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When people move to a new area or are looking for a second opinion, how do they choose their healthcare providers? IndoorMedia’s Cartvertising division is an annual program designed to build name recognition and trust for your healthcare practice. Show the Value of Your Practice.

How Small Healthcare Practices Advertise Locally

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New patients are the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. Because many small healthcare practices have limited budgets, you may not be left with much cash for advertising. Pick content that is relevant to your audience and helps them choose you as their healthcare provider.

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The Future of Restaurants Depends on Universal Healthcare


Restaurants cannot continue if the workers who run them are left the most vulnerable, “The Ethnic Restaurateur” author Krishnendu Ray argues When it comes to the intersection of food, dining, and society, there are few better scholars than Krishnendu Ray , an associate professor and chair of the department of food studies at New York University.

Hospitality Sector’s Heroic Response To Healthcare Workers and the Vulnerable


The post Hospitality Sector’s Heroic Response To Healthcare Workers and the Vulnerable appeared first on Bizimply. Ireland’s hospitality heroes have been going above and beyond for communities across the island. The land of a hundred million […].

10 Inspirational Hospitality Industry Stories During COVID-19

Social Hospitality

Nevertheless, some brands have demonstrated how to be good to their customers, associates, healthcare providers, and communities during this time. Our healthcare workers are heroes, and right now they need reinforcements to save as many lives as they can,” de Blasio said. “I

Surviving COVID-19: Help Others Serve the Community Through Your Restaurant


We’ve seen encouraging stories from restaurants finding ways they and their customers can help their local community, healthcare workers, and fellow restaurants. Andy’s Coffee Roasters: This specialty café set up a portal for customers to purchase coffee and pastries for healthcare workers.

Restaurant Labor Cost Excel Template

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Using Excel to Track Restaurant Labor Costs Labor cost is one of the biggest expenses a restaurant has, especially if employee benefits such as healthcare, PTO time, and/or 401k are also offered to employees.


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Make sure that your compensation package includes some level of healthcare – this is the price of admission. Every person has needs that go beyond food, shelter, and clothing. Of course, we require those important things to survive, but survival to the average person is never enough.

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Is it too much of a stretch to envision a federal, or at least state-by-state requirement for people to have some type of validation that proves they have the antibodies that would deem them relatively safe – especially for healthcare and foodservice workers?


Culinary Cues

It is inevitable that our obsession with healthcare will lead a larger percentage of the population to work on preventative issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart issues – all are linked to the type of food, the method of cooking, and the amount that we eat.

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Feed the Front Line, Small Brand, Big Heart and Seafood for Heroes

Modern Restaurant Management

ezCater launched Feed the Front Line , a program that helps anyone contribute meals to healthcare workers fighting coronavirus. Healthcare workers are risking their health to protect ours, and restaurants are fighting to stay in business.


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HEALTH: With millions of Americans still without healthcare or poorly covered – there will be those who ignore the symptoms of Covid-19 and fail to take necessary precautions or even avoid emergency care if needed. This is where we are today.

Teriyaki Madness Implements Technology to Combat Coronavirus Crisis Fallouts

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Customers can sponsor a Teriyaki Bar by paying half and Teriyaki Madness will match it and deliver it for free to the hospital or healthcare office of their choice (within five to six miles of the shop).

Hearty BBQ with a Heart: How Mighty Quinn’s Is Adapting

Modern Restaurant Management

Customer discounts and free sandwiches for healthcare workers are just two of the ways that the barbeque brand is showing its genuine care and appreciation for the communities it serves. Most importantly, Mighty Quinn’s is also offering free sandwiches to healthcare workers.


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Our healthcare workers need to be safe and feel supported.

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HEALTHCARE: Typically, working in a hospital is not at the top of many cooks’ career lists. First and foremost – congratulations on earning your degree or certificate. This is an accomplishment that over the course of your lifetime will reward you tenfold.

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Massachusetts Dining Rooms Are Fully Open — But Restaurant Workers Still Can’t Get Vaccinated


Massachusetts is still just weeks removed from the pandemic’s peak, when its healthcare infrastructure was stretched to its outer limits for a second time in under a year.

Turning Restaurant Staffing Challenges Into Opportunities

Modern Restaurant Management

According to news reports, having access to reliable mental health services for the restaurant’s staff has proved popular in a climate where most standard healthcare plans do not adequately address the costs of mental healthcare.

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Do these drivers have a destination, are they healthcare essential workers, police on the way to a shift, firefighters, grocery store employees, pharmacists, government officials, or are they simply claustrophobic residents driving around town just to see something different?

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What We’re Reading: Coronavirus Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

How restaurants in the Philippines are staying strong from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and how they are feeding healthcare workers in a report from Here's a sample of restaurant industry coverage about dealing with Coronavirus. How chains are responding from Food and Wine.


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Basic benefits of reasonable healthcare, paid vacation, and paid sick time are the standard in nearly every other industry and must become the standard in ours. The restaurant industry has been plagued with problems for decades – this international crisis has brought everything to a head.

