MATSU Delivers An Ultimate Fine-Dine Experience With POSist

The Restaurant Times

Launched with a vision of bringing authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine to the Middle East, MATSU, a fine dining establishment based out of Abu Dhabi, offers exciting flavors and an authentic taste of Japanese dining culture. .


Culinary Cues

Whether a fine-dining experience or your local taqueria – the cooks that stand out, the ones that are the reason why customers line up to buy their food, are the ones with well developed senses of taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound as they relate to what takes place in the kitchen.


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High Cuisine: The Budding Relationship Between Cannabis and Fine Dining

Modern Restaurant Management

Much to the delight of enthusiasts and aficionados across the nation, the rapidly-growing number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana has in turn given rise to the so-called “cannabis fine dining” industry. What exactly is cannabis fine dining, in a nutshell?

How to finance a transition to a fine dining restaurant


Fine dining is an experience like no other. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic all but destroyed the fine dining industry. In this blog post, guest contributor Beau Peters shares with you tips to help transition your restaurant into a fine dining venue.

From Fast Casual, to Fine Dining, to Finance | Season 2, Vol. 9: FAST Acquisition Corp.


In the latest episode of the Hospitality Hangout podcast, Michael Schatzberg “The Restaurant Guy” and Jimmy Frischling “The Finance Guy” sit down with Kimberly Grant, the co-sponsor and chief strategy officer at FAST Acquisition Group, to explore her rise in the restaurant industry, and what lies ahead for FAST.

The Future of Dining: Industry Expert Insights

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry experts to gaze into a crystal ball and re-imagine the future of dining. It's a small step to having a group of friends walk into a dining room served by multiple brands.

Top 12 Dallas Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms

Restaurant Clicks

Choosing the perfect venue is hard, though, when there are so many incredible options, so I thought I’d help a bit by putting together this guide to all the best private dining restaurants Dallas has to offer. Best Private Dining Restaurants in Dallas. Dallas Texas Private Dinin

Restaurants with Private Dining in Tampa Bay

Restaurant Clicks

With all of these options out there, though, and such high stakes, it can be hard to find the best private dining in Tampa Bay, so we thought we’d make it a whole lot easier for you by compiling this amazing list of the top places for exclusive dining reservations in the city.

Does It Get Better For the Indie Fine Dining Restaurant?


Chef Russell Jackson opened the fine dining restaurant Reverence in Harlem just months before the pandemic began. Chefs Russell Jackson and Ian Boden struggled to reconcile their visions of fine dining with their communities’ desires. I think more fine dining should exist.

Keep Your Outdoor Dining Space Compliant for Guest Safety

Modern Restaurant Management

As people begin venturing out to eat again after a year of lockdowns and restrictions, 75 percent say they are not comfortable with dining indoors. Auditing Your Outdoor Dining Space Before Permit Request.

Michelin-Starred Daniel Boulud Says Fine Dining Will Not Be Going Away

Restaurant Engine

According to Boulud, NYC’s outdoor dining restrictions have restricted his table service capacity by at least 75%. Boulud responded to Bloomberg radio hosts’ questions about the economic reality of restaurant ownership, given NYC’s current prohibition on indoor dining.

Best Practices for Outdoor Dining All Year Long

Modern Restaurant Management

Outdoor dining is still top of mind as owners want to keep employees and customers safe and have questions about maintaining outdoor spaces in inclement weather. That's fine for sidewalks but not very conducive to outdoor dining, including keeping tables leveled.

Working in a Fine Dining Restaurant: What You Need to Know


Whether you’re considering working in a fine dining restaurant, you’ve just accepted a position at one, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we uncover what it’s really like working in a fine dining restaurant. Of course, each experience will vary venue to venue but read on to discover the industry-standards of working in a fine dining restaurant and everything you need to know surrounding it.

The Fine Art of Keeping Customers Coming Back for More

The Restaurant Times

Let’s discuss what measures can fine-dine restaurants in Singapore take for customer retention. A fine dining restaurant works differently from the rest of the restaurant formats in Singapore. A fine dining restaurant works differently than other restaurant formats.

