Is Your Ghost Kitchen Haunted by Food Safety Breaches?

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As a result, ghost kitchens, delivery-focused kitchens without a storefront or dining area, are growing in popularity. The National Retail Federation called ghost kitchens a $43 billion industry , and Hospitality Technology predicts that number will rise to $71.4


Culinary Cues

We also know that the health and safety regulations for restaurants will change significantly as we make every attempt to keep the public and our staff safe and at ease. Bleach or iodine solutions are the standards for sanitizing pots, pans, and work surfaces in kitchens.


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Five Steps for Commercial Fryer Safety

Modern Restaurant Management

However, with deep-fat frying comes risk as the oil can easily reach near 400 degrees Fahrenheit and is extremely flammable, causing kitchen fires, scalds and more. Kitchens can be a stressful place to work, especially when the orders start piling up during a busy time.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Enhancing Operational Visibility in Ghost Kitchens

Modern Restaurant Management

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a new trend in the food service industry has risen in popularity—ghost kitchens. In addition to restaurant operators opening or transitioning to the ghost kitchen strategy, grocers are also exploring this new concept.

Why Kitchen Culture is the Most Crucial Shared Kitchen Ingredient

The Food Corridor

We’re sharing information about this key element straight from the Shared Kitchen Toolkit so that you can bring your own flavor to your shared kitchen space. . Building a positive and productive kitchen culture is something that takes time, intention, and community buy-in.

Reducing Tension Between Kitchen & Front of House

Ken Burgin

Friction between floor staff and kitchen is wasteful and unnecessary, but it won’t go away by itself. The kitchen often complains they’re treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed you-know-what. Nothing drives the kitchen crazy like a dizzy new waiter who doesn’t know the menu, or basic service techniques. Don’t let them loose on customers, let alone near the kitchen. When the kitchen is flooded with orders, tempers will rise.


Culinary Cues

As cooks start to, or at least hope to, begin settling into kitchen life again, it seems appropriate to reiterate those standard rules of thumb that everyone must abide by. Your principles, and those of the cooks who proudly wear the uniform of the kitchen, are your stakes in the ground.

Restaurant Kitchen Design Hacks For An Efficient And Thriving Business

The Restaurant Times

An efficient restaurant kitchen design should be high on your priority list whether you’re opening a new restaurant, expanding an existing one, or remodelling an existing one. . The success of a restaurant kitchen design is defined by careful planning. Kitchen Floor Plan .

Kitchen Conversations: The City Kitch

The Food Corridor

Her goal was to give aspiring food entrepreneurs in the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro area access to incredible commercial kitchen space. They take pride in the community that has been fostered within their kitchens, one that supports each other and shares their wins together.

Seven Kitchen Design Ideas to Improve Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

A key part of an effective kitchen is its design. After all, there’s no point in spending time and resources on designing the perfect menu, if your kitchen isn’t up to scratch. Do you feel your kitchen needs a design boost? Kitchen Design Is Key.

Is More Delivery/Takeout on Your Menu? Remove Food Safety Risks—Digitally

Modern Restaurant Management

a multi-site restaurant operator with more than 200 locations that was shifting to takeout only decided to evaluate its already robust food safety system. But the incidents never compromised customers’ safety because the restaurants were able to discover and remediate them in real time.

Saving Money with Cloud Kitchens

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Cloud kitchens are a cost-saving hack you want to be aware of. Technology, competition, customer needs, and evolving conditions today have led to the development of cloud kitchens. They want convenience and safety. The Cloud Kitchen Model. Why Open a Cloud Kitchen?

From Ghost Kitchens to Living Kitchens: A New Vision for Food Service’s Next Great Space

Modern Restaurant Management

Ghost kitchens, you’ve got spirit, but not much soul. Dark kitchens or virtual kitchens––real places staffed with non-ectoplasmic people—bring efficiencies to running a restaurant by providing off-site commissary services for delivery orders.