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How COVID-19 Vaccination Will Roll Out in Food Service

Goliath Consulting

Here in Georgia (1), the COVID-19 vaccinations are currently being administered to those in Phase 1a+, which includes: Healthcare workers (physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, EMS personnel, environmental services, etc.) Once the vaccinations move into Phase 1b, it will include other essential workers (non-healthcare) who “perform job tasks across critical infrastructure sectors, ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health, safety, economic and national security” (2).

Are coffee & sports partnerships becoming more popular?

Perfect Daily Grind

The benefits of drinking coffee before exercise have been well-documented over the years by many healthcare professionals. But what about the wider relationship between sports and coffee? Around the world, sports teams have partner with a range of brands seeking promotion.

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Surviving COVID-19: Adapt Your Restaurant Menu During a Pandemic


Let Customers Buy a Meal for Frontline Healthcare Workers. Partner with a local healthcare facility to provide meals to frontline healthcare workers and let your customers front the bill by donating meals directly from your menu while purchasing food for their own family.

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Why Contactless will Future-Proof Restaurant Technology

Focus POS

As cases begin to re-emerge, restrictions will tighten—all in efforts to not overwhelm our healthcare systems. If there is one thing common across almost every industry affected by the coronavirus pandemic, it is that of a ccelerated transformation at a relentless pace.


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Whether it is the environment, the postal service, senior citizens, global partnerships, healthcare, or restaurants – there is a tendency to set aside or forget just how important these businesses, global responsibilities, and people truly are to our existence.

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Top Ways To Hire And Retain Restaurant Staff

The Restaurant Times

Many restaurant employees quit before the mandatory healthcare waiting time is completed, making the initial investment in a healthcare plan a hazardous proposition for restaurant owners. . The restaurant business is experiencing a labour shortage, which the pandemic has exacerbated.


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So – you work regardless of how you feel, whether you cough or have a fever, or your muscles ache. [] NO HEALTHCARE/NO PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE: Ask your cooks when was the last time they went to a doctor when they were sick or scheduled an annual preventative physical exam?

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10 Effective Uses for QR Codes

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Healthcare forms Healthcare practitioners can use QR codes to have customers fill out contactless forms, retrieve prescriptions, and access their personal information. QR codes are a simple and effective way to engage your customers.

Recruiting Ideas for Low Wage Workers 

ExactHire - Restaurants

Prior to the pandemic, most people used terms like “essential worker” to refer to healthcare workers, police and other first responders. The rising cost of healthcare makes many employers balk at offering better benefits.


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HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: Hospitals, retirement communities, and longer-term rehabilitation centers were typically not on a professional cook’s or chef’s radar, but today these operations are flexing their competitive muscle through quality food operations.

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Without question there are two areas, short and long-term, that must be at the top of our list: education and healthcare.

Hiring Restaurant Employees: The CFO’s Role in Developing a Strategy


If you can tailor your benefits to match employee stressors, such as childcare issues, tuition reimbursement, or healthcare, you can help your restaurant stand apart as a potential employer and encourage existing staff to stick around.

Restaurants Go Digital to Attract and Retain Talent

Modern Restaurant Management

From access to healthcare benefits to childcare, tuition savings, or perks like discounts at notable retailers, employees are more actively seeking a holistic rewards package. Frequent turnover of staff has long been an issue in the fast-paced restaurant industry.

Staffing Issues Every Restaurant Owner Should Focus on Post-Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

The hospitality industry is the third largest employer in the United States (behind healthcare and government.) It’s a workforce of over 15 million people that all contribute to our country’s economy and culture in a major way.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Marketing and PR Now More Than Ever

Modern Restaurant Management

When people are being urged to stay home except for essentials like food, healthcare, medications, and fuel, heading to a favorite restaurant for a sit-down meal is unlikely, and sometimes, impossible. During a recession or economic downturn, virtually everyone struggles.

What Can I Do to Help My Restaurants and Community Battle the Effects of COVID-19?

Modern Restaurant Management

Support hospital and healthcare workers. Make a donation or send free food items to your local healthcare facility to help feed medical personnel. This edition of MRM's "Ask the Expert” features advice from Buyers Edge Platform.

‘Life Is All About Balance’

Modern Restaurant Management

We use Highlight Healthcare as our primary healthcare for all employees that couples with the umbrella health insurance from the Affordable Care Act. The pandemic has been particularly hard on the restaurant industry and its workforce.

What’s Next?: MRM Restaurant Survival Guide Updates

Modern Restaurant Management

They include PepsiCo, Uber Eats, Constellation Brands, Moët Hennessy USA, Robin Hood Foundation, Ecolab, Cargill, Boston Beer Company, Shift4 Payments, P&G Professional, Ventura Foods, United HealthCare, The Elliot Group, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, and the Light Foundation.

Lessons Learned: Strategies from Foodservice Standouts

Modern Restaurant Management

They have always been a company with solid values and team culture, continuing to support their teams with pay and healthcare support. Also, Panda used their charity arm, Panda Cares to distribute PPE to healthcare workers.