Guest Blog: How a Mobile POS Can Increase Restaurant Revenue


A mobile POS can help any restaurant looking to improve server productivity, increase revenue, and overall streamline their front of house operations. What is a Mobile POS? A mobile POS (or MPOS) is a handheld version of a standard cloud-based POS terminal.

Why Custom Restaurant Mobile Apps Are the New Normal


Just a few years ago, custom restaurant mobile apps may have seemed like a novelty, but today, they’re an indispensable part of a successful concept’s toolkit. Restaurant mobile apps let you meet customers where they are. Mobile Online Ordering System Restaurant Tech

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First Robotic Mobile Restaurant and DoorDash’s Commissary Kitchen

Modern Restaurant Management

World’s First Mobile Restaurant Powered by Advanced Robotics. unveiled the world’s first mobile restaurant powered by robotic technology, top video and photo. ” While Ono’s food truck is powered by complex technology, ordering an Ono Blend is simple.

Why Florida fast casual brand doubled down on mobile marketing

50 Mistakes

​ by Cherryh Cansler EVOS worked with ShopAdviser on a six-week mobile marketing campaign across four locations in Florida. With research predicting that by the end of 2019, mobile advertising will account for 72% of all U.S. Is it time for mobile proximity marketing strategy?

How a Restaurant Employee Mobile App Keeps Millennial Restaurant Staff Engaged


The new tool many restaurants are turning to, in order to improve employee retention and engage with today’s modern workforce? Overview of How Employee Mobile Apps Have Improved Restaurant Management. Ways Restaurant Mobile Apps Improve Engagement.

HotSchedules Launches Shift Ratings Feature on Popular Mobile Application

Hot Schedules

Employees can anonymously rate their shift with one click on the HotSchedules mobile app. The post HotSchedules Launches Shift Ratings Feature on Popular Mobile Application appeared first on HS Fourth US / Main.

The Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery


A Look into the Growth of Online Ordering and Food Delivery. Customers can now easily order food online and have it delivered to their homes within the shortest time possible. The numbers do not lie as the growth in online ordering and delivery of foods has grown tremendously.

How Your Pizzeria Can Fight Back Against Unfair Online Ordering Fees


It’s not surprising that in the age of online ordering, pizzerias are uniquely poised to profit. Online ordering grows order volume and size , increases revenue, boosts efficiency , and fosters customer loyalty. The Facts About Third-Party Online Ordering Fees.

5 Ways Self Order Kiosks Increase Restaurant Profits

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Self order kiosks have slowly been revolutionizing the way many industries do business. It’s no surprise—self order kiosks have been instrumental in helping restaurants meet customer expectations and demands while growing their bottom lines. Order Customization.

6 Restaurant POS Features that Improve the Customer Experience

Next Restaurants

If it’s time to upgrade to a modern point-of-purchase system that improves your guests’ experiences, consider these key features: Mobility Streamlined ordering Refined business workflow Customer and management metrics. Increase Your Restaurant’s Mobility. Staff Mobility.

Grow Restaurant Holiday Sales & Get Ready for the New Year With Online Ordering


Saturdays in December are statistically the busiest days for all types of independent restaurants across the country, and pizzerias see their largest order sizes on key dates between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Online ordering transforms your restaurant’s operations.

Fewer Seats, More Shelves: How Restaurants are Preparing for the Takeout Order Boom


Since 2014, online ordering for pickup and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. In its early years, digital ordering provided an opportunity to access tech-savvy customers and boost sales.

How to Increase Restaurant Sales With Online Ordering


That said, if you haven’t yet considered online ordering for your restaurant, you could be ignoring a lucrative sales channel. The online ordering market is growing quickly, and orders placed online are, on average, 20% larger than in-restaurant purchases.

The Truth About Free Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants


But, while signing up for a free online ordering system might sound like a good idea, unfortunately, you’ll get what you pay for. What do you get with a free online ordering system? Want a custom mobile ordering app? How to Set Up a Free Online Ordering System.

