What Customers Don’t Know About Restaurant Work

Culinary Cues

More difficult than you may have thought, more chaotic than you might expect, more poetic than you realize, and more fulfilling than you would understand: this, to me, describes the environment of the professional kitchen that few customers are able to view or experience.

Poor Customer Service: Lack of Staff is a Poor Excuse

Gecko Hospitality

And when so many workers leave a business, it particularly impacts customer service. Even if job vacancies aren’t in customer facing roles, staffing shortages and turnover has a profound impact on your customers. It requires that we make customer service the priority.


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5 Examples of Customer Service Innovation in Hospitality

Social Hospitality

Customer service is at the core of innovation and good business practices. After all, the future in the hospitality sector quite literally lies in the hands of guests and customers, so it’s imperative that you always perfect your customer service.

Customer Service Trends in the Restaurant Industry to Look For in 2020

Modern Restaurant Management

Now that consumers have become more particular with dining, service standards have skyrocketed, and expectations are higher than ever before. Your ability to provide excellent customer service will play a big part in defining the success of your establishment. Self-Service Tech.

Comprehensive Guide to New Revenue Streams for Restaurants

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10 Restaurant Customer Service Ideas That Increase Loyal Guests

The Eat Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you can have the best ambiance, excellent menu, ample waitstaff coverage and still lose customers to your competitors. The outcome depends on the quality of your restaurant customer service.

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When to Stop Serving Alcohol and Refuse Service

Modern Restaurant Management

Right to Refuse Service. There are several legitimate reasons for bartenders to refuse service. It is important that employees are educated on the conditions that a business cannot refuse service. The right to refuse service applies to certain criteria.

Customer Services & Experiences; What’s in-store For 2022?


Businesses are putting customer services and user experiences at the top of their list. Post pandemic attitudes of customers have changed, they expect good customer services and better treatment.

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Don’t Let COVID-19 Erode Customer Experience

Modern Restaurant Management

In March, businesses were forced to take a step back and look at their business model to ensure that they were addressing their customer’s health, hygiene and safety concerns. How do these changes continue to serve the goal of good customer service?

What makes good customer service? Explore Federal Café’s guide to great customer service


If there’s one thing that can set your company apart, it’s good customer service – especially for an independent business. I always look at hospitality from the customer’s perspective.”. They still have that feel of one-off service. Think like a customer.

Improving Customer Experience For Your Restaurant Online

Restaurant Engine

The customer experience starts with your online presence before it gets to your dining room. It’s often the “door” your customers first walk through. You want to always be working on improving customer experience for your restaurant online. How to Boost Customer Satisfaction.

6 Ways Restaurants Can Reach Customers in 2021

Social Hospitality

How can you convince a customer to come to your business and spend money on your food? In addition to bringing customers to your restaurant, your 2021 marketing should focus on bringing your restaurant to them. Not sure how to best reach customers in their homes or on-the-move?

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The True ROI of IoT in Food Service 

Modern Restaurant Management

” No truer words were spoken by Benjamin Franklin and is a mantra that resonates deeply for businesses in the food service industry—many of whom are in recovery mode in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Equipment Operations Internet of Things IoT IoT and food service

Five Tips for the Best Customer Experience During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

Businesses have been forced to pivot away from on-premises dining to offer on-line ordering and take-out services. While some had well established services already in place, others have had to start from nothing to provide these capabilities.

Guide on Providing Excellent Customer Service: Before, During and After The Meal

7 Shifts

You may serve the best food on the block, but if your restaurant doesn't match its dishes with plausible customer service, your customers may never come back. Keep reading to learn how to do just that, as we cover what to do pre, during, and post dining service.

Three Ways Post-Pandemic Customers Will Permanently Change the Restaurant Industry 

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants have adopted a delivery/pickup model to meet the needs of their customers. Consumers Still Expect Excellent Customer Service. This is critical to not only balance front or back of the house needs, but to maintain high-quality customer service.

Why Customers Love Smaller Menus

Restaurant Engine

You’ll find offering your customers a smaller menu, they’ll order more because it’s easier to decide. What’s more, in this article, we look at why your customers love smaller menus. Small Menus are Customer Friendly. Smaller Menus Mean Faster Service.

How to Build a Customer Engagement Strategy

Social Hospitality

So how do you build amazing customer engagement? How do you turn people from passive bystanders into supporting customers? And they need to keep customers engaged (now more than ever). The customers loved the idea and the brand took off in no time.

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Collecting the Right Customer Data Points to Drive Restaurant Profits

Modern Restaurant Management

Most establishments were forced to shut down their operations intermittently or limit themselves to carry out or delivery services. Here are a few ways restaurants can use consumer insights to improve their overall business and profitability: Analyze Customer’s Day-to-Day Routines.

Restaurant Customer Experience 2020: What Customers Expect

Focus POS

Who is the next-generation customer and what are their expectations? Today’s diners are well-connected, tech savvy, and expect a high-quality restaurant customer experience—whether visiting a five-star restaurant, fast-casual, or the drive-through. Menu and order Customization.

