Front Of House (FOH) Vs. Back Of House (BOH): What’s The Difference?


For a restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently, you should divide activities into two parts: front of house (FOH)/back of house (BOH). What’s the difference between FOH and BOH, and how can controlling the two help your business improve? What Is Back Of House (BOH)?

Restaurant Owners: How to Improve the FOH BOH Relationship


As a restaurant manager or business owner, you play a significant role in employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. According to performance management company Gallup , managers account for up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Want to boost performance at your restaurant?

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Five Ways Your BOH Operations Platform Helps Your Restaurant Scale


Your restaurant's long-term success relies on its ability to scale. Do you have the tools to ensure your scalability? When your restaurant scales, it's adding to its workload. It's increasing restaurant locations, employees, vendors, equipment -- everything!

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Why E-Learning is Critical for BOH Management Training


Professional trainers will tell you that to achieve consistent results you must take a consistent approach. food operations management labor operations management

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Cultivate Relations between Chef and FOH Staff


FOH can relay customer requests fast and in real time, giving the BOH time to adjust. . The FOH team, especially, is different from the BOH in that they enjoy interpersonal communications. Thank both the FOH and BOH teams for their efforts, especially after a hard, relentless shift.

How to Benefit from Your Restaurant Operations Platform's "Suggested Order" Feature


A quality BOH food operations platform will have a "Suggested Order" feature that can help you keep your inventory levels balanced. No one wants to run out of inventory. Having to tell customers "sorry, we're out of that," especially during a busy period, can hurt your brand's reputation.

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How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Back-of-House 


Read on to learn three ways upgrading your BOH technology can benefit your foodservice operation. . based quick-serve concept that instituted a comprehensive BOH automation system reduced average inventory time from four hours to less than one.

2 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity


Streamline BOH and FOH Communications. Meanwhile, the BOH is tasked with responding to orders. If the FOH and BOH are working hand in hand, why should their communications be limited?

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And then choose FOH (front of house) only, or FOH and BOH (back of house) training, to ensure everyone is gaining new skills.

Kitchen Display Systems: How Your Restaurant Can Benefit


A kitchen display screen shows the pending orders that are being prepared and streamlines communication between the front-of-the-house (FOH) and back-of-the-house (BOH) sections of a restaurant. Essentially, kitchen display systems digitize the order preparation process for staff in the BOH.

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Systems in a Restaurant

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A train smoothly moving down the tracks is synonymous with systems to support your restaurant: POS, Accounting and BOH management software are solid technologies that improve your restaurant, cafe or bar. THREE SYSTEMS FOR RESTAURANTS.

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7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

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Yes, the back of house (BOH) is where food is prepped, cooked, and plated, but it’s also where chaos can quickly ensue if roles, responsibilities, and tasks aren’t communicated well. Anyone who’s worked (or even stepped foot) in a restaurant knows how important effective kitchen management is.

xtraCHEF Recipe Card: Christina McGee

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Having worked in restaurants throughout high school and college, I’ve seen the absolute chaos that happens in a restaurant’s BOH. Explain your role at xtraCHEF.

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Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

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Alternatively, you can have separate competitions for front-of-house (FOH) and back-of-house (BOH) staff to make the competition more equitable. For example, FOH staff can compete on revenue generated while BOH staff can compete on ticket speed.

[Guide] Restaurant Management Tips & Tactics: 2019 Field Guide

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Improve the BOH Work Environment Because kitchens have a reputation of being extremely grueling work environments—with stress and conflict common—it's vital to include a tactic devoted entirely to improving the BOH work environment.

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How to Make the Most of the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show

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Is this the year you’ll be investing in FOH or BOH technology? How can you measure the impact you and your team can make from the moment your guests look up your website to the moment they enter your restaurant? What about the moment they leave your restaurant?

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Food Cost Management: Learn How to Trim the Fat

The Restaurant Group

Portion control is a responsibility of both FOH and BOH. Food Cost Management. Not much can spell disaster for a food establishment faster than high or fluctuating food cost. Food cost goals change depending what style of food service you provide; fast food, fast casual, casual dining, or fine dining. With a food cost range of 28 to 35 percent , it is important to first determine what segment your restaurant caters to, then, dig into the grunt work.

