The Complex World of Ghost Kitchen's BOH Operations


Ghost kitchens (also known as dark kitchens or virtual kitchens) have grown at an accelerated pace this year. COVID-19 has fueled this growth, but the rise of ghost kitchens purpose-built for delivery only, was already making its way to an app near you.

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Front Of House (FOH) Vs. Back Of House (BOH): What’s The Difference?


For a restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently, you should divide activities into two parts: front of house (FOH)/back of house (BOH). What’s the difference between FOH and BOH, and how can controlling the two help your business improve? What Is Back Of House (BOH)?

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Five Ways Your BOH Operations Platform Helps Your Restaurant Scale


Your restaurant's long-term success relies on its ability to scale. Do you have the tools to ensure your scalability? When your restaurant scales, it's adding to its workload. It's increasing restaurant locations, employees, vendors, equipment -- everything! A system that scales well will be able to maintain or even increase its level of performance or efficiency when tested by larger operational demands.

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Restaurant Owners: How to Improve the FOH BOH Relationship


As a restaurant manager or business owner, you play a significant role in employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. According to performance management company Gallup , managers account for up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Want to boost performance at your restaurant?

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Why E-Learning is Critical for BOH Management Training


Professional trainers will tell you that to achieve consistent results you must take a consistent approach. food operations management labor operations management

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Cultivate Relations between Chef and FOH Staff


FOH can relay customer requests fast and in real time, giving the BOH time to adjust. . The FOH team, especially, is different from the BOH in that they enjoy interpersonal communications. Thank both the FOH and BOH teams for their efforts, especially after a hard, relentless shift.

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How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Back-of-House 


Read on to learn three ways upgrading your BOH technology can benefit your foodservice operation. . based quick-serve concept that instituted a comprehensive BOH automation system reduced average inventory time from four hours to less than one. While implementing BOH technology can’t guarantee your employees will stick around for the long haul, it can simplify the onboarding process.

Accounting 101: The Most Popular Restaurant Accounting Software Used by the Best Restaurant Operators


For restaurants, the magic happens when you combine your existing "best-of-breed" accounting software with your "best of breed" POS system and your "best-of-breed" BOH food and labor operations platform. If you're running a sizable restaurant operation with more than just a few locations, chances are you are already using proven "best of breed" accounting software from a world-class provider.

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How to Write Restaurant Job Descriptions to Attract the Right Candidates


Here are 9 tips for writing job descriptions that will attract the best employees for your restaurant business, plus a pack of seven FOH and BOH job description templates to get you started. Start with this pack of seven FOH and BOH job description templates.

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Kitchen Display Systems: How Your Restaurant Can Benefit


A kitchen display screen shows the pending orders that are being prepared and streamlines communication between the front-of-the-house (FOH) and back-of-the-house (BOH) sections of a restaurant. The BOH is the area customers will not typically see, such as the kitchen where food is prepared and plated (unless the restaurant features an open kitchen), as well as where the administrative work occurs. A large monitor will clearly display orders for BOH staff.

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2 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity


Streamline BOH and FOH Communications. Meanwhile, the BOH is tasked with responding to orders. If the FOH and BOH are working hand in hand, why should their communications be limited? With a clear method of communication for your FOH and BOH staff to rely on, their jobs become easier, allowing your staff to improve their productivity, and ultimately, improve their quality of customer care.

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Food Delivery Ideas: How to Deliver Food While Maximizing Your Restaurant’s

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Many have POS integrations and can automate tickets for the back-of-house (BOH) team. As you figure out the perfect balance of FOH, BOH, and delivery staff to serve both on-site and off-site diners, use 7shifts’ scheduling, communication, and labor budgeting tools to keep your labor costs under control and your team in sync. Even as many restaurants around North America reopen for on-premise dining, many customers will continue to opt for off-premise dining options.


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And then choose FOH (front of house) only, or FOH and BOH (back of house) training, to ensure everyone is gaining new skills.

Your 7-Step Guide to Reopening Your Restaurant

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If you’re relying more heavily on takeout & delivery, and those channels stay strong even after reopen, then you’ll need more BOH staff to keep up with order demand. The ways in which you schedule staff will depend on what sources of revenue you’ll be focusing on—delivery & takeout mean more BOH staff, but on-site dining will mean balancing it out with FOH staff and managers.

