AI Food Intelligence and Now Serving Democracy

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Restaurants have been pivoting to reach and serve customers in new ways, and retailers have been seeing the lines blur between brick and mortar and e-commerce. Serving Up a Side of Democracy.

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

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You get to purchase popular and less well known coffees from roasters, serve it to happy customers – and make money at the same time. . It can be a profitable endeavour, but serving customers coffee and cultivating an inviting space for them to enjoy it in can get expensive. For some coffee shops, serving food is something that’s been taking place for years. Brownies displayed in a glass serving container, ready for purchase.

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Guide to Serving Gluten-Free Restaurant Customers


Examples include colanders, graters, serving spoons, pizza cutters, and ice cream scoops. Food items that have touched gluten are no longer safe to serve as gluten-free. To never remove a gluten item from a dish and serve it as gluten-free.

To Protest and (Refuse to) Serve


In recent years, cops were denied service at an Arby’s in Florida , and at a Whataburger in Texas, where an employee refused to serve them because she said cops had beaten up her boyfriend. And because of that, some restaurant employees are speaking out against serving identifiable police officers, whose presence increasingly make them and their customers feel unsafe. also spoke out against serving the police. Smith Collection/Gado /Contributor.

Burrito Bonito serves up Mexican cuisine in Old City, Philadelphia

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The restaurant, which serves quick-serve, build-your-own burritos, tacos, and salads, is located at 212 Market Street in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. . Burrito Bonito joins the ranks of other quick-serve burrito joints like Chipotle and Qdoba. Burrito Bonito is committed to serving fresh, homemade burritos made with high quality ingredients. . The post Burrito Bonito serves up Mexican cuisine in Old City, Philadelphia appeared first on Restaurant Clicks.

&pizza Serves Up a Fresh Slice of Innovation


In this episode of Fast Casual Nation , brought to you by Chepri , host Paul Barron sits down with Michael Lastoria, the founder of &pizza. Founded in 2012, fast casual restaurant chain &pizza specializes in personal, custom-made, stadium-shaped pizza.

Surviving COVID-19: Help Others Serve the Community Through Your Restaurant


The world is facing tumultuous times with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the silver lining is the need to serve others is surfacing in the food industry as well as for individuals. Studies by The Graduate School of Stanford Business , which were published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, have shown that taking the opportunity to serve others results in a stronger sense of purpose, which ultimately leads to better mental health and physical well-being.

Burrito Bonito serves up Mexican cuisine in Old City, Philadelphia

Restaurant Clicks

The restaurant, which serves quick-serve, build-your-own burritos, tacos, and salads, is located at 212 Market Street in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. . Burrito Bonito joins the ranks of other quick-serve burrito joints like Chipotle and Qdoba.

How to Meet Brewery Reopening Requirements by Serving Food


Breweries that have an on-site kitchen and serve food (BrewPubs) fall under the category of restaurants. Breweries in Many States Can Reopen – But Only If They Serve Food In most states, restaurants have been able to to reopen at 25% – 50% capacity.

The Future of Restaurant Marketing: The Time to “Serve an Experience”


You can choose to roll with the punches or fight against them. Either way, the world is getting faster and if you choose to not keep up, you will likely lose out on potential customers than you would if you chose to adapt and change how you market your business. Restaurant Marketing

How to Profitably Serve Cold & Sparkling Drinks in a Coffee Shop

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And businesses that don’t serve these risk losing out to competitors. But which cold and sparkling drinks should you be serving? Why Serve Cold & Sparkling Drinks? Serving nitro coffee on tap. Which Drinks Should You Serve? If you’re in a fast-paced service environment, your cold and sparkling drinks shouldn’t be too complicated to serve,” Olwyn stresses. The market for cold drinks is growing rapidly.

New Rule Allows Texas Bars to Remain Open by Serving Food


To be classified as a restaurant and remain open, businesses had to serve food that was maintained and prepared at on-site food service facilities & have alcoholic beverage sales make up less than 51 percent of the total sales. Must serve food during all hours of operation.