7 Different Types of Restaurant Establishments (Did you know all these?)


Fine Dining Restaurants. Fine dining restaurants, known as white-tablecloth restaurants which typically comes in high-rated types of restaurants. Casual Dining. The key difference between fine and casual dining is the atmosphere and ambience. Hello!

Hiring Right Restaurant Staff: 5 Tips to Build a Customer Centric Team of Servers For Your Fine Dine Restaurant

The Restaurant Times

Since your first-line staff or customer-facing staff represents your fine dine restaurant brand in the eyes of your customers, you should ideally begin with hiring the right restaurant staff The definition of the right team certainly varies with the brand.

Chattanooga Restaurants to Visit for an Incredible Dining Experience

Restaurant Clicks

Located in the trendy upcycled Warehouse Row in downtown Chattanooga, Public House is fine dining at its coziest. The post Chattanooga Restaurants to Visit for an Incredible Dining Experience appeared first on Restaurant Clicks.

Why A CRM Is Critical For Enhancing The Customer Experience For Fine Dining Restaurants In The UAE

The Restaurant Times

This makes Customer Relationship Management(CRM) all the more critical for fine-dining establishments whose business longevity largely depends on customer satisfaction. UAE: 7 Ways a CRM Can Improve Your Restaurant’s Fine Dining Experience.

How to Pull Off ‘Fine Dining’ Outdoors


This week on Eater’s Digest , Silver Apricot’s Emmeline Zhao talks al fresco hospitality These days, it’s hard to know what you’re going to get when dining outdoors. Arctic char at Silver Apricot | Emmeline Zhao/Silver Apricot.

Coronavirus Canapés and the Moral Bankruptcy of Fine Dining

The Restaurant Manifesto

The post Coronavirus Canapés and the Moral Bankruptcy of Fine Dining appeared first on THE RESTAURANT MANIFESTO. Returning to normal is a step back for an already backward industry.

Stay Here: The InterContinental, Dublin

Gastro Gays

Dublin’s only five-star “Urban Resort”, The InterContinental (formerly The Four Seasons) is set in the leafy but still-central, well heeled neighbourhood of Donnybrook on two acres of manicured gardens.

Best Private Dining Rooms in Atlanta

Restaurant Clicks

If you are looking for the best private dining rooms or event options in Atlanta, we have you covered. Whether you’re planning a graduation party or a corporate dinner, Atlanta has plenty of exciting restaurants and bars featuring private dining rooms to host your special event.

Why a Bar Consultant is Your Restaurant’s Missing Link

Goliath Consulting

Gallo’s products range from fine wines down to jug wines and well spirit selections. E&J Gallo may receive upper tier wine by the glass placements in a fine dining restaurant for Orin Swift while securing house wine pours with Barefoot in a neighborhood grill. bar Consulting bar consulting bar programs fine dining restaurant consulting sports bar suppliers

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Some Michigan Restaurants Call to Defy Dine-In Closure as State Issues Fines, License Suspensions


At least six Michigan restaurants have received fines or liquor license suspensions for deliberately not complying with the three-week indoor dining closure [link

Can a Fine Dining Restaurant Flourish During a Pandemic?


In Chicago, Curtis Duffy’s Ever, which debuted this week, hopes to lure diners in for a $285 tasting menu [link

10 Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms in Fort Lauderdale

Restaurant Clicks

South Florida is home to many fine restaurants that have the option of Private Dining rooms! Many of these restaurants have the option of outdoor dining with oceanfront views, and many have upscale decor that gives you the perfect setting to enjoy amazing meals.

Bay Area Fine Dining Kitchens Have an Anti-Blackness Problem. I See It Every Day.



Where to Stay, Dine & Be Seen During Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Miami


Gianni’s at The Former Versace Mansion : The acclaimed Mediterranean restaurant Gianni’s, provides guests an inspiring dining experience by Italian Chef Valter Mancini, in an unapologetically opulent setting.

