10 most popular hotel management apps for small hotels


In the past, large hotels had a much easier time using management and data collection tools than smaller hotels. Luckily, as technology advances, there are more and more options for small hotels who don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to put massive software systems into place.

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Hotel Manager’s Guide to Room Service in 2021


For the hospitality industry, on-demand dining services have been a staple nearly as long as hotels have been in existence. WHAT WE’LL COVER: Chapter 1: Does Your Hotel Need to Offer Room Service? Chapter 2: Is Traditional Room Service or an On-Site Hotel Restaurant Worth It?

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Hotel Health & Wellness After COVID

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Even before the pandemic, travelers often sought out hotels with wellness amenities, including spas, healthy eating options, and adventurous activities. It’s up to your hotel to deliver a safe and holistic experience. Hotel Tips & Ideas

Trending: the best coronavirus responses from hotels around the world


Under coronavirus, everything about the function, service, message and meaning of hotels has changed. If restrictions have been lifted in your area and you’re looking at reopening your hotel, or resuming normal operations, there’s a lot to consider. Luckily, there are a few hotels leading by example in this arena. In today’s blog post, we’re looking at some of the best reopening strategies and approaches from hotels around the world.

Local SEO For Hotels: 11 Tips to Dominate Search (2021)


Search engine optimization (SEO) for hotels is one of the best ways to ensure a consistent stream of new customers to your hotel and one of the most consistent hotel marketing strategies for inbound bookings in 2021. Chapter 2: 10 Local SEO Tips for Hotels in 2021. Hotel

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Green initiatives at hotels can cut costs while protecting the planet


Hotels Hospitality managers Hospitality staff Restaurants Hospitality trainingOnce a fringe concept within the hospitality industry, sustainability has become a hot trend as we dive deeper into the 21st century.

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Search Engine Marketing for Hotels in 2021

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As one of the most reliable advertising initiatives, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a must for hotels and the hospitality industry in general. A tried-and-true initiative, it is integral in the hotel digital marketing mix and one of, if not the best, ways to gain visibility on search engine results pages (think Google & Bing). In that case, a campaign targeting those people can help drive hotel occupancy because they may be in need of interim accommodations.

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Increase Hotel Bookings By Standing Out

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The hotel industry has a vast amount of competition, and standing out amongst the crowd can be difficult, especially for small boutique hotels. This competition is more prevalent nowadays with fewer people traveling and the low volume of hotel bookings. While your hotel prepares for future travel, take action to attract guests and increase hotel bookings. Your hotel’s social media presence is more important than you may think.

How Hotel Restaurants Struggle to Compete with Free-Standing Restaurants

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Mike Krebs – Project Manager, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting Restaurants are more than a little ubiquitous in our world, and if you’re a hotel owner, you likely already know the struggle of free-standing restaurants surrounding your property.

Hotels Are Using QR Codes For Guests’ Safety

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Amid the pandemic, hotels are opting for QR codes to keep their guests safe and decrease contact points. By implementing this form of technology, hoteliers minimize the amount of contact on surfaces throughout the hotel. Another benefit of QR codes is that hotels can make it their own.

6 reasons to consider a career in hotels and restaurants


Put it this way, if you were to start your career in hospitality, you would have two choices: hotels or restaurants. Hotels Managers RestaurantsIn the hospitality industry, your career has a multitude of potential paths and it's not like any other industry because your success is directly linked to the work you put into every day. The hospitality industry is massive and covers a range of various sectors under the umbrella of hospitality.

Preparing Your Hotel For Meetings and Events

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Hotel recovery is entirely dependent on consumers’ behavior and trust and confidence in your establishment. Below are some changes your hotel should prepare for when hosting meetings and events. In addition, during breakout sessions, this would be a great time to utilize other areas of the hotel, such as the lobby or outdoor space. While people continue to socially distance, a great way to show your hotel’s event space is with a virtual tour on your website.