8 Restaurants Serving Heart-Shaped Food on Valentine’s Day

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Luckily for you, the following restaurants are serving up Valentine’s day food specials. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to show someone you love them than with food.

Gluten Free Near Me: Finding Restaurants That Serve Gluten-Free Meals

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Bottleneck Management offers a number of restaurants that serve gluten free meals across the country. The post Gluten Free Near Me: Finding Restaurants That Serve Gluten-Free Meals appeared first on Bottleneck Management Restaurant Group.

Are These Three Persistent Myths Preventing You from Serving Gluten-Free Dishes?

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At the same time, restaurant owners may be concerned about the time, expense, and profitability of serving gluten-free dishes. Myth #1: Serving a Gluten-Free Menu Is Too Expensive. Myth #3: It’s Not Worth the Time and Effort to Serve Gluten-Free Dishes. If you’re serving gluten-free dishes, have written procedures for each phase of food preparation.

Serve This Silky, Flaky Paratha With Your Favorite Curries, Stews, and Vegetables


Serve alongside your favorite curries, stews, or vegetables and enjoy

Minneapolis Restaurant Owner Says ?Let My Building Burn, Justice Needs to Be Served?


I hear him say on the phone; ‘let my building burn, Justice needs to be served, put those officers in jail’. Photo by KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images.

It’s No Longer Illegal to Serve Foie Gras in California


South China Morning Post via Get.

Danny Meyer Restaurants to Serve Community Meals: ‘This Is Our Version of Spring Training’


Plus, subscribe to the Taco Bell Quarterly, and more news to start your day It’s “spring training” until indoor dining reopens.

These Ikea Serving Trays Give My Pandemic Meals Some Much-Needed Variety


There are many places that sell serving trays, sometimes in heavy decorative versions made of wood, glass, or marble. Cheap Ikea trays have made dining in quarantine so much better. Ikea [Official]. Who needs a dining table? When I moved in with my boyfriend this June, I knew we would be spending a lot of time not just together, but together at home. Our one-bedroom apartment suddenly became an office, a yoga studio, and a coffee shop. It’s also where we eat pretty much all of our meals.

Ayesha Curry Is Serving Virtual Connection With A Pot Of Chili

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Michel Martin talks with cookbook author Ayesha Curry about her upcoming cook-along called #ChiliAndChill

7 Best Cocktails to Serve in Your Restaurant

Restaurant Smart

The post 7 Best Cocktails to Serve in Your Restaurant appeared first on Restaurant Smart Blog. Cocktails can be a great addition to any restaurant’s menu. Aside from attracting new customers to your restaurant, these drinks can also bring a whole new level to your weekend nights. If you’re thinking of adding cocktails to your menu,… Read more. Industry Interest

The 8 Rules of Effective Restaurant Operations

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Successful restaurants are built on two key principles: serve great food streamline restaurant operations. Restaurant Management

10 Inspirational Hospitality Industry Stories During COVID-19

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We are committed to providing relief to medical staff and others who are on the front line of this global battle against COVID-19 as well as the volunteer organizations on the ground serving local communities,” said Bill Hornbuckle, Acting CEO and President of MGM Resorts International. While many restaurants are ramping up their takeout options, some are going above and beyond to serve the community.

Inspiring! 3 Restaurants Show How they Adapted During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Table time limits - To serve as many guests as possible and as safely as possible amidst capacity limits, the restaurant places 90-minute time limits on tables. Going mobile - Three Tree has set up their trolley throughout town to serve customers coffee in a pandemic-friendly way.


Culinary Cues

Today, restaurants serve a multitude of purposes that has brought this industry to a status of importance that is impossible to deny. Cooking for others is one of the oldest professions known to humanity.

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Culinary Cues

In all cases they begin with the same goals: prepare and serve great products that are consistent and offered with a smile, build success on a steady flow of sales and controlled profitability, and do all of this with pride. Every operation that serves prepared food is your competition.

