Restaurant HR Operations Cost Audit

Modern Restaurant Management

As inflation hammers restaurants, here are four ways to audit the true cost of HR. As costs rise and pressures pile up, the time is now to perform a complete audit of the true costs of human resources operations. Finance Operations HR audits Employee Turnover HR Staffing

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A Combination of Traditional, Remote Audits and Self-Auditing Will Trend into the Future

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants have traditionally relied on annual, biannual, or quarterly audits, where an inspector visits the facility and conducts an in-person assessment of health and safety protocols. A Combination Auditing Approach Will Become the Norm.

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Benefits of a Digital Food Hygiene and Safety Audit


Food hygiene and safety are incredibly important, but it's also hard to keep track of everything. Restaurant Management

COVID-19-Related Government Budget Deficits May Spur Aggressive Payroll and Sales Tax Audits 

Modern Restaurant Management

Although the IRS and state taxing authorities have initially slowed their pace of audit activity to protect the health and safety of their own employees during these turbulent times, this is only temporary. Finance Law sales tax sales tax audits payroll tax

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How Can I Prevent Contract Overlaps and Overpricing?

Modern Restaurant Management

To better manage and keep a handle on contract management, operators can conduct routine invoice audits, automate their contract management, monitor price and market trends, and review their MDA’s. Here’s a deeper look at each: Constant Auditing of Invoices.

Restaurants’ New Brand Challenge: Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience in an Inconsistent World 

Modern Restaurant Management

That approach begins with the judicious application of data from brand compliance audits. Restaurants rely on surveys and brand audits to provide valuable measurements, allowing management to assess standards across their locations and make adjustments when issues crop up.

How to Assess Your Parking Lot Repair Needs After Back-to-Back Mild Winters

Modern Restaurant Management

Self-Audit Your Lot and Define a Baseline for Repairs. When auditing, keep track of how many of each of these issues exist, as well as how extensive the damage is. Design Equipment Bob Lester parking lot audits parking lot repairs parking lots spring parking lot work

The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership

Bar and Restaurant Coach

That’s why we begin every client relationship with liquor inventory audits audits over (usually) three consecutive weeks. Bar Operations Business Growth audit bar rescue inventory leadershipIs there anything better than binge-watching reality TV? Reality TV has been great for bar consultancy firms like Barmetrix by introducing our services to the world. If nothing else, these popular shows have made people aware that running a successful bar operation is damn HARD.

The Smart, Legal Way to Pay Your Restaurant Delivery Drivers

Thrive POS

He became an expert the hard way - suffering through a grueling Department of Labor audit of 2 years worth of delivery payments to drivers for his multi-unit restaurant franchise. Brian Schaaf knows a lot about restaurant delivery driver reimbursements.

COVID Caused Five Permanent Changes in the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

For many brands, an annual audit was the norm, while employees may have focused on not "getting in trouble" or "getting a good score" rather than the creation of culture. As it turns out, only conducting traditional, in-person audits was not an ideal approach.

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Franchise Compliance Guide: Laws + Agreements

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Location Audits. A location audit offers franchisors the chance to go in-depth on a specific location to see where it's thriving or struggling when it comes to compliance. Some of the biggest restaurant businesses on the planet are franchises.

How to Expand Your Franchise: A 10-Step Roadmap for Restaurants

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Step 1: Audit Your Current Location(s) Before you start planning for your future, take a look at your past and your present. Still, you should conduct a thorough audit of your current restaurant(s) before expanding your business further.

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How FreshCheq is Priced by Restaurant Owners, for Restaurant Owners


From there, features range from audits, checklists, scheduling, label printing and more. Audits for store inspections, EcoSure and Steritech self-audits. There are many ways that companies price the software that businesses use to manage food safety and their daily processes.

How FreshCheq is Priced by Restaurant Owners, for Restaurant Owners


From there, features range from audits, checklists, scheduling, label printing and more. Audits for store inspections, EcoSure and Steritech self-audits. There are many ways that companies price the software that businesses use to manage food safety and their daily processes.

Is Your Ghost Kitchen Haunted by Food Safety Breaches?

Modern Restaurant Management

Audit differently. Now, food businesses – including ghost kitchens – are creating a culture of collaboration and development by changing their audit processes.

DoorDash and Postmates Pay Out More Than $350,000 to Seattle Gig Workers Due to Hazard Pay Law


Both companies conducted voluntary audits around compliance with the new mandate [link

156 – Ideas for Restaurant Yield Management


Don’t forget to check out our free Restaurant Website Audits. Restaurant Yield optimization is an advanced technique for restaurant profitability, but there is nothing stopping all Restaurants from implementing some of the easier techniques.

Restaurant Cyber Security: How To Prevent Data Breaches

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Most restaurants will file this information away in the back office or in a cloud-based HR platform, but it's critical you audit who has access to this information and for what purposes. Audit your existing POS and check to see what PCI compliance standards they have.

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How to Achieve Consistent Operating Procedures Across All Your Restaurant Locations


Simplify Audits. Step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures are in place for good reason – several reasons, actually. The advantages of following Standard Operating Procedures are undeniable: Achieve Consistency. Ensure Uniformity. Improve Quality Assurance. Ensure Personal Safety.

Inflation Is Impacting The Restaurant Industry. Here’s How To Fight It.

