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The Secrets to Successful Catering

Modern Restaurant Management

A strong catering business can be a restaurant’s biggest moneymaker. Most of the year, catering can comprise 10 to 15 percent of your total sales, but during December, if 20 percent of sales are not coming from catering, you’re missing an opportunity. And you’re getting them for free!). ” they all say no.

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Key Strategies to Drive Catering Growth from Second-Generation Bojangles Franchisee

Modern Restaurant Management

As a proud, second-generation Bojangles franchisees at Georgia Foods, my family and I have tapped into a distinctive strategy that has boosted our profitability across our 41 Bojangles locations – catering. With industry data projecting the catering and food service sector to reach $477.3B

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Informal occasions are driving catering orders

Restaurant Business

Event and catering professionals gathered in Austin, Texas, last week for Catersource + The Special Event to discuss industry challenges, trends and more.

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How to Grow Your Catering Business

Goliath Consulting

Catering has grown significantly over the last few years thanks to the widespread demand for this one word: convenience. Whether they be for office parties, conferences, birthdays or weddings, catering profits from the promise of efficiency, safety and most importantly—safe of mind. EXPLORE NEW CATERING VERTICALS. by Bora Kang.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Future-Proofing Your Restaurant Tech Stack

In this guide, you'll discover: How driving digital growth delivers impact across teams Everything you need to become 100% digital A digital maturity self-assessment to determine your next steps Here's why leading brands are laser-focused on enhancing their tech stack: More revenue: Across on- and off-premise channels, our data shows digital orders (..)

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How To Start A Catering Business in 20 Steps


So you want to start a catering business? The catering industry is ripe with potential and profit. To help you get things cooking, we discuss some of the more important steps for how to start a catering business. If money were no object, how would you run the catering business? That’s great!

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The Next Generation of Catering Is Coming for Your Dinner Party


Cha Pornea If you want restaurant cooking in your own home, minus the Sternos and steam tables, you’re in luck Historically, there have been two options for dinner parties: You can DIY, or you can cater. Though there are plenty of good catering options out there, the branding sucks. Welcome to the New Catering.