How To Train New Restaurant Employees

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After months of quarantine, restaurants were allowed to reopen with new restrictions, and the way they hire, train, and onboard employees had to adjust accordingly. These actions called for creating different ways to train employees based on certain aspects of the job.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe Requires a Different Training Approach

Modern Restaurant Management

Step 3 will be the ongoing training and coaching support to help everyone learn new processes and develop the safe behaviors. Why Is a Different Training Approach Required? Most training is delivered as a one-time event, with little or no continuing reinforcement.


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Culinary Cues

I vividly remember flying out of Buffalo, New York in 1971 for Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson. In a nutshell – this training helped me to understand discipline, chain of command, dependability, teamwork, effort, and taking responsibility for your actions.


Food Business

Staff training can be just as simple and important as creating a dish “on the fly”. Training is often completed because it needs to be done. The pattern is clear: if training exists in your restaurant you cannot help the success that comes your way. NEW HIRE Many successful owners have learned, the hard way, that when you do not train new employees, they can damage your business. Better that you train them to speak your language.

Restrictions Into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, for a webinar on Jan. 26th, and get your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions

Restaurant server training: top 10 etiquette tips


Providing great service in a restaurant isn’t just about ensuring customers receive their meal on time or smiling as you take their order. It’s also about the little actions you take throughout their time in your venue.

How to Train Your Staff to Communicate Effectively with Guests

Modern Restaurant Management

With a thorough and well thought out training plan. It’s easy to rush training and skip past essential topics when you’re short-staffed or in your busy season or during the pandemic, but investing time in training can save you time and earn your business more money in the long run.

The 7 best hospitality training ideas


While your team should have innate instincts about how to serve guests, they’ll need rigorous hospitality industry training to ensure that they adhere to your hotel or restaurant’s high standards. In this blog post, we’re sharing the best hospitality training tips and resources to transform your staff into hospitality superstars. Managers Restaurants TrainingHospitality is a customer service-oriented industry.

How To Create An Effective Restaurant Training Program


An effective restaurant training program is the driving force behind your business’s success. In this article, the workforce management experts at Sling give you tips for creating a restaurant training program that really works. Restaurant Training Vs. Onboarding.

Reopening after COVID: Why online supplier training will be essential


Today, Typsy Blog is taking an in-depth look at why online supplier product training is going to be essential for the future success of your hospitality business. Hotels Hospitality insights Hospitality managers Hospitality staff Restaurants Hospitality training Bars COVID-19

Kitchen Training Checklist for Cooks

Chef's Resources

Kitchen Training Checklist for Cooks An essential element of a successful business is a robust training plan. Proper documentation of employee training is admittedly a nuisance, but the process is worth the tedium.

Restaurant Management Masterclass

Speaker: Harlan Scott, Founder of Harlan Scott Hospitality and Industry Restaurant

Due first to necessary staffing cuts, extreme safety protocols, and now the need to rehire against outsized government stimulus, unemployment benefits and wage requirements, managing and staffing have become the most urgent conversation in restaurants today. This, adding on to the lynch-pin management style restaurants often have, has made restaurant cultures more vulnerable and volatile than ever. If your restaurant is suffering from cut staff, low morale, or ineffective training, you've come to the right place. Join Harlan Scott of Harlan Scott Hospitality, learn how to get back in control of your restaurant and your operation back on autopilot.

5 Employee Training Methods And How To Implement Them


At first glance, you may think that employee training is all about teaching your employees to perform their job according to your standards and procedures. Provide the right kind of training for your team and your business will run smoother than ever before. 1) Online Employee Training.

How Nonprofits That Train People to Work in Restaurants Navigated COVID-19


It is also a nonprofit that has spent 30 years training at-risk youth exiting the juvenile detention system to work in hospitality. So the staff and the 15 young people working that night spent most of the evening doing extra training and cleaning to keep busy.

The Importance of Training Your Employees the Right Way


Forcing you into this constant, never-ending cycle of hiring and training new workers. Learn to train your employees the right way. Employee turnover rates are high, higher than they have ever been. How are you supposed to juggle this with managing the daily operations of a restaurant?

