Outdoor Is the New Indoor

Modern Restaurant Management

” No one knows for sure, but we are seeing glimpses of a trend that may be the answer for restaurant owners and operators: expanded outdoor seating. Some folks acted with more caution than others, in terms of mask usage and social distancing, but all who emerged into public outdoor settings seemed eager to get back out into the fresh air. ” An (ROI) Argument for Expanding Outdoor Seating. Control of Your Outdoor Space Key.

Outdoor Advertising: Get Outdoors and Get Offline

Indoor Media

Outdoor advertising is quickly becoming an untapped market, and it might be just what you’re looking for. The best example of this is placing outdoor signage around the places where your customers live, work, and play to really hone in on your community brand.


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Tips for Creating an Inviting Outdoor Dining Space

Modern Restaurant Management

As restaurants continue to navigate limited indoor dining capacity and customers wary to dine indoors, some are expanding into outdoor spaces. When creating an outdoor dining space, consider the following six tips: 1.

Best Practices for Outdoor Dining All Year Long

Modern Restaurant Management

Outdoor dining is still top of mind as owners want to keep employees and customers safe and have questions about maintaining outdoor spaces in inclement weather. That's fine for sidewalks but not very conducive to outdoor dining, including keeping tables leveled.

Restrictions into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

The restaurant industry has changed so dramatically in the pandemic era that it's time to redesign your business strategy. This requires us to take a look at our menus, inventory, staff, and even our seating strategy. Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, and fit your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions.

Four Questions to Consider Before Opening an Outdoor Seating Space

Modern Restaurant Management

With the recent influx of cold weather throughout most of the Northeast, businesses have been able to continue attracting patrons through a shift to outdoor operations. Whether temporary or permanent, outdoor seating spaces will continue to play a large role for businesses economically.

Ensure Your Parking Lot Is Safe for Outdoor Dining

Modern Restaurant Management

As a result, the industry is seeing a tenfold increase in outdoor seating compared to this time last year. For operators that don’t already have an existing space designated for outdoor dining, this is a challenge.

7 Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Patio Space for the Season


So, what better way to add interest to your restaurant or bar than to have an inviting outdoor patio space for your customers to enjoy? The post 7 Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Patio Space for the Season appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog. Restaurant Management lighting outdoor patio patio heaters pest controlThe weather is warming up. People are coming out of their winter hibernation. They want to be out in the fresh air.

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10 tips to start and expand your outdoor dining experience


With long days and warm temperatures, the demand for outdoor dining is at a new high. . cities have relaxed and streamlined processes for obtaining outdoor dining permits. Johan Botma of Sfoglia applied for New York City’s Open Streets program, which allows restaurants to apply online and self-certify to temporarily expand their outdoor seating. The post 10 tips to start and expand your outdoor dining experience appeared first on Open for Business.

Outdoor Dining is a way of life and a way forward for Food & Beverage

Future Food

Outdoor Dining is a way of life & a way forward for Food & Beverage. In a COVID world, Outdoor Dining is a safer option for patrons and staff alike. When people think about Outdoor Dining, they often first think about these types of places: Beach Dining.

Some Fresh Air Is Necessary to Jumpstart Restaurants Reopening

Modern Restaurant Management

Allowing restaurants to utilize outdoor parking space is a way for municipalities to offer additional relief to local restaurants and help consumers feel safe and more comfortable when dining out. For example, in Florida, under the State's full phase one reopening plan, restaurants are able to operate indoor dining rooms at 50-percent capacity and can fully utilize their outdoor space so long as they maintain social distancing.

The Relative Safety of Outdoor Dining


Outdoor dining in San Francisco | Patricia Chang. So I appreciate her new, thorough FAQ for New York magazine on COVID-19 risks, which touches upon outdoor and indoor dining. Not all outdoor dining is created equal.

As Restaurants Prepare for Winter Outdoor Dining, Convincing Customers Remains a Challenge


If you build a winterized outdoor patio, they still might not come As more states are allowing the hospitality business to reopen in varying capacities, restaurants, particularly those in cooler climates, are hastily prepping for a winter al fresco. Giedriius /Shutterstock.

How the Restaurant Industry Can Tackle the Cold Weather Season

Modern Restaurant Management

The biggest challenge will be on-premise dining and the shift from outdoors to indoors as temperatures decrease in many regions. Outdoor dining will simply not always be possible in certain regions, no matter how much preparation has gone into outdoor dining planning.

Noma Is an Outdoor Wine and Burger Bar, for Now


In what feels like a first, Noma follows the trend instead of starting it In what feels like a taste of normalcy in These Difficult Times, Noma has bestowed news the dining public: Starting on May 21, René Redzepi’s award-winning Copenhagen restaurant will reopen to the public as an outdoor wine-and-burger spot — no reservations required. Few big city restaurants have access to the outdoors in the same way Redzepi does either, though street closures could provide a way.

Hotels Are Moving F&B Outdoors

Gourmet Marketing

F&B took a hit when the pandemic first started, as neither indoor nor outdoor dining was permitted. However, since outdoor dining has started back up, hotels are now creatively offering F&B outdoors.

How to Bring This Portland Restaurant’s Colorful Outdoor Oasis to Your Home


Even now with a closed dining room, the Pisha-Dufflys have brought some of the restaurant’s bold design scheme to its two outdoor patios. Bring rugs outdoors. Shop it now: Outdoor rugs. The fun of dining at Gado Gado isn’t just in the menu.

