3 Expert Tips For Improving Workplace Communication


Effective workplace communication is an essential element of your business’s success. It doesn’t matter if that communication is between two people or twenty. Without good communication between team members, your business will suffer. What Is Workplace Communication?

Four Communications Solutions to Fast-Food Turnover

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There is no greater investment in improving engagement and reducing turnover than employee communication. Secondly, fast food companies can use communication to reduce turnover by thinking about onboarding as an ongoing process. Communication is that critical last mile.

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How a Restaurant Pre-Shift Meeting Improves Communication and Profits

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A pre-shift meeting can improve communication and profits in your restaurant? If only you’d had an opportunity to communicate truths and facts before rumors were started. One of the most basic ways to ensure positive communication is happening in your restaurant on a daily basis, to keep everyone informed, to reduce the rumor mill and to make sure everyone knows what you expect regarding performance is to conduct a daily pre-shift meeting.


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The overriding key to any healthy work environment is good communication, but that can be a broad directive to follow. Millennials crave an atmosphere of open and transparent communication at all levels. Every restaurant, cafe, and brewery benefits from good, strong communication.

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Keep your customers coming back: Effective communication strategies for hospitality


Communicating in person. Here are some tips on what to focus on when communicating with a customer in-person: Non-verbal communication: This includes tone of voice, voice quality, eye contact when talking (a big one!), Communicating with your audience.

Team Communication: Why It Matters And How To Improve It


Team communication is an essential element of every business’s success, whether it’s a two-person operation or a two-hundred-person operation. But what exactly qualifies as “good communication”? Team Communication Defined. Making your team communication more effective (i.e.,

Team Communication: Why It Matters And How To Improve It


Team communication is an essential element of every business’s success, whether it’s a two-person operation or a two-hundred-person operation. But what exactly qualifies as “good communication”? Team Communication Defined. Making your team communication more effective (i.e.,


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Ample research has been done pointing to the most significant culprit behind these issues – POOR COMMUNICATION! But, the most effective way to improve this connection with employees is to communicate through storytelling. What are your goals with this medium of communication?

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Summer is a Good Time for Restaurant Owners to Focus on Preventing Communicable Diseases

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Fortunately, restaurant owners have several options to help prevent the spread of communicable diseases. The post Summer is a Good Time for Restaurant Owners to Focus on Preventing Communicable Diseases appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. By: Richard E. Welch, Jr.

Managing Customer Expectations in Your Coffee Shop

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Here’s how you can fine-tune your staff members’ skills to ensure they can handle the most common communication issues that arise. . To ensure that these kinds of conversations go as smoothly as possible, here’s how you can improve how both you and your staff communicate with the public.

3 Keys to Getting Results from Your Team

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Hands down, it’s the ability to effectively communicate. Communicating Ideas, Instruction and Insights to Your Team. The first key to getting everyone on the same page is your ability to effectively communicate to and with your team.

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A Restaurant Management Tip: 4 Common Human Errors and How to Minimize Them

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These target weaknesses in recording and communication – fundamentals in dining establishments, which often operate on very slim margins. The kitchen is a busy place and communication is very important. We all do it. Fumbling numbers and names are part of human nature.

In Memoriam: Joyce Sevilla


Teaser: It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Joyce Sevilla of Sevilla Strategic Communications, who passed Wednesday at the age of 47. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Joyce Sevilla of Sevilla Strategic Communications, who passed Wednesday at the age of 47.

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The Top 10 Things Learned from Working with 1000+ Restaurants

Embrace the Suck

Communication is key if you want to build a badass culture. Communication in restaurants sucks! I know I just mentioned communication in the one above, however, it is such a big part of the problems that restaurant experience that it needs to be addressed again.

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COMMUNICATE. The best leaders shine as great communicators. Your employees, peers, and guests are always watching and learning to anticipate how you will communicate. There are chefs and there are chefs. Some hold the title while others have earned the title.

[VIDEO] 5 Reasons Empathy is Crucial for Hospitality Operators


Coming from an empathetic place when communicating with your employees should always be a priority. In this video, BENCHMARQUE CEO Marlowe Bennett outlines five reasons empathy is crucial for hospitality operators. Employer Best Practice Customer Service

[Case Study] How The Burger’s Priest Made Life in Their Restaurant Easier with 7shifts

7 Shifts

Frustrated with disjointed scheduling and communication processes, The Burger’s Priest came to 7shifts to streamline scheduling and communication to keep their team in the know and consistently hit their labor targets.

How to Develop a Restaurant Management Plan

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Clear communications. My restaurant uses a manager’s log on a daily basis to communicate ­­­ _. A restaurant management plan is your written strategy for how to get your restaurant to where you want it. New ideas have very little value unless they are put into action. This restaurant management plan is a tool that translates ideas (I should or I’ll try to) into action (I am).


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COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE. You can never communicate too much – show them that you trust them with this information and you will go a long way towards building retention loyalty.

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You get the picture. [] FAILURE TO COMMUNICATION USING TODAY’S MEDIUMS. Communication still ranks the biggest problem within organizations regardless of their size. Communication with customers and with employees is an essential part of leadership and management.


