COVID-19-Related Government Budget Deficits May Spur Aggressive Payroll and Sales Tax Audits 

Modern Restaurant Management

Although the IRS and state taxing authorities have initially slowed their pace of audit activity to protect the health and safety of their own employees during these turbulent times, this is only temporary. Additionally, while some accountants only require restaurants to provide sales ledgers showing cash and credit totals of taxable, non-taxable sales, and tips for each day to prepare sales tax returns, these records may not be enough to escape a potential sales tax audit unscathed.

NTN Buzztime, Inc. Received Audit Opinion with Going Concern Explanation

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NYSE American: NTN) is required under the NYSE American LLC Company Guide to make a public announcement through the news media disclosing the receipt of an audit opinion that contains a going concern emphasis. Received Audit Opinion with Going Concern Explanation appeared first on Buzztime. CARLSBAD, Calif., March 24, 2020, — NTN Buzztime, Inc.

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The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership

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That’s why we begin every client relationship with liquor inventory audits audits over (usually) three consecutive weeks. Bar Operations Business Growth audit bar rescue inventory leadershipIs there anything better than binge-watching reality TV? Reality TV has been great for bar consultancy firms like Barmetrix by introducing our services to the world. If nothing else, these popular shows have made people aware that running a successful bar operation is damn HARD.

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DoorDash and Postmates Pay Out More Than $350,000 to Seattle Gig Workers Due to Hazard Pay Law


Both companies conducted voluntary audits around compliance with the new mandate [link

How FreshCheq is Priced by Restaurant Owners, for Restaurant Owners


From there, features range from audits, checklists, scheduling, label printing and more. Audits for store inspections, EcoSure and Steritech self-audits. There are many ways that companies price the software that businesses use to manage food safety and their daily processes.

How FreshCheq is Priced by Restaurant Owners, for Restaurant Owners


From there, features range from audits, checklists, scheduling, label printing and more. Audits for store inspections, EcoSure and Steritech self-audits. There are many ways that companies price the software that businesses use to manage food safety and their daily processes.

Top three procedures to help restaurants thrive


Additionally, the system’s Checklist function helps them manage daily food safety and operational tasks, as well as regular maintenance and audit procedures.

SSAE 18: Why it’s critical in selecting a technology partner


SSAE stands for Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements , which is overseen by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and more specifically the Auditing Standards Board (ASB). How do your technology partners show that you can trust them? Ask for their SSAE 18 documentation.

How to Expand Your Franchise: A 10-Step Roadmap for Restaurants

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Step 1: Audit Your Current Location(s) Before you start planning for your future, take a look at your past and your present. Still, you should conduct a thorough audit of your current restaurant(s) before expanding your business further.

Ensure Your Parking Lot Is Safe for Outdoor Dining

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To make sure consumer health and safety is prioritized, operators should be auditing lots for quick repairs, adjusting signage to control traffic, as well as taking care of outside factors like city permits and permissions. Auditing Lots for Damage and Quickly Conducting Repairs. When transitioning restaurant lots to dining space, operators will have to quickly audit lots for damage and get repairs scheduled and completed before opening the space.


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Many, many small restaurants fall victim to failure to pay sales tax, Department of Labor audits on payroll, or overdrawn accounts due to poor money management. [] NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE COMPETITION.

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Food Safety Practices in the Time of COVID-19

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As of March 18, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suspended onsite audit requirements associated with the FSMA due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. FSMA audits are on hold for now, but when the crowds return so will the audits.

The 5 Things Food Vendors Don't Want You to Know

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What you want to ask for is margin instead of markup and you want it to be auditable. Get it in writing, and every six months ask for an audit to see if they are living up to the agreement.

Improving Restaurant Cybersecurity to Keep Your Restaurant Data Secure


A professional forensic audit of your business. Creating a risk assessment plan for your business may require obtaining a cybersecurity audit from a cybersecurity professional or consultant. Audit the number of systems your restaurant is running.

15 Super Helpful How-To Articles for the Restaurant CEO

Aaron Allen & Associates

How to Perform a Marketing Audit In today’s era of a rapidly increasing pace of change, many chains fail to perform periodic, top-to-bottom audits of their marketing objectives, strategies, and activities. Those who perform marketing audits shouldn’t just be able to answer “What are we doing?” Similarly, a modern restaurant brand audit requires much more than just auditing a company’s marketing efforts.

