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The History of Tipping in Restaurants: The Complicated Past, Present, and Future

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In the current economy and post-pandemic landscape, frustration and dissatisfaction are present among all involved parties. Harassment has always been present in the restaurant industry. Tipping has a complicated past, present, and future. So what does the future of tipping look like?

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Beer Menu Design: ??From Lagers to IPAs, Present with Panache


A beer menu should draw the customer into an experience where their thirst becomes the primary focus, leading […] The post Beer Menu Design: ​​From Lagers to IPAs, Present with Panache appeared first on Evergreen. It should be captivating.

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Marketplace Collection Laws Present Unique Challenges for the Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

While this decision had little impact on the existing tax obligations of restaurants physically present in a state, it affected other retailers and online marketplaces that generally were not physically present in each state where their independent contractors performed deliveries.

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Hard Insurance Market Presents New Challenge to Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

There’s a glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel for the U.S. restaurant industry as COVID-19 vaccination rates grow and new virus cases and related deaths continue to decline. The economy is recovering and the doors are opening for more than just fast food and take-out and delivery. But the recovery won’t be easy.

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Eater and Disability Visibility Present: Low and Slow


My freezer currently has four pints of ice cream, and tasting the flavors and spitting them out to prevent choking is my present food hack.) Sharing my new reality has been part of my healing process and has prompted me to celebrate what I have. (My

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How Good Food Presentation Leads To A Restaurant’s Success

The Restaurant Times

Similarly, food presentation also makes a massive difference in the impact that a restaurant leaves on a customer. . The proportioned presentation of every food item, decorated beautifully ensures an excellent dining experience and increases the odds of customers trying it out. . Top 4 Reasons Why Food Presentation Is Important.

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Presenting Restaurant365’s Master Class in Restaurant Operations LIVE Event


The post Presenting Restaurant365’s Master Class in Restaurant Operations LIVE Event appeared first on Restaurant365.