Reference Guide To Writing A Hotel Business Plan

Gourmet Marketing

Here is a basic reference guide to writing your own hotel business plan. The word “competition” has already appeared multiple times in this reference guide. Charts, graphs, and other reference material can be included here. Writing a Hotel Business Plan.

Restaurant Profitability Is a Simple Math Problem

The Restaurant Expert

But before you can tackle the systems that will get you to profitable, first you have to get over what David refers to as your “mental underwear.”. Oh how I wish achieving restaurant profitability was only a simple math problem. But the real issues that hold restaurant owners back from achieving their desired profitability are mostly psychological. It’s true that profitability can be broken down to the most basic level; you need to spend less money than you bring in.

2019 40

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How To Improve Your Restaurant Capacity

The Eat Restaurant

In a restaurant's case, capacity refers to the number of diners that can be served at a time without diminishing the guest experience given the current space and other resources.


Culinary Cues

This menu is developed using analytical data that is drawn from surveys and historical reference to other restaurants within a community or region.

Menu 279

The wine2wine Business Forum hosts first-ever Clubhouse wine marathon


The event is a key reference point for wine producers and wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide. The wine2wine Business Forum in Verona will host a six-hour Clubhouse marathon on Monday 18 October.

6 things to consider when looking at your business cash flow


Cash flow refers to the money that is moving in and out of your business each month. Since this is a system that is measured so often it can be easy to feel like money is only moving in one direction, away from your business, but the truth is that it does flow both ways.


Culinary Cues

Some talented people are not the best cooks and chefs and quite often the most intelligent (using commonly referred to scales of measurement) are lacking in common sense.

Introducing 7shifts' Referral Rewards!

7 Shifts

In an effort to make your year even better, we’re launching an exciting new referral program for 7shifts—where you get $100 for every friend successfully referred! If you know any restaurant that would love 7shifts—refer them!

As Extremists Promise Armed Marches, D.C. Closes Indoor Dining Through Inauguration


Mayor Muriel Bowser references “public health and safety” while extending emergency measures [link

Hiring Professional Security to Protect Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

Ask for References and Experience. Additionally, if you are interested in working with a particular company, you should ask to receive ample references.

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What the Heck is a KPI and Why You Should Give a Sh*t

Embrace the Suck

Cost of goods (COGS) sold refers to the cost required to create each of the food and beverage items you sell to guests. As competition gets tougher and profits seem to slip slowly away, you need to analyze your data more than ever.

2020 352

6 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tips

Indoor Media

If customers know that they can cash in on a promotion within your store by referring their friends, then they are more likely to do so. Especially because these are customers that have already visited your business and could possibly refer new customers, it makes sense to reward them.

Excuse Me, Have You Seen My Core Values Running Down the Street?

Embrace the Suck

Don’t underestimate the power of having a list and referring to it. What’s going on with you? Seriously—why haven’t you started taking action on your big goals for this year yet? Still, waiting for a couple of key elements to fall into place?

2021 287

How to Manage Multiple Restaurants and Locations

7 Shifts

You won't be able to refer to your previous restaurant opening playbook and follow it to the letter. You can reference and compare the key metrics from all of these locations like total revenue, profit margin, inventory variance, etc.

The Perfect Recruiting Plan

Embrace the Suck

We love to throw around the word “hospitality” in reference to our guests in this industry. If you’re like the majority of restaurants and bars in your market, you’ve been struggling to find staff. Many operators are struggling to find any staff! Are they breathing?

How To Create a Fair Holiday Work Schedule For Restaurants

7 Shifts

You can reference average party size, takeout vs. on-premise orders, the popular menu items, and other key metrics to to forecast restaurant sales. This could be a larger bonus, even more paid time off, or a gift certificate to the restaurant if their referred candidate is hired.

How Restaurants Can Hire and Rehire Quickly During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

This system automatically builds in accountability, as a good employee will only want to refer someone they trust to do the job right, helping the candidate get a leg up in the vetting and hiring process.

Hiring 175

Create a Restaurant Training Manual Step-by-Step (with examples)

The Eat Restaurant

A restaurant training manual (also referred to as restaurant employee handbook) lays the foundation for consistent results so that your staff is capable of delivering high-quality dining experiences whether they’re on the floor or in the kitchen. So, you’ve finally managed to expand your kitchen and front of house teams – the next step is to get new servers up to speed on their roles. An effective way to do this is to use a restaurant training manual.

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Culinary Cues

By “all in” I am referring to total commitment, building your life around the demands of the job, and most significantly to do so while being oblivious to the impact that this commitment has on other aspect of one’s life. All in” refers to a physiological, mental, emotional, and even spiritual connection to the work, to the operation, and to the greater culture of culinary arts.

2019 244


Culinary Cues

The Japanese would refer to them as companies focused on “Kaisen” (a pursuit of constant improvement). It would be difficult to find a more sinister, demoralizing, harmful, or self-destructive word than mediocre.

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Recruiting Ideas for Low Wage Workers 

ExactHire - Restaurants

Prior to the pandemic, most people used terms like “essential worker” to refer to healthcare workers, police and other first responders. 2020 changed our perceptions of what we think of when we consider jobs that are indispensable to the functioning of our society.

My personal Online Star of the event Review


On this present, an American person, referred to as “the guy”, journeys to Great britain to be with his online woman, an eighteen-year-old coming from Texas.