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How Social Media Launched the Acai Berry Craze

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The Acai is commonly served as an Acai Smoothie Bowl. The Acai berry market expands across the globe. According to Kenneth Research (September 2019), the Acai berry market was valued at $712 million in 2017, and it is expected to grow at a steady rate of 12.71% between 2018-2025.


Culinary Cues

As one of the oldest professions known to mankind – cooking is a noble endeavor that serves as a portal for all that a culture means and restaurants are the vehicle for delivering this to and sharing culture with people of all ethnicities, race, genders, and beliefs. As Julia Child once stated (and I paraphrase): “Every great transition of the human race has paralleled a remarkable change in the way that we grow, harvest, process, prepare, serve, and consume food.”

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Your 5-Minute Guide to the New FDA Nutrition Facts Label


Larger serving sizes being consumed. The changes fall under three general categories: Design, Updated Nutrition Science, and Serving Size Changes. Servings per container. Serving size. Serving size. Serving Size Changes.

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Restaurant Storytelling: 5 Tips to Drive Customer Engagement

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If you write that your Indian restaurant serves five tons of rice a year, that’ll definitely catch their attention. Today, we proudly serve vegan and vegetarian meals in order to meet the dietary needs of our dearest customers.” Restaurant storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to drive customer engagement. People are now able to share their stories with a wider audience due to innovations in technology and trends in social media.


Culinary Cues

Without the experience associated with the development of this sensual tool, it is like a beautiful knife that never leaves the roll bag, or fine china that never serves as a canvas for a plate of food. The kitchen sensual army.

Navigating Legal Challenges in the Restaurant Industry (Podcast)

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For those starting or running a restaurant, the principle goal and motivation is to serve delicious food and satisfy customers. A new episode of The Main Course , our podcast series with MarketScale, is served up every other Tuesday.

Should You Open A Pop-Up Coffee Shop?

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He says that a pop-up coffee shop is “a loose term for a temporary setup that is done under the radar” and describes it as “a guerilla approach to serving the public without conventional advertising and signage”. David recommends serving customers “things that are easy to grab and go.


Culinary Cues

The pandemic has shown that the fear of exposure has directed consumer attention to a much simpler formula: good tasting, comfortable food, prepared and served safely, and packaged in a convenient manner so that the guest can minimize exposure to others.

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Culinary Cues

Set the table, serve your dinner in courses, allow enough time to truly enjoy each meal, talk about food and family traditions that surround it – this is the time to truly embrace all the healing power of a meal. [] READ A BOOK. This is a great tool that will serve you well even after this immediate crisis is behind us. We have lots of time on our hands.

Video: Alcohol Awareness Training

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Best Practices for Responsible Serving of Alcohol. Alcohol Serving Policy. Video: Alcohol Awareness Training. Referenced Documents: Incident Report Form. Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy. Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims. How To Winterproof Your Workplace. The post Video: Alcohol Awareness Training appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. Bars & Restaurants Risk Management

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The 7 best hospitality training ideas


While your team should have innate instincts about how to serve guests, they’ll need rigorous hospitality industry training to ensure that they adhere to your hotel or restaurant’s high standards. Hospitality is a customer service-oriented industry. In this blog post, we’re sharing the best hospitality training tips and resources to transform your staff into hospitality superstars. Managers Restaurants Training


Culinary Cues

I think about the individuals who work there and who do so for far too little money, but do it because they love to cook or serve, have a strong connection with the chef and owner, or simply because this is a perfect opportunity to learn.

OUR DAILY BREATH: HOW CHEFS ADAPT TO A SHUT DOWN A touch of levity (or is it) when we need it

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Heat those entrée plates until they are almost too hot to handle, chill those salad and dessert plates, and serve them when the temperature is right. [] PRE-MEAL MEETINGS. When dinner is served – please wait before you take that first bite until the chef takes pictures of the food from six different angles. As previously stated – you can take the chef out of the kitchen, but you can’t take the kitchen out of the chef. This time of displacement is tough on everyone.