How to Find the Best Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant


If you haven’t started offering online ordering yet, you’re not alone. If you have online ordering at your restaurant but you’re still trying to figure out how to give your customers a superior experience without breaking the bank—well, you’re not alone there either. Go mobile.

Escaping the Hefty Commissions of Restaurant Online Ordering Platforms

Takeaway Solutions

When the telephone became something everyone had access to, restaurants updated and began taking delivery and take-out orders by phone. Restaurant websites alone are few and far between, much less adaptation to mobile apps and the latest smart home integration.

Online Ordering Trends That Are Transforming The Food Service Industry

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The ability to order meals from different vendors on mobile phones is one of the inventions that continues to impact the lives of most customers positively. As a result, you can ensure that you have sufficient stock of what loyal customers order on a daily basis to convert more sales.

5 Ways Instagram Can Help Boost Restaurant Marketing

Social Hospitality

When you walk into a bakery and order a Triple Cheese Cheesecake, what is the first thing you do when it arrives? You should also consider adding call-to-action buttons which encourage users to call, get directions, or even order online.

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10 Reasons Why Takeaway Solutions is the Best Restaurant Ordering System Software

Takeaway Solutions

"Last year, restaurants crossed a digital milestone: The percentage of orders booked online or using a smartphone or tablet app—now 6.6% Electronic orders have been a boon to the industry. Why is online ordering a must for today's restaurant? "If Online Ordering Commission Free

How to Make Your Coffee Shop More Accessible

Perfect Daily Grind

But if you don’t have experience with disabilities, impairments, or mobility issues, it’s easy to overlook some features of your coffee shop that can make it unsafe or an unwelcome space for some customers. Cate holds up an order sign at BeanZ & Co.

Here's Why Takeaway Solutions is The Best Online Ordering For Thai Restaurants

Takeaway Solutions

Best online ordering system for Thai restaurants and why Takeaway is one of the best benefits you can offer your customers. People love ordering their food from the convenience of their home and having it delivered to the door. Our convenient app makes it easy for customers to order.

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How a Mobile Optimized Website can Increase Restaurant Revenue

Web Diner

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for a restaurant to have a mobile optimized (friendly) website! We live in an on-the-go world that uses mobile devices to remain connected to the things that matter to us. You can reach them on the go through their mobile device.

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Why Restaurants Should Invest in an Online Food Ordering System

Restaurant Smart

With the rise of mobile usage, more and more people are starting to use their mobile devices to do the simplest tasks, including ordering food online. Instead of going to restaurants, ordering food with just a few taps on your… Read more. The post Why Restaurants Should Invest in an Online Food Ordering System appeared first on Restaurant Smart Blog.

How to Manage Your Takeout & Delivery Program to Improve Restaurant Customer Experience


While some restaurateurs may confine the concept of customer experience to just their dine-in business, it is incredibly important to consider the experience for those ordering online takeout and delivery as well. How to Optimize Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering Experience.

Lavu Acquires MenuDrive to Help Restaurants Succeed in the Online Ordering Space


The acquisition will allow Lavu to provide seamless online ordering alongside their comprehensive restaurant management platform. Lavu’s best-in-class mobile point-of-sale system provides restaurateurs with a comprehensive management platform that streamlines operations and increases revenues.

How Marketplaces Are Eating Away at Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line


On the surface, third-party marketplace online ordering platforms like Postmates, Grubhub, and Uber Eats may seem like a smart choice for your restaurant. After all, it pays to have online ordering , and these services can offer you a large audience of new customers.

Restaurant Trends: Top Predictions for the Coming Decade

Modern Restaurant Management

Customer-led Ordering and Payment. Outside of fine dining establishments (which constitute only a small percentage of restaurant businesses), customers no longer want to be dependent on a host to seat them or a server to take their order or process their payment.