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Lessening Employee Anxiety as Restaurant Doors Open

Modern Restaurant Management

For BOH: ?Most Most of the same applies to the health of BOH as well. As more restaurants in the United States receive the go-ahead to open their doors for indoor dining, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine reached out to industry experts on ways to calm employee anxiety. Here's some of their advice. Rick Camac, Dean of Restaurant & Hospitality Management at the Institute of Culinary Education.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Creating a Culture of Cleanliness 

Modern Restaurant Management

There are several considerations that owners and managers must take when establishing new cleaning procedures, including: Frequency – Enhanced cleaning and disinfection, in both front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) areas, will reduce the spread of potentially harmful germs throughout the restaurant. The novel coronavirus pandemic has had an immense impact on the restaurant industry. In fact, U.S.

Four Ways to Streamline Reopening Procedures for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Front-of-house (FOH), back-of-house (BOH), and management should feel comfortable immediately discussing any questions that arise related to new policies. Unlike standard text messaging, business messaging apps allow managers to create chat groups between individuals, FOB, BOH, vendors, and more. We’re open. Have two words ever sounded so sweet? Restaurants owners across the country are cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing in preparation for reopening in the post-COVID-19 era.

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How to Effectively Sanitize & Clean Your Restaurant

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Create (or update) your cleaning task list for both FOH and BOH staff to double down on sanitization in your restaurant. Your cleaning checklist should cover the entire restaurant—from FOH to BOH. Let’s face it—chefs are clean freaks. Who can blame them? There’s nothing better than a tidy workstation and clean range hood before service hour; and the post-shift scrub down of the kitchen can be a form of meditation for stressed out chefs.

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Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

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Alternatively, you can have separate competitions for front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) staff to make the competition more equitable. For example, FOH staff can compete on revenue generated while BOH staff can compete on ticket speed.

How to Drastically Cut Expenses in Your Restaurant (and Stay Profitable During COVID-19)

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During the COVID-19 situation, evaluate how many BOH staff you need to keep up with delivery and takeout demand. Under this new paradigm you would not need FOH staff and may only need a few BOH staff.

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9 Restaurant Job Interview Questions to Ask in 2020

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BOH Ask potential chefs, cooks , dishwashers, and bussers these questions in job interviews. Why it’s important to ask: If a BOH candidate can’t handle the heat , they should stay out of your kitchen! What’s the most impactful decision a restaurateur has to make? While most people would say it’s choosing a concept or picking the perfect location, we argue that it’s hiring the right people. Who you hire to execute your vision can make or break your business.

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7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

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Yes, the back of house (BOH) is where food is prepped, cooked, and plated, but it’s also where chaos can quickly ensue if roles, responsibilities, and tasks aren’t communicated well. Tips for Creating a Great BOH Environment There are two kinds of actions you can take to change your kitchen culture: less-formal changes that you implement at the team level, and more programmatic changes that come from the owner or corporate headquarters.

Systems in a Restaurant

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A train smoothly moving down the tracks is synonymous with systems to support your restaurant: POS, Accounting and BOH management software are solid technologies that improve your restaurant, cafe or bar. BOH RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: This is new to many restaurants, but if you are growing and you can't keep up with back of the house duties (staff scheduling, inventory, purchasing), then you are ready for this. THREE SYSTEMS FOR RESTAURANTS.

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Actionable Cost Controls to Save Your Bar and Restaurant

The Restaurant Group

When administrating cost controls for back-of-house (BOH) operations, pay specific attention to portion control.

5 Essential Restaurant Management Checklist Templates

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Your restaurant server closing template has customizable checklists for FOH, BOH, and other departments to help you stay more organized and keep everyone in the loop. Restaurant managers do it all.

Managing Your Restaurant’s Maintenance & Sanitization During COVID-19

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Consider specialty sanitization services In addition to hourly sanitization of all high-contact surfaces (FOH and BOH), ensuring you have access to professional specialty sanitization will provide more confidence and peace of mind to your staff and guests. The COVID-19 health crisis has created a new emphasis on sanitization, health, and social distancing in businesses of all types—and restaurants are no exception.

Best Practices for Outdoor Dining All Year Long

Modern Restaurant Management

and BOH (including cooks, chefs, etc.). Outdoor dining is still top of mind as owners want to keep employees and customers safe and have questions about maintaining outdoor spaces in inclement weather.

