Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Delivery Services – UberEats, GrubHub, PostMates and DoorDash

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This should help you sort out your options and decide where to throw your loyalty. DoorDash: DoorDash takes no commission for 30 days. Overall, when customers ordered from these options the delivery fees fell out this way: For UberEats, the fees were on average 20% of the total.

137 – Building a Restaurant Take Out business to survive the Caronageddon


Take Out in the age of COVID19. Today we discuss how to build a sustainable take out business to survive. With Restaurants now forced to turn to Take Out or to shut down completely, many Restaurants are scrambling to get a sustainable take out business.

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COVID-19 Irish Food Delivery Services [MEGAPOST]

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In these testing times, panic buying won’t solve anything, neither will us all running to supermarkets.

Inside Seating? A Harlem Bar Owner Navigates COVID-19's Changing Rules

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67 Orange Street makes do with take-out and outdoor service while waiting for a decision on inside dining in NYC. Image credit: Camille Petersen/Camille Petersen


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As you move through IDEATION that will help to define what your restaurant concept, menu, systems, and staffing will look like as we eventually move out of this crisis, it is just as important to discuss and plan for the things that can go wrong.

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Eight Ways Restaurants Can Prepare for a New Normal 

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" That transition should see a gradual reopening of society with restaurants expected to return early while music festivals and ballparks may take longer. Dedicated Take-out Area for Staging. Partnering a Fine Dining Experience with a Take-Out Option.

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As some states begin to entertain loosening restrictions and easing out of “stay at home” directives – restaurants will consider their options. Making sure that sales are coming in faster than payments are going out should be the realistic objective.

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Takeout is Here to Stay.

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The quarantine in the United States has forced restaurants to adapt to a system entirely reliant on take-out and delivery. As takeout becomes the new business model, it becomes ever clearer that the success of restaurants will hinge on each component of the take-out experience.


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Building a well thought out strategy for starting up the restaurant engine after we move forward is paramount and will, in the process of thinking it through, give every chef and restaurateur a spark of excitement to lean on.

How a Restaurant Transformed into a Grocery Store during COVID-19

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Many restaurants were pivoting to a take-out/delivery model, but she knew her menu didn't really travel well, so this type of model would inevitably drive her bottom line deeper into the hole.

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More Permanent Regulatory Flexibility Required to Revive Hospitality’s Long-Term Survival

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Long-term success will depend on re-envisioning traditional concepts and strategic development of new operational practices that integrate practical social distancing protocols with more permanent delivery/take-out platforms.

How to Set Your Restaurant up for Successful Takeout During COVID-19

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You can either temporarily close your business until this pandemic is over, or you can stay open and pivot your restaurant into another type of service model, such as a take-out service.


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Once conditioned – a chef has a very difficult time breaking out of a routine. Your restaurant may be closed or maybe it has shifted to take-out and delivery only. Forget the comfort of routines – we need to take action now.

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Restaurant Customer Experience 2020: What Customers Expect

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Excellent service in-house and out-of-house. When it comes to payment, 53% drive-through, 54% take-out, and 50% in-restaurant customers say flexible options are important to them. The ability to split checks efficiently and accurately makes taking care of the bill easy.


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We are fearful of a virus that is still out there, still scoping us out, still waiting to strike again, and we are not prepared for that. We are fearful that customers will not return and customers are fearful of what is waiting for them as they venture out with loads of trepidation.


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A lack of trust will apply to everyone and every place as those once enthusiastic patrons give pause to any thought of dining out. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”. Take a look at the vendors that you currently use.

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5 Ways Instagram Can Help Boost Restaurant Marketing

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If you belong to the Instagram generation, you likely take out your phone to take a picture. You don’t yet know what it tastes like, but taking a picture of this delicious-looking dessert is a must, isn’t it? If a fit, reach out for collaboration.

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Reopening Post-COVID: Financial Tips for Bars and Restaurants

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Restaurants that previously never offered take-out options were adapting their menu to provide pick-up and delivery services for those in quarantine. Additionally, discuss COVID-19 tax breaks with an accountant to check that you are fully taking advantage of all available credits.

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Food delivery in the COVID-19 climate


You can set out delivery bags for Uber Eats on one table, deliveries for Deliveroo riders on a second table, and so on. Studies have shown that 1 out of 4 delivery drivers - in some studies, this is even 1 out of 3 - admit to taking food from a delivery.

Sushi Labeling Simplified – BOHA! Makes It Possible


Every step in the process needs to be handled properly, from supplier to kitchen prep, to take-out labeling.

Three Ways to Save Your Bar Business | Restaurant Recovery Series


Check out the Restaurant Recovery Resource to keep up to date for the latest innovations and ideas to help your business recover from the crisis. This prohibition-inspired speakeasy has remained operational during this crisis with innovative take-out and delivery offerings.

How to Turn Your FOH Staff into Delivery Drivers

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The second option is take-out and delivery which the restaurateur runs and controls. You can set delivery boundaries and include higher delivery rates for those wanting delivery out of the controlled delivery radius. Get the message out there as much as you can.