How Your Hotel Can Attract Business Travelers

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Business travel took a hit when COVID-19 began, and the hotel and travel industry felt its effects. Below are a few ways your hotel can attract business travelers. Make sure your hotel has top-notch Wi-Fi that is free and high-speed. . Business travelers tend to visit the same city more than once, and they will want the best deal possible for a hotel stay. Increase their loyalty to your hotel by offering an exclusive loyalty program for business travelers.

Your Guide to Redefining Hotel Cleanliness

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It’s been about three months since the hotel industry began feeling the harsh effects of COVID-19. How are you going to prepare for the return of your hotel guests? Your hotel’s cleanliness will be at the front of your guests’ minds. Software company Canary Technologies recently launched an innovative new way to check-in hotel guests with Contactless Check-in. Guidelines for your hotel’s standards of cleanliness. Hotel Tips & Ideas

5 Ways to Accommodate Your Hotel Guests and Regain Trust

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Since the start of the pandemic, your hotel has probably been preparing for post-COVID with new health and safety practices. Even though your hotel has high cleanliness standards, there are other essential actions to consider to accommodate your guests. Below are five ways your hotel can accommodate your guests to regain their trust and increase their loyalty. Place signage throughout your hotel that is COVID-specific. Hotel Tips & Ideas

Hotel Data Reveals the Latest Factors Driving Operational Success

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Hotel Data Reveals the Latest Factors Driving Operational Success. H oteliers from independent bed-and-breakfast concepts, global hotel chains, and everything in-between have faced immense challenges throughout the pandemic. – Jeff Bay, Managing Director of HayMax Hotels.

Safely Hosting Private Parties at Your Hotel or Restaurant

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Of those businesses are restaurants and hotels, two industries that are paying close attention to social distancing and cleanliness. If your hotel or restaurant felt the harsh effects of the economic downturn, you may be considering ways to bring in new business. We have compiled a list of tips and guidelines on how your hotel or restaurant can safely host private parties this summer. If you’re a hotel, open the door to your lobby. Hotel Restaurant Tips & Ideas

How to respond to negative hotel and restaurant reviews


People trust other consumers more than they trust marketing messages from hotels and restaurants, which is why having stellar online reviews is important. Marketing Hotels Managers Restaurants BarsOnline reviews can make or break a business, especially in the hospitality industry. Plus, when it comes to putting food in their mouths or staying in strange beds, customers want to know. what kind of quality they’re getting.

Big Data – The Magical Words in the Hotel Industry 


From providing an in-depth look into what your current guests are doing within your hotel to what your potential guests are looking for from your hotel, big data opens the door to exactly what your guests want and need. Hoteliers across the globe have begun to see the impact Big Data can have on their revenue intake.

How To Increase Customer Loyalty By Improving The Hotel Experience

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Over the past few months, your hotel may have been improving marketing strategies, amping up cleaning standards, and finding innovative ways to maintain social distancing rules. There’s more you can do to improve the quality of your guests’ hotel experience. Having a well-trained, knowledgeable concierge service will give you a leg up on many hotels that may not have these services. Most hotels offer tiny and sometimes cheap shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and shower gel.

Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Hotels and How to Avoid Them

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With hotel occupancy lower than usual during these unprecedented times, hotels must communicate with future guests to remain relevant. Your hotel may not be able to communicate with guests in person, but thanks to the digital world, you can do so virtually. . However, in this blog, we will go over what not to do by highlighting common marketing mistakes and how your hotel can avoid them. With influencers, you can showcase your hotel through the eyes of a hotel guest.