How Expanded Outdoor Seating Can Maximize Your Restaurant’s Profits


Expanded outdoor seating may be just what you need to maximize profits during COVID-19. Many cities and counties across the country now permit outdoor dining in expanded areas, even when indoor dining is prohibited or restricted.

Winter Is Coming: Challenges Facing Restaurant Owners (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

Marketing Operations Mike Whatley podcast MarketScale the Main Course National Restaurant Association Barbara Castiglia Outdoor dining

This week in restaurant news: outdoor creativity, midpriced dining, who should get credit for recipes?


Outdoor Dining Has Become a New Lifeline for Struggling Restaurants. The post This week in restaurant news: outdoor creativity, midpriced dining, who should get credit for recipes?

Best Outdoor Dining in Midtown, NYC in 2020

Restaurant Clicks

New York City is open for outdoor dining, and some of the best Midtown restaurants are offering outdoor seating while the weather is warm. If you’re looking for delicious food in an outdoor venue, Midtown NYC is teeming with amazing options. .

Outdoor Dining Is Now a Permanent NYC Fixture, Mayor Announces


After months of calling, writing, and protesting, the city’s restaurant owners finally have an outdoor dining plan [link

Understanding Clients’ Needs for a Workable Return to the Restaurant Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

Now more than ever, we will be guiding clients on how to design for extra temporary patio dining space and curbside pick-up areas, as well as expanding outdoor space for dining. Design Operations dana foley curbside pickup Post- COVID restaurant design Cleanliness Gensler Outdoor dining

Your Playbook to a Successful COVID-19 Restaurant Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

As states across the country have lifted and eased restrictions, more and more restaurants have been able to open up — but how are they adapting, especially if they don’t have proper outdoor patios? Give Your Outdoor Space a Refresh.

Chicago Bars and Breweries Can Reopen Wednesday for Outdoor Drinking


Outdoor drinking will follow the same regulations as outdoor dining [link

How to Pull Off ‘Fine Dining’ Outdoors


This week on Eater’s Digest , Silver Apricot’s Emmeline Zhao talks al fresco hospitality These days, it’s hard to know what you’re going to get when dining outdoors. Arctic char at Silver Apricot | Emmeline Zhao/Silver Apricot.

New Baltimore Mayor Shuts Down All Indoor and Outdoor Dining


Brandon Scott tightens restrictions on the city’s businesses as its hospitalization numbers reach a record high [link

Why LA County Decided to Shut Down Outdoor Dining


AFP via Getty Images.

Eater Talks | What Happens to Outdoor Dining in Winter?


On Thursday, October 29, Eater editors will discuss the challenges ahead for restaurants and bars as wintertime dining approaches Eater Talks: What Happens to Outdoor Dining in Winter? Dome dining at Chicago’s Fulton Market | Photography by Barry Brecheisen.

Bernie Sanders Has Gifted the Internet a New Outdoor Dining Meme


Getty Images.

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Berkeley Will Fully Close Its Streets to Create Giant Outdoor Dining Rooms


The Bay Area city is moving fast to expand outdoor dining [link

Chicago Releases Fall and Winter Outdoor Dining Rules for Restaurants


TNS via Getty Images.

Many New York State Restaurants Can Start Outdoor Dining Thursday


Andrew Cuomo says restaurants in the state can have outdoor dining in the second phase of reopening — which means NYC could get it as soon as June 22 [link

As COVID-19 Infections Surge, LA County Shuts Down All Outdoor Restaurant Dining 18


No on-site dining is allowed for at least three weeks [link

LA County Reduces Outdoor Dining Capacity to 50 Percent and Institutes Curfew


AFP via Getty Images.

Oregon Pauses Indoor and Outdoor Dining at Restaurants and Bars for Two Weeks



Where Is the Data to Support Closing Outdoor Dining in LA? It’s Complicated


Restaurant owners say public health officials can’t definitively link on-site dining with a rise in cases, and they’re (mostly) right — but that’s not why officials shut them down [link

San Francisco Will Be Open for Outdoor Dining This Weekend


Restaurants can apply for permits to put tables on sidewalks and in parking places as of Tuesday [link

Why You Need Digital Menu Boards for Your Restaurant Business

Harbor Touch

Outdoor display. Outdoor Display. The outdoor screen should have different features from the indoor one. Unique bright screens are preferred for the outdoors as the standard screen may not be readable. Hospitality best digital menu boards digital menu board digital menu board for restaurants digital menu board software digital menu boards diy digital restaurant menu outdoor digital menu board restaurant menu board templates restaurant menu on tv screen

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A Brief Guide to Winter Gear That Makes Outdoor Dining More Comfortable


What to wear to stay warm and safe while supporting local restaurants [link

Illinois Restaurants Can Reopen for Outdoor Dining on May 29


Pritzker says health experts are comfortable with patio dining [link

LA County Offers $30K Grant for Restaurants That Needed to Close Outdoor Dining


But there are a whole list of requirements [link

This week in restaurant news: outdoor solutions, NY surcharge, Beard Foundation invests in BIPOC businesses


Restaurants Reliant on Outdoor Dining Get Creative in Preparation for Winter Chill Ahead – Restaurant Hospitality. Many cities opened their streets and sidewalks to outdoor dining this spring, offering a boon for restaurants with shuttered dining rooms.