How Long Should It Take You to Train Your Baristas?

Perfect Daily Grind

The list of things you need to train your baristas on is long. A well-trained barista will help your coffee shop run smoother and put smiles on the faces of your customers. But until they finish their training, your barista’s productivity is reduced, your own time is taken up with overseeing their work, and customers may well receive lower-quality products and sub-par service. So, how long should it really take your new staff members to become fully trained baristas?

How to Train Your Restaurant Staff to Consistently Improve


When it comes to managing a restaurant, there's a direct correlation between how well you train your staff with the success of your restaurant.

Virtual Training 101: The Complete Guide For Managers


Once considered a supplement to the standard training program, virtual training is now the preferred — and sometimes only — option for managers and owners who want to improve their team’s skills. Virtual Training 101. Not all virtual training software is created equal.

Restaurant Management Training Is Essential to Success

Smart Systems Pro

Restaurant management training is so important to your restaurant’s success because you can’t do it all. A restaurant management training system that ensures that they learn it so clearly when going through training, that they can do it on their own without supervision or help after training is complete. This is what restaurant management training can do for your restaurant.

Video: Alcohol Awareness Training

Hospitality Insurance Group

Video: Alcohol Awareness Training. The post Video: Alcohol Awareness Training appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. Referenced Documents: Incident Report Form. Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy. Best Practices for Responsible Serving of Alcohol. Alcohol Serving Policy. Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims. How To Winterproof Your Workplace. Bars & Restaurants Risk Management

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New course: Training fundamentals with Nicolas Simon


Whether you're working in a restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel or any other part of the hospitality industry, training your staff is one of the most important things you can in your business. This is especially true as younger generations hit the workforce, with 87% of them stating that training and development are crucial to them in a job. Hotels Typsy updates Managers Restaurants Training Bars

Restaurant Management Training Is Essential to Success

The Restaurant Expert

Restaurant management training is so important to your restaurant’s success because you can’t do it all. A restaurant management training system that ensures that they learn it so clearly when going through training, that they can do it on their own without supervision or help after training is complete. This is what restaurant management training can do for your restaurant.

The New Training Model for New Times


Hosted by Elayne Duff, and in conversation with Greg Innocent, the corporate beverage director for Parker Restaurant Group , and Mia Johansson, the director of Swift , this session explores how staff training in the hospitality industry has evolved to meet the needs of the ongoing pandemic.

How to Train Your Restaurant Staff to Consistently Improve


When it comes to managing a restaurant, there's a direct correlation between how well you train your staff with the success of your restaurant.

How Suggestive Selling Can Boost Business, Plus Tips For Training Your Team


In this article, the workforce-management experts at Sling define suggestive selling, examine how it can boost business, and give you tips for training your team to incorporate this process into their communication with customers. Tips For Training Your Team In Suggestive Selling.

How to Use Data to Improve Your Restaurant Employee Training

Rocket Fuel

How to Use Data to Improve Your Restaurant Employee Training. The post How to Use Data to Improve Your Restaurant Employee Training appeared first on Delaget. Blog Operational Efficiency

7 Traits of a Successful Restaurant Staff Training Program


Insider Restaurant Management

Create a Restaurant Training Manual Step-by-Step (with examples)

The Eat Restaurant

An effective way to do this is to use a restaurant training manual. A restaurant training manual (also referred to as restaurant employee handbook) lays the foundation for consistent results so that your staff is capable of delivering high-quality dining experiences whether they’re on the floor or in the kitchen. While hiring the right personnel for the job is always ideal, introducing a structured training manual can pay huge dividends for your restaurant

The "Essentials" training for Front of House employees

Core Hospitality

In some sort of wording, these accountability outlines should be located in the front of your training documents as “Overall Objectives” or something thereof… Host The position of hosts are “The Door” and “The Floor” the door is the greeter… Welcoming and warm, their attitude will dictate guests expectations. Your training documents will dig deeper into training expectations but the above is what directly impacts the guest experience.

