5 Bad Habits in Launching Restaurant Advertising Campaigns

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Restaurants of all sizes, from the largest fast-food chains down to the independent coffee shop on the corner, invest time, effort, and money in advertising. billion on advertising. Large chains may be affected less when restaurant advertising campaigns don’t work.

Online vs. Print Advertising: What's Right for Your Auto Shop

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In this digitally-driven world, you might think that online advertising is the best way to go. Automotive Advertising

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How to Advertise Your Auto Shop Using Facebook

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Automotive AdvertisingCell phones and social media have quite a hold on us. Don’t think so? One survey found that the average adult now spends almost 2.5 hours every day on social media.

How To Use Vinyl To Advertise Your Business

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Vinyl has changed the advertising game! If you are looking for the best material to serve as a medium for your advertisements or cheap banners for promoting events, vinyl is definitely the way to go.

Advertise Your Restaurant Online? Your Ads Might Actually Be Helping Your Competition!


Online advertising has become an important part of restaurant marketing. But research has shown that sometimes online restaurant marketing can actually benefit the advertiser’s competitors more than it helps the advertiser itself. […].

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8 Types of Local Advertising That Auto Shops Use to Gain New Business (plus 3 That Aren’t as Successful)

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Automotive AdvertisingCars have a much longer lifespan these days. Thanks to better built powertrains which are more durable than ever before, car owners are able to keep their vehicles much longer than they used to simply by having them serviced regularly.

Buzztime Selected by Michigan State Lottery for Custom Advertising Campaign

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NYSE American: NTN) recently launched a Michigan State Lottery advertising campaign across the Buzztime digital-out-of-home (DOOH) network in Michigan to promote its Club Keno game. The campaign includes video advertisements as well as a fully branded Michigan State Lottery Club Keno trivia game. Buzztime is one of the few DOOH networks to… The post Buzztime Selected by Michigan State Lottery for Custom Advertising Campaign appeared first on Buzztime. NTN Buzztime, Inc.

6 Marketing Ideas for Auto Repair Shops to Keep Customers Coming Back

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Automotive AdvertisingAt the end of 2017, 229,000 auto repair shops were operating in the United States. That number is similar to a decade ago, and is expected to continue rising regardless of the economy.

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The Top 5 Blogs/Sites for Auto Repair Marketing to Follow

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Automotive AdvertisingWhen you consider how quickly things change in marketing from social media trends to changes that Google makes, to the competition that comes into your local area – there’s a lot to do and many things to keep an eye on.

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How To Get The Millennials To Visit Your Restaurant On A Regular Basis


Restaurant Business digital marketing to millennials how to advertise to millennials how to reach millennials marketing to millennials millennial consumer behavior millennial research millennials and brandsMarketing to Millennials!

How to Encourage Referrals for Your Auto Shop

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Automotive AdvertisingHow many times do you have a friend ask you, “Hey, who do you use for ?” Whatever the service, people like to know what companies their friends and family are using and their experiences with them.

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid with Your Restaurant Website

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Restaurant Industry Restaurant Marketing and Advertising Restaurants UncategorizedAll businesses need a website. It is no longer optional; it’s do or die. Having a website that’s easy to navigate, mobile-optimized, and up-to-date helps to ensure a successful customer journey.

When you need SEO or PPC?

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However, in order to get the proper exposure, engagement and reach to your audience, certain strategies have to be implemented, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Determine Advertising Budget. With PPC advertising, you can customize your spending limit that suits your budget. In addition to determining your budget, you should also look into what other businesses are paying for the keywords you’re advertising for.

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Update Your Summer Menu Online Before You Miss Out on More Business

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Listing and Menu Management Menu Restaurant Customer Experience Restaurant Industry Restaurant Marketing and Advertising Restaurants Trends online menus summer summer dining summer spending statistics

Do Coupons Really Work to Increase Profits at Auto Repair Shops?

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Automotive AdvertisingCar maintenance can be expensive, which is why many car owners shop around for the best deal. As a savvy auto repair shop owner, you want their business. But the question is: will they choose your auto repair shop?

Why Your Auto Shop's Online Reputation Matters

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Automotive AdvertisingYou have seen it out there. Your auto repair shop shows up in search results with your address, website link, phone number and… reviews. There’s no escaping it.

How to Boost Incredible Restaurant Revenue with Catering Menus

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Listing and Menu Management Menu Restaurant Industry Restaurant Marketing and Advertising Restaurants Trends catering online menus restaurant menuWhile restaurant industry growth creeps along year after year, a new study shows that the catering business is booming.

Maximize your reach with the right blog topics

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SEO Integrated Marketing Advertising Blogging Customer Focus Restaurant Marketing Hotel Marketing seo tips digital marketing bali basic seo blog topics bloggin

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5 Ways to Write an Irresistible Hospitality Job Description


How do you stand out in a sea of job advertisements without overselling, romanticising, or intimidating your potential candidates? Writing hospitality job descriptions is a vital part of attracting great candidates and that can be daunting.

Why Blogging Can Benefit Your Restaurant and Bar – Part II

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SEO Integrated Marketing Advertising Blogging Restaurant Marketing blogging digital marketing for restaurants restaurant marketing restaurant and bar restaurant blog bali bloggers bar marketing digital marketing for bars food blog restaurant website blog website blogThere are just a handful of owners who have added a blog to their website to build a reputation in the community where they operate, as well as promote the food and drinks that they offer.

