Culinary Cues

We also know that the health and safety regulations for restaurants will change significantly as we make every attempt to keep the public and our staff safe and at ease. Bleach or iodine solutions are the standards for sanitizing pots, pans, and work surfaces in kitchens.


Culinary Cues

As cooks start to, or at least hope to, begin settling into kitchen life again, it seems appropriate to reiterate those standard rules of thumb that everyone must abide by. Your principles, and those of the cooks who proudly wear the uniform of the kitchen, are your stakes in the ground.

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Food Delivery Safety & Your Restaurant


Food Delivery Safety for Restaurants. Proper food safety is a foundational aspect of any foodservice establishment, and this extends to food safety for delivered meals. You may be accustomed to maintaining this safety in a dine-in operation, but delivery provides new challenges. Establish your food delivery safety timeframe. Before you try delivering in any capacity, you need to know exactly how long your food will maintain its appeal and safety.

Exceeding Restaurant Health and Safety Protocols to Instill Customer Confidence


How can we gain their confidence in our health and safety protocols? For a review of COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, read the blog post, Restaurant Reopening Checklist: Tips for Thriving. Require that bar and kitchen staff wear both masks and gloves. Hold store managers accountable for ensuring that health and safety protocols at their restaurants are enforced. Make managers accountable for strict adherence to safety protocols.

Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the front or the back of the house; food safety is everyone’s problem. Most food safety problems can be eliminated by doing the job properly. . Cleaning as you go increases food safety, reduces accidents, and speeds up work, but it also helps make your spring cleaning efforts easier, since there won’t be as much buildup of grime. . Again, food safety is everyone’s problem. Don’t put the burden of safety on a few shoulders.

How to Improve Food Safety Culture


The best way to encourage safe food handling in your restaurant is to create a culture that prioritizes food safety. What is Food Safety Culture? ‘Food safety culture’ describes when everyone in the company values food safety more than profits and sales.

We Ask the Experts: What Should You Consider When Designing a Shared-use Kitchen?

The Food Corridor

The shared-kitchen industry is growing, even in such a tough year. Many chefs and caterers are realising that the solution to their problems might be just around the corner in a shared-use kitchen. Or reinvent an existing kitchen for shared commercial use?

Planning to start a Cloud kitchen? Here’s all you need to know before.


With the crucial expected changes in the consumer eating habits after Coronavirus , Restaurants are whirling to online deliveries, dark kitchens or ghost restaurants or Cloud kitchens business are increasingly becoming more relevant to survive in the F&B industry. Over the next few years, delivery-only restaurants are being seen as a crucial part of the business in the restaurant industry, as per a report, the predicted market size of cloud kitchens is to reach $1.05

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for Your Kitchen in 2020


What better time to turn over a new leaf and turn your kitchen into the best thing since sliced bread ? The post-holiday lull is the best time to take a break from the chaos and give your kitchen a thorough cleaning. Approach your kitchen strategically.

Starting A Ghost Kitchen? This Is Why You Need A Shared Kitchen Space

The Restaurant Times

In the ghost kitchen business, having a well-equipped kitchen space is of the utmost importance. The cloud kitchen model has grown by leaps and bounds with constant improvisations and technological innovations, strengthening the functionalities of the business. As the trend of delivery-only restaurants continues to pick up, restaurateurs can now avail the benefits of a new concept of operations-Kitchen as a Service (KaaS). The post Starting A Ghost Kitchen?

How to Set Up and Run a Ghost Kitchen for Your Restaurant Business


Increased demand for food delivery had already boosted the growth of ghost kitchens, and the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated both the popularity and profitability of the model. Ghost kitchens cut the cost of real estate and labor by reducing the restaurant model to accommodate off-premise food sales. What is a ghost kitchen? In the strictest sense of the term, a ghost kitchen is an off-premise facility for the preparation of food for delivery.

