How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Back-of-House 


With rising food and labor costs—in addition to increased supply chain accountability and safety standards that can devastate a brand’s image if violated—restaurants and foodservice companies simply cannot continue to risk the costs of inefficiencies and inaccuracies of the current system.

7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

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Yes, the back of house (BOH) is where food is prepped, cooked, and plated, but it’s also where chaos can quickly ensue if roles, responsibilities, and tasks aren’t communicated well. All of them focus on the employee, their well-being, and their job satisfaction.

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Front Of House (FOH) Vs. Back Of House (BOH): What’s The Difference?


For a restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently, you should divide activities into two parts: front of house (FOH)/back of house (BOH). What Is Front Of House (FOH)? Even the diversity of your workforce is an FOH variable. Bar-back.


Culinary Cues

We have lots of time on our hands. Cooking is an adventure – now you have the time. [] MAKE ALL OF YOUR MEALS SPECIAL. Take the time to enjoy every aspect of a meal. You need to stay apprised of what is going on, but give yourself a break.

Third-party or in-house food delivery: pros and cons


In an era of convenience, online ordering systems, self-service kiosks and mobile platforms have become key to give the customers what they crave the most: a fast, personalized and convenient food experience through delivery and/or takeaway. In-house delivery pros and cons.

Avoid Health Infractions and Improve Your Restaurant Letter Grade With BOHA!


The Health Department’s decade-old practice of Restaurant Letter Grades isn’t what it seems. The appearance of a Health Inspector in your restaurant can be a frightening thing. a detailed log is kept that reports the temperature of the units back to staff.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Anger the Health Inspector


When they walk around your kitchen, clipboard in hand, they will freely hand out points for things you normally overlook – which is kind of the point. Especially if: You Do a Poor Job of Cleaning. He’ll serve you a plate full of points with a side order of scolding.

Keep Diners Coming Back with These 4 Unbeatable Tips


So while getting new people in is important, you should also focus on making them want to come back. Here are four effective ways to building long-term relationships with your regulars. Scan the various review sites for mentions of your restaurant and reply when possible.

Making Customers Happy, One Eatery at a Time


The owners of Valley staples The Woodman and Jalapeño Pete’s really know how to make people happy. Their generous “Happy Hours” seem to keep customers coming back. Berkshire House is officially open. Berkshire House is located at 143 N.

MRM People & Places: Game On at Walk-On’s and Gingerbread Houses for Humanity

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's People & Places column features news of company hires and promotions, charitable efforts and product introductions. Baton Rouge’s very own Walk-On’s , is looking for more ways to give back. None of that helped us.

Back of House Habits That Will Horrify Your Guests


Horror movies, haunted houses, and Halloween events are the perfect venues for this. . In fact, 41% of consumers consider restaurants to be unreliable when it comes to food safety. . Toss all of the food that leaves your kitchen, even the food that has been returned by the customer. .

Back to the Future: Why New Mover Direct Mail Still Outperforms Digital/Social/Email Marketing

Modern Restaurant Management

That doesn’t mean, of course, that you need to use it to get the word out about your restaurant. With mailboxes looking emptier by the day, an especially appetizing piece of direct mail can sometimes be the resident’s main course.

“This competition has been an incredible step-up for us”: on brewery point of sale and house yeast


Fun, inventive and bold: that’s how Johnny, Steven and Adele of Vault City describe their approach to brewing. At their Edinburgh-based kitchen, this tiny team of three pair big flavours with ‘mad’ colours (their words, not ours) to push the envelope on what can be classed as beer.

“This competition has been an incredible step-up for us”: on brewery point of sale and house yeast, we grab 5 minutes with Raise The Bar winners Vault City


Fun, inventive and bold: that’s how Johnny, Steven and Adele of Vault City describe their approach to brewing. At their Edinburgh-based kitchen, this tiny team of three pair big flavours with ‘mad’ colours (their words, not ours) to push the envelope on what can be classed as beer.

How Your Pizzeria Can Fight Back Against Unfair Online Ordering Fees


Thanks to its universal appeal and easily portable nature, pizza has been a beloved staple of restaurant takeout for decades. It’s not surprising that in the age of online ordering, pizzerias are uniquely poised to profit. That, though, might cost 30% of each order instead.

