13 Restaurants with Outdoor Dining in Washington DC

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The weather is beautiful, and we are all ready to dine outdoors in the Washington, D.C. Outdoor dining is a favorite amongst Washingtonians, and we have rounded up the leading restaurants you should try! Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in DC. Laos in Town.

Introducing Contactless Dine-In Ordering with ChowNow


As on-premise dining resumes in many parts of the country, restaurants must adapt to the fact that safety expectations have shifted dramatically. Contactless ordering technology is part of the new essential toolkit restaurants need to reduce risk as they resume dine-in service. .


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QR Menus for Contactless Dine-In Experience Diners Love


From the delivery-app boom to contactless digital menus, technology is changing every aspect of the dining experience. With indoor dining coming back, how can restaurants translate the delivery digital menu success to the dine-in experience? Reading Time: 3 minutes.

Restaurants with Private Dining in Tampa Bay

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With all of these options out there, though, and such high stakes, it can be hard to find the best private dining in Tampa Bay, so we thought we’d make it a whole lot easier for you by compiling this amazing list of the top places for exclusive dining reservations in the city.

Protecting Revenue and Profitability During Unexpected Times

As the COVID-19 restrictions ease restaurants need strategies to adapt to crises in order to remain in business and protect profitability. The 2 ways of ensuring survival are protecting revenue and reducing costs. And the right technology can help. Read on to find out how.

Top-Rated Restaurants With Private Dining in Houston

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Naturally, you’ll want to make everything as perfect as possible by finding the best place for your special occasion, and that’s where I come in. Best Private Dining Rooms in Houston. It’s one of the best places to host a private dinner in Houston if you ask me.

Your Guide to Family-Friendly Dining in Philly

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But sometimes, dining can be difficult when you have a family. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite family-friendly places to eat in town. No matter what kind of cuisine you’re in the mood for, you’ll be able to find it on this list.

How Daryaganj Recreates the Ultimate Dine-In Experience For Customers at Home

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However, Amit Bagga, with his roots in a family business of automobiles, is an exception. From a single restaurant in April 2019, it grew to 4 outlets across top locations in Delhi-NCR in just one year and is growing further.

Welcoming Customers Back: How to Resell the Dine-in Experience as Restaurants Reopen

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Now that states are beginning to loosen their lockdown restrictions and reopen small businesses like restaurants, it’s fair to wonder how drastically the dine-in experience will have to change to accommodate the new safety requirements. The answer lies in limiting capacity.

What is the Most Profitable Order Mode for Your Restaurant – Dine-In, Delivery, Takeout or Drive-Thru?


As a restaurant owner or operator in 2020, you’ve been faced with an incredibly challenging environment. Running a restaurant in pre-pandemic times wasn’t easy, but COVID-19 threw an even bigger wrench into your plans. ” You rapidly shifted operations and resources between different order modes, most likely approaching dine-in, delivery, takeout, or drive-thru differently. The impact of off-premise channels on dine-in restaurants.

Surviving COVID-19: 7 Ways to Increase Gift Card Sales When Dine-In Options aren’t Available


With dine-in options no longer an option for your restaurant guests, it’s time to start increasing your gift card sales to stay afloat. Everyone is devouring social media at rapid rates, especially while in quarantine.

Dining In During a Pandemic: The Do’s and Don’ts for Restaurant Operators

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To reduce the risk of virus transmission, restaurants can implement solutions like contactless order and payment technologies in the dining room. Numerous tests in various applications have shown that it isn’t harmful.

Tock on Re-Purposing Dine-In Apps


Before the pandemic hit, many restaurants were already investing in online ordering and off-premise opportunities. We realized that restaurants needed help in other ways to reposition themselves, and communities needed access to food,” says Kokonas.

Touchless Payment: The New Reality of Paying at a Dine-In Restaurant

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As states such as Georgia, Florida and Texas begin to allow restaurants to cautiously reopen, it offers some understanding – for the first time – of what dining out will look and feel like in the wake of COVID-19.

Arizona Jumps Back Into Dine-In Foodservice | Restaurant Recovery Series


In this episode of The Barron Report, host Paul Barron and Louis Basile, founder and president of Wildflower Bread Company , dive into rebuilding the guest experience as restaurants begin reopening in Arizona.

22 Restaurants with Outdoor Dining in Philadelphia

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Looking for a restaurant with outdoor dining in Philly? Enjoy these amazing restaurants with outdoor seating in Philadelphia. The post 22 Restaurants with Outdoor Dining in Philadelphia appeared first on Restaurant Clicks.

Best Outdoor Dining in Midtown, NYC in 2020

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New York City is open for outdoor dining, and some of the best Midtown restaurants are offering outdoor seating while the weather is warm. If you’re looking for delicious food in an outdoor venue, Midtown NYC is teeming with amazing options. .

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Michelle Zauner’s Guide to Dining in Eugene, Oregon


Tonje Thilesen.

Fun Dining ?In the Age of Social Distancing ? 5 Ideas to Keep it Fun and Safe!

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Join us in this first installment of “ …In the Age of Social Distancing ” to find out what that overlap is and what Restaurants are doing to enforce Social Distancing while dining. The experience of dining and seeing empty tables all around you is still disconcerting.

Eater Talks | What Happens to Outdoor Dining in Winter?


Dome dining at Chicago’s Fulton Market | Photography by Barry Brecheisen. On Thursday, October 29, Eater editors will discuss the challenges ahead for restaurants and bars as wintertime dining approaches Eater Talks: What Happens to Outdoor Dining in Winter?

