Waste Reduction for Better Food and Increased Sales

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Although this means that we are now down to just 20 percent of our business, we are able to stay afloat financially by applying the same waste reduction efficiencies in our own work that we pass on to our consulting clients. Reducing Waste in the Kitchen.

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Our first job is certainly to protect ourselves and our families, to stop the spread of the virus in every way within our individual power, but time wasted now will come back to bite us in the near future. Desperation has sunk in for those of us in the restaurant business. We know that closure is a reality for at least 30 more days and likely longer than that.

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Shifting Priorities During COVID-19: Waste Goes up as Restaurants aim to Stop the Spread of the Pandemic


Waste production is going up as business owners around the world swap their waste reduction initiatives out with ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If your restaurants want to reduce waste even amidst the current crisis, there’s still plenty you can do.

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From Surviving to Thriving: Re-Capturing Potential Lost Expense in Food Waste

Modern Restaurant Management

However, according to the USDA , up to 40 percent of the nation’s food supply is wasted each year – the economic equivalent of approximately $161 billion. Equipment Operations combating food waste Food Waste

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Restaurant Sustainability: Is Your Waste a Waste?

The Restaurant Group

Can you imagine adding up all the food wasted at your favorite restaurant in one day? Could the amount of waste not be decreased, so there is no waste at all, so more revenue could go towards your investment? Food is the number one culprit wasted on a large scale by both consumers and restaurants, but doesn’t have to be. In fact, restaurants recycle cardboard, paper, grease, fat oil, and metals more than recycling wasted food. Restaurant Sustainability.

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???????From Surviving to Thriving: Re-Capturing Potential Lost Expense in Food Waste

Modern Restaurant Management

However, according to the USDA , up to 40 percent of the nation’s food supply is wasted each year – the economic equivalent of approximately $161 billion. Design Equipment Operations avoiding food waste combating food waste Food Waste

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3 Simple Ways Restaurants Can Reduce Food Waste this Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be a boon for many restaurants, but it can also exacerbate an issue that plagues the restaurant industry all year long: food waste. Before the holiday rush overwhelms our schedules and our senses, let’s take a moment to reflect on the issue of food waste and some simple ways that restaurants can reduce food waste this holiday season. The Issue of Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry. Food waste in the restaurant industry is real.

The Short, Troubling Life of the Intentional Food Waste Meme


As soon as it’s in position, he begins to hack at the fruit, segmenting the entire melon before throwing the pieces into a nearby waste bin. The video was just one example of a burgeoning social media genre: the intentional food waste meme. Getty Images/Science Photo Libra.

How to Create a Coffee Shop Food Menu That Minimises Waste

Perfect Daily Grind

To avoid waste of both ingredients and profits, take a look at these practical tips to design a coffee shop food menu. The longer and more complicated your menu, the more potential there is for waste. Aaron also says that “better food management is really important, not only for the environment, but for people to have a better understanding and respect of food and waste.”.

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Winnowing Away at Food Waste and Epic Generosity

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Winnow Raises $20M to Fight Food Waste. The company, with US offices located in Iowa City, has recently made headlines in the country, having been selected as a food waste innovator and recipient of the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Kroger Foundation Grant. 63 million tons of food is wasted every year. This year we launched our ground-breaking AI product Winnow Vision, and chefs using Winnow around the world are saving $33m worth of food from going to waste annually.

9 Tips Other Restaurant Managers Don’t Share About Saving On Waste


Being guilt-tripped by parents and teachers wasn’t fun when you were told off for wasting food. Socially, environmentally and for business it just makes sense to reduce your waste. The post 9 Tips Other Restaurant Managers Don’t Share About Saving On Waste appeared first on Bizimply.

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Changes at McDonald’s and Reducing Food Waste

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM News Bites features McDonalds, the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, OpenTable, Ordermark, Hudson Group, Hakkasan Group , Waitr and Checkers, ICV Partners, Restaurant Technologies, Diebold Nixdorf and Alto-Shaam. " Reducing Food Waste. The Food Waste Reduction Alliance – founded by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and National Restaurant Association – today announced a formal agreement with the U.S.

DIY Restaurant Website Builder – 5 Reasons You Should Not Waste Your Time

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If you wouldn’t let someone else pick the colors, furniture, and decor of your restaurant, why would you use a DIY Restaurant Website Builder? Picking your website’s look should be as relevant to you as choosing the decor, the furniture, or the kitchen equipment.