Best Safety Kitchen Practices

Restaurant Smart

Did you know that the most common injuries that happen in commercial kitchens involve doing manual tasks and machinery? This is why restaurant owners must implement safe kitchen practices for each of their staff to prevent these things from happening.…

Podcast 13: Teaching Chefs About Kitchen Management and Menu Design

Ken Burgin

We expect a lot from chefs – not only to manage production and service, but keep to a budget, organise a team of people and handle safety issues, changing food trends, menu design & engineering, plus social media and a bit of marketing. How Liz moved from running a kitchen to teaching how to run one. Developing kitchen leadership and a high-performance team – challenges for chefs or all ages, male and female, local and non-local?

Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the front or the back of the house; food safety is everyone’s problem. Most food safety problems can be eliminated by doing the job properly. . Cleaning as you go increases food safety, reduces accidents, and speeds up work, but it also helps make your spring cleaning efforts easier, since there won’t be as much buildup of grime. . Again, food safety is everyone’s problem. Don’t put the burden of safety on a few shoulders.

Ghost Kitchens: What Are They?

Restaurant Clicks

The recent evolution of ghost kitchens has had quite an impact on the hospitality industry. Also referred to as cloud kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual kitchens, the concept of a ghost kitchen essentially refers to a physical space that can be used to prepare and cook food.

Why Is Good Kitchen Layout Important For Restaurants?

The Restaurant Times

A good kitchen layout holds great importance for restaurants. While it’s true that a restaurant’s success comes from the quality of the chef’s cooking, a lot also depends on a functional kitchen, efficient management, and streamlined operations. An Ordered Kitchen.

How to Improve Food Safety Culture


The best way to encourage safe food handling in your restaurant is to create a culture that prioritizes food safety. What is Food Safety Culture? ‘Food safety culture’ describes when everyone in the company values food safety more than profits and sales.

5 Safety Tips for Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant Smart

The kitchen restaurant is where most of the work happens. Here are five safety tips for your restaurant kitchen as summarized by us at… Read more. The post 5 Safety Tips for Restaurant Kitchen appeared first on Restaurant Smart Blog.

Avoiding Warewashing Woes Ensures a Profitable Kitchen

Modern Restaurant Management

And most importantly, when machines run at the proper temperature with accurate chemical doses, it ensures food safety compliance and helps operations achieve the necessary level of cleanliness that today’s discerning diners expect.

Should Your Restaurant Group Have a Commissary Kitchen?


A commissary kitchen is a dedicated kitchen space where a foodservice operator can process, prepare, and store food. Commissary kitchens may host a wide range of different types of food businesses. Let’s explore what a commissary kitchen could mean for your business.

BOHA! WorkStation among the top 3 Hot New Products for Foodservice Safety & Sustainability by C-Store Decisions


WorkStation, received an award from C-Store Decisions as a Hot New Product for Foodservice Safety & Sustainability. WorkStation ranked in the top 3 in the prominent Foodservice Safety & Sustainability category.

7 Benefits to Operating a Fully Automated Kitchen

Restaurant Engine

Operating fully automated kitchens can help your restaurant grow. You may have heard of fully automated kitchens, but since they’re relatively new, you might not know exactly what they are. An automated kitchen uses robots to do the cooking for you. 4: More Reliable Kitchens.

How To Open A Cloud Kitchen In The UAE

The Restaurant Times

It is one of the most thriving businesses for newcomers in the industry, especially when experimenting with a new kitchen format like a cloud kitchen. . What Is A Cloud Kitchen? Steps To Open A Cloud Kitchen In The UAE. Finalize the name for your cloud kitchen .

Safety First: National Guidelines for Indoor Dining

Modern Restaurant Management

A coalition of restaurant industry leaders released the first national safety standards for dining in an attempt to simplify and streamline city, state and federal guidelines and ensure a safe working and dining environment for employees and customers.

Cloud Kitchen Trends To Track In 2022

The Restaurant Times

A concept known as cloud kitchen has emerged as a result of these advancements. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, cloud kitchens enable food businesses to produce and deliver culinary delicacies with minimal overhead. . 4 Cloud Kitchen Trends To Look For In 2022.