3 Ways Embracing Technology Can Attract More Diners

Takeaway Solutions

Savvy diners are now getting more and more accustomed to having a seamless experience, no matter where they order from. While traditionally that might have meant offering online ordering, it has become far more nuanced than that. Online Ordering Trends

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5 Great Reasons to Deliver Food to College Campuses

24/7 Waiter

Believe it or not, college campuses represent some of the most concentrated markets for certain types of delivery food – and many restaurants find that delivering a limited menu to local college campuses can exponentially increase their order volume when college is in session.

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The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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This is true for everything processing reservations and orders, to marketing, to being able to deliver entertainment in your establishment. It automatically tracks the ingredients you have in stock and places orders as and when required. People can also place orders on the tablet.

Key Features of Restaurant Management Software You Must Have in 2020


User-friendly order management. While some restaurant management systems may have many features, if order management isn’t intuitive for staff and management, you may have brought an extra headache into your operations. Mobile app functionality. Mobile, mobile, mobile.

Restaurant Customer Experience 2020: What Customers Expect

Focus POS

Menu and order Customization. According to a consumer study by Deloitte , the number one factor that influences consumers when selecting a restaurant is menu options and order customization. Who is the next-generation customer and what are their expectations?

2020 Technology Trends for the Restaurant Industry


Mobile Technology. In 2020, expect more restaurant owners and managers to start leveraging mobile devices more often as a means of managing operations. . Fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s are using self-serve kiosks as a way to improve the ordering experience for their customers.

The best POS systems for restaurants offering delivery


Pick the right one and you can streamline all your restaurant operations, from orders and payments to staff and inventory management. Key features include floor management, customer and inventory tracking, table-side ordering and an offline mode. Integrated with Deliverect.

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Take a Byte Out of This: Emerging Restaurant Technology

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Other restaurants — especially in fast food — adopted mobile payments. Customers can order food and pay through an app or online service. With VR, everything is done digitally, so trainees don’t touch or interact with actual food orders or other items.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Food Truck Business: Part 3


Go Mobile As the world is shifting to mobile ordering and payment options, there are a few facets you’ll want to cover. At the minimum, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Such an app will allow you to offer mobile payments and ordering.

Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2020

Restaurant Clicks

Tableside ordering. Online ordering. Tableside ordering. Tableside ordering. Online order integration. Online ordering. Mobile friendly. Pros: Very mobile-friendly – works with most smart devices. Online ordering. Online ordering.

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6 Ways Chatbots Can Help Restaurant Businesses

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C ustomer interaction points can range from mobile apps, third-party food aggregator apps, social media, and chat apps. Streamline Reservations and Order Management Restaurant employees devote a lot of time to reservation management and customer orders.

3 Ways Omnichannel Affects Restaurants

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Here are three reasons omnichannel affects restaurants: Ordering Convenience. Customers expect the ultimate in ordering convenience. Make yourself visible and easy to do business with by leveraging an online ordering solution. Omnichannel [adj.]:

The Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Food Truck Business: Part 3


Go Mobile As the world is shifting to mobile ordering and payment options, there are a few facets you’ll want to cover. At the minimum, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Such an app will allow you to offer mobile payments and ordering.

The Most Challenging Restaurant Industry Technology Trends of 2018

Gecko Hospitality

Placing Mobile Orders in Advance. Some of the biggest coffee shop and restaurant chains now offer advance ordering for pickup and takeout via mobile apps. Customers place orders and pay for them from their phones while headed to the establishment.

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10 Operational Challenges Restaurants Should Expect in 2020


Tools like cloud-based scheduling and centralized mobile apps for employees can help make labor scheduling more efficient. Keeping up with the rise of mobile. The use of mobile devices only continues to grow in restaurant operations.

Everything to Know about Tablet Point of Sale Software

Focus POS

With a smaller, lighter, portable tablet platform, your staff can take orders and process payments from anywhere in your establishment, and they will have at their fingertips the power to boost sales and customer satisfaction. How Mobile POS is Changing the Restaurant Industry.