Why Restaurant Accounting Software is Good for Your Business


Simplifies Auditing. A complete audit trail is provided from the source of information to the destination. If you are looking at a profit and loss item, you can move along the audit trail to confirm its accuracy in the original POS transaction.

Avoid Health Infractions and Improve Your Restaurant Letter Grade With BOHA!


Improve your audit scores and remain compliant with BOHA! The Health Department’s decade-old practice of Restaurant Letter Grades isn’t what it seems. The appearance of a Health Inspector in your restaurant can be a frightening thing. They always show up unannounced, leaving employees to freak out anytime someone comes in wearing a backpack. One minor slip up can cost you hundreds, if not thousands in fines. Many brands have turned things around since implementing the BOHA!

New PPP Loan Insurance Covers Food Service Establishments if the SBA Later Finds They Were Ineligible for the PPP Loan Program

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What most recipients don’t realize, though, is that the SBA has a six-year window in which to audit a PPP loan recipient’s initial application for the loan. The SBA has said that it will audit PPP recipients to ensure these three requirements were met. Businesses that don’t pass the audit may be subject to consequences for submitting false or misleading certifications.

Bar Inventory Programs: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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At the end of the audit, you’ll know the variance, also known as shrink. Does your bar or restaurant operation have an inventory program or an ordering program? There are vast differences between the two. Often, people believe they are running an inventory program, or consider both practices one and the same. But, one will get your variance (or loss) down to less than 3%, the other, on average, will keep you between 15 – 20%. How to Make More Money in Your Bar Program.

Cut Labor Cost in One Easy Step

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You must, and I mean MUST, audit your timekeeping in your restaurant point of sale (POS) system. This audit will cut labor cost. If you want to cut labor cost, there is one place you can look right now. Check your employees’ pay rates in your POS system. When was the last time you did that? Never? Watch this video or read below to learn what I’m talking about and why it’s important if you want to cut labor cost. Time equals money! Want to cut labor cost?

Guest Blog: Tax Strategies as You Reopen Your Restaurant


CLA exists to create opportunities for our clients, our people, and our communities through our industry-focused wealth advisory, outsourcing, audit, tax, and consulting services. She also had a stint in public accounting at PwC in both audit and international SEC practices. While many American businesses have been impacted by COVID-19, the restaurant industry is among those hit hardest.

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Electrical Hazards and Safety Checklist for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Here is a 10-points checklist you can use to assess your current readiness and create a suitable plan for improving electrical safety: Routine audit of all electrical devices, equipment, fixtures and wiring. Ask any restaurant owner who’s had to deal with electrical issues, or in the worst case, fire damage caused by electrical wires and cable failures, and you’ll probably hear a few horror stories.

Want to Quickly Reduce Your Liquor Inventory Losses? Focus on Your Backdoor

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Don’t write over any of the data on the invoice—it really interferes with the audit process later. Often when we think of liquor inventory control, our minds go to behind the bar. To take it one step further, the default-mode for most bar and restaurant operators is to attribute inventory loss to staff. If we’re not careful, we can wrongly place blame on our team members for over-pouring select guests, comping too many drinks, broken bottles, or outright theft.

Predictive Scheduling Comes to the Windy City and City of Brotherly Love

Hot Schedules

Edits to Posted Schedule & Schedule Audit Report. The Schedule Audit Report provides documentation of schedule edits. Predictive Scheduling Comes to the Windy City and City of Brotherly Love. HotSchedules makes product enhancements to meet new city and state regulations that ensure customers remain compliant. s if this year hasn’t been complicated enough, 2020 also brought new Fair Work Week requirements for Philadelphia and Chicago.

Best Practices for Hospitality Marketing

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Conduct an internal audit of expenditure. Now is the time to pay more attention to your website, take advantage of the downtime your hotel may have to audit this too. The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the world in so many ways, causing businesses everywhere to adapt to an unprecedented crisis.

Restaurants Save Money with the Right Recycling Practices 

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Hiring a third-party to conduct a waste audit, set up a bin system and train staff can help you establish correct protocols and realize the full benefits of recycling.

7 Tips for Maintaining PCI Compliance for Restaurants


Finally, consider creating a unique ID for different users who have access to customer data, which will allow you to create a trail to audit if there are breaches or issues. New technology tools in the restaurant industry present new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations.

