Employee Retention: How To Retain Employees For Small Businesses


Employee retention should be high on every manager’s priority list. If it’s not, you run the risk of your best employees leaving for greener pastures. But an employee leaving doesn’t just impact you, the manager. Strategies To Improve Employee Retention.

Cultivate Relations between Chef and FOH Staff


Poor employee relations go unnoticed and slip-ups in communications can be handled without disturbing the customer experience. This is nowhere as obvious as the relations between chef and FOH staff. . Remember: All employees are working together to get the same result.


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Preventing Restaurant Employee Burnout

Modern Restaurant Management

The Mayo Clinic defines job burnout as “a special type of work-related stress – a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.”

Restaurants could face COVID-related OSHA inspections – here’s how to ace them:


Restaurant Hospitality recently published an op-ed on how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will play a more dominant role in enforcing restaurants are maintaining workplace safety related to COVID-19.

Employee Value Proposition 101: A Guide for Managers


A strong employee value proposition can do many things for your business: attract high-potential employees, help retain high-performing team members, set you apart from your competition, and much more. How can an employee value proposition do so much? 2) Employee benefits.

How To Calculate Overtime Related To Payroll | The Complete Guide


And for smaller businesses with fewer employees, that might make good business sense. To help you decide if the DIY-route is right for you, the management experts at Sling have created this complete guide on how to calculate overtime related to payroll.

Improving Employee Performance: Your Staff & Your POS System

Thrive POS

Customer Service Employees Advice Restaurant Management Pizza Delivery Software Pizza Growth Employee Management Employee RelationsA delivery restaurant’s point-of-sale system is one of its most important tools. As with any tool, proper training and usage result in higher efficiency and more effective management. That being said, a tool is only as good as its operator. But is it worth the time it will take to train your staff?

2019 65

Safety First: Welcoming Restaurant Employees Back

Modern Restaurant Management

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, more of those same restaurants have started considering—and even implementing—new plans for welcoming employees and customers back for in-person dining. Promote Employee Reconditioning.

Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

7 Shifts

Much like profit and loss, employee engagement is a metric that every restaurateur should be tracking regularly. Why Care About Employee Engagement? So what’s the big deal about employee engagement? It’s pretty obvious to spot a disengaged employee. Employees Staffing

Balancing Restaurant Labor Cost with Employee Satisfaction


According to the National Restaurant Association, hourly wages for restaurant employees grew by 12.1% Driven by the hiring crisis, many restaurant groups are trying to woo employees with higher wages and benefits for hourly employees – both mostly unheard of prior to the pandemic.

7 Restaurant Employee Contest Ideas to Boost Sales and Engagement

7 Shifts

There is a way—and it’s through creating employee contests. Engaged employees are also less likely to turnover. 47% of restaurants were negatively affected by employee turnover in 2019, with less than a third of restaurateurs reporting that turnover had no impact on their business.

6 Expert Tips For Effective Employee Communication


Employee communication is one of the building blocks of every successful business. It doesn’t matter if the business has three employees or 300, good communication matters. Employee Communication Defined. This, too, is all just employee communication in one form or another.

What to Include in Your Restaurant Employee Handbook

7 Shifts

The words ‘employee handbook’ are enough to make any new hire quiver. Having to spend a shift—or even worse, your after-hours—reading through an employee handbook will sap the fun out of any new restaurant job. What to include: How employees will be paid (direct deposit, frequency, etc.)

Personnel File & Employee Documents: Tips and Best Practices


But there’s more to the process than just filing employee documents away and forgetting about them. Employee documents to include in a personnel file Best practices for maintaining a personnel file Tips to keep your employee documents organized Keep accurate records with Sling.

The 11 Employee Scheduling Best Practices + Tips for Restaurants

7 Shifts

Employee scheduling for your restaurant can be the most stressful part of your job. Cross-Train Your Employees. Cross-training restaurant employees can also be beneficial for their career advancement. Recommended Reading: 9 Steps On How to Schedule Employees Effectively.

Navigating Employee Handbook Changes in a COVID-19 World

Modern Restaurant Management

Every restaurant business needs some form of an employee handbook. It should serve as a guide for your employees to reference on an ongoing basis. Sick leave policies and PTO are among the employee handbook items that may need to be changed this year.

Are Healthy Eating and iPad Menu Ordering Related?


o relating to the exclusion of meat or other animal products from the diet. The correlation here is related to the promptness of needing to get your order in without putting much thought into your choices because someone is waiting for you to place your order.

Top Drive-Thru Tech for Keeping Guests – and Employees – Happy

Modern Restaurant Management

According to the National Restaurant Association, employment at eating and drinking establishments is 12 percent short of pre-pandemic levels , leaving many employees feeling stressed and burned out in the face of often unrelenting customer demand. Why the Employee Experience Matters.

What Should a New Employee Do for the First Week?

ExactHire - Restaurants

Now that you know how much is riding on your new employee onboarding process, how do you go about designing the most effective onboarding plan? Welcoming New Employees During the First Week. Several factors help determine employee longevity. New Employee First Day Agenda.

30 Employee Engagement Ideas For a More Productive Team


Sure, your team isn’t related by blood, but it benefits from many of the traits that make families strong: camaraderie, cooperation, and strong bonds. Increasing employee engagement will help you build those traits and attract and retain the best talent. Employee Engagement Defined.

Employee Turnover Explained: What It Is And How To Manage It


Employee turnover is an invisible issue that most managers tend to neglect. But if you want your business to succeed, you need to understand employee turnover and be able to manage it for the better. What Is Employee Turnover? Voluntary Employee Turnover.