Five Ways to Reduce Waste

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Five Ways to Reduce Waste. The Impact of Food Waste. US Restaurants generate between 22 and 33 billion pounds of food waste every year. All that waste adds up. The EPA estimates that food waste is the single largest category in any given landfill. Believe it or not, food waste is directly responsible for generating a potent greenhouse gas. That means the nutrients from the wasted food can’t go back into soil. Much of this waste is avoidable.

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Wasting Away: Reducing Food (and Energy) Waste for Restaurants

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

The Food Service Tecnology Center (FSTC) held two educational seminars in June covering the relationship between food and energy waste. The seminar at the PG&E facility in San Ramon featured presentations from the FSTC’s Richard Young and Claudia Pingatore who were joined by guest speakers Samantha Sommers ( ReThink Disposable ), Mike Goldblatt ( Copia ), Kerry Flickner ( Foodservice Sustainability Solutions ), and Anne Baker & Kimberly Lam ( Republic Waste Services ).

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Restaurants Save up to 10% on Food Costs by Reducing Waste


85% of Food in Restaurants Is Wasted According to the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, in the restaurant industry, about 85% of food ends up in the trash. This is one of the trickiest parts of restaurant managing because food waste can be hard to track and evaluate. A simple fact, however, is that reducing waste is guaranteed to increase your restaurant’s net profit. coalition found that for every $1 a restaurant invested in reducing food waste it made a return of $7.

Four Ways To Manage Limited Resources And Increase Your Margins

Modern Restaurant Management

Minimize Waste. billion metric tons annually) is wasted. Wasting less food results in less wasted water. Equipment Finance Operations equipment waste water savings waste Sustainability

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Does My Restaurant Need A Point-Of-Sale System? Or Is It A Waste Of Money?

BNG Point of Sale

Well, a point-of-sale system is necessary when it comes to maintaining the operations of your business, but they also prevent theft, limit food waste, and help you make smarter ordering decisions. POS systems prevent waste. Even ordering lots of cheap ingredients in bulk doesn’t matter if you’re losing 60% to waste. Or Is It A Waste Of Money?

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Hoshizaki’s award-winning MODwater dispenser not only delivers four types of water instantly, it also provides costs savings and reduces plastic waste.

Organic Waste Recycling for Foodservice: What You Need To Know

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

If you produce 4 cubic yards* (the size of a standard commercial bin, not the smaller ‘cart’) or more of organic waste per week, you must separate and recycle that waste. Here is a brief overview of the terms used by the various stakeholders in the world of organic waste recycling, which often cause confusion: Organic matter comes from a living organism; food waste is one type of organic matter. Haul your own green waste to an organics recycling facility.

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The Staggering Reality of Restaurant Food Waste


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Foodservice Forecast 2017: Has Cutting Waste Become More Profitable Than Unit Growth?

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

However, there is still plenty of profit to be made by cutting energy waste. The surprising conclusion is that cutting waste has become more profitable than unit growth. Richard Young, Director of Education. The Food Service Technology Center kicked off 2017 with our annual Foodservice Forecast seminar featuring presentations by Foodservice Equipment Reports ‘ Robin Ashton, the California Restaurant Association ‘s Jot Condie and Jessica Lynam, and myself.

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To Reduce Food Waste, FDA Urges ‘Best If Used By’ Date Labels

Earth Eats

Confusion over whether a food is still safe to eat after its "sell by" or "use before" date accounts for about 20% of food waste in U.S. Articles Blog Posts Content Type Earth Eats Homepage News Updates NPR Story Subfeatured Top Story food labeling food wastehomes, the FDA says. The new wording aims to clear that up.

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Restaurant Fights Waste By Chopping Menu Prices Till Food Is Gone

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Articles Blog Posts Content Type Earth Eats Homepage News Updates NPR Story Subfeatured Top Story Uncategorized food preservation food waste torontoEvery Sunday, Farmhouse Tavern plans how to sell out of perishable food and open bottles of wine so it can shut up shop with an empty refrigerator for the next three days, when it is closed.

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EPA Lifts Requirements For Livestock Farms To Report Waste Pollution

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A new EPA rule will exempt requirements for farms to report pollution from animal waste. Articles Blog Posts Content Type Earth Eats Homepage Featured Subfeatured Top Story CAFOs emissions environmental justice EPA hog farming Hog Lagoons

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Cut Food Cost with Two Easy Systems

The Restaurant Expert

The other is a waste sheet. The waste sheet simply tracks waste in the kitchen. When an ingredient or item is double ordered, over cooked, spoils or just can’t be used any longer for any reason, it MUST be recorded on the waste sheet. A lot of employees don’t like the waste sheet because they think admitting waste will get them fired. The waste sheet shows you where there are problems. The next step is to go to the waste sheet.