Customer Intelligence Is Key to Revolutionizing Restaurants Inside and Out

Modern Restaurant Management

From the moment they set foot inside your restaurant to the first time they log onto your website, your customers are sharing vital pieces of information that can fundamentally change how your brand operates. Customer Intelligence Brings Brands Closer to Their Guests.

What makes good customer service? Explore Federal Café’s guide to great customer service


If there’s one thing that can set your company apart, it’s good customer service – especially for an independent business. I always look at hospitality from the customer’s perspective.”. They still have that feel of one-off service. Think like a customer.

How To Enhance Customer Experience With A Table Ordering App

The Restaurant Times

Quick-serve, fine-casual, and fast-food restaurants have taken to restaurant ordering apps faster than full-service restaurants. Enhance Customer Experience With Table Ordering App. Ordering – Stress-Free Experience For Customers. Personalize The Customer Experience .


Culinary Cues

We are witnessing the death of service to those who service the end consumer. If any part of this service formula is broken, then the chef’s hands are tied. It all seemed to make sense – a service was provided. Pay now or we cut your service.

How To Improve Restaurant Service and Win Back Customers

BNG Point of Sale

How To Improve Restaurant Service and Win Back Customers . Before entering a restaurant, most customers and restaurant guests already have certain assumptions and expectations in mind. How To Improve Restaurant Service . Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Service .

The Controversy of Third-Party Food Delivery Services?

Goliath Consulting

The demand for food delivery services increased when COVID-19 emerged. These third-party delivery services provide independent delivery personnel to deliver food to customers through their apps with a delivery fee and tip for the delivery driver.

How Food Service Entrepreneurs Are Finding Creative Ways to Manage Food Costs

Restaurant Engine

As a food service entrepreneur, you want to control your costs as much as possible, so you don’t have to drastically increase menu prices and pass them on to your customers. In this article, we look at how food service entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to manage food costs.

How To Create The Ideal Intangible Restaurant Customer Experience

The Restaurant Times

The experience every customer enjoys needs to somehow be both effortless and memorable. The quest for providing customers with a continuously incredible dining experience is one that every restaurant must pursue. 7 Ways To Create An Exceptional Intangible Customer Experience.

How Supporting Customer Facing Staff Helps with Employee Retention – Top 5 Tips


Customers who have been cooped up at home for the past two years are anxious to get back to dining out. With the labor shortage and supply disruptions in the background, it’s no wonder that some diners are quick to get frustrated with slow service or missing menu items.

Let’s Go Out! How Customer Experience in Restaurants Boosts Happiness


How Customer Experience in Restaurants Boosts Happiness appeared first on Evergreen. Attracting Customers Operations & Management customer experience in bars customer experience in restaurants restaurant customer service restaurant service

6 Ideas to Improve Your Carry-Out Customer Experience

Restaurant Engine

You have a great opportunity to let your customer service shine with carry-out. Many restaurants find themselves pivoting to offer carry-out, and they are finding more and more customers are using this service. They should also have extensive training on customer service.

How a Customer Loyalty Program Helps Restaurants Keep in Touch with Customers

Focus POS

Operating a restaurant requires a certain degree of understanding when it comes to customers. You need to be relevant, and to do that, you must be in touch with what customers want so that you can deliver on those expectations. Customers love loyalty programs.


Food Business

For our restaurant industry, the sci-fi exploration is grasping for the new service landscape. Online platforms may just become a new way to serve customers all day long, less constrained to lunch service and evening meals. It will include touchless, contactless service.

The Latest Restaurant Customer Service Data & What It Means For You

Black Box Intelligence

The deciding factor to whether or not someone chooses to eat with you or the competition can often come down to the quality of your restaurant’s customer service. We’re in a consumer choice-driven world, where convenience, customization and attentive service are expected.

Tackling the Labor Shortage with Virtual Customer Queuing

Modern Restaurant Management

Surprisingly, enhancing the customer experience can go a long way toward alleviating staffing challenges. Virtual queuing offers an opportunity to impress and delight customers while improving the employee experience and increasing your restaurant’s efficiency.

The Art of Great Service

Future Food

As I travel the country again working in various cities and visiting a wide range of food service venues, it is more obvious than ever before, that there is a shortage of adequately trained food and beverage service professionals.

Food Service Manager Career – Ultimate Guide


Pop culture likes to tell us that working in food service is a dead-end job. In a job market where most companies don’t even consider current employees forpromotion , the food service industry is one of the few places in America where you can start at the bottom and end up at the top.

Improve Your Food Service Bottom Line with These 7 Financing Solutions

Restaurant Engine

Pay attention to all of your costs when looking at food service financing solutions. For your food service business, the bottom line represents success, and it represents the continuation of your business. Will a price increase upset your customers and drive them away?

Four Questions to Ask When Evaluating Third-Party Delivery Services

Modern Restaurant Management

According to a recent study , 44 percent of Americans use food delivery services, and the entire country spends over $100 billion on food delivery in a year. Customers log into the service’s app, select food options from nearby restaurants and submit an online payment.

How to deal with aggressive customers


What is the first thought that comes to mind when talking about an aggressive customer? The stereotype of a privileged person who demands proper service, screaming and shouting; without concern for the hospitality staff serving them.