HotSchedules Employees to Give Back During Global Charity Day Oct. 10

Hot Schedules

HotSchedules Employees to Give Back During Global Charity Day Oct. Employees across the company’s Austin, Atlanta, Denver, and Sydney offices will take the day to volunteer at a number of local charities. Luckily, there are ways to defeat this back office villain.

How the Tech Industry is Shaping the Future of Dining


There’s a reason there are millions of food photos on Instagram and just a few thousand of point of sale systems (POS). Think of them as the real-life version of those house robots from ’80s movies. They are also built for ease of use across devices.

Kabob House Slashes Prime Costs from 72% to 61% with Restaurant365


Kabob House was established in 2009 with a modest 600-square-foot restaurant in Yakima, Washington, and a commitment to offering delicious and health-conscious Mediterranean cuisine at a reasonable price. Soon, the solution was up and running at Kabob House. Background.

Shopping For Burgundy Wines From The Comfort Of Home!


When an email popped up in my inbox asking if I’d be interested in receiving some samples of quality Burgundy wines from an online wine store based in Burgundy, my curiosity was piqued. Of course, I said yes! Map is courtesy of Author(s): Penny Weiss.

The Future of Food is Exciting - Food and Hospitality Trends of 2020

Future Food

Trends that will shape the future of your food and hospitality projects for 2020. Trends are no longer limited to the cuisines on offer or the style of service. However, food and service will always be at the heart of hospitality. The future of eating out is greener.

Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs and Technology

Future Food

Great Service in an Era of Labour Costs & Technology. Will Guidara, one of the owners of Eleven Madison Avenue in New York, has been quoted as saying that it’s “compassion and passion [that] gives a fantastic dining experience.” It’s a place of joy.”

Financial and Operational Implications of Moving to Restaurant Delivery/Takeout Only During COVID-19 Outbreak


With the sudden elimination of dine-in options, many restaurants are either shifting to a takeout/delivery only model or implementing a delivery option for the first time. You will need to line up some new policies and systems before starting your own in-house delivery service.

Improving the Sustainability of Your Restaurant During Challenging Times

Future Food

Good Luck Hot Pot Restaurant Empty due to the effects of the Coronaviris. Improving the sustainability of your restaurant during challenging times – a lesson for everyday trading. Melbourne institution Shark Fin House closed after customer numbers fell by 80%.

The History of Holiday Flavors


Whether you give the fourth Thursday of November your undivided attention or skip straight to December 25 th , the last two months of the year are marked by holiday flavors that, as we get older, become linked to nostalgia and tradition. The History of Holiday Flavors.

The Restaurant of the Future

Modern Restaurant Management

The National Restaurant Association , in partnership with American Express and Nestlé Professional, released its 10-year outlook report on the projected state of the restaurant industry in 2030. The findings are based on input from a variety of restaurant sector experts, futurists, and government statistics. employment is projected to increase at an annual rate of 0.5% The radical transformation of the last decade will change the way the industry operates going forward.

Why Outsource Management of Your Restaurant?

Goliath Consulting

Britt Cloud, Goliath’s Consulting Chef, directs back of house operations and works with the current chef/kitchen manager to restructure inventory, food costing, menu, labor, and health policies. With over twenty-five years of industry experience, Britt is skilled in problem-solving and uniquely tailoring back of house solutions to each kitchen.

Famous Dave’s: A Quarter Century of BBQ Evolution

Modern Restaurant Management

While the brand has grown to 130 locations in 33 states and three countries and sells 14 million pounds of pork annually, it is constantly evolving. What are some of the factors you attribute 25 years of success? How would you define the “Famous” part of Famous Dave?

12 Restaurant Lunch Specials: Make Lunch the Most Important Meal of the Day ???

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It’s December, and the air is seasoned with the scent of cinnamon, spice, and everything nice. January is fast-approaching, and hot lunch spots will soon be back on the mind of every highschool and college student in your area.

What's the true cost of employee turnover to the restaurant industry?

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It’s a miracle that restaurants remain a significant part of the economy despite this major staffing problem. We’re examining the true cost of employee turnover to the restaurant industry so that you can understand its impact holistically. Hasty hiring is at the root of the problem.

Menu Engineering: The Science of Optimizing Your Menu to Maximize Profit

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Menu engineering can be simplified as the steps taken to increase the profitability of a restaurant menu. Menu Design Once you analyze all of your menu items’ popularity and profitability, you can carefully engage in restaurant menu planning for your customer-facing menu to maximize profits.

