9 Restaurant Entertainment Ideas to Create Frenzy


The concept of restaurant entertainment is not new. The post 9 Restaurant Entertainment Ideas to Create Frenzy appeared first on Restaurant & Retail POS Software - Restaurant Management Software | Blog. Move beyond the tag of being just an eatery.

Garage Doors Drafted for Entertainment Complex

Modern Restaurant Management

The unique indoor/outdoor entertainment complex features a sprawling setting with pickleball courts, a variety of yard games, a restaurant and sports bar. Which came first, the chicken or … the pickle?

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Bartender Tips for Creating Conversation and Keep Guests Entertained


While entertaining guests is important, your primary job is that of a server. The post Bartender Tips for Creating Conversation and Keep Guests Entertained appeared first on | 360training.com Blog. Many new bartenders struggle with the social aspects of the job.

How to Rock 2020 (5 Best Bar + Restaurant New Year’s Resolutions)

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Bar and Restaurant Entertainment Marketing Operations Social Media TechnologyMake 2020 your best year yet!!! Here are the top bar and restaurant goals to set and a step by step guide on how to achieve these New Year's resolutions.

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Eatertainment Explained

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Eatertainment venues offer the combined attraction of entertainment and dining, which helps drive revenue. "It's According to Food Newsfeed, although the games and entertainment attract customers, at these venues, 75 percent to 80 percent of their revenue comes from food and beverage.

Promoting Your Bar or Restaurant Using Trivia Nights

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Instead, guests can expect quality entertainment, cash prizes, and learning something new every week. Restaurant Marketing bar trivia pub quiz restaurant entertainment restaurant marketingSo, you’ve got a great menu and the right atmosphere, but you’re still seeing a lull in business.

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14 Best Restaurant Valentine’s Day Promotions for 5 Customer Types

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Restaurant Entertainment Marketing PromotionsValentine’s Day has customers in the mood for love…and the mood to spend $3.5 billion on an evening out. But there’s more to February 14th than just dinner. By focusing on 5 customer types, you’ll uncover extra profits along the way.

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In Memoriam: Joyce Sevilla


A publicist for major brands in the nightlife and entertainment industry, Sevilla started her publicity agency two years ago after a long tenure in entertainment publicity. JoyceSevilla.png. Author(s): Emiliano De Laurentiis.

The New Once Upon A Time: 10 DOs and DON’Ts of Instagram Stories

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Bar and Restaurant Entertainment Technology TrendsTell us a story. No really, you should. Because Instagram Stories are one of the latest ways you can bring marketing glory to your restaurant or bar. Don’t believe us? Or, never heard of Instagram Stories? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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This is true for everything processing reservations and orders, to marketing, to being able to deliver entertainment in your establishment. Technologies for Entertainment. It’s hard work to run a restaurant.


Culinary Cues

Dining in restaurants is a vehicle for communication, a respite for those who are looking for solace, a place of celebration, an environment for reward, and a source of entertainment that would be impossible to replace. Desperation has sunk in for those of us in the restaurant business.

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Culinary Cues

Once we learn to take a breath and put the brakes on typically intense lifestyles, always on the go, always more to do than there is time, constantly putting aside interface time with friends and family, and relying on technology for our entertainment – we might just be able to find solace in life.


Culinary Cues

So, we developed a system where we take messaging from top level leadership and surround it with motivation, inspiration, education, employee recognition, and turn the message into an entertaining show sent to their entire team.

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7 Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas That Work

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Use Live Entertainment. Use Live Entertainment. Live entertainment can be a huge draw to attract customers to your grand opening. They may come for the entertainment, but return because they loved the service, food, or all-around aesthetic of your restaurant!

Mama Lion – A Continuing Evolution


Both Chef and I share the same vision of bringing in a unique experience with live entertainment, art, and amazing food. The creation of a destination. Emiliano De Laurentiis. A progressive evolution that has allowed Mama Lion to manage renovations and to react to evolving markets.

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Positioning Your Shopping Centre’s Food & Hospitality For The Future

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FOOD, HOSPITALITY, ENTERTAINMENT & BEAUTIFUL SPACES! These destinations are differentiated by offering excellent food and hospitality, outstanding customer service, state of the art digital marketing combined with entertainment, leisure, tourism and wellbeing experiences.

Hilton Welcomes María Del Carmen Bonarelli as Executive Chef of Embassy Suites by Hilton Santo Domingo


Located near the Silver Sun Gallery shopping center, Embassy Suites by Hilton Santo Domingo also offers convenient access to the main tourist and entertainment points of the city. MCLEAN, Va.

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MRM Food Hall Focus: Transcending the Trend

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The company puts entertainment first, and food and beverage second. We believe that you need a combination of what we would call the Five Pillars: food, beverage, entertainment, special events, and corporate or group events.

The Future of Food is Exciting - Food and Hospitality Trends of 2020

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B) Shopping centres will continue to develop elevated dining and hospitality attracting dynamic food concepts and adult oriented entertainment. Trends that will shape the future of your food and hospitality projects for 2020.

Ways to Earn Money Outside of an Office


While 5Why continues to share content on everything from travel and entertainment to wellbeing and health, and career advice. We partnered with 5Why on our previous campaign, Humans of Hospo, featuring Kylie Javier Ashton (Momofuku Sei?bo),

How Can I Build Sales Post New Year’s Eve Boost?