Halloween Costumes for Working in a Restaurant ??

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Outfit pieces: Scrubs Allergy mask (optional) Stethoscope Lab coat Chef Flip FOH with BOH and put on your best chef’s hat, coat, or apron!

Restaurant Accounting Concepts Every Manager Should Know About


Every foodservice operator has three fixed expenses: Restaurant Labor—The cost of all employees on the payroll in management, FOH, and BOH. Occupancy Expenses—These are the costs of existing in a brick and mortar location ( or food truck ), including rent, property taxes, and insurance.

How to Make the Most of the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show

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Is this the year you’ll be investing in FOH or BOH technology? How can you measure the impact you and your team can make from the moment your guests look up your website to the moment they enter your restaurant? What about the moment they leave your restaurant?

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8 Ways to Attract New Customers


The BOH staff can take photos whenever something gorgeous was just cooked up, and build a library of authentic images organically. There are two factors that decide how long a restaurant lasts: Its new and loyal visitors.

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What It’s Like Working in a Restaurant: Restaurant Job Skills and Tips

Bottleneck Management

” – Bruce Boches, Prep Cook and BOH Trainer, City Works. If you’re curious about what it’s like working in a restaurant, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled restaurant resume skills and job tips to aid you in finding a restaurant job. Our talented staff shared some of the things they enjoy about working in Bottleneck Management restaurants. Read on for what to expect when working in a restaurant, and restaurant resume tips. Tips For Working in a Restaurant.

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How to Manage Restaurant Staff Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

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Depending on the type and size of restaurant you manage, you could be responsible for staff schedules, payroll, FOH and/or BOH inventory, and even menu planning. If you’re transitioning to a restaurant management position, congratulations!

Effective Restaurant Accounting Tips


Your restaurant POS system should seamlessly integrate both the back-of-the-house (BOH) and front-of-the-house (FOH) operations. Preparing good meals and serving customers is always an exciting part of running a restaurant.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans


Buy or replace back of house (BOH) and front of house (FOH) equipment. Restaurant Financing and Restaurant Loans. Owning a restaurant is both an exciting and challenging experience. Before the challenge of making a profit, you also have to identify sources of financing.

Why Restaurant Accounting Software is Good for Your Business


Both your front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) transactions are recorded simultaneously. The restaurant industry is one of the most fast-paced, with endless to-do lists.

Topics to Cover in a Restaurant Employee Handbook


There are several job functions in both the FOH and BOH and all need detailed appearance standards. A well-developed employee handbook is the foundation for streamlined operations at any restaurant.

From Restaurant Manager to Restaurant Leader: 10 Vital Steps

The Restaurant Coach University

The restaurant industry is notorious for the divide between the Front of the House (FOH) and the Back of the House (BOH). Originally on Toast Restaurant Management Blog by Donald Burns on 11/4/15. Congratulations, you got the promotion!

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Which Accounting Reports Should Your Restaurant Keep


By showing both the FOH and BOH variable cost to sales ratio, you can determine whether you are under- or over-staffing your restaurant. Restaurant accounting is undoubtedly one of the most important administrative functions of a restaurant.

Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Management Software


Back-of-house (BOH) management. Understanding Restaurant Management Software. The restaurant industry has been evolving consistently over the years. From the introduction of point of sale (POS) systems to accounting systems, technology is changing the ways restaurants operate today.

Decade of Disruption: Restaurant Insiders Dish What’s on the Plate

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant design footprint will fundamentally change with more BOH kitchen size needed and less FOH seats as more people gravitate toward digital and delivery.

The 20/20 on 2020: Restaurant Experts Weigh In

Modern Restaurant Management

People don't want to have their credit card go out of sight and into the BOH where people are doing god knows what with it. Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders and experts for their insights on what will impact restaurants in 2020 and the response was overwhelming. They touched on topics such as delivery, ghost (dark) kitchens, automation, plant-based menu items, food waste, sustainability, staffing and retention and more.

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