Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the front or the back of the house; food safety is everyone’s problem. Most food safety problems can be eliminated by doing the job properly. . Again, food safety is everyone’s problem. Don’t put the burden of safety on a few shoulders.

How to Improve Food Safety Culture


The best way to encourage safe food handling in your restaurant is to create a culture that prioritizes food safety. What is Food Safety Culture? ‘Food safety culture’ describes when everyone in the company values food safety more than profits and sales.

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7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

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Anyone who’s worked (or even stepped foot) in a restaurant knows how important effective kitchen management is. Simply put, if things aren’t running well in the kitchen, restaurant staff and diners alike often suffer. First, set up clear procedures for communication in the kitchen.

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for Your Kitchen in 2020


What better time to turn over a new leaf and turn your kitchen into the best thing since sliced bread ? The post-holiday lull is the best time to take a break from the chaos and give your kitchen a thorough cleaning. Approach your kitchen strategically.

Fryer Safety Checklist

The Back Burner

What follows is a list of things to consider (please see our disclaimer at the end) if your commercial kitchen prepares deep-fried food. When it comes to preventing fryer burns, the right footwear is quite possibly the most important safety precaution. Personal Safety Equipment.

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The Ultimate Food Safety Dictionary


Most people have a basic understanding of what food safety means (and what rules to follow), but if you work in the foodservice business you need more than a simple layman’s understanding. . Food Safety Dictionary of Terminologies. FSIS – Food Safety and Inspection Service.

First Robotic Mobile Restaurant and DoorDash’s Commissary Kitchen

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The robotic kitchen runs on batteries instead of a diesel generator. Door Dash Shared Kitchen. ?DoorDash? is launching a shared commissary kitchen with multiple restaurants under one roof.

Comparing motor racing and kitchen productivity: 1981 vs 2019

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I’m wondering how this compares to kitchen and restaurant productivity? Safety should not be compromised, given that everything is calibrated and practised many times. Share your thoughts in the comments… Kitchen Management Smart Operators

Handling Health Inspections


The name in some circles is spoken in a quiet hush, but this person assigned by the organization regulating food safety in your state is no one to fear. Accompany the inspector - Walking with your inspector as he investigates your restaurant shows your interest in food safety.

Food Safety Myths That Will Get Your Customers Sick


There are a lot of food safety myths and misinformation that get passed along as gospel. But it’s one of the worst things you can do safety-wise. Restaurant kitchens are a busy place. Restaurant Solutions boha Food Safety

Essential Food Safety for All Restaurant Owners

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It is actually a simple process to keep your kitchen and staff up to date with regulations and avoid potential disaster. There are four C’s to think about when maintaining a food safe kitchen: Cooking, cleaning, chilling and cross-contamination. Food Safety

Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets

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Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets for Food Service 8 Temps per Shift Food Temperature Log Food service hot and cold temperature log sheets are tedious yet essential in rounding out your culinary program. The post Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets appeared first on Chefs Resources


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If we have not, then the safety and staying power of the restaurant is of little importance to the employee aside from the loss of a paycheck. Uncategorized Culinary Team keeping your team together kitchen team managing crisis

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Anger the Health Inspector


They’re concerned with public safety, not with your reputation. When they walk around your kitchen, clipboard in hand, they will freely hand out points for things you normally overlook – which is kind of the point. Health inspectors hate it when kitchen staff cross-contaminate food.

Avoid Health Infractions and Improve Your Restaurant Letter Grade With BOHA!


Another area of improvement is in the labeling of food in the kitchen and walk-in coolers. Restaurant Solutions back of house automation Food Safety health inspectorThe Health Department’s decade-old practice of Restaurant Letter Grades isn’t what it seems.

What to Do When the Health Inspector Comes Knocking

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A visit from the health inspector can be stressful even if you stay on top of health concerns by following a proactive food safety plan and scheduling regular cleanings.

Where to Stay, Dine & Be Seen During Super Bowl LIV Weekend in Miami


Safety Package | One pitcher of Mojito and two orders of chips & salsa $450 for the game | 6PM - 11 PM $650 for the day & game | 9 AM - 11 PM. The restaurant offers diners modern French cuisine served at a signature 34-seat dining counter that faces directly into the open kitchen.


Culinary Cues

How do we balance lower volume with financial needs of the operation? [] CUSTOMERS ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE FOOD THEY ORDER. Let your customers know that safety and sanitation is your most important job.

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Back of House Habits That Will Horrify Your Guests


Diners want to trust your kitchen, but unfortunately, they’ve seen and heard so many things that would make you drop your fork in fright. In fact, 41% of consumers consider restaurants to be unreliable when it comes to food safety. . Your restaurant kitchen is not a horror movie set!

How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Back-of-House 


Food waste, countless hours spent taking inventory, complicated employee onboarding processes—and even worse, sick customers due to food safety issues—they’re nightmares for any dedicated restaurant manager. . Elevate Food Safety Measures.

Staying smart, staying safe, during the coronavirus outbreak. BOHA! makes it possible.


Lately, this means every 20-30 minutes , and in the craziness of a busy kitchen, reliable reminders are helpful. And food safety – when you digitize SOPs and training guides across all locations, food safety best practices get followed.