Our commitment: from dine-in to online delivery and pickup overnight


The entire world has been turned upside down in the wake of COVID-19, leaving people and businesses alike feeling afraid, uncertain and worried about what’s to come. Thank you for your trust in us, thank you for fighting back to keep doing what we are all passionate about!

17 Restaurants with Private Dining in Miami

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Huge milestones like weddings, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries usually only come around once in a while, so why not make them memorable? Best Restaurants with Private Dining in Miami. This is one of the best places to host a private event in Miami if you ask me. .

Where Is the Data to Support Closing Outdoor Dining in LA? It’s Complicated


Restaurant owners say public health officials can’t definitively link on-site dining with a rise in cases, and they’re (mostly) right — but that’s not why officials shut them down [link

A Restaurant Made Entirely From Geodesic Domes Is a Perfect Metaphor for Dining in 2020


East Eats is now serving bao and tacos on a side lot in Detroit’s Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood [link

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Stay Here: The Westin Dublin

Gastro Gays

Set on College Green beside Trinity College, The Westin Dublin opened in 2001 after an expansive construction which linked three historic buildings.

Nevada Allows Restaurants Inside Casinos to Reopen for Dine-in Service


Restrictions will prevent diners walking on casino floors [link

Texas Bars Look to Reclassify as Restaurants in Order to Reopen for Dine-In Services



New York Is ‘Not Contemplating’ a Return to Indoor Dining in NYC Even as Other U.S. Cities Reopen


The announcement comes on the heels of growing calls to reopen the city for indoor dining [link

Detroit Restaurants Take Cautious Steps Toward Dine-In Service


Restaurateurs eager to welcome back customers into their dining rooms are prioritizing safety measures [link

Some Michigan Restaurants Call to Defy Dine-In Closure as State Issues Fines, License Suspensions


At least six Michigan restaurants have received fines or liquor license suspensions for deliberately not complying with the three-week indoor dining closure [link

Why I’m Opening My Restaurant for Indoor Dining in NYC


As indoor dining is set to make a return, Simone Tiligna of Sola Pasta Bar in Soho says restaurants “need every table we can get” [link

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How the State of Texas Worked to Block Austin’s New Year’s Dine-In Curfew


Getty Images.

This week in restaurant news: chain mandates, catering pivots, outdoor dining in winter


In Trying Times, Americans Look to Our True Leaders — Chain Restaurants — for Guidance – Eater. Brands like Starbucks, Panera, Chipotle, and McDonald’s have all issued mandates requiring customers to wear masks, in a moment when doing so has become part of a national debate.

How to Build a Restaurant Menu: Your Complete 6-Step Guide

Sculpture Hospitality

It draws guests through your doors, delights them while they are dining in your restaurant and keeps them coming back for more. Your restaurant’s menu is the backbone of your customer experience.

Menu 90

6 Ways Restaurants Can Reach Customers in 2021

Social Hospitality

That all changed in 2020. In addition to bringing customers to your restaurant, your 2021 marketing should focus on bringing your restaurant to them. Not sure how to best reach customers in their homes or on-the-move? Restaurants adopted them to facilitate contactless dining.

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5 Steps to Clean and Sanitize Your Restaurant


Since the coronavirus, our customers need reassurance that it is safe to eat and dine in our restaurants. Let’s face it, it is more important now than ever to have a clean safe restaurant for your customers.

Breakfast Up, Confidence Down, Vaccine Mandates Acceptable

Modern Restaurant Management

While sales continue to climb for restaurants in nearly every category, the upward trend is hard-fought. Dining rooms are open, but staff isn’t available. Commodities are in demand, but supply is short. Customers are coming but in new and disparate channels.

7 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Design for Delivery


To put that in perspective, that’s more than the GDP of the entire European nation of Iceland. But also from the perspective of your business, you want to be increasing efficiency, minimizing the impact on dine-in business, and ultimately maximizing profit!

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Meeting Off-Premise Demand While Rebuilding In-Restaurant Sales to Boost Profitability


Some restaurant trends may already have been in motion, but the restrictions and adjustments caused by the pandemic accelerated the changes. However, in the era of social distancing, these burgeoning trends took off. The rise of off-premise dining. ” In fact, P.F.

Coca-Cola Research Reveals What Guests Want Post-COVID

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trust in fountain beverages. "While most consumers do not expect the pandemic to end in 2021, they are already considering their future lifestyles, including dining behavior." Be confident in fountains : consumers trust fountain – the pandemic reinforced this.

Reopening and recovery: 4 steps to attract guests in 2020 and beyond


If your venue has recently reopened, or you have an eye to reopening to dine-in options in the near future, it's time to start thinking seriously about how to adapt your customer pull and retention to the new normal.

Reopening Your Restaurant? Here’s Your Digital To-Do List


in April. While we’re in stabler territory for the time being, things are still grim for the restaurant industry. Now, as a patchwork of laws and guidelines has allowed more and more restaurants to reopen their dining rooms, many questions remain.

The Rising Growth of Cloud Kitchens through advance technology


The concept of delivery only or no dine-in restaurant outlets most popularly known as the ‘Cloud Kitchen’ business has gained momentum in recent times more so because of changing customer preferences who now wish to dine in the comfort of their home chilling with their friends and watching their favorite movies or web series than […].

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