My personal Online New bride Review


On this display, an American person, referred to as “the guy”, moves to Britain to be with his online star of the event, an eighteen-year-old by Texas. My On the net Bride is a British Tv series, based in London, about the exploits of an British male online bride-to-be.


Culinary Cues

On occasion you may need to make adjustments so that an employee can work through their challenges (schedule adjustment, change assignments, send them home, offer advice, refer them to someone who might help, etc.).

2021 280

Working IN Your Restaurant Doesn’t Work

Embrace the Suck

In order to reach the next level of anything in life or business, it will require you to face a “new challenge” or as I like to refer to it as a “new devil” #WTSD - Every new level requires you face a new devil.

2021 295

Why Do So Many Restaurants STILL Suck? It’s Their Culture

Embrace the Suck

Yes, I make a lot of movie references! Go sit in your restaurant for an hour with your eyes closed and just listen. What do you hear? Does it sound like the smooth cadence of a well-oiled machine or more like a clunky old car engine that backfires every minute?

2021 219

How Supporting Customer Facing Staff Helps with Employee Retention – Top 5 Tips


1) Refer to your sign stating zero-tolerance and requirements, (2) offer a free fun mask branded with your logo (3) get shift manager. Reading Time: 3 minutes. We all know that COVID-19 has changed the restaurant industry forever, but did you know it also changed patrons?

How Social Media Launched the Acai Berry Craze

Social Hospitality

Celebrities like Oprah also endorsed Acai and referred to it as a “superfruit.” The Acai berry market expands across the globe.


Culinary Cues

Yesterday is easy to look back on – it gives us strength and a point of reference, it provides context and the ability to analyze our actions, and it provides hope since we managed to work our way through it. The most challenging part of difficult times is living in the moment.

2020 312


Culinary Cues

The Japanese refer to this as Kaizen. Create a Team Built to Win.

2020 272

Hiring Tips

Core Hospitality

Did the reference checks happen? Getting the right people is always going to be a challenge. There are a few questions you need to ask your team. On every resume drop off is someone doing a 30 second screen with 3 important questions for them that matters to your operations. A thorough pre resume read, scanning points on education (They learn?) Sports (They are active?) job history (Loyalty, Experience?) At interview how is there confidence levels.

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How is Flywheeling Used in Commercial Cold Storage?


The term flywheeling refers to the use of a literal, mechanical device called a flywheel. Within its origins, flywheeling represents the pursuit of the engineering holy grail of perpetual energy. These typically heavy and spoked wheels are designed to conserve mechanical energy through inertia and the law of conservation. Machines that produce large amounts of […]. The post How is Flywheeling Used in Commercial Cold Storage? appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

2019 60


Culinary Cues

Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea Restaurant in Chicago refers to it as “Flavor Bouncing” where everything on a plate marries with every other ingredient and every dish on a menu does the same with other dishes. We have all heard the phrase: “If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen”.

2021 263

Retain Restaurant Employees with These Six Hiring Tips


Referred employees have a lower turnover rate. A modest monetary bonus at the referred employee’s 6-month anniversary could be an added incentive for existing employees to refer their friends.


Culinary Cues

You refer to it as mise en place and experience has shown you that if you are organized and prepared then you are capable of achieving success in any moment. Too much idle time leads to reflection and analysis.

2020 316


Culinary Cues

I was listening the other day to the lyrics of Ann Wilson from the group Heart when she referred to the contradiction and quest of the dog and butterfly. Sometimes I get a bit lofty in my reflections of kitchen life and the cooks who spend time behind the range.

2021 279

Navigating the Supply Chain in the Restaurant Industry

Goliath Consulting

References: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]. Since the start of the pandemic, safety measures such as social distancing, lockdowns and mask-wearing have completely changed our understanding of how consumers spend on food.

Introducing the Square POS Integration for ChowNow


For instructions to reference during your setup, view the help center documentation here. .

POS 113

All You Need to Know About Jiggers

Restaurant Clicks

When you come across a recipe calling for a jigger or a jigger shot, this will be referring to the standard jigger size of 1.5 More often than not, when someone refers to a jigger or a jigger shot, they usually mean the standard jigger size of 1.5

2021 122


Culinary Cues

Now, by great I am not referring to the number of accolades, feature stories, or titles that appear after their name (although many have rightfully earned all of that) – I am referring to how they are perceived by others. There are chefs and there are chefs. Some hold the title while others have earned the title. So what is the difference? I have always been blessed to count a significant number of true chefs as friends.

2019 197

Shared-Use Kitchen Food Business Survey

The Food Corridor

Incentives will be offered to kitchens who refer five or more food businesses to complete the survey. . Are you a food business operating in a shared-use kitchen ? Do you want to shape how USDA programs support shared-use kitchens?

Restaurant Forecasting: How To, Formulas, Methods, and More

7 Shifts

Reference sales data from the same time in the past few years. Plus, you can keep the same workbook to easily store and reference your data for future forecasts.

2021 124

Upcoming Restaurant Tech Trends of the Post-COVID-19 World

Goliath Consulting

References: (1) [link]. (2) The restaurant industry had to adapt to changes in consumer behavior during the COVID19 pandemic, testing out operational innovations and relying on technological solutions that allowed for social distancing and ensuring sanitation (1, 2).