The Ultimate Guide To The Cloud Kitchen Business

The Restaurant Times

Cloud kitchens are delivery-only restaurants with no storefront or dine-in facility. A cloud kitchen business primarily accepts orders online from third-party online food aggregators and its own online ordering enabled website. It can also accept orders over the phone from a central call center, wherein the orders are routed to the nearest cloud kitchen outlet. . Understanding the Cloud Kitchen Business . The Promising Future of Cloud Kitchens . Cloud Kitchen

7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

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Anyone who’s worked (or even stepped foot) in a restaurant knows how important effective kitchen management is. Simply put, if things aren’t running well in the kitchen, restaurant staff and diners alike often suffer. What’s more, restaurant kitchens often call up images of long hours, punishing work conditions, and a hostile work culture. this atmosphere has long been considered a given, and even a rite of passage, for any kitchen job.

Why are Security and Access so Important for Your Shared Kitchen Facility?

The Food Corridor

Shared kitchens are the perfect melting pots for collaboration and offer a host of shared benefits to their members. You should already have an Operations Manual in place, which details your security arrangements to protect your tenants’ belongings and ensure their safety.

Decrease Restaurant Startup Costs by Digitizing Your Kitchen


You want to make sure you have high-quality staff preparing the food in your restaurant kitchen and serving customers. Let your restaurant kitchen do the cooking for you. Why should your restaurant kitchen stop operating just because you or your chef aren’t there? If you haven’t set up a full wireless restaurant kitchen yet, don’t worry. Started by MIT graduates, it’s the world’s first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen that cooks complex meals. Food safety.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe Requires a Different Training Approach

Modern Restaurant Management

Everyone agrees that with COVID-19, the public has a heightened safety awareness. The public is watching operators very closely to see if they are doing all the things to make safety your #1 priority. Safety is Priority #1.

The Relative Safety of Outdoor Dining


In my outings, I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how good many places are at following safety protocols, and at how many restaurants have pivoted to counter-service models, where the patron orders at a counter and food is brought to the table, cutting out the interaction with waitstaff. California Pizza Kitchen filed for bankruptcy. Outdoor dining in San Francisco | Patricia Chang.

First Robotic Mobile Restaurant and DoorDash’s Commissary Kitchen

Modern Restaurant Management

The robotic kitchen runs on batteries instead of a diesel generator. Cleanliness – The robotic kitchen is NSF 169 certified, which is the equivalent to best in class sanitation, to ensure customers know that their blend is created in the cleanest, safest, and most sanitary environment possible. Door Dash Shared Kitchen. ?DoorDash? is launching a shared commissary kitchen with multiple restaurants under one roof.

Ghost Kitchens in 2020: What Restauranteurs Should Know

Focus POS

Even before the pandemic, ghost kitchens had been all the buzz in the hospitality industry. . What is a ghost kitchen? . A ghost kitchen is a kitchen that operates in a space without a dining area. Ghost kitchens were on the rise before COVID-19. This is what makes a ghost kitchen so valuable these days. . These locations offer more safety, but they come with a major price tag. For ghost kitchens, this isn’t a problem.

10 Essential Kitchen Equipment For Your Cloud Kitchen And How To Choose Them

The Restaurant Times

Having the right restaurant equipment is essential for the long term success of your cloud kitchen business. Choosing The Right Equipment For Cloud Kitchens. Cloud kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, virtual restaurants, ghost kitchens, and delivery-only restaurants, operate entirely from the backend. While this model saves substantial front-end costs but significant investment goes into equipping the right types of kitchen equipment.

Ghost Kitchen Masterminds Behind R2 Provisions, Part 2

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Ghost Kitchen Masterminds Behind R2 Provisions, Part 2. Chef and new ghost kitchen owner, Rosana Rivera, shares how she’s adjusting restaurant operations amidst a global pandemic. W e continue with part 2 of 2 of the Ghost Kitchen Masterminds interview with Chef Rosana Rivera of R2 Provisions where she shared how operations changed during the COVID pandemic, about her ghost kitchen’s growth, and what to expect when restaurants are ready to open their doors. .