Food delivery in the COVID-19 climate


Best safety practices for delivery. - The best thing you can do here is to close your packaging using a tamper-proof seal , strip or band, so your customer can rest assured that no one has been in contact with their meal after it left the kitchen. Best safety practices for pickup. -

How Restaurants Can Reduce Operational Risk

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Some of the common risks that restaurants encounter include; Food Safety Concerns. Water spills, leaking kitchen plumbing, messy floors in the dining area, and wet bathroom floors can cause accidents. Comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

How to Clean a Commercial Griddle

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Food Safety Food Service In The Restaurant Tundra's Tech Talk commercial kitchen energy efficiencyIf you ask 10 professional chefs how to clean a commercial griddle, you’re likely to get 10 different answers. There are several ways to skin the proverbial cat.

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The Foodservice Industry’s Guide for Surviving COVID-19


Not only has it affected the health and safety of countries and citizens around the world, but it has also affected our businesses, careers, and personal finances. Customers are more safety-conscious than ever. The Giving Kitchen.

What Jobs are in Restaurants?


Servers need to have a food handlers certificate to understand safety best practices for serving food in the United States. Now let’s move into the back of the house, otherwise known as the kitchen. Kitchen and bar managers have self-explanatory titles.

Common Restaurant Tech Terms You Need to Know


Customers are able to reserve tables, order meals, and show up to the restaurant at mealtime to skip the line and not wait in the kitchen. Through tablet ordering, reduce the amount of error by sending a digital or printed ticket directly to the kitchen when an order is placed.

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Growing Delivery & Takeout Channels at Your Restaurant

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While your first concern should be for the health and safety of yourself, staff, customers, and loved ones right now, it would be a lie to say you’re not allowed to be worried about your restaurant during COVID-19. In that case, you’ll have to send them to the kitchen manually.

How to Market Your Restaurant During Coronavirus Pandemic?


Make sure to communicate with your customers about hygiene maintenance and safety measures through a personalised letter or a short note. Maintain hygiene, make sure about cleanliness especially the kitchen.

10 Flooring Options for Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

It’s not only a perfect choice for dining areas but works well in kitchens and bathrooms too. Rubber has been predominantly used as kitchen flooring, but it can be a great choice for all of the areas of a restaurant.

2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry


This technology might be invisible to the average diner, but kitchen technology will have the most impact on their experience, especially in the areas of quality and safety. . 2020 is just around the corner and it’s an exciting time to be in the business!

Top 5 Hospitality Trends for your Business — the Inside Scoop


Carrying cash is getting increasingly unpopular and there are many contributing factors behind this trend — including personal safety, inability to track your transactions, or simply conditioning of the time. The hospitality industry is fuelled by people’s obsession with food.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Restaurant Location


Make sure the place is properly zoned and that there is a high-speed internet provider available in the area. Floor space: Even the smallest café contains a kitchen, storage space and refrigerators and a dining room where guests should feel comfortable and not constantly bump into each other.

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Why Outsource Management of Your Restaurant?

Goliath Consulting

Britt Cloud, Goliath’s Consulting Chef, directs back of house operations and works with the current chef/kitchen manager to restructure inventory, food costing, menu, labor, and health policies. With over twenty-five years of industry experience, Britt is skilled in problem-solving and uniquely tailoring back of house solutions to each kitchen. Management companies provide restaurants with a franchise like operating system without having a franchise agreement.

COVID-19 Best Practices for Restaurants: Navigating Coronavirus for Staff & Managers

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Supply servers, hosts, and kitchen staff with gloves. Show cleanliness, like kitchen and servers wearing gloves, sanitizing the restaurant, etc. Supply servers, hosts, and kitchen staff with gloves.

How Convenience Store Food Is Fixing Its Reputation


Also, this increase has prompted operators to expand their facilities to accommodate in-store seating and open kitchens. . Convenience store food has a reputation problem. Or should I say, had a reputation problem. .

Coronavirus: Restaurants Respond

Modern Restaurant Management

The National Restaurant Association remains on top of the issue providing updates and resources including a fact sheet and a webpage with an FAQ, industry guidance, and food safety guidelines provided by ServeSafe to address increasing questions about COVID-19. We ensure food safety.

The Rise of Food Allergies – and How to Keep Your Guests Safe and Happy

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Accurate allergen information is critical to guarantee your guests’ safety. Some states are beginning the trend towards publishing menu allergen information and preventing cross-contamination in kitchens. The Rise of Food Allergies. And how to keep your guests safe and happy.

Topics to Cover in a Restaurant Employee Handbook


Basic restaurant standards, like restaurant safety, dress code, and code of conduct. . Health and Safety Standards. Healthy and Safety Standards. Clean the kitchen counters and cooking tools regularly. .

How to Become a Restaurant Server


Topics usually include store policies, customer service skills, food safety, sanitation, and kitchen safety. If your establishment serves alcohol, you may also be required to complete alcohol safety training. Looking to pick up work in food service?

How Can a Food Handler Identify Pathogens?


Kitchen and Staff Prepping. Now that we’ve covered safe food storage , it’s time to touch on kitchen and staff preparation. You should regularly clean kitchen surfaces, including cutting boards, with a commercial, kitchen-safe cleaning solution.

What is the Coronavirus and How Can I Prevent It?


Finally, any surface that’s touched by raw meat should be cleaned with a kitchen-safe solution. Not only do you need to wipe down tables after each customer, but your kitchen cleanliness should also be a priority. Food Safety Training.

[Guide] Restaurant Management Tips & Tactics: 2019 Field Guide

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Operations: An all-encompassing word for everything else involved in managing a restaurant, such as maintaining the atmosphere and ensuring employees follow health and safety standards. Because many issues in the kitchen arise from poor communication, create systems that encourage it.

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