Food Cost Management: Learn How to Trim the Fat

The Restaurant Group

Portion control is a responsibility of both FOH and BOH. Food Cost Management. Not much can spell disaster for a food establishment faster than high or fluctuating food cost. Food cost goals change depending what style of food service you provide; fast food, fast casual, casual dining, or fine dining. With a food cost range of 28 to 35 percent , it is important to first determine what segment your restaurant caters to, then, dig into the grunt work.

xtraCHEF Recipe Card: Christina McGee

Xtra Chef

Having worked in restaurants throughout high school and college, I’ve seen the absolute chaos that happens in a restaurant’s BOH. Explain your role at xtraCHEF. Sales Development Rep, which means I’m always reaching out to businesses and conveying the value that xtraCHEF provides to restaurants. What did you do before you came xtraCHEF? I just graduated this summer from CUNY Hunter College as a Chinese Major and French Minor.

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xtraCHEF Recipe Card: Alexia Fimmano

Xtra Chef

Finding a single tool to streamline FOH, BOH, and Back Office processes can be extremely difficult. Explain your role at xtraCHEF. . As a Product Specialist I split my time across multiple departments, helping to develop new product features , enhancing the existing ones, and onboarding and training customers to use them efficiently. What did you do before you came xtraCHEF? I worked in restaurant finance and operations for 15 years prior to working with xtraCHEF.

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[Guide] Restaurant Management Tips & Tactics: 2019 Field Guide

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Improve the BOH Work Environment Because kitchens have a reputation of being extremely grueling work environments—with stress and conflict common—it's vital to include a tactic devoted entirely to improving the BOH work environment. For a deep dive on how to improve the BOH work environment, read 7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity.

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Restaurant Accounting Concepts Every Manager Should Know About


Every foodservice operator has three fixed expenses: Restaurant Labor—The cost of all employees on the payroll in management, FOH, and BOH. Occupancy Expenses—These are the costs of existing in a brick and mortar location ( or food truck ), including rent, property taxes, and insurance. Know these five restaurant accounting practices to be in control of your business’s profitability and budget.

Two Independent Restaurateurs Share Reopening Lessons Learned

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David, said, “One thing I’ve done with the PPP money, and forecasting it on my budget, is we are having the FOH and BOH come in an extra hour in the morning, and stay later whenever we break down at night to make sure the place is at a high standard of cleanliness. Reopening Lessons from Two Independent Restaurateurs. How the COVID pandemic forced them to update operations, sanitation, communication and much more.

AP Automation for Restaurants is No Longer a Nice-to-Have. Here’s Why

Xtra Chef

Seamlessly share information between FOH, BOH, and accounting. The world as we know it has changed. How exactly it will have changed once we fully emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be seen. However, we already know that the rise of take-out and delivery will limit front of house labor costs and other overhead expenses, placing an even greater emphasis on squeezing every last ounce of profit from your production.

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What It’s Like Working in a Restaurant: Restaurant Job Skills and Tips

Bottleneck Management

” – Bruce Boches, Prep Cook and BOH Trainer, City Works. If you’re curious about what it’s like working in a restaurant, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled restaurant resume skills and job tips to aid you in finding a restaurant job. Our talented staff shared some of the things they enjoy about working in Bottleneck Management restaurants. Read on for what to expect when working in a restaurant, and restaurant resume tips. Tips For Working in a Restaurant.

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How to Make the Most of the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show

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Is this the year you’ll be investing in FOH or BOH technology? How can you measure the impact you and your team can make from the moment your guests look up your website to the moment they enter your restaurant? What about the moment they leave your restaurant? The National Restaurant Association Show (now in its 100th year!)

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Effective Restaurant Accounting Tips


Your restaurant POS system should seamlessly integrate both the back-of-the-house (BOH) and front-of-the-house (FOH) operations. Preparing good meals and serving customers is always an exciting part of running a restaurant.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans


Buy or replace back of house (BOH) and front of house (FOH) equipment. Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans. Owning a restaurant is both an exciting and challenging experience. Before the challenge of making a profit, you also have to identify sources of financing.

Food tech: a must for the modern restaurant business


It's no wonder restaurant professionals are happy with an estimated guess of what happens with revenue once it enters the BoH - even if that means taking a 50% profit loss. Running a successful restaurant business isn’t just about preparing tasty food and serving it to your diners. Today’s consumer wants a unique, personalized food experience that may not even take place in your restaurant.

Why Restaurant Accounting Software is Good for Your Business


Both your front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) transactions are recorded simultaneously. The restaurant industry is one of the most fast-paced, with endless to-do lists.