2022 52

The 5 Must-Ask Questions When Building a Shared Kitchen Space

The Food Corridor

In the Shared Kitchen Resources Starter Pack , we highlight the five questions that shared kitchen design guru, Sylvan Juarez, discussed in his rapid-fire talk during the Food Incubation Summit.

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Rise of the Ghost Kitchens: How Virtual Restaurants Are Reshaping L.A.’s Emerging ghost kitchens may prepare food for dozens of delivery-only brands simultaneously, all out of the same space, reporter Garrett Snyder writes – think fish and chips alongside quinoa salads and spicy wings.

Weaving a Stronger Safety Net


Through the work I was doing at CUESA, I got to know a bunch of different chefs, restaurateurs, and farmers and spent most of my summers growing up working in those kitchens. Local governments rarely look to independent restaurants to solve community hunger.

Cloud Kitchens – The Future Of The Restaurant Industry Beyond COVID

The Restaurant Times

Thus, COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of cloud kitchens in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. . Cloud kitchen, which was dubbed a new trend a few years ago, is now a reality. In comparison, the projected market size of cloud kitchens alone is expected to reach $1.05

Ghost Kitchens in 2020: What Restauranteurs Should Know

Focus POS

Even before the pandemic, ghost kitchens had been all the buzz in the hospitality industry. . What is a ghost kitchen? . A ghost kitchen is a kitchen that operates in a space without a dining area. Ghost kitchens were on the rise before COVID-19.

2020 137

Pizza is Essential: Employee Safety and Company Survival During the COVID Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

Surviving as a business was still a challenge, it came at a significant financial cost, and the potential costs of employee health and safety had to take a back seat to the health of the business.

Your Guide To Transitioning From Physical Restaurant To Ghost Kitchen Business Model

The Restaurant Times

Cloud kitchens have become increasingly popular in the UAE over the years. Cloud kitchens have many advantages to offer over physical restaurants. With numerous restaurants shutting down, entrepreneurs are desperately shifting to ghost kitchen business model.

3 Types of Ghost Kitchens and Which One Is the Best Business to Start


Check out the last chapter in our Ghost Kitchen 101 series! In our last chapter of the Ghost Kitchen 101 Series, we learned that cloud kitchens are commercial kitchen spaces that provide food businesses the facilities and services needed to prepare delivery-optimized menu items.

List of Licences Required to Open a Cloud Kitchen in India


Are you planning to start a cloud kitchen in India ? however starting a new business is not a piece of cake for everyone, you must have a clear mindset on the concept of the cloud kitchen business model. Here’s a list of important license required to open cloud kitchen – 1.

Automated Kitchens: What to Know About This New Trend

Restaurant Engine

The future is here, and automated kitchens are trending. The newly imagined restaurant of today might find itself looking to automated kitchens. What is an Automated Kitchen? In the restaurant kitchen, you’ll find many types of automation. Automated Kitchens Save Time.

Understanding The Key Challenges Faced By Dark Kitchens In The US

The Restaurant Times

Dark kitchens are highly efficient production units that don’t have a storefront and are designed for delivery. Dark kitchens consist of premises where food is prepared for home delivery but do not have a dining area or waiters. Dark Kitchens Don’t Fit In Every Situation.

Five Ways to Create a Safer Dining Experience and Workplace

Modern Restaurant Management

At Buffalo Wings & Rings, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. Equipment Operations pandemic safety buffalo wings and rings safety culture covid safety

Successful Kitchen Management for Non-Chefs and Restaurant Owners

Ken Burgin

If you depend on the profits of a food operation, you need to understand kitchen management, and how to move in that space with confidence. Here’s a quick guide to how a non-chef can become much more skilled in managing ‘secret kitchen business’ – it can be satisfying and very profitable to understand the workings of production, staffing and cost control. Create Effective and Easy-to-Use Kitchen Management Systems.