How To Host A Hotel Staycation This Summer

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If you’re a hotel, by now, you have temporarily closed your doors or are staying open with lower occupancy. Let’s go over a few ways you can get creative this summer by hosting a hotel staycation. If they are in anticipation of your virtual hotel event, your hotel will be on their minds. If your hotel is near a firework show, go LIVE on Instagram or Facebook. Does your hotel have a bar? Hotel Tips & Ideas

Improving Your Hotel’s Discoverability with Instagram SEO

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One of the most significant ways to increase awareness for your hotel is through social media marketing. I f your hotel has a social media presence, you’re already ahead of the curve. Below are a few ways your hotel can improve its social media presence through Instagram SEO. How can your hotel optimize your Instagram bio? If your hotel is in New York, consider using the keyword phrase “New York Hotel” in your Username, Name, and Bio.

9 Steps To Hiring Exceptional Hotel Staff

Harver Hospitality

Finding and selecting the best employees for your hotel is essential to offer a memorable guest experience. Hire exceptional hotel staff with these 9 steps! Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Recruitment

How to Optimize Your Hotel Marketing for Voice Search Engines

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Because this new technology is proliferating, it’s time we take a look at optimizing hotel marketing for voice search engines. If you have optimized your hotel website, you’ll find your hotel most often in one of those top spots. . Voice search is infinitely easier for the user, but how does your hotel marketing staff make sure your hotel shows up in those top choices? For example, a customer might ask Siri to find them a hotel near Monterey Bay.

How Hotels Can Host Virtual Events During Shelter in Place

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While people continue to stay home and socially distance themselves, hotels are finding it increasingly difficult to remain engaged with their customers. Therefore, now may be the time to take advantage of Virtual Hotel Events. To build brand awareness, stay connected, and possibly create brand partnerships, hotels can host virtual events online through social media, zoom, their website, or wherever they feel would benefit them most. . Are you a family-friendly hotel?

How User-Generated Content Helps Hotels Build Trust with Potential Guests

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When booking a hotel room, potential guests want to ensure that their stay will be comfortable, accommodating, and worth the money. Seeing how others experienced a particular property is an inside look at what it would be like to stay at your hotel. This authenticity can attract new guests who want to experience a stay at your hotel for themselves. How can your hotel implement UGC into its marketing strategy? Share UGC that portrays your hotel in a positive light.

Hotels Are Moving F&B Outdoors

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While hotels continue to navigate through the troubled waters of COVID-19 and its effects on their establishments, they are coming up with new ways to adhere to the CDC’s rules and regulations. Hotel Revival Baltimore. Hotel News

10 Inspirational Hospitality Industry Stories During COVID-19

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Hotel Trundle Shares Stories of Happiness. Since relatively early in the COVID-19 shutdown process, Hotel Trundle launched a #CHEERNOTFEAR hashtag campaign. Hotel Trundle has done a fantastic job of staying positive with their online presence. The Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan is providing free rooms to doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. The luxury hotel, where rooms typically top $1,000 a night, closed at the end of March and is not taking new bookings.

5 Examples of Customer Service Innovation in Hospitality

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While this technology is still not in wide use around the world, there are many reasons hotels , restaurants, and other businesses benefit from the use a virtual receptionist. Customer Relations Hotels Marketing Restaurants Technology Travel Articles

Dyson’s New Cord-Free Vacuum Can Benefit Your Hotel

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Their newest product, the Dyson V11 Pro cordless vacuum, is a hotel business’s dream with two batteries, two filters, twice the suction of any cordless vacuum, and advanced, whole-machine filtration with an intelligent cleaner head. Your hotel team will be able to get the job done without stopping to charge the vacuum or change its filter thanks to the extra filter and battery. Hotel News Tips & Ideas


Stay Here: The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin: The Very Definition of Elegant Escapism

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Jimmy – who is Russell’s Dad, by the way – describes how in his youth, 40 or 50 years ago, he worked as a commis chef in The Shelbourne… The post Stay Here: The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin: The Very Definition of Elegant Escapism appeared first on GastroGays. Dublin Hotels Ireland Slider Travel best hotels dublin Blog Review Shelbourne Hotel blogger Shelbourne Hotel Charles Stewart Parnell suite Shelbourne Dublin 5 star hotel Dublin hotels Dublin Luxury Hotel.

