits.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs to Boost Revenues


Reading Time: 4 minutes. Restaurants, retailers and airlines have been using loyalty programs to drive revenue for nearly three centuries.

Prepare Now for a More Profitable Christmas

Ken Burgin

Don’t just reprint last year’s menus, plus the same decorations and corny music! Plan for this to be the busiest, most efficient and profitable time of the year. Finalise the Festive Menus – it may be months away, but customers want menu and price certainty.

2022 128

Biz Tip: Hiring, Fall 2022

Food Business

How to staff a restaurant when shorthanded? This episode identifies not only hiring, but the necessary positive culture you want to nurture, and the ways to pay staff. It's necessary to have different practices for managers than for team members.

2022 130

7 Ways To Avoid Today's HR Compliance Risks

With remote work on the rise, salary history bans in effect, and Fair Workweek laws passed, HR compliance has become more challenging. Discover the 7 most prominent HR compliance hurdles of today, and learn how to avoid them detailed in Paycor’s recent guide!


Culinary Cues

Ironically, there is always room to be great and there is plenty of room to be mediocre. With more than one million restaurants in the US we can flip a coin and hope for the great, will likely step through the doors of good, and far too often settle into the mediocre.

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How To Manage Teams Across Multiple Restaurant Locations

7 Shifts

Are you managing one location (or several) of a multi-unit restaurant business? If so, you're not alone - 3 in 10 restaurants are part of a multi-location business. One of the biggest challenges that comes with multi-location restaurant ownership is managing teams across locations.

2022 371

Taco and Beer Pairings

Bottleneck Management

Taco and Beer Pairings. One could argue that tacos are the perfect food. You can enjoy all the food groups wrapped in one shell, they are easily customizable, and you can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We thought, “What do we love as much as tacos?”

2022 142

New Revenue Streams for Restaurants


A comprehensive guide. Management Maximizing Profits Vol. 26 No. 04 #restaurantmanagement #restaurantprofits management

2022 191

Using AI to Test Innovative Restaurant Employee Communication and Scheduling Models

AI technology is helping restaurateurs rise to complex labor challenges and laws with machine learning solutions that improve working conditions for staff, leading to happier employees who stay onboard and bring their best to work.

Spring Break Travel is in the Forecast: How to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant


Spring Break is right around the corner! According to Vacasa’s 2022 Spring Travel Trend’s survey, one thing is clear: everyone needs a break this spring. The survey showed that: More than half (56%) of Americans are planning a trip this spring.

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The Pandemic Isn’t Your Fault, But How You Ran Your Restaurant Before Is!

Embrace the Suck

The Coronavirus Pandemic is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Times like these bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. It has forced some to close for good and for others to rethink their reason for staying in this industry. Some have added take-out and delivery.

2022 231

How to Increase Your Restaurant’s Website Traffic Using Social Media

Next Restaurants

Did you know that 60% of customers read an online review first before going to a restaurant? Additionally, 42% of U.S. customers tried out a restaurant for the first time because of its social media posts.