Is Indoor Dining Safe Now That I’m Vaccinated?


Of the doctors and health experts I’ve spoken with, some have entirely avoided restaurant dining since March of 2020, while others have, on occasion, dined outside with their families. This makes the safety — and the ethical considerations — of indoor dining anything but simple.

Surviving COVID-19: 7 Ways to Increase Gift Card Sales When Dine-In Options aren’t Available


With dine-in options no longer an option for your restaurant guests, it’s time to start increasing your gift card sales to stay afloat. They are joining the ranks of those pivoting to online, and usually provide fine dining and catering options.

After Dialogue and Other Michelin-Starred Closures, Can Fine Dining Rebound in LA?



Restaurants Are Defying Indoor Dining Shutdowns to Survive Winter


As restaurants face a new round of indoor dining shutdown orders amid rising coronavirus cases and colder weather, some are choosing to stay open in spite of the legal and public health consequences, arguing that it’s the only way that their businesses can make it through the pandemic.

A Guide to Effective Instagram Marketing For Restaurants

Social Hospitality

It’s fine to have the occasional pic of customers having fun in the restaurant, but keep it simple. . Customer Relations Dining Articles Marketing Restaurants Social MediaInstagram has come a long way since its inception in 2010.

Chef Curtis Duffy’s New Menu Promises Ever More Fine Dining Refinement


Ever opens Tuesday in Chicago and the former Grace chef shares his thoughts on his tasting menu [link

Are You Dining Out Again?


The fears are even more pronounced in cities where indoor dining is permitted. Meanwhile, many notable industry voices, including my colleague Ryan Sutton, have said they don’t feel right dining out right now due to ethical concerns. Lilia in Brooklyn | Gary He/Eater.

When It Comes to Indoor Dining, Restaurant Workers Face the Greatest Risk


These outdoor dining rooms have remade the landscape of major metropolitan centers and small towns, allowing people to spill into the streets, visit with friends and family, and — for an hour or two — forget about the looming threat of a deadly and highly contagious virus.

There Might Be a Pandemic, But Chicago’s Newest Fine Dining Restaurant Is Still Shooting for Three Michelin Stars


Curtis Duffy hopes his latest restaurant, Ever, would feel at home on Star Trek’s U.S.S. Enterprise [link

The Changing Guest Service In Casual Dining | Restaurant Recovery Series


Barron and McEnery explore the potential changes coming to the casual dining sector, and consider the manner in which guest service may evolve to meet those new needs. Do you expect most casual dining operators to be able to survive the slow reopening process?

The Relative Safety of Outdoor Dining


Outdoor dining in San Francisco | Patricia Chang. So I appreciate her new, thorough FAQ for New York magazine on COVID-19 risks, which touches upon outdoor and indoor dining. Not all outdoor dining is created equal. Dining in a parking garage isn’t that bad after all.

Where to Eat in Largo for the Ultimate Dining Experience

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They have a spacious dining room complete with fishing decor as well as a gorgeous open-air patio for outdoor seating and a full liquor bar. The menu here is nothing but fine-dining creations that are fit for a king.

The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

Social Hospitality

It’s a fine line, and one the right software can help you walk confidently and successfully. Dining Articles Restaurants TechnologyIt’s hard work to run a restaurant. It takes time, commitment, and the ability to deal with a number of challenges at the same time.

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How Readers Feel About Dining Out Right Now


A big thank you to all the readers who wrote in to tell me how you’re feeling about dining at restaurants — both inside and outside — right now. The responses ran the gamut, with most people erring on the side of caution, especially when it comes to indoor dining.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Restaurants

Social Hospitality

Don’t forget to add photos of the place, the food, and visitors who have had a good time dining with you. And, with your intuition guiding you through posts, promos, video-streaming and review responses, you should be just fine. Dining Articles Restaurants Social MediaToday’s restaurateurs are lucky — gone are the days of massive spending to advertise their offerings to draw in new customers.