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Entertainment. If there was time add some type of entertainment to your venue, this is it. MRM's "Ask the Expert” features advice from Consolidated Concepts Inc.

3 Hacks to Grow Your Restaurant’s Instagram Presence

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Is your restaurant on a popular street or in an entertainment district? On its surface, Instagram is simple. Post a photo, write a caption, add a couple of hashtags.

Reducing Labor Costs May Not Be As Hard As You Think!

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Entertainment. The rising cost of labor is no longer just a matter of profitability—it’s becoming a matter of survival. If you’re not faced with serious labor challenges in your bar or restaurant operation right now, let me assure you—they’re on the horizon!

7 Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurants


of restaurants offer an experiential dining experience for their guests including entertaining activities and romantic music.

Effectively Targeting and Marketing to Gen Z

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That’s great news for bricks and mortar locations such as malls, which are transforming into a different kind of mixed-use developments incorporating a curated mix of dining, entertainment, and experiential businesses.

Little Known Tax Benefits of Franchising Your Business

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You Can Deduct Meals, But Not Entertainment. With the newest regulations, you can not now expense any sort of entertainment for clients like a day of golf or a spa day or tickets to a game or concern.

Shopping For Burgundy Wines From The Comfort Of Home!


Two years later they bought Le Papillion, a 100-year-old barge and for the next ten years, they entertained passengers with French cuisine and wine as they traversed the waterways. Author(s): Penny Weiss.

How Restaurants Can Attract Customers During Slow Months


Live Entertainment. What better way to liven up a party than with live entertainment. The New Year is upon us and so are the endless new year’s resolutions.

13 Simplest Yet Creative New Year Restaurant Promotion Ideas (That You Can Actually Implement)


It often happens parents are busy taking care of their child and do not enjoy completely, one thing you can do is make a side platform for kids offering fun and entertainment activities for kids. So 2019 is coming to a close, people must be started planning for the evening.

25 Restaurant Event Ideas and How to Run Them

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If a restaurant has promised a memorable experience , diners are bound to come in, enjoy their meal, and be entertained. Events are a great way to draw people to your restaurant, whether on a big holiday weekend or a slow weeknight.

Audience Insights from Australia and New Zealand's Facebook Demographics

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For example, in January, some of the most popular topics online amongst Australians were entertainment, sports, holidays, and events. Facebook demographics can provide a wealth of information about consumers from a variety of demographics.

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How To Host a Successful Industry Night 

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Offer Entertainment . Discounts and specials are often enough to drive successful industry nights, but you can consider bringing in some kind of entertainment as well.

The Birthplace of American Spirits


Jon provided us with everything we needed, including some local history and entertaining stories. virginiaspirits-org_orig.jpeg. Author(s): Penny Weiss. Teaser: The origins of American spirits in America featuring a taste of A. Smith Bowman's magical bourbon.

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The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership

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entertainment. Is there anything better than binge-watching reality TV? Reality TV has been great for bar consultancy firms like Barmetrix by introducing our services to the world. If nothing else, these popular shows have made people aware that running a successful bar operation is damn HARD.

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Taylor Rothchild, Wine Industry's One to Watch in 2020


Over a successful career in Venture Capital and Private Equity, Taylor worked on restructuring legacy organizations in media and entertainment and helped advise early-stage technology companies to go-to-market. His mission is simple: Create Wines and Champagnes worth sharing. Joyce Sevilla.

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What Restaurateurs Need to Know Right Now About the COVID-19 Pandemic


Market these bundles to parents, since they’re great for keeping kids entertained while they’re home from school. The past few weeks have been disastrous for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Design Tips

The Restaurant Group

Live entertainment, which may be expensive, adds a particular sense of ambiance. Restaurant Design. While great food and customer service are essential for return business, the ambiance and restaurant design are equally as important.

Did you know there is a sustainable volume of food and hospitality revenue for every project?

Future Food

However popular the heady combination of food and entertainment may be, it is not a suitable response to every vacant tenancy conundrum! Kambri Pricinct at ANU (Image via Visit Canberra). Did you know there is a sustainable volume of food and hospitality revenue for every project?

Is there too much food?

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Consumer spending on F&B – despite our utilitarian need for sustenance – is very much a discretionary type of spending and money for F&B can come out of several different budgets: Entertainment, socialising, networking, fund-raising, along with food catering itself.

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Beyond the two-top: how to market to all Valentine’s Day diners

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There’s entertainment for everyone: Communal seatings sparks conversation and engagement, and singles at the bar can watch sushi masters at work. .

Beyond the two-top: how to market to all Valentine’s Day diners

Open for Business

There’s entertainment for everyone: Communal seatings sparks conversation and engagement, and singles at the bar can watch sushi masters at work. .

Beyond the two-top: how to market to all Valentine’s Day diners

Open for Business

There’s entertainment for everyone: Communal seatings sparks conversation and engagement, and singles at the bar can watch sushi masters at work. .

How State and County Fairs Are Becoming Tech Savvy


Fairs are distinct from markets or festivals, as they don’t divide entertainment and mercantilism. Instead, both are equally prominent, creating an event that revolves around rides, entertainment, commerce, education, and feasting.

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