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Do an audit on your menu, and check individual item sales.

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Are EV Charging Stations Worth the Investment?

Modern Restaurant Management

Elevate inspections and audits. Instead, rely on integrated tech tools for easier, faster, and more accurate inspections and audits. Audit suppliers to ensure they’re compliant before you work with them (and throughout your collaboration).

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Managing Risk and Protecting Your Brand

Modern Restaurant Management

Ironically, now that restaurants must implement stringent new safety protocols and ensure compliance, it’s become difficult to secure third-party audits due to COVID-related travel restrictions and limits to interpersonal interactions.

Who has the worst staff turnover? Restaurant Employee Turnover by City and State + Retention Playbook

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If you haven't looked at them in a while, it may be time to audit them and see if they're what your business needs now and to grow in the future. The Play: Do a culture audit and examine your core values. Turnover in restaurants is as high as ever.

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Top three procedures to help restaurants thrive


Additionally, the system’s Checklist function helps them manage daily food safety and operational tasks, as well as regular maintenance and audit procedures.

8 Reasons Why Restaurant Workers Quit (And How to Retain Them)

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Whether they're in school, have kids, or need time for auditions, restaurant workers can live the lifestyle they want outside the traditional 9-to-5. We don't have to tell you that the restaurant industry has a turnover problem.

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Predictive Scheduling: What It Is and How To Implement With Success In Your Restaurant

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Remember, not all restaurants are affected in cities and states with Predictive Scheduling requirements, so it's essential to audit your locations if you're in an area with these laws. Predictive Scheduling has become a hot topic in the restaurant industry.

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Ensure Your Parking Lot Is Safe for Outdoor Dining

Modern Restaurant Management

To make sure consumer health and safety is prioritized, operators should be auditing lots for quick repairs, adjusting signage to control traffic, as well as taking care of outside factors like city permits and permissions. Auditing Lots for Damage and Quickly Conducting Repairs.

Restaurant Modernization — It’s More than Customer-Facing Tech

Modern Restaurant Management

Even before the pandemic, customers at my software company, RizePoint, were trending toward doing more self-assessments at each location to track the results of big yearly audits and to get better views into how things are right now instead of a single point-in-time view.

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Ultimate Restaurant Payroll Guide 2021

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Updating your payroll records in case of an audit. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and IRS require businesses to keep three years of payroll records in case of an audit. Did you know that payroll/labor makes up almost one-third of a restaurant's operating costs ?

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Understanding the co-operative model in Kenya’s coffee sector

Perfect Daily Grind

Currently, the government is conducting an audit to assess several major co-operatives in the country, to see if anything can be done to improve performance. The objective of the audit is to understand why there are problems with co-op models and the potential solutions.

The New Normal: How Technology Can Help Streamline Restaurant Operations

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant operators who have yet to integrate technology into different aspects of their operations should conduct an audit. Furthermore, audits provide reliable, real-time analytics—the generated insights go beyond checking whether all employees are following the procedures.

What the New 1099-NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) Means for Your Restaurant Business


Accuracy in these numbers is key to remaining compliant in case of an audit. The IRS has always done audits for organizations on employment tax issues, which included reviewing Form W-9 and 1099 compliance. As a result, Form 1099 audits are becoming more common.

Four Major Benefits of Tech Tools to Elevate Safety and Quality

Modern Restaurant Management

Increasingly, restaurants are using tech tools to conduct regular self-assessments, which supplement in-person and remote audits. Self-audits can (and should) be implemented more frequently than third-party audits as part of your restaurant’s continuous quality initiative.

Should Your Restaurant Have a Social Media Manager?

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This person can audit your accounts, develop a strategy, study your insights, and grow your relationships with people on your social media accounts. Do you have time for regular posting? If not, a social media manager can help.

Food Safety Practices in the Time of COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

As of March 18, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suspended onsite audit requirements associated with the FSMA due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. FSMA audits are on hold for now, but when the crowds return so will the audits.

Keep Your Outdoor Dining Space Compliant for Guest Safety

Modern Restaurant Management

Auditing Your Outdoor Dining Space Before Permit Request. Before applying for a permit or renewal, it’s in your best interest to audit the parking lot for any new safety hazards.

The Fog of War Is Clearing. Now What?

Aaron Allen & Associates

What a Thorough Restaurant Marketing Audit Should Cover. Last Updated on July 9, 2020 A restaurant marketing audit should be as common and as much a part of life for restaurant chains as. Questions to Ask During a Restaurant Brand Audit.

Avoid Health Infractions and Improve Your Restaurant Letter Grade With BOHA!


Improve your audit scores and remain compliant with BOHA! The Health Department’s decade-old practice of Restaurant Letter Grades isn’t what it seems. The appearance of a Health Inspector in your restaurant can be a frightening thing.

The 5 Things Food Vendors Don't Want You to Know

Embrace the Suck

What you want to ask for is margin instead of markup and you want it to be auditable. Get it in writing, and every six months ask for an audit to see if they are living up to the agreement.

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SSAE 18: Why it’s critical in selecting a technology partner


SSAE stands for Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements , which is overseen by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and more specifically the Auditing Standards Board (ASB). How do your technology partners show that you can trust them? Ask for their SSAE 18 documentation.

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