Bricco Dining Group Saves 5% in Labor Costs and Trains Managers to Run Their Restaurants More Efficiently with Restaurant365


But moving forward with Bricco Dining Group, he wanted to use data to train managers to run their restaurants more efficiently. This data informs how he trains his managers and chefs, explaining that “the numbers tell a story” for everything from prep to labor. Background.

V-Day Prep: How to Train Your Staff on Special Menus

Open for Business

The post V-Day Prep: How to Train Your Staff on Special Menus appeared first on Open for Business. Valentine's Day for restaurants is a high-stakes game, and restaurants need to plan ahead and prepare their whole teams. Here's how to make sure your floor and your kitchen are up to speed.

A Comprehensive Checklist for Saudi Restaurants on Creating an Effective Restaurant Staff Training Manual

The Restaurant Times

Therefore, the importance of training and a comprehensive restaurant staff training manual cannot be understated. A high standard of service can only be set through defining and following prescribed guidelines rigorously, which can be achieved with a staff training manual.

Why E-Learning is Critical for BOH Management Training


Professional trainers will tell you that to achieve consistent results you must take a consistent approach. food operations management labor operations management

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How eLearning Will Help Restaurants Ramp-up Training After the Pandemic


A cautious look ahead towards planning for how restaurant chains will rebound and restaff when stay-at-home orders subside. labor operations management

How To Provide Adequate Hygiene and Sanitization Training To The Restaurant Staff

The Restaurant Times

Regardless of restaurant format, operators are giving paramount importance to train their staff to comply with the health guidelines. How To Train Your Staff To Comply With The Health Guidelines. Train Your Restaurant Employees About The Safety Procedures.

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4 speed of service training tips to make your QSR move faster

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4 speed of service training tips to make your QSR move faster. The post 4 speed of service training tips to make your QSR move faster appeared first on Delaget. Blog Operational Efficiency

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Everything UAE Restaurant Managers Need to Know About Enhancing Staff Training to Boost Efficiency

The Restaurant Times

And an absolute answer to this is efficient restaurant staff training. This article covers a list of tips that you must employ to improve your restaurant’s staff training and performance in the UAE. Useful Tips To Enhance Your Restaurant Staff Training In The UAE .

Chicago and Oakland McDonald’s Workers Win COVID-19 Protections After Months of Substandard Supplies and Training


Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images.

4 do’s and don'ts of great video training


When delivering training to your staff or students, it is important to keep in mind that the content has the greatest impact when what is delivered is both timely and relevant to your intended audience. Hotels Insights Schools Restaurants Training Bars

Why You Need To Train The Trainer

Gourmet Marketing

For this to happen, you need to equip your staff with the proper training and resources they need to succeed. But it isn’t just the staff that needs training. Why is it so critical to train your trainer? A trainer who isn’t trained can’t adequately empower your staff to do the best job they are capable of. It is vital that your trainers be adequately trained to relay the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Chef Leadership Skills Training

Chef's Resources

Chef Leadership Skills & Training All Chefs are in leadership roles, but not all Chefs have learned how to be effective leaders. The post Chef Leadership Skills Training appeared first on Chefs Resources There is a big difference between being “the boss” and being a leader. Being a successful, respected professional Chef requires a lot more than just making fantastic food. Yes, a Chef needs to […].

Hospitality training will be the key to industry recovery. Here’s why.


Good hospitality learning, training, and development needs to be at the top of that list: without learning, there can be no recovery. When we think about next steps for the hospitality industry, there’s a lot to consider.

SEO Training for Restaurants

Restaurant Clicks

The post SEO Training for Restaurants appeared first on Restaurant Clicks. In 2018 the best way to beat your competition and fill your tables is dominating Google search with proper SEO. Learn step by step how to do your own restaurant specific SEO and show up on top of Google search results. Includes 35 detailed, step by step videos and bonus material. Learn how to do SEO for your restaurant and start dominating the search results over your competition. Start Your 7 Day Free Trial.

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