Fast-Casual: A New Dining Style for a New Generation


In recent years, fast-casual establishments have dominated the restaurant industry. Fast-casual restaurants are adapting to meet the demand of their customers. With fast-casual restaurants popping up all over the United States, many restaurant owners are eager to get on board. Continue reading to see what changes are coming to casual restaurants, and what your establishment should do to keep up with competitors. Industry News fast casual dining

Why Florida fast casual brand doubled down on mobile marketing

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Earlier this year, the marketing solutions company polled dozens of QSR and fast casual restaurant owner/operators to uncover what was missing in their marketing strategies.

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7 Different Types of Restaurant Establishments (Did you know all these?)


Fast Food Restaurants. They are traditionally what consumers call fast food. Fast food is prepared and served quickly and inexpensively. The fast-food sector contains a number of popular franchises, including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC and Wendy’s. Casual Dining.

Are We Growing Too Fast?

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While we often say it’s easier to ride a wild stallion (in this case a fast-growing restaurant chain) than drag a dead horse (one that’s not growing at all) — the big question that many restaurant chains need to answer is: how fast should we be growing? The post Are We Growing Too Fast?

Fast-Track Your Profitability with a Food Cost Calculator


If you’re a casual restaurant, where pasta dishes fly out your kitchen’s door, you’re food cost percentage should be around 28%. Let’s go back to our previous example between a casual restaurant and a fine dining establishment.

Fast-Track Your Profitability with a Food Cost Calculator


If you’re a casual restaurant, where pasta dishes fly out your kitchen’s door, you’re food cost percentage should be around 28%. Let’s go back to our previous example between a casual restaurant and a fine dining establishment.

How Data POS Integration Helps Restaurants Grow Their Business

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The growth of fast casual chains is one of the most important trends in the restaurant industry in the last decade.

Optimizing the Candidate Experience in Five Simple Ways

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Hiring trends are consistent with other restaurants located in those specific areas, whether fast-casual, full-service, family-style or quick-service. Someone applying for an hourly front-of-house position in a fast-casual restaurant will not find this quality appealing.

Restaurant Customer Experience 2020: What Customers Expect

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Today’s diners are well-connected, tech savvy, and expect a high-quality restaurant customer experience—whether visiting a five-star restaurant, fast-casual, or the drive-through. Who is the next-generation customer and what are their expectations?

5 of the Most Influential US Restaurateurs


For popularizing casual dining and showing us the possibilities of lettuce. . His work with Chili’s created a space for the casual dining concept that T.G.I. For prioritizing nutrition and good quality in fast food. .

Pivoting from Cafe to Provisions: A COVID-19 Success Story

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Think Fast, Act Local. He needed to act, and fast. Hoy shared that the cash flow for his business was up by 25% over his best week operating solely as a cafe, given that as a casual spot, the usual customer check is about $20. As restaurateurs in the U.S.

2 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity


The speeds they can work at might not be as fast as lightning, but as close as humanly possible. This permits your restaurant—both front and back of the house—to work at the fast pace of consumer spending. To meet their fast expectations, you need a fast module.

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5 Tips for Using Signage to Attract Customers

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​From fast food to fast casual, the right signs and visual graphics can help heat up business.

What is the Average Profit Margin for a Restaurant?


Fast Casual Restaurants. Fast casual restaurants, also known as fast food or quick service restaurants, involve ordering at a counter or doing some level of self-service.

How to Manage Your Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage

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Fast casual: 28.9%. Casual: 33.2%. Upscale casual: 30.4%. Notice that quick service and fast casual restaurants’ labor cost percentage is below 30%.

Food Cost Management: Learn How to Trim the Fat

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Food cost goals change depending what style of food service you provide; fast food, fast casual, casual dining, or fine dining. Food Cost Management. Not much can spell disaster for a food establishment faster than high or fluctuating food cost. With a food cost range of 28 to 35 percent , it is important to first determine what segment your restaurant caters to, then, dig into the grunt work.

Restaurant Technology has Modernised On-Premise Ordering


Tableside pos systems are more ideal for bars and casual dining restaurants, which are looking for ways to increase table turn time. Restaurant self-ordering kiosks work well with quick service restaurants, fast casual. restaurants, and casual dining restaurants.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: ‘Marketing Loud Speaker’ Revs Up QSR Response and Sales

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Shake up your quick serve restaurant (QSR) and fast casual dining marketing response with voice response via smart speakers and voice assistants. It’s fun, frictionless and fast. Personalizing QSR and fast casual dining offers is nothing new.

Pros and Cons of a Cashless Restaurant Business

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With the simplification of removing cash, restaurant owners are able to prioritize fast transactions at the point-of-sale, which can be especially important for QSR and fast-casual concepts. “Cash or card?”

xtraCHEF Recipe Card: David Wilkes

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Before working at xtraCHEF, I operated all different restaurant concepts – from fast casual to full service – around Manhattan. Explain your role at xtraCHEF. I am an Account Manager.

4 Restaurant Technologies Proven to Improve Efficiency

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With orders from all corners, the kitchen can be a chaotic, clustered and a fast-paced environment which often results with miscommunication. Since orders are processed fast with this system, your business can take more orders and serve more guests in a given shift thanks to a quicken guest turnover. We live in a fast-paced world and people expect everything they need to be within arm’s length. By Sina Sadeghpour.