How to Streamline Human Resources and Payroll in the Restaurant Industry


There are some general areas to focus on when starting to audit your human resources information systems (HRIS) and payroll systems. Successful restaurant owners and operators don’t just provide great food.

COVID-19 Fuels Growth in Organic Food Options

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There is a sophisticated auditing and reporting system that must be followed with the strictest discipline. COVID-19 has indelibly changed every aspect of our lives. Its influence has created challenges, restructured social settings, and redefined meanings of common words and phrases.

Restaurants Save up to 10% on Food Costs by Reducing Waste


First Things First: Waste Audit Without conducting a waste audit you will not know the amount of food waste you produce. Keep a journal and write down the results of daily waste audits. If there’s no one responsible for doing this food audits will be inconsistent at best, and impossible to perform at worst. 85% of Food in Restaurants Is Wasted According to the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, in the restaurant industry, about 85% of food ends up in the trash.

Sample Blog Layout


There are some general areas to focus on when starting to audit your human resources information systems (HRIS) and payroll systems. Successful restaurant owners and operators don’t just provide great food.

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Four Ways to Streamline Reopening Procedures for Restaurants

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They also provide the added benefit of digital audit trails, should you need to validate your team’s compliance for any reason. We’re open. Have two words ever sounded so sweet? Restaurants owners across the country are cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing in preparation for reopening in the post-COVID-19 era. Though a handful of U.S.

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Refine Your Restaurant Chart of Accounts with These Expert Insights

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But a more detailed CoA can help restaurants tell their story through data, stay audit-ready, and easily uncover inefficiencies that are costing the business money. It should come as no surprise when we say that bookkeeping is important for any business.

For Restaurant Owners, Cybersecurity is a People Problem 

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Restaurants, in particular, often fit the bill for fees and penalties, forensic audits to find out what happened, remediation costs, breach notification, lawsuits, brand damage and more, according to the National Restaurant Association. If you’re like me, chances are you’ve probably ordered food online or through an app at least once in the last couple of weeks. Curbside pickup, takeout and delivery have become buzzwords in the past week.

Measuring KPIs for Food Safety Success in Holiday Menu Items, Off-Premise Catering, LTOs, and Beyond

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Third-party audit results can work in the same way. Are audit scores improving? For example, if there is an increase in the number of locations experiencing repeat fails on audits, a measurable KPI to establish may be to reduce the number of locations with repeat fails by 50 percent.

3 Simple Ways Restaurants Can Reduce Food Waste this Holiday Season

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Sometimes, a simple audit of back-of-house processes or a sustainability audit of the front-of-house can reveal opportunities to not only reduce food waste, but also lower food costs. The season of giving thanks and celebrating with friends, family and colleagues is upon us. And, with it, comes a rise in reservations for holiday parties, special family outings and overall overindulgence.

Will Predictive Scheduling Laws Affect Your Restaurant?

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Audit for Compliance. In the current labor market, restaurant owners have to deal with a host of issues that make it increasingly difficult to schedule employees. Due to these trends, employers want to have as much flexibility as possible to schedule employees. However, studies have shown that irregular and unpredictable schedules can lead to personal and financial hardships for employees. As a result, employees generally prefer stable and predictable work schedules.

Five Steps for Improving Restaurant Efficiency in 2020

Modern Restaurant Management

Some common areas where creating a sound process can lead to improved efficiency include: Menu audits. Now that the new year is here, it’s the perfect time for restaurant operators to review their 2019 performance and identify areas that can be improved in 2020.

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11 Tips for Restaurants to Get Back to Business

Modern Restaurant Management

This includes quality management software and auditing apps. Restaurants nationwide have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. As restaurants slowly begin reopening, things remain far from “business as usual.” ” The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, and the restaurant industry is now learning to navigate this “new normal.”

Five Tips to Ensure Your Reopened Restaurant Has Safe Water

Modern Restaurant Management

Do a Full Audit of the Property. Restaurants across the country are starting to open their doors back up to customers who’ve been eagerly waiting for their return. As a restaurant owner or manager, you’ve probably thought through your reopening plan, from how to distance your guests appropriately to keeping your staff safe and healthy in the transition. But have you thought about the safety of your water?