How Will Restaurant Food Waste Regulations Affect Your Business?


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How to Develop a Restaurant Management Plan

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In my restaurant we use tools such as a key item report and waste sheet to control our food costs ­­­ _. A restaurant management plan is your written strategy for how to get your restaurant to where you want it. New ideas have very little value unless they are put into action. This restaurant management plan is a tool that translates ideas (I should or I’ll try to) into action (I am).

What is PAR Level and Why is it Important in Restaurant Inventory Management?

Sculpture Hospitality

That’s because poor ordering decisions lead to wasted money. Proper food and beverage inventory management is one of the most important processes that any restaurant can implement into their backend operations.

How a Restaurant Pre-Shift Meeting Improves Communication and Profits

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What’s silly about this is a lot of this wasted time could be prevented if management held a daily pre-shift meeting. A pre-shift meeting can improve communication and profits in your restaurant? Allow me to explain through example. Running a restaurant can often feel like you are in high school. Remember high school and all the drama? There was a lot of talking behind people’s backs, spreading rumors and trashing people for no reason.

Restaurants Save Money with the Right Recycling Practices 

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In 2018, when China stopped accepting plastics and recycling from the US, waste management professionals wondered whether the recycling industry could survive the loss of a major market for America’s commodity scrap.

xtraCHEF Product Release 9.2

Xtra Chef

This product release includes the debut of Waste Tracking for Inventory Management users, updates to xtraCASH and Sync, and some new features to look for in the Vendor Hub and Purchasing & Ordering Management. Inventory Management users, meet Waste Tracking!

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Creating a sustainable restaurant in 3 easy steps


By working towards less (food) waste and a more seasonal and locally-sourced menu, you’ll quickly be able to get on the right track. #1 1 REDUCE WASTE. Waste management in the food and restaurant industry is more important today than ever. 2 FIGHT FOOD WASTE.

10 Tips to Effectively Control Restaurant Food Costs


Minimize Waste. Even though more than 37 million people struggle with hunger in the United States alone, 30 to 40 percent of all food produced is wasted, according to the United States Department of Agriculture , and the restaurant industry is far from innocent.

Restaurant Sustainability Efforts and Customer Attraction

The Restaurant Group

According to the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot” report, American Culinary Federation chefs named sustainability and waste reduction in the top trends of the year. Managing waste in restaurants. Nearly 50% track food waste.

Strategies For Automating Restaurant Operations

Sculpture Hospitality

You won’t waste time on repetitive tasks. In the hospitality business, who doesn’t want to streamline? Efficient operations are good for everyone. You won’t pay personnel for work you could automate. Employees will be less frustrated. Customers will enjoy better experiences. And you’ll be free to invest in the areas of your business that matter most. Is improving operations at your restaurant a high priority? Are you interested in becoming more productive and more profitable?

Food tech: a must for the modern restaurant business


From managing reservations and planning work schedules to streamlining online delivery and kitchen processes, to fighting food waste: here are some tech solutions and platforms that will help you manage, optimize and monitor your business, easily! Overstocking leads to waste and waste skyrockets your food cost. Fighting food waste with Too Good To Go. A third of all the food produced goes to waste.

Why Manual Restaurant Inventory Management Is Eating Your Profits


If it’s not on the shelf, it can’t be stolen, spoiled or wasted. So, the key to minimizing food waste that can eat into your profits is effective restaurant inventory management. The better and more streamlined your inventory control , the less food waste in your kitchen and the more money added to your bottom line. Record Waste. Food waste is, essentially, money gone bad. This makes mitigating food waste a top priority for restaurant owners. Food Waste.

Reduce Food Wastage With This Ultimate Portion Control Guide For Your Restaurant


Restaurants worldwide report of succumbing to the menace of wasting food every day. The UN concludes that universal food waste accounts for 8% of global greenhouse emissions. The Guardian reports every restaurant can make a profit of £7 for every £1 they invest in cutting food waste. Therefore, it’s a crucial requirement for every restaurateur […].

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Restaurant Inventory Management: Why Accounting Integration is Important


When that inventory is wasted, stolen or spoiled before it’s sold, it must be written off as an expense in the books. If it’s not on your shelf, it can’t be stolen, spoiled or wasted. The key to minimizing food waste that can eat into your profits is effective restaurant inventory management. Restaurant inventory management software can help you track your inventory to spot and minimize food waste, and it can also help you keep tabs on vendor pricing changes.