High Cuisine: The Budding Relationship Between Cannabis and Fine Dining

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Much to the delight of enthusiasts and aficionados across the nation, the rapidly-growing number of states that have legalized recreational marijuana has in turn given rise to the so-called “cannabis fine dining” industry. What exactly is cannabis fine dining, in a nutshell?

The Fine Art of Keeping Customers Coming Back for More

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Let’s discuss what measures can fine-dine restaurants in Singapore take for customer retention. A fine dining restaurant works differently from the rest of the restaurant formats in Singapore. A fine dining restaurant works differently than other restaurant formats.

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Working in a Fine Dining Restaurant: What You Need to Know


Whether you’re considering working in a fine dining restaurant, you’ve just accepted a position at one, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we uncover what it’s really like working in a fine dining restaurant.

7 Different Types of Restaurant Establishments (Did you know all these?)


Fine Dining Restaurants. Fine dining restaurants, known as white-tablecloth restaurants which typically comes in high-rated types of restaurants. Casual Dining. The key difference between fine and casual dining is the atmosphere and ambience. Hello!

A Guide to Effective Instagram Marketing For Restaurants

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It’s fine to have the occasional pic of customers having fun in the restaurant, but keep it simple. . Customer Relations Dining Articles Marketing Restaurants Social MediaInstagram has come a long way since its inception in 2010.

Surviving COVID-19: 7 Ways to Increase Gift Card Sales When Dine-In Options aren’t Available


With dine-in options no longer an option for your restaurant guests, it’s time to start increasing your gift card sales to stay afloat. They are joining the ranks of those pivoting to online, and usually provide fine dining and catering options.

Where to Stay, Dine & Be Seen During Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Miami


Gianni’s at The Former Versace Mansion : The acclaimed Mediterranean restaurant Gianni’s, provides guests an inspiring dining experience by Italian Chef Valter Mancini, in an unapologetically opulent setting. www.thebetsyhotel.com/dine.

The Changing Guest Service In Casual Dining | Restaurant Recovery Series


Barron and McEnery explore the potential changes coming to the casual dining sector, and consider the manner in which guest service may evolve to meet those new needs. Do you expect most casual dining operators to be able to survive the slow reopening process?

The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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It’s a fine line, and one the right software can help you walk confidently and successfully. Dining Articles Restaurants TechnologyIt’s hard work to run a restaurant. It takes time, commitment, and the ability to deal with a number of challenges at the same time.

This week in restaurant news: supporting protests, outdoor seating, fine dining chefs get creative


Restaurants With Closed Dining Rooms Win Clearance for Outdoor Seating – Restaurant Business. NYC’s Laid-Off Fine Dining Chefs Find Glimmers of Hope With New Home Businesses – Eater New York.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Restaurants

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Don’t forget to add photos of the place, the food, and visitors who have had a good time dining with you. And, with your intuition guiding you through posts, promos, video-streaming and review responses, you should be just fine. Dining Articles Restaurants Social MediaToday’s restaurateurs are lucky — gone are the days of massive spending to advertise their offerings to draw in new customers.

Nickel and Dine: How to Stay in Control of Your Food Costs

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In fine dining restaurants, turning trimmings and other forms of food waste into new menu items in their own right is a hot trend. Creating recipes and setting your initial menu pricing is Restaurant 101.

Restaurant Runaways: How to Get Your Money

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There are just as many reasons why people dine and dash without thinking about the potential of getting a criminal record. For some people who dine and dash, it may not seem like an especially serious thing to do; especially if it's done for laughs or a dare.

Aimsir Restaurant – Jordan & Majken Bailey | Chew The Fat Series 3, Episode 3

Gastro Gays

Aimsir is a restaurant you will be hearing and reading a lot about over the coming months. But believe us, it’s justified.


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Restaurants survive and thrive on the “early and late majority” that represents over 60 percent of the dining population. I can vividly remember a chef position at a fine dining operation that I walked into and faced planning my first signature menu.

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Having your chef walk through the dining room and connect with guests is a way to make customers feel special and provides an opportunity for them to ask serious questions about the menu. There is so much to think about, so many decisions to make, and so much angst about what the future holds.


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We have predicted the demise of fine dining at least a dozen times in the past 25 years – is it really happening now? Americans are spending nearly 50% of their annual food budgets in restaurants and indications that this can continue to grow – is fine dining the right answer?

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Whatever your end goal might be: Executive Chef in a fine dining operation, Corporate Chef, Sous Chef, Restaurant Manager, Entrepreneur, Research Chef, or Consultant – where ever you hope to land in the future – put that goal in writing.

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10 Types Of Restaurants: The Complete Guide For Potential Owners


1) Fine Dining. Fine dining restaurants offer diners an upscale meal experience often comprising several courses (e.g., Fine dining establishments can operate as a franchise for broader appeal or as a single location to increase their sophisticated image.

Highlights of 2019


We explored the changing nature of hospitality as in Chef Ric Orlando's discovery of the unfortunate decline of highway dining in Straws are the tip of the iceberg and the threat of tariffs to our industry with Pushing Back on Tariffs. and A Fine Corned Beef in a Bit of a Brogue.

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If so, what it the plan for vendors and restaurants to work together in this regard? [] AT A CERTAIN POINT (before there is a vaccine) CUSTOMERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO RESTAURANT DINING ROOMS: Terrific! Oh, but what if customers don’t want to return to dining rooms?