Hotel Content Marketing During COVID

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Whether your hotel is open, there are still a few roadblocks that are hurting the hotel industry. Countries are increasing travel restrictions, travelers are weary of staying in hotels, and hotels are struggling to remain relevant. Let’s take a look at a few topics your hotel can cover over the next couple of months that are beneficial to both your hotel and your audience. Create a blog that offers as a local guide to attractions near your hotel.

Will Hotels Rethink Design for Social Distancing?

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While times are uncertain and “back to normal” is seemingly far away, hotels are adjusting to the “new” normal by changing certain practices and rethinking their design. Hotel designers worldwide are revamping hotel lobbies, guest rooms, and common areas with socially distanced design. . Hotel designers are adopting these practices, but with a more comforting and welcoming approach. The post Will Hotels Rethink Design for Social Distancing?

The Benefits of Guest Feedback in the Hospitality Industry

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There are many strategies your hotel or restaurant can employ to ask customers thoughts and suggestions. Although key human interactions in your restaurant or hotel are vital, don’t neglect the entire customer journey. When you’re running a restaurant or a boutique hotel, reputation is everything. Customer Relations Dining Articles Hotels Restaurants Travel Articles

During Uncertain Times, Hotels Give Back to Their Communities

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Since the start of the pandemic, hotels have been coming together to help those in need. Although struggling for the past year, hotels are never short of being hospitable. It’s in their DNA, which is why we continue to see hotels giving back to their communities. Hotel News

7 Tips for Hospitality Marketing During COVID-19

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The impact of Coronavirus on restaurants and hotels has been insurmountable. . Let’s focus on steps you can take to market your hotel or restaurant during the coronavirus crisis. Some of the top hotel companies are offering elite status extensions and additional points to users. Hilton Hotels had to furlough much of its staff and has set up a website for those employees to find work.

9 Important Hospitality Sales and Marketing Tips

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hotels grew to $185 billion from $116 billion. Anyone who runs a hotel or restaurant is a salesperson. If it’s the peak of the season, you compete with all local restaurants and hotels. Some owners of small restaurants and hotels may not feel like they need to hire people for a specialized marketing team. Tiktok is fun network that’s still unexplored by most hotel and restaurant brands. Customer Relations Hotels Restaurants Social Media Travel Articles

Stay Here: The Westin Dublin

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Set on College Green beside Trinity College, The Westin Dublin opened in 2001 after an expansive construction which linked three historic buildings.

Stay Here: MJ’s Hotel, Malmö – “Your Urban Oasis”

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In paid collaboration with Malmö Town Imagine leaving one country and landing into another where you then: take a train to a third country, disembark, take a brisk walk through a new city straight to… The post Stay Here: MJ’s Hotel, Malmö – “Your Urban Oasis” appeared first on GastroGays.

The Foyle Hotel, Moville, Co. Donegal | July Just Ask Restaurant of the Month [SPON]

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14 months since opening, The Foyle Hotel has already woven itself neatly into the fabric of the small market town of Moville, overseen by Executive Chef Brian McDermott and family. Set in a stunning 200… The post The Foyle Hotel, Moville, Co. Donegal | July Just Ask Restaurant of the Month [SPON] appeared first on GastroGays.

Meet the Hotel That’s All About ‘Female Empowerment’ — and Its Male Executive Chef


It’s unclear if anyone at Hotel Zena had a conversation about putting a woman in charge of the kitchen at the hotel’s Figleaf restaurant [link

Key Points to Consider When Reopening Your Hotel

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Hotel and travel industries are preparing for the inevitable new normal that is life post-COVID-19. A factor that needs to be considered by every hotel is health and safety. Over the last few weeks, big hotel corporations, including Marriott and Hilton, have increased their cleaning standards. Marriott launched the Global Cleanliness Council to amplify their hotels’ cleaning protocols and procedures. Clearly state every precaution your hotel is taking.