Menu 81

MRM Research Roundup: End-of-January 2020 Super Bowl Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features an economic report from Yelp, super Super Bowl stats, delivery trends, megatrends, best cities for BBQ and top venues. YEA) report, a benchmark of local economic strength in the U.S.

2020 74

Decade of Disruption: Restaurant Insiders Dish What’s on the Plate

Modern Restaurant Management

” Their answers touched on a variety of subjects including AI, virtual reality, virtual kitchens, staffing and retention, social media marketing, sustainability and third-party delivery. Elo’s Sonal Apte, vice president of retail and hospitality. Alex Canter of Ordermark.

Yes, (Guest) Chef: 3 Examples of Chef Collaborations That Worked

Open for Business

Though the idea of chef collaborations has taken off, the style and scope vary immensely depending on the restaurants and chefs involved. To get a sense of what makes a collaboration successful, we talked to three different restaurants to learn what works for them. .

Everything to Know about Tablet Point of Sale Software

Focus POS

Tablet Point of Sale Software. Traditional point of sale (POS) terminals are a vast improvement over electronic cash registers, offering greater functionality and efficiency. Overall Benefits of Tablet POS Technology for Businesses. House Benefits.

Bar Inventory Programs: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Bar and Restaurant Coach

What we know from working with thousands of operators over the last two decades is that bars and restaurants lose tons of money every day. In comparison, the retail industry has an average loss of 1.44%. If that number seems reasonable, it’s back to business as usual.

How to Show the Sparkling Cleanliness of Your Business to Reassure Anxious Customers

Ken Burgin

News about the spread of Coronavirus is not good, and people are starting to panic – we need to stand as islands of calm and true hospitality, while taking important precautions. Front of House: Have hand sanitiser available for customers at the entrance.

IHOP Flip’d and 12 Days of Giftmas

Modern Restaurant Management

This edition of MRM News Bites features NLRB, IHOP, Fourth, Ordermark, Chica’s Tacos, Thanx, Chowly and EZCater, Corner Bakery, Fountainhead Taproom and PourMyBeer and Epson America. On behalf of the board, we look forward to working closely with Clinton as Chief Executive Officer.”

TransAct Furthers Momentum for Acceptance of BOHA! Software and Hardware Ecosystem Through Agreement With Local Convenience Store Operator


The deployment of BOHA! Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies, said, “We introduced the BOHA! ecosystem earlier this year as an innovative, flexible solution than can easily support the needs of restaurant and foodservice operators of all sizes. This latest win, following on the early success of BOHA! solution combines cloud-based SaaS applications with hardware and accessories to deliver superior results for critical back-of-house operations.

TransAct Secures New BOHA! Solutions Order for New Fresh Food Program in Western Region of National Convenience Store Chain


— TransAct® Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq: TACT) (“TransAct” or “the Company”), a global leader in software-driven technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets, today announced a new agreement with a 72 location regional office of a national convenience store chain. The deployment of BOHA! The Company is also working with the regional operator on the evaluation of additional BOHA! Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies.

Everything to Know about Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Focus POS

Restaurant Point of Sale Software. What is restaurant point of sale (POS) software? It’s a system that takes the place of a traditional cash register and provides much more than basic transaction functionality. Restaurant point of sale software empowers businesses to control labor costs, manage inventory, and have deeper visibility into business operations. Benefits of Restaurant Point of Sale Software. How to Choose a Restaurant Point of Sale System.

Local wine, beer and spirits | A handful of what we’re loving drinking in 2019


Today, savvy drinkers are looking for that sweet spot of craftsmanship, originality and taste, and this continued shift has seen a natural progression towards small producers doing cool stuff. Try the Klusterphunk Chardonnay and never look back.

2019 52

MYOB Eco System App of the month : How Kounta aims to improve connectivity in the hospitality industry


From the coffee cart operator to the ritziest restaurant in town, every business owner in the hospitality industry has their own way of doing things. Whether it’s cleaning, designing menus or ringing up sales, hospitality lives and breathes process every second of the day.

A New Season

The Wine Knitter

Most of us have barely noticed that a new season has begun, but spring brings with it a time of renewal, rebirth and hope. Although many of us are sequestered right now, Mother Nature is not. Drink as an aperitif or pair with a myriad of cuisines.