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Six Trends to Expect from Back of House in 2022

Modern Restaurant Management

Here are six things you can expect to see in back-of-house tech in 2022. After adopting better delivery and takeout technology in 2020, restaurants are now turning their tech budgets toward bringing in back of house. We expect to see more operators investing in back-of-house as they fully flesh out their tech stack.

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Front of House vs. Back of House in a Restaurant - The Ultimate Guide

The Eat Restaurant

Are you running a finely tuned front of the house? What about your back of the house? Do your diners feel as special when they come through the door as when they’re being served at the table? Is your restaurant set up to be as efficient as possible? Are you giving your employees everything they need to do their job?


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Back of House, Yet Front-Facing Priority – Restaurant BOH Trends to Monitor in 2023

Modern Restaurant Management

Is your restaurant up to speed with the latest best practices for back of house (BOH) management? So, which back of office trends should restaurant ownership and management be concerned with heading into 2023? Here are some back of office trends to watch for in 2023. – received the majority of customer tips.

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7 Kitchen Management Tips to Guarantee Back of House Serenity

7 Shifts

Yes, the back of house (BOH) is where food is prepped, cooked, and plated, but it’s also where chaos can quickly ensue if roles, responsibilities, and tasks aren’t communicated well. Simply put, if things aren’t running well in the kitchen, restaurant staff and diners alike often suffer.

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The Ultimate Playbook for Automating Restaurant Operations

fewer back-of-house employees and 2.8 fewer front-of-house employees. Restaurants are operating with 6.2 Learn what thriving brands are doing to address labor shortages, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency, all while increasing their bottom line.

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170. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 170 – Get Full Visibility of Your Back of House with APICBase

Restaurant Technology Guys

Join Jeremy and Carl Jacobs, the CEO of Apicbase, where they talk back-of-house and why this is critical for a restaurant’s bottom line. Carl helps restaurant chains and dark kitchens to automate time-consuming back-of-house operations such as inventory & procurement in order to make them more profitable.

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Leafy Greens: 5 Tips for the Back of House


Strong BOH processes will help mitigate this risk, however, studies have shown that inconsistent back-of-house leafy green handling practices tend to be commonplace. For that reason, here […] The post Leafy Greens: 5 Tips for the Back of House first appeared on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

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Maximize Your Profit Margins

Speaker: Shawn Imbeault and Geoff Loukes, Sculpture Hospitality

Back of house analytics. In the past year, we've learned that maximizing profit margins can determine whether your restaurant stays afloat when times get hard. It takes a lot of perspective and a ton of experience to optimize your net profit from within, so that's where we come in. Managing proper PAR levels.

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Digital Transformation in the Restaurant Industry

The list goes on well beyond the restaurant back of house or food and beverage related challenges. Advanced analytics and forecasting. automated procurement. you name it, tech companies (like Apicbase) are already working on it. Think, a 25-75% reduction in food waste that translates to millions of dollars in savings.