How Supporting Customer Facing Staff Helps with Employee Retention – Top 5 Tips


This affects your reputation as an employee, which in turn affects employee retention and your bottom line. Here are our top tips for supporting your employees in dealing with frustrated patrons and standing up to unruly customers. Reading Time: 3 minutes.

10 Inspirational Hospitality Industry Stories During COVID-19

Social Hospitality

Since relatively early in the COVID-19 shutdown process, Hotel Trundle launched a #CHEERNOTFEAR hashtag campaign. ” MGM Resorts also pledged $1 million to an employee emergency grant fund and donated the equivalent of 400,000 meals across the United States.

[Study] The Great Resignation is here. What 3,700 Restaurant Employees are Looking For To Stay Engaged

7 Shifts

of employees rated sanitation efforts of ultra-high importance, with an average score of 4.1 Employees aren't satisfied with their current wages. Nearly half of all restaurant employees are hovering in the range of $11-15/hour (45.8%). 73% of those employees still receive tips.

Hiring Restaurant Employees: The CFO’s Role in Developing a Strategy


Hiring restaurant employees and retaining them is no longer just an issue for the HR team. As CFO, you can play a key role in the corporate direction for hiring restaurant employees, retention and staffing investments. Why hiring restaurant employees is now a CFO concern.

Time Clock Rules For Hourly Employees: What Managers Should Know


Every business needs time clock rules for hourly employees. The FLSA And Time Clock Rules For Hourly Employees. Common Time Clock Rules For Hourly Employees. Mobile Phone Clocking — Employees use a mobile phone or device to punch in and out. Employee Management

7 Tips for Hospitality Marketing During COVID-19

Social Hospitality

Then, watch market trends related to your industry and your destination. Consider Your Employees. With so many employees out of work, now would be the perfect time to reward their loyalty. Customer Relations Destinations Hotels Marketing Restaurants Social Media Travel Articles

Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Employees: What’s The Difference?


Deciding how to classify exempt vs. non-exempt employees can be confusing at first. Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt Employees And The FLSA. It’s the first two standards — minimum wage and overtime pay — that directly apply to our discussion of exempt vs. non-exempt employees.

30 Employee Engagement Ideas For a More Productive Team


Sure, your team isn’t related by blood, but it benefits from many of the traits that make families strong: camaraderie, cooperation, and strong bonds. Increasing employee engagement will help you build those traits and attract and retain the best talent. Employee Engagement Defined.

Performance Appraisal Phrases: 200 Helpful Phrases For Employee Performance Reviews


Performance reviews can be difficult for everyone, manager and employee alike. These simple yet descriptive sentences help your employees understand what they’re doing well and what they still need to work on. The management experts at Sling have put together a list of 100 extremely helpful phrases for employee performance reviews. 5) Never been a no call, no show employee. 8) Does not deviate from the attendance policy outlined in our employee handbook.

Improve Employee Retention with Leadership Development


With employee turnover rates at an all-time high and the labor market tighter than ever, restaurants are looking for ways to improve retention. Employees appreciate that you are investing in their development and see a tendency to promote from within, so they’re more likely to stay.

Voodoo Doughnut Employees Say the Company Is Firing Them for Participating in a Heat-Related Strike


Now, employees say the company is firing them in retaliation. Doughnut Workers United / Official. On Sunday, Voodoo Doughnut workers walked out in protest of the Old Town shop’s working conditions during the heat wave.

9 Important Hospitality Sales and Marketing Tips

Social Hospitality

Organize a wine tasting event, or anything related to local products. Provide Career Growth Opportunities for the Best Employees. Your employees, especially those who are in direct touch with clients, are the faces of your business.

Back in Business:  Legal Challenges as Restaurant Employees Return to Work

Modern Restaurant Management

Now is the time for restaurant employers to develop a plan to address both the legal and practical considerations for safely returning employees to work. What if employees refuse to work because of fear of exposure to COVID-19? sending the employee home).

Employee Burnout: How To Recognize And Prevent It


Many business owners and managers attribute employee burnout to high levels of ongoing stress. And while the two are intimately related, stress and burnout are very different things. What Is Employee Burnout? How To Recognize Employee Burnout.

Employee Turnover is at an All-Time High: 5 Emerging Benefits Trends You Need to Know

Hot Schedules

Employee Turnover is at an All-Time High: 5 Emerging Benefits Trends You Need to Know. The past year has seen employee turnover reach an all-time high , and you’ve likely experienced it at your own business. Employee turnover greatly hampers throughput and cuts into available revenues.

Team-Building Games: 4 Games Employees Will Actually Enjoy


Once your team members are in place, instruct those in the triangle to remember exactly where they were in relation to the center. Team-building games and other extra-curricular activities are a wonderful way to forge camaraderie amongst the employees in your business.

Protecting Your Restaurant During the Pandemic When Employees Return from Vacation

Modern Restaurant Management

No matter where the returning employee works, as an employer, you must protect all of your employees, guests, and vendors. It’s critical to take necessary precautions to help ensure all are protected when employees return to work.

How To Create An On-Call Schedule That Won’t Frustrate Employees


If your business needs an on-call schedule, set it up in such a way that it doesn’t alienate your employees or negatively affect the unity of your team. One employee or another is available for emergencies during the day (i.e., Communicating with employees.

Important Updates on the Employee Retention Tax Credit for Employers

Goliath Consulting

If you’re a small restaurant or business with 500 or fewer employees and you’ve had more than a 20% decline of gross receipts in a quarter compared to 2019, you may be interested in hearing about this latest news regarding the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). Updates: 4/7/2021.