The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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Technology can help, as long as it is the right technology ( the stats don’t lie ). Here are the top technologies you can utilize to improve your restaurant business. Technologies for Restaurant Management. Technologies for Entertainment.

Take a Byte Out of This: Emerging Restaurant Technology

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Modern technologies change the world as we know it. New restaurant technology changes the game for operators and consumers alike. What emerging and innovative technologies are changing the restaurant industry? Technology Is Changing the Dining Experience.

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Restaurant Technology: It’s All About the Customer Experience

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Think about restaurant technology and you probably think immediately of your restaurant POS system – and these devices are certainly wonderful tools for maximizing your productivity and hence your profits. Blog customer experience restaurant technology

Five Ways Technology is Transforming the Restaurant Industry

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By adopting technology and automating processes to streamline your business operations. Here’s how you can leverage technology to transform your internal business processes. Implementations of such technologies will surely save time and revenue leakage.

Disruption in the Restaurant Technology Space 

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The restaurant industry is constantly witnessing major changes in technology. Smarter technological inventions are replacing traditional methods at restaurants. To beat the massive competition that exists in the restaurant industry, restaurateurs need to invest wisely in technology.

Why Innovative Dining Experiences Are Driven by Facility Management Technology

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To keep customers happy and business booming, you need to invest in a strategic maintenance plan and the right technology to make everyone’s jobs easier. Here are some more types of FM technology that will help drive an innovative dining experience.

2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry


Every year brings changes to how customers interact with restaurants, and every year new technologies pop up to help restaurants keep up. . Mobile Technology. The post 2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry appeared first on TransAct Restaurant Solutions.

Teriyaki Madness Implements Technology to Combat Coronavirus Crisis Fallouts

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Although we are not having guests eat in our dining rooms, Teriyaki Madness is utilizing technology to combat the fallout through an emphasis on pickup and delivery, innovative curbside service and social media promotions across its website and mobile app.

How to Reduce Employee Turnover with Technology


While your restaurant may never be able to prevent turnover entirely, your company can retain more employees than ever with strategic technology tools. How to reduce employee turnover with Technology. Use Technology to Create a Positive Work Environment.

How Technology Has Changed Restaurants in 2019


Technology impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. For restaurants in particular, the impact of how technology is changing the restaurant industry is only growing bigger. From the front counter to the kitchen, technology is everywhere in restaurants.

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Technology Trends for the ‘New Normal’ Customer Cravings

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The past few weeks have proven how quickly the way in which we dine is shifting and evolving and fast forwarded a number of technology trends. Here are some technologies that will continue to be part of any restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

Restaurant Technology for Marketing and Customer Engagement


To improve restaurant customer engagement and satisfaction, restaurant leverage should technology to offer better services. At the heart of restaurant technology for marketing is customer analytics. The success of a restaurant depends on the ability to attract and retain customers.

Restaurant Technology has Modernised On-Premise Ordering


Technology is constantly changing and revolutionizing the way restaurants meet customer needs. Today, technology is at the helm of on-premise ordering processes. The new technology also allows servers to enter customer orders on hand-held devices.

Restaurant Technology Through the Decades

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But restaurant technology has been improving its operations for almost as long. The post Restaurant Technology Through the Decades appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys. Blog mcdonalds quickserve Technology

4 Restaurant Technologies Proven to Improve Efficiency

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Technology has played a huge part in changing how, where, and what guests eat at restaurants. Restaurant owners shouldn’t resent technology or be overwhelmed by it, instead they should utilize it to improve and grow their business. So which technologies can you invest in to improve your restaurant’s efficiency? This gave rise to the success of the s e lf-order kiosk technology. Without embracing technology, it can be hard to run a successful restaurant.

How Technology Has Aided Restaurant Inventory Management


Today, streamlining the restaurant inventory management process is aided by technology such as restaurant inventory management software. Restaurant Technology and Its Relationship with Inventory Management.

Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs and Technology

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Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs & Technology. At the other end of the scale is McDonald’s which has revamped its ordering process to be much more reliant on technology and contact-less interactions. This is true for other forms of technology taking over human activity.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: These Three Technologies Can Make the Difference Between Success and Failure for Takeout

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It soon became clear that those restaurants with curbside point-of-sale (POS) technologies and best practices already in place were better able to handle the increased strain on their IT networks when demand for online ordering and curbside pickup spiked.

Take-aways from the 2019 NYC Restaurant Technology Summit

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Yesterday, several members of the xtraCHEF team attended the NYC Restaurant Technology Summit hosted by CohnReznick and the NYC Hospitality Alliance. One such presentation from the Restaurant Technology Summit that I found to be particularly interesting was titled simply: “What is AI?”

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8 Exciting Restaurant Technologies That Improve Operations

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Let's take a look at eight exciting restaurant technologies that improve operations. The post 8 Exciting Restaurant Technologies That Improve Operations appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Why (and How) to Apply Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to Restaurant Technology

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Yet very few restaurants are applying business intelligence and data analytics to the “technology stack” deployed at each location. Restaurants’ technology infrastructure has become more complex and the network even more vital to the customer experience.

How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Back-of-House 


Improvements in back-of-house technology can help restaurants be more cost-conscious while remaining competitive. Read on to learn three ways upgrading your BOH technology can benefit your foodservice operation. .

5 Restaurant Technology Fears Operators Face

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The post 5 Restaurant Technology Fears Operators Face appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

Restaurant Consumer Trends: Demographics, Lifestyle and Technology

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How Demographics, Lifestyle, and Technology are Changing Restaurant Consumer Trends. Thanks to primarily technology, consumers are capable of locating restaurants anywhere, viewing menu offerings, prices, pictures of food, and reviews.