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A chef will make a dent in the universe when he or she seeks to become a vehicle for communication, a protector of traditions, an advocate for necessary change, and a cheerleader for others who’s goal in life is to leave their profession better than it was received.

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There may even be an executive sous chef so that the executive chef can focus on future planning, communication, team building, concept development, and budgetary issues. The chef must be outgoing and sincerely enjoy interacting with members. [] A SUPERB COMMUNICATOR.

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7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

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Yes, the back of house (BOH) is where food is prepped, cooked, and plated, but it’s also where chaos can quickly ensue if roles, responsibilities, and tasks aren’t communicated well. Communicate Clear Expectations and Accountability Creating a positive work atmosphere isn’t all fun and games.

Cultivate Relations between Chef and FOH Staff


Poor employee relations go unnoticed and slip-ups in communications can be handled without disturbing the customer experience. It’s when things get busy that these dysfunctions transform your restaurant team into a discombobulated mass of opposing operations and communications.

How to Manage Restaurant Staff Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

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Additionally, make them accessible in a shared drive or through your restaurant communication system. Communication In the 7shifts study mentioned above, employees who were at risk of leaving their jobs cited better communication from their managers as a reason they would stay.

The "Essentials" training for Front of House employees

Core Hospitality

The floor is the seater and the busser the seater explain specials and sets expectations, when they bus they're flipping tables and communicating, or updating the door. Here is an outline of primary job descriptions of your front of house staff.

Some Serious Stats

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Training to communications. Training and communications These are now (Kind of always have been) primary core drivers. Check the link below. It is an amazing indicator of just how tough this market continues to get and how much better we all need to operate.

Top 5 Hospitality Trends for your Business — the Inside Scoop


These tools and apps will be designed to communicate directly with each other which will streamline day-to-day tasks and operations. Trend 4: Speaking millennial — shift in communication & marketing efforts. The hospitality industry is fuelled by people’s obsession with food.

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Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Speaking of which, your restaurant’s work environment has to foster open communication between teams. Team members need to be able to communicate with each other, and with you as the owner, without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Creating An Inclement Weather Policy: A Step-By-Step Guide


<START SAMPLE> <END SAMPLE> Communicate Inclement Weather Closings Efficiently. One of the keys to making your inclement weather policy work successfully is the efficiency with which you communicate the information to your employees.


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It’s all about team. [] PRACTICE COMMUNICATION.

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This does not come easily – it takes time to develop “business eyes”. [] BELIEVE THAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS ARE ESSENTIAL.

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White tower decisions without a grasp on the systemic impact of those decisions is a common flaw of leaders who are out of touch with reality. It happens in business, it happens in education, and it happens most often in government.

7 Issues that Threaten the Franchisor and Franchisee Relationship

7 Shifts

A lack of trust and communication between both parties worsens this cycle, with franchisees of worldwide restaurants like McDonald’s, Dominos, and Subway having very public disputes with their franchisors. A strong franchisor-franchisee relationship can be a thing of beauty.

7shifts Opens First U.S. Outpost to Support North American Expansion

7 Shifts

7shifts picked Hoboken as its US home because of its proximity to countless NYC restaurants in need of a more seamless staff scheduling and communication solution.

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Supplier Relationship Management: 5 Pro Tips To Improve Supplier Relationships


3) Communicate Regularly. Open lines of communication are a key part of supplier relationship management. Maintain clear and regular communication with your suppliers in order to: Keep them abreast of your strategies and plans. Messaging and communication features.

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Occasionally, “yes chef” goes beyond a simple communication that everyone understands, and a sign of respect for the position – sometimes “yes chef” comes from that individual always seeking extra attention from the chef and being needy for recognition.

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7 Ways to Creatively Staff Your Restaurant

Embrace the Suck

It must be communicated constantly. You can’t just roll out a new process and have no follow-up communication. How has this year treated you and your restaurant? How has your quest to find staff been? If you are like the majority of restaurants, it’s been a big challenge.

How to Engage Your Employees in Sustainability

Modern Restaurant Management

Use Known Communication Tactics. When you address this change to employees, use the communication practices you already use. Don’t start a new communication system. Include it with communication you’re already sending, just add it as an addendum.

5 Psychological Theories to Boost Restaurant Marketing

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You can take advantage of psychological theory to create time-limited special offers for existing customers, send regular and useful branded communications to increase mere exposure, or engage customers with emotional and lasting storytelling as the restaurant’s story develops.

Third-party or in-house food delivery: pros and cons


Hiring an external delivery service can result in a loss of communication with your end customer. Maintaining a positive brand awareness and delivering the customer experience that you want becomes more difficult, as you have no direct line of communication with your diners.

How a Restaurant Employee Mobile App Keeps Millennial Restaurant Staff Engaged


However, just as in many other industries, mobile app innovation in communications and engagement is adapting to improve retention of this changing workforce. Enable direct communication.

What Makes a Good Restaurant Manager? [Restaurant Manager Skills List]

Bottleneck Management

” LF : “Integrity, hospitality, honesty, sense of urgency, positive attitude, great communication skills.” Great communicator. What makes a good restaurant manager? At Bottleneck, we strive to hire and develop the best employees.

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