Restaurant Trends: Top Predictions for the Coming Decade

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They want a flexible, fast, customized, and “frictionless” dining experience — one without the “drag” of unnecessary steps or interactions. Want a lightning-fast grab-and-go experience? Well, that puts fast-casual out of the running.

Fewer Seats, More Shelves: How Restaurants are Preparing for the Takeout Order Boom


Now, it is crucial that quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants offer the ability to order online. Since 2014, online ordering for pickup and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic.

Guide to Understanding Restaurant Kiosks


Customers want to make their orders and have their food delivered as fast as possible. For some of the major fast-food establishments, the self-service kiosk has become the norm to meet the increasing customer demands. What You Need to Know About Restaurant Kiosks.

Does getting into food delivery pay off?


That’s because the biggest bottle neck (especially in fast casual restaurants) is almost never in the kitchen, but in the front of house. With the whole restaurant industry getting on the delivery bandwagon, you may be feeling the heat and wondering if it’s time to jump on yourself.

3 Steps to Determining Your Ideal Customer


The younger group is likely to go for fast food that is quick, easily accessible and cheap, whereas families will prefer casual dining in less crowded or hazardous places. Of course, 40 year old couples also eat fast food and 20 year olds can certainly enjoy fine dining.

Nickel and Dine: How to Stay in Control of Your Food Costs

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In fast-casual and full-service environments, scrutinizing plates as they come across the pass, or having a manager check prep and line cooks’ waste can help identify portioning and prep issues. Fast Casual: Waste Not, Want Not, Profit More.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews


For example, Grubhub’s Just in Time flow is perfect for quick-serve or fast-casual restaurants with fast prep times, as it ensures your food is prepared and ready to be picked up right as the delivery driver is arriving.

2019 Restaurant Trend Report

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The desire for convenience and the popularity of fast-casual dining remains important to diners in this new year. In addition, several fast-casual restaurants are now using “luxury ingredients” in their simply fashioned foods in order to provide quality as well as convenience. Each new year brings new trends. In the Food Service industry, 2019 is bringing in its own wave of fresh trends!

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3 Steps to Determining Your Ideal Customer


The younger group is likely to go for fast food that is quick, easily accessible and cheap, whereas families will prefer casual dining in less crowded or hazardous places. Of course, 40 year old couples also eat fast food and 20 year olds can certainly enjoy fine dining.

Why Outsource Management of Your Restaurant?

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With our customized team approach and decades of industry experience, Goliath Consulting is ready to handle every concept from fast casual counter service to full service fine dining. Management companies provide restaurants with a franchise like operating system without having a franchise agreement.

How the Tech Industry is Shaping the Future of Dining


Innovations in efficiency, on the other hand, can lead to long-lasting success, as in the case of the McDonald’s brothers’ systematization of fast food orders. The words “restaurant management system” rarely cause excitement.

Effectively Targeting and Marketing to Gen Z

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​Marketing trends, mobile data insights show that Gen Z has a considerable appetite for restaurants, clean eating, fast-casual, and exciting twists on healthy dining options.

Food delivery management software 101


Online ordering management software can be used by independent and small restaurants, restaurant chains , coffee shops, quick-service restaurants and fast-casual restaurants alike - in short, every kind of food business that offers delivery as a service.

Restaurant Industry Growth

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We receive thousands of inquiries each year from every corner of the foodservice industry and from all around the globe. There are some common patterns in what we’re being asked. Some of most frequent questions include: What regions and categories are driving growth?

How to Open a Restaurant: 3 key areas to focus on


A Fast-Casual? The Restaurant is Fast-Casual; service is relaxed, guests order via built-in tablets, the tables turn frequently, and meals are on tables within 15 minutes of ordering.

The State of the Restaurant Industry Amid COVID-19


In addition, our data spans various restaurant types, including fast casual to fine dining and everything in between. Almost all of the coverage about the effects of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry has either been sweeping generalities or focused on a specific restaurant or chain.

How Restaurant CEO Priorities are Evolving in 2020

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Foodservice has significant growth potential and is relatively “recession-proof” (after all, people will always eat), though increased saturation and ensuing consumer trends have resulted in plenty of companies — particularly casual dining operators — struggling.

2020 55


Future Food

Home deliverers, QSR and smart casual dining are continuing to be the big players in the growth of our shopping centres, retail precincts and mixed-use developments.

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The Most Challenging Restaurant Industry Technology Trends of 2018

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Several fast-food, quick-service and casual full-service restaurants have introduced touchscreen kiosks or tabletop tablets for automated ordering. Every industry is being revolutionized by evolving and newly emerging technologies these days.

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5 Ways America’s Restaurant Industry Has Changed Over the Last Decade

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A CNN Money report from mid 2008 noted that casual dining chains were taking a major hit as people turned to cheaper food alternatives. Fast-casual chains like sweetgreen and Dig Inn pride themselves on mindful farm-sourced menu items that include rotating seasonal selections.

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Find out How to Calculate Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage


Although the ideal percentage differs depending on the restaurant industry (quick service, fast-casual, dining, or fast food restaurants), the lower it is the better the restaurant’s bottom-line. Learn How to Calculate Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage.

By restaurateurs for restaurateurs: Advice for opening in 2020

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Fine dining, fast casual, etc.) Are you opening a restaurant in 2020? Congrats! ?? And good luck. It’s going to be the ride of your life.

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