COVID-19 Has Accelerated On-Demand Drone Delivery

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Prior to the pandemic, Research and Markets had forecast the global drone market to grow from $14 billion in 2018 to over $43 billion by 2024, with drone deliveries set to be the fastest growing application.

Why you should optimize your menu for delivery


The industry’s been growing at a steady pace and is expected to yield a worldwide revenue of US $164 billion by 2024. Food delivery is big business. Today, 60% of all dining experiences are off-premises – a percentage that is believed to only increase.

Restaurants Save Money with the Right Recycling Practices 

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billion by 2024. In 2018, when China stopped accepting plastics and recycling from the US, waste management professionals wondered whether the recycling industry could survive the loss of a major market for America’s commodity scrap. Two years later, the verdict is in.

7 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Design for Delivery


The US restaurant delivery market is projected to reach $32 billion by 2024 , growing at an annual rate of 5%. To put that in perspective, that’s more than the GDP of the entire European nation of Iceland.

Build Greater Brand Engagement For Your Cloud Kitchen By Leveraging Online Platforms

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by 2024. Running a successful restaurant business today is about making sure that your brand can be easily found online. Restaurant brands with a stellar online presence also have the potential to attract more customers and receive more orders.

Five Tips to Increase Gift Card Sales This Holiday Season 

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By 2024, global digital gift card sales are projected to hit $698.2

How to Set Up and Run a Ghost Kitchen for Your Restaurant Business


Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 5.1%, resulting in a projected market volume of $32,325m by 2024. Shelter-in-place orders, dine-in restrictions and diners’ hesitation to eat out have combined to prompt restaurants to shift their focus to takeout and delivery. Increased demand for food delivery had already boosted the growth of ghost kitchens, and the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated both the popularity and profitability of the model.

The Top 5 Restaurant Management Questions Answered


billion by 2024 with a significant annual growth rate of 14.6%. Whether your restaurant is preparing for its grand opening night or will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary, it is never a bad time to begin implementing the best restaurant management practices and improving your processes.

Waitr’s Recent Struggles Expose the Instability of Commission-Based Delivery Apps


Meanwhile, Uber Eats still isn’t profitable , and may not be until 2024. Waitr is one of the many third-party delivery marketplaces that’s been in the news lately for less than flattering reasons. The Lake Charles, Louisiana-based online ordering and delivery app saw its stock price plunge , lost its CEO and CFO recently, and has even been the subject of boycotts by restaurateurs and customers.

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How An Online Ordering System Can Multiply Restaurant Sales In Saudi Arabia

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by 2024. The number of food delivery orders placed online has seen a staggering increase in Saudi Arabia in recent years. According to statistics, the revenue in Saudi’s food delivery market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.8%

How Ghost Kitchens Can Adhere To Sanitation And Hygiene Guidelines in Delivery Operations

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Research says that revenue in the online delivery segment is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.5%, by 2024. Amidst the current lockdown, the restaurant industry has observed a spike in demand for delivery-only services. The growing popularity of online food delivery has enabled restaurant operators to pivot their operations to ghost kitchens. Existing ghost kitchen businesses are also adjusting their operational efficiency to fulfill the increased demand for proper food delivery.

What Is A Matcha Latte?

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billion by 2024. The matcha latte first emerged on coffee shop menus a few years ago, and it has seen a considerable rise in popularity over a relatively short period of time.

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MRM Plant-Based: Good Food Scorecard and Healthier Hospital Food

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billion by 2024. Please send plant-based news to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Barbara Castiglia at Good Food Restaurant Scorecard. Despite skyrocketing demand for plant-based food across the U.S.,

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-January 2020 Super Bowl Edition

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These services will account for 70 percent of all delivery orders by 2022, with the user base expected to increase 53 percent by 2024.

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The 20/20 on 2020: Restaurant Experts Weigh In

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percent by 2024, and 2020 will be a catalyst year that could drive that number up. Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders and experts for their insights on what will impact restaurants in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. They touched on topics such as delivery, ghost (dark) kitchens, automation, plant-based menu items, food waste, sustainability, staffing and retention and more.

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