The Kitchens Are Still Open: Eateries Reinvented

Modern Restaurant Management

A substantial list of restaurants across the UK have showed solidarity during this time by offering discounted meals to the NHS, council, and emergency services staff, who are all contributing to the safety or the nation during the coronavirus pandemic. The spot says, “While the doors may be closed, the kitchens are open for delivery” and it’s encouraging people to support their local restaurants, even from their homes.

The Ultimate Food Safety Dictionary


Most people have a basic understanding of what food safety means (and what rules to follow), but if you work in the foodservice business you need more than a simple layman’s understanding. . You need to know everything there is to know about food safety, from how to store food to who is responsible to who to call for help. . Food Safety Dictionary of Terminologies. Blast Chiller – A refrigerator used in commercial kitchens. Restaurant Solutions Food Safety

Open for Business: Expert Recommendations For Restaurant Safety In The COVID-19 Era.

The Restaurant Times

Along with offering quality in food and service, safety and hygiene will be of paramount importance. Right from the kitchen to the front-of-house operations, restaurant operators must strictly follow the guidelines set by the government and institute safety practices to ensure a safe and hygienic dining environment for their customers. . Reopening In The Covid World: Restaurant Safety Practices To Follow. Some of the safety measures that restaurateurs can adopt are; .

Setting Up Your Cloud Kitchen? These Are The Operational Processes To Follow

The Restaurant Times

Cloud Kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants, and delivery-only restaurants, run entirely on the strength of their back-of-house operations. As the kitchen infrastructure is the backbone of every cloud kitchen restaurant, it should be well managed and organized. The Operational Processes Involved In Setting Up A Cloud Kitchen Business. According to a study, the global Cloud Kitchen market is expected to reach USD 2.63

What’s Next for Shared Kitchens? Getting Ready for the New Normal

The Food Corridor

Either way, social distancing, an increased focus on personal hygiene, face mask wearing, and contact tracing at all kinds of restaurants and in kitchens may be the new normal. How does this impact the food industry and specifically shared kitchens? .

What You Need to Know About Using Commissary Kitchens

Xtra Chef

For food producers with limited resources, it can seem impossible to find a kitchen to rent that doesn’t completely destroy your limited margins. What is a Commissary Kitchen? Who Uses Commissary Kitchens? What to Consider When Using a Commissary Kitchen.

How to Reopen Your Restaurant – Safely and Profitably

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

General Hospitality Consulting Kitchen Ops Leadership Menu Random Stuff Service Best Practices Food Safety Kitchen Operations Kitchen Preparation Restaurant Consulting Restaurant Hospitality Restaurant Leadership Restaurant Management Restaurant Opening restaurant reopening Restaurant Safety Restaurant Seating Restaurant Strategy Server Training Staff Training Table Service Model

6 Marketing Ideas Every Cloud Kitchen Business Owner Should Know About to Increase Sales

The Restaurant Times

Cloud kitchen has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the foodservice industry today. According to research, the global cloud kitchen market is expected to reach USD 2.63 From setting up the business, warehousing, to establishing a robust delivery structure, a cloud kitchen business ensures fast growth and has a lower footprint than a traditional restaurant. Cloud Kitchen Marketing Tips to Grow Your Online Sales. Cloud Kitchen

MRM Franchise Feed: Kitchen of the Future, Restaurant Sherpas and Dunkin’ Hirin’

Modern Restaurant Management

Dunkin’ is beginning a new partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to offer an online college education to franchise employees, launching its first-ever national advertisement campaign aimed at recruitment, and Dunkin’ restaurants continue to implement strict safety standards focused on the in-store environment for both restaurant employees and guests. The safety of Dunkin’ franchisees, their restaurant employees, and guests remains a top priority.