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Why Driving Traffic is Still Central to Restaurant Marketing

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BY ED SILHAN ​ So why do restaurants see so much value in drive-to-store advertising? Drive-to-Store (DTS) advertising is any form of advertising with the direct intention of increasing foot traffic to physical locations.

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Programmatic Marketing: What You Need to Know

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If you’re not already using programmatic advertising, you’re missing out on a more intelligent way to reach your target audience. Largely automated, programmatic buying does rely on algorithms and technology to buy the advertising. Bonnie Harris RTB.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Restaurants

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Today’s restaurateurs are lucky — gone are the days of massive spending to advertise their offerings to draw in new customers. And, for the most part, using social media as a way to advertise is free. Social media allows you not only to share pictures, thought-provoking sentiments and discounts, but you can also purchase traditional online advertising.

9 Genius Ways to Promote Customer Testimonials

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Truly satisfied customers are the best advertisements you have, and by showcasing them using the following tips, you can increase your customer base.

3 Ways to Attract Candidates in a Skills Shortage


Gone are the days of throwing up a generic job advertisement on SEEK. Given the current hospitality skills shortage , now perhaps more than ever it’s imperative to attract the right candidates for your venue.

5 Low-Budget Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

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Sure, money can buy you banner advertising, but there are also creative ways you can use free online tools to draw people in. You don’t need high overhead to promote your restaurant with a high return.

[eBook]: Strategic Drink Pricing Guide

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Read this ebook to discover some of the ways you can increase your sales and profits without having to build new business through advertising, renovations, promotions or discounts. [eBook]: Strategic Drink Pricing Guide.

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10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurant (Along with Fresh Content Ideas)


You must have seen various online mother’s day advertisement by a restaurant to invite buzz. It is a massive platform where you can advertise all around the world with less cost than advertising on newspaper, radio and other traditional media.

Franchising Your Restaurant – Are You Ready?

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If you want to franchise your restaurant, will you turn to the advertising pro Groupon? Since Groupon is an advertiser and not advisors, we move to Forbes. Groupon offers a 520 word article to guide you to becoming a franchisor.

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How To Make A Successful Career In Digital Marketing

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For this purpose, all effective online communications are used, mainly websites, web advertising, social networks, electronic mailings, forums, etc. In most cases, modern digital marketers are engaged in the strategic promotion, building a loyal consumer environment.


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After paying that small bit of tribute it is back to business as usual – spending money with the familiarity of chains, well known and heavily advertised brands, and buy on-line (yes even on-line business with restaurants through apps like GrubHub).

13 Simplest Yet Creative New Year Restaurant Promotion Ideas (That You Can Actually Implement)


And for that, you don’t need to create a completely different menu, instead of that use creative Restaurant chalkboard signs put it in outside the restaurant and start advertising. So 2019 is coming to a close, people must be started planning for the evening.

How to Navigate the New Facebook Algorithm

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Advertise. Facebook has one of the most effective and robust advertising platforms available to businesses. Advertising on Facebook is also relatively inexpensive. On January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, on behalf of Facebook made a statement.

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Audience Insights from Australia and New Zealand's Facebook Demographics

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Advertising Insights In terms of advertising insights, New Zealanders and Australians were 2.4 Facebook demographics can provide a wealth of information about consumers from a variety of demographics.

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The Holidays Have Arrived. So Have We!


For 2020, not only will we be doubling down on content development and curation, but we will be increasing our lead generating capacity so that suppliers to the industry will see a more direct relationship between advertising and sales. SantaSack.png. Author(s): Emiliano De Laurentiis.

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5 Psychological Theories to Boost Restaurant Marketing

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For example, develop targeted local advertising with posters, ads, and billboards to push and promote your brand to local customers. Want to boost your restaurant marketing? Use psychology. The result? More guests. It’s that simple.

Managing Staff Shortages During Seasonal Peak Periods

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Advertising for and hiring temporary staff well in advance helps to ensure the efficient running of a coffee shop. When advertising for temporary seasonal workers, it’s important that you don’t rush into hiring anyone.

How to Maintain (and Grow) Customers Despite the January Blues

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Working with a third-party app is mutually beneficial and will advertise your restaurant to brand-new customers. Advertise Your Happy Hour. Every customer feels rewarded by a god happy hour, so make sure yours is well advertised and everyone knows about it. form of advertising.

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YELP APP:  restauranteurs pros and cons

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TIP 3: Consider advertising on YELP Advertising on YELP wasn’t going to be in the PRO column, but it belongs here. Not to mention, YELP recognizes how we owners resist spending actual money on advertising, so they regularly give you $300 incentives.

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Are You Marketing Your Coffee Shop the Right Way?

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Here are three top places to advertise: Online. Or, you can invest in social advertising, which places your ads on target users’ Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. Besides digital marketing, it’s smart to invest in some forms of traditional advertising.

5 Psychological Theories to Boost Restaurant Marketing

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For example, develop targeted local advertising with posters, ads, and billboards to push and promote your brand to local customers. Want to boost your restaurant marketing? Use psychology. The result? More guests. It’s that simple.

7 Proven Restaurant Marketing Ideas You’ll Wish Someone Would Have Told You Before


See the example below — Ferns and petals advertising dining offer on Raksha Bandhan. Brands are leveraging social media platforms to connect with the audience and invite them by advertising their menu, special dish, special events among the targeted audience.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Restaurant Location


Before visiting each establishment, go to their website, read their restaurant reviews, analyze the type of advertising they use. The Importance of Your Restaurant Location There are many things to consider when choosing a restaurant location.