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Exploring Manufacturer Rebates—and How Restaurant Owners Can Get Them

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In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, more than 7 out of every 10 restaurants are single unit operations. Restaurant groups of all sizes struggle with achieving economies of scale and taking advantage of all the ways they can increase their margins.

Pivoting from Cafe to Provisions: A COVID-19 Success Story

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He had an opportunity to act in the best interest of Easton and help his customers stay closer to home by coming to his cafe for groceries rather than venturing out to large, national chain stores. The apples available for sale are from Scholl Orchards out of Bethlehem, PA.

States, Cities Ordering Restaurant and Bar Restrictions Due to Coronavirus

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In New York City, Mayor Bill De Blasio said he would sign an executive order limiting restaurants, bars and cafes to food take-out and delivery. Take out and delivery are allowed.

How to Market & Talk to Your Customers During COVID-19

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With new social distancing and self-isolation practices keeping diners home, your customers aren’t going out to eat. Whatever precautions you are taking to protect your staff and your customers, share it on social media to calm any nerves your diners have.

How Ani Ramen Gave Back During COVD-19 (#BeAwesomeFeedSomebody)

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The staff at Ani Ramen cleared out the kitchens and created ramen family meal kits to be donated to their local communities. We take care of people. This pop-up take-out and delivery restaurant are helping to support first responders of COVID-19.

What Role Does Restaurant Tech Play in the New Normal?

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Restaurants continue to reopen across the country, operating under a new normal where capacity for service is slashed and social distancing measures are in place to mitigate the potential and perceived risks of dining out. Manually entering data from invoices takes long enough.

AP Automation for Restaurants is No Longer a Nice-to-Have. Here’s Why

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However, we already know that the rise of take-out and delivery will limit front of house labor costs and other overhead expenses, placing an even greater emphasis on squeezing every last ounce of profit from your production. The world as we know it has changed.

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Relief Funds Raising Money to Help Restaurant Employees

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have been forced to close their doors in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, leaving thousands of people out of work and in need of help. The USBG Emergency Assistance Program is raising money for bartenders who are out of work due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sushi Shenanigans Businesses Should Shun


Even owners with the best of intentions have to watch out for unscrupulous suppliers or people on your own staff who might get you in trouble with the health department. . It’s not just suppliers you have to watch out for.

How to create a top customer experience through delivery


A common mistake made by delivery start-ups is not adapting the take-out menu. And it’s yet another way to enhance the customer experience, letting your diners know you’re about much more than take-out. A top-notch customer experience.

Food tech: a must for the modern restaurant business


Today’s consumer wants a unique, personalized food experience that may not even take place in your restaurant. The more a restaurant stands out in the large online offer, the better. Take inventory, for example.

Creative Ways to Weather This Storm

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Some chefs are taking to Instagram to share recipes and tips for making favorite dishes at home, which keeps the community connected and supported. Nervous about eating out when social distancing is encouraged? Creative Ways to Weather This Storm.

Controlling Costs and Returning to Restaurant Profitability


Making smart, effective decisions around your food and labor costs as you continue with take-out and delivery options and begin to open your dining room can help you emerge from the economic shutdown with improved processes on a path to profitability.

5 Ways to Drive Word of Mouth Marketing in a Cafe or Restaurant

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Something that lifts it beyond the average and, these days, gets people to take out their phone and snap a photo. Many people assume ‘word of mouth’ works automatically, and it’s always positive. As if people will say the nicest things without you making any effort.

How Restaurants Can Plan for a Future After COVID-19

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If you have successfully been able to adapt your business to keep your doors open, or even were able to utilize small business assistance programs, it’s likely that you’ve already had your eye on coming out of the other side of the COVID-19 outbreak strong.

Shake Shack and Goldbelly Partner to Bring the Restaurant Experience Home


Check out the Restaurant Recovery Resource to keep up to date for the latest innovations and ideas to help your business recover from the crisis. Simple strategies such as creating separate areas for the take-out and delivery services within establishments will be key in maximizing work flow.

PPP Funding – Ideas for Maximizing Impact

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Now with the PPP funds making their way to our accounts, many of us are trying to figure out what the hell to do next. My restaurants are closed, many people have locations partially open for take-out and delivery, and some of us have gone into the toilet paper and fruit basket business.

What Delivery Customers Expect During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Many big brands are investing in tamper-proof labeling as their focus turns from dine-in business to take-out and delivery. What we know is that restaurants are struggling and working quickly to adapt to take-out and delivery models.

Is Deliveroo leaving Australia? Coming 4th in a 2 horse Race.


Deliveroo is now in 4th place out of Menulog, UberEats and DoorDash. Delivery aggregators charging 35% commission was slowly killing the industry, with Restaurants only able to do Take Out and Delivery, they are killing Restaurants a lot quicker.

Introducing HotSchedules Quick Guide Videos for Essential Operations

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Forecasting for Delivery/Take-Out Only – As you adapt your revenue centers to focus on delivery and to-go, our experts will show you how to reflect that change in your forecasting. Introducing HotSchedules Quick Guide Videos for Essential Operations.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-April 2020 Edition

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As more restaurants focus their undivided attention on their off-premise offerings and guests adapt their consumption to this new environment, plus some of the government relief measures take effect, some small improvements may lie ahead.” Taking Stock with Teens.

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