6 Ways Technology Can Help Restaurant Operations

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In this day and age, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; there’s always available technology to streamline and make your processes efficient. Indeed, technology has continuously been changing the landscape in which we operate our businesses. The most common example of the utilization of technology in restaurant operations is the fast-food bump bar where food can be prepared using production or an assembly line approach to maximize the efficiency in the division of labor.

Culinary, Economic and Technological Restaurant Trends

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Here is a look at some of the current culinary, economic and technological trends that will be sure to impress consumers. Technological Trends. Technology has proven to be a restaurant’s best friend. Whether it is diners going online to Instagram to view pictures of tasty dishes or using a website to order their takeout, technology is making restaurants more convenient and appetizing than ever before. Restaurant Trends, Culinary, Tech and Economy.

MURTEC Table Talk: Fighting Labor Costs with Automation Technology


Networking luncheon to address how brands can manage labor costs while improving the customer experience. food operations management labor operations management data analytics and reporting

Technology Trends that will impact the Restaurant Industry in 2019


Technology in the restaurant industry is booming and within the next year its impact will be very apparent. The 2019 restaurant technology trends will impact almost every step of the dining and running restaurant operations. .

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Increasing Manager Productivity with Restaurant Inventory Management Technology

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This blog was originally produced for Hospitality Technology. According to the 2018 Restaurant Technology Study , increasing productivity was a key driver for IT spend.

Simplifying Labor Law Compliance with New Predictive Scheduling Technology Solutions


Convenience stores and the hospitality industry have long grappled with the intricacies of state and municipal labor laws. Of late, these labor laws have gotten more complicated as cities and states across the country implement “fair workplace” or “predictive scheduling” ordinances.

Increasing Manager Productivity with Restaurant Inventory Management Technology

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This blog was originally produced for Hospitality Technology. Inventory technology also allows leadership to configure how often they want managers to count, what to count by store location and the level of sensitivity for how much variance is acceptable. According to the 2018 Restaurant Technology Study , increasing productivity was a key driver for IT spend.

SSAE 18: Why it’s critical in selecting a technology partner


How do your technology partners show that you can trust them? Ultimately, there are a number of questions you should ask, including whether you can scale with the partner's technology or if they'll provide a strong return on investment.

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6 ways technology can make your restaurant more efficient and profitable


The story of technology infiltrating an industry is always the same: adopt the new technology or fall behind the more tech savvy competition. The restaurant industry is facing this dilemma today more than ever.

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 75: Energy Management with Walt from gwt2Energy

Restaurant Technology Guys

Join Jeremy and Founder/CEO Walt Taylor of gwt2Energy to talk restaurant technology surrounding one of your variable costs that often gets missed when looking at ways to save or make more money. The post The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 75: Energy Management with Walt from gwt2Energy appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

TransAct Technologies to Present at the ICR Conference 2020


8, 2020 — TransAct Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq: TACT), a global leader in software-driven technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets, announced today that the Company will participate in the 2020 ICR Conference on Monday, January 13, 2020 at the Grande Lakes Hotel & Resort in Orlando, FL.Bart Shuldman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TransAct Technologies, will host a formal presentation at 2:30 p.m. HAMDEN, Conn.–(BUSINESS

Keeping Your Customers Happy with Food and Technology at Your Restaurant

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The Importance of Social Media Technology and Imagery in Food Businesses. One way is through the integration of technology. Restaurants should be ready to evolve and use technology to their advantage.

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7 Must-Have Restaurant Technologies of the Future

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Restaurant of the Future: 7 Must-Have Technologies. The reality about the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) has made every business modeler begin to conceive the operations of their enterprises in a manner that overtly embraces technology. Indeed, the need to address the technological improvements that have changed the way we perceive the industry cannot be overemphasized. Here are seven (7) of the must-have restaurant technologies of the future: 1.

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The Most Challenging Restaurant Industry Technology Trends of 2018

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Every industry is being revolutionized by evolving and newly emerging technologies these days. While some technologies get cheaper over time, many introduce new costs that restaurants with notoriously thin profit margins aren’t well equipped to absorb.

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Food Technology: Future of the Restaurant Industry


Restaurants that are successful today invest in the future by incorporating technology in their operations. The reason why such technology has risen in popularity so quickly is simple to understand if you are involved in the industry.

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The Rising Growth of Cloud Kitchens through advance technology


The post The Rising Growth of Cloud Kitchens through advance technology appeared first on Restaurant & Retail POS Software - Restaurant Management Software | Blog.

MURTEC: A Conference Changing the Way Restaurant Operators Look at Technology

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As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, there’s a heightened focus on leveraging innovative technology in order to increase their operational advantages in the marketplace. Top Women in Technology. The Latest Technology Trends. Around the 3rd Century B.C.,

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep.77 – COVID-19 and Creative Ways Restaurants are driving sales and customer satisfaction

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The post Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep.77 – COVID-19 and Creative Ways Restaurants are driving sales and customer satisfaction appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys. Blog Podcast COVID-19 restaurant technology restaurant technology guys Restaurants

3 Ways Embracing Technology Can Attract More Diners

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Technology in the restaurant space has extended to having multiple options for ordering, as well as a responsive website as well as establishing a sense of personalization in the meals. Restaurants have become far more than just a place to eat, and that trend is poised to grow.

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