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Total system collapse in a kitchen is always a few steps away from fine-tuned orchestration. The host peeks her head in the kitchen and says: “the dining room just filled –hang on, here it comes!” By 7:30 most of the dining room is served and the 14 top entrees just went out.

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When you start building that “bucket list” of restaurants around the world where you must dine before you die. When pride is directly connected to clean plates returning from the dining room.

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Why Contactless will Future-Proof Restaurant Technology

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First and foremost is the strategic recalibration of quick service restaurant (QSR) and fine dining business models. This helps redirect dine-in business and serves customers efficiently. .

10 Ways the Industry Has Adapted During the COVID-19 Crisis

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From completely changing their concept, like Canlis in Seattle going from fine dining institution to burger drive-thru spot, to philanthropic efforts, like José Andrés’ quick work to distribute meals to those in need, plenty of big brands in the industry have sprung into action.

Tea Is a Natural Complement to the Modern Foodie Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

The premiumization of tea is a natural extension to what has been taking place in fine wine, specialty coffee, craft spirits and beer over the past several decades. Truly, tea is a natural complement to the modern foodie dining experience because healthy choices and taste matter.

3 Steps to Determining Your Ideal Customer


Whether they end up at your door or elsewhere depends on the fit between who they are and their dining preferences, and the style of your restaurant. To build a business that attracts the type of diners that are right for you, you first need to get to know your clients better.

Eight Ways Restaurants Can Prepare for a New Normal 

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant management software company Upserve and restaurant-architect William Duff speak here about evolving trends they are seeing and discussed some ways the dining experience might look and feel different as the new normal unfolds. ” Social Distancing in the Dining Room.

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Restaurant Design Tips

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Your restaurant’s design sets the stage for a customer’s dining experience. Diners, for instance, have more seats, than your typical casual eatery, while fine dining restaurants tend to focus more on ambiance and therefore have less occupancy space. Restaurant Design.

3 Steps to Determining Your Ideal Customer


Whether they end up at your door or elsewhere depends on the fit between who they are and their dining preferences, and the style of your restaurant. To build a business that attracts the type of diners that are right for you, you first need to get to know your clients better.

Exceeding Restaurant Health and Safety Protocols to Instill Customer Confidence


It’s important for customers to know what has changed in your restaurant since reopening your dining room. This can be a delicate balance between keeping your guests happy and ensuring that your dining room isn’t headed for another shutdown.


Culinary Cues

It is the chef, after all, who makes the newspapers and magazines, receives the applause from happy customers in the dining room, is respected and feared by all who knock on the kitchen door to make a sale, and is given credit for the restaurants success by managers and owners.

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Sushi Labeling Simplified – BOHA! Makes It Possible


Sushi has extended far beyond its home country of Japan and is available in nearly every major city in the world — from fine dining restaurants to casual food chains to grocery stores.

Three Best Practices in Managing Online Reviews

Modern Restaurant Management

Social and review management has become an incredibly important part of the marketing mix in the restaurant industry, thanks to the growing proportion of online searches for dining experiences, as well as the increase in patrons making online reservations.

How Our Family-Owned Restaurant is Coping with COVID-19

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When can we reopen for dine-in service? As a small fine dining restaurant, it’s been a challenge to shift to takeout and delivery. This blog is being posted on behalf of xtraCHEF’s Marketing Intern, Kali Masciangelo. . Hi, I’m Kali , xtraCHEF’s Marketing Intern.

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3 Creative Recipes for Marketing Success

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A fine-dining steakhouse & upscale designer fashion brand. When it comes to restaurant marketing, winemaker dinners and charity events are two of the most common activations. While those events can build excitement and help promote visibility, they aren’t the only events that work.

The Restaurant Re-Design Playbook | Restaurant Recovery Series


Studying consumer behavior will be the key in developing solutions for curating design and dining experience. QSR and Fine Dining sectors will be the two least affected areas within the foodservice industry.

Food delivery in the COVID-19 climate


With the closure of restaurant dine-in services to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, online food ordering has become a crucial business model overnight. Other businesses, including many bars, pubs and fine-dining restaurants, may not have experience with off-premises dining yet.


Culinary Cues

For 25 years this destination was the centerpiece of fine dining in America and remained one of the top five restaurants in the States for that entire time. THIS IS A LONG ONE – BUT IMPORTANT FOR ALL WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT PROFESSIONAL COOKING.

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How to Make Your Guests Feel Safe and Get them Back in the Door

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Gen Z and millennials are likely to return to in-restaurant dining before older guests; and each group will have different concerns. It is important to communicate what you are doing for safety, but don’t forget to highlight the amazing dining experience you have to offer.

How food and hospitality can flourish in the next normal

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He has recently written that, “[Restaurants] spent so many years cultivating relationships with producers, making delicious stocks and sauces, building brands and expertise only to have their ability to monetise it bottlenecked at the number of seats they can fit in a dining room.

2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry


But we can also expect fine-dining restaurants to explore this option as well, such as all-you-can-eat restaurants that allow diners to self-order via tablets. . 2020 is just around the corner and it’s an exciting time to be in the business!

How Much Do POS Systems Cost?

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We support different types of businesses including hospitality, fine dining, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, pizza shops, quick service restaurants (QSR), fast-food chains, convenience stores, liquor stores, hair salons, nail salons, spas, and retail stores among others.

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