Comparing motor racing and kitchen productivity: 1981 vs 2019

Ken Burgin

I’m wondering how this compares to kitchen and restaurant productivity? Safety should not be compromised, given that everything is calibrated and practised many times. Worth discussing with your team how this could apply to a busy bar or kitchen – what new equipment is needed to match the speed of modern motor racing? Share your thoughts in the comments… Kitchen Management Smart Operators

What You Should Not Be Delivering: 5 Common Delivery Mistakes to Avoid

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

General Hospitality Consulting Kitchen Ops Leadership Menu Random Stuff Service Best Practices Concept Development Fast Casual Food Management Food Safety Kitchen Efficiency Kitchen Operations Restaurant Consulting Restaurant Culture Restaurant Hospitality Restaurant Leadership Restaurant Management Restaurant Strategy Server Training Staff Training

Fryer Safety Checklist

The Back Burner

What follows is a list of things to consider (please see our disclaimer at the end) if your commercial kitchen prepares deep-fried food. When it comes to preventing fryer burns, the right footwear is quite possibly the most important safety precaution. Personal Safety Equipment. Kitchen Layout and Storage. Lay out kitchen without tight or blind corners to avoid collisions; provide enough work space to avoid collisions near fryer.

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Enough Yelling and Screaming: Restaurants Need Kindness in the Kitchen

Xtra Chef

Eventually, I’d become an executive chef, running kitchens at some of the busiest restaurants in New York, Philadelphia, and the Bahamas. It’s time to bring kindness to the kitchen. Gallup recently found that engaged teams have up to 59% less turnover, 10% higher customer ratings, 21% greater profitability, 17% higher productivity, 70% fewer safety incidents and 41% less absenteeism. Working in a kitchen is incredibly demanding. My kitchens are the opposite.

Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets

Chef's Resources

Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets for Food Service 8 Temps per Shift Food Temperature Log Food service hot and cold temperature log sheets are tedious yet essential in rounding out your culinary program. The post Kitchen Temperature Log Sheets appeared first on Chefs Resources

How Ghost Kitchens Can Adhere To Sanitation And Hygiene Guidelines in Delivery Operations

The Restaurant Times

The growing popularity of online food delivery has enabled restaurant operators to pivot their operations to ghost kitchens. Existing ghost kitchen businesses are also adjusting their operational efficiency to fulfill the increased demand for proper food delivery. In this article, we will discuss how ghost kitchens can make food delivery reliable and win the trust of customers. . The multi-brand cloud kitchen operator has introduced a live body temperature tracker on its app.

Food Safety Myths That Will Get Your Customers Sick


There are a lot of food safety myths and misinformation that get passed along as gospel. But it’s one of the worst things you can do safety-wise. Restaurant kitchens are a busy place. The post Food Safety Myths That Will Get Your Customers Sick appeared first on TransAct Restaurant Solutions. Restaurant Solutions boha Food SafetySome are passed along generationally, neat tricks that seniors use and are passed along as “elderly wisdom.”

4 Safety Measures UAE Restaurants Must Take To Deal With The Pandemic

The Restaurant Times

Even after easing the restrictions, as many as 18 restaurants, cafeterias, and food establishments were closed for violating public safety laws and for not complying with the precautionary measures. Along with ensuring proper hygiene while delivering food, there are some significant safety measures that restaurant operators in the UAE must adopt to keep their establishments safe amidst the pandemic. . The Covid-19 virus has severely affected the restaurant industry globally.

How to Configure Your Restaurant for Curbside Pickup

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General Hospitality Consulting Kitchen Ops Leadership Menu Random Stuff Service Best Practices Concept Development Food Management Food Safety Kitchen Efficiency Restaurant Consulting Restaurant Culture Restaurant Hospitality Restaurant Management restaurant owners Restaurant Strategy Restaurant Training Staff Training

7 Proven Marketing Strategies for Cloud Kitchen To Attract and Retain Customers in Saudi Arabia

The Restaurant Times

Cloud kitchens, also known as virtual restaurants, dark kitchen, ghost kitchen, and delivery-only restaurants, have taken the restaurant industry by storm. The cloud kitchen concept is also being welcomed in the Saudi Arabia F&B space. According to data, cloud kitchen revenues in the UAE and Saudi Arabia jumped 160 percent in 2019 and is currently worth more than $65 million. How To Market Your Cloud Kitchen In Saudi Arabia.