Certifications and direct trade in the coffee industry

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There is also no specific “direct trade” certification for coffee – and as such, the definition of it can be used rather loosely in the coffee industry. What are certification programmes? There are many certification programmes in the coffee sector.

The Importance of NSF Certification for Restaurant Tools and Knives

Modern Restaurant Management

Manufacturers, regulators, and consumers look to the organization to facilitate the development of public health standards and provide certifications that help protect food, water, consumer products and the environment.


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Wine Certification Courses

A Wine Story

Wine Certification Courses. Whether you’re a wine trade professional, a sommelier in a restaurant, or a wine lover eager to learn more, you are probably interested in wine certification courses. Wine Certification Courses: Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) . Wine Education Courses.

Sterling College’s School of the New American Farmstead Launches Four Professional Certificate Programs


The professional certificate programs build on the School of the New American Farmstead’s five-year history of providing nationally-acclaimed, week-long intensives focused on traditions and trends in food, farming and craft.

What Is LEED Certification? (+Requirements, Benefits, Cost)


WHAT WE’LL COVER: Chapter 1: What Is a LEED Certification? Chapter 4:What Are the Minimum Requirements for LEED Certification? Chapter 5: What Is the Cost of LEED Certification? Chapter 6: What Are the Benefits of LEED Certification? What Is a LEED Certification?

Mijenta Becomes the First Tequila to Receive B Corp Certification


Reflects company's dedication to creating a positive, lasting impact. First Press News Vol. 26 No.

New Orleans Supports Hospitality Industry Reopening with NOLA SAFE Certification


A welcome sign of relief can be heard coast-to-coast as more Americans are vaccinated against COVID-19, and more businesses start Continue Reading. First Press Vol. 25 No. 06 Covid-19 Health Hospitality New Orleans NOLASAFE Pandemic Restaurants Safety

Why Is Pastry Certification Important?

Chef's Resources

Why Is Pastry Chef Certification Important? If you are thinking about opening a small bakery or starting an online pastry shop, you might be asking yourself: Do I need a pastry chef certification? The post Why Is Pastry Certification Important?

Patio Season is Here. Make it Your Best Summer Ever with 7shifts Tools Built for Restaurants

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Employee Doc Storage & Certifications. Employee Document Storage & Certification allows you to upload unlimited documents and certifications to your employees’ profiles. Warm weather is here, and patio season is upon us.

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How Synergy Sync Uses the Restaurant Operating Cycle and the STAC Framework to Systemize Daily Restaurant Operations

Restaurant Technology Guys

This certification and operating platform offer a way to simplify your life and to become more effective in restaurant operations.

How a Restaurant Pre-Shift Meeting Improves Communication and Profits

The Restaurant Expert

They are working in your restaurant only UNTIL they get their big break in acting, UNTIL they get their real estate license, UNTIL they get their teaching certificate, UNTIL they finish school… you get the picture. A pre-shift meeting can improve communication and profits in your restaurant? Allow me to explain through example. Running a restaurant can often feel like you are in high school. Remember high school and all the drama?

5 Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Online Restaurant Business Safe

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Have an SSL Certificate Installed. A full-time job of an SSL certificate is to encrypt data traveling from your website to the users. If so, to secure them all, a wildcard SSL is one of the best SSL certificates to use. By Ana Hoffman, Contributor.

20 Restaurant Skills You'll Quickly Learn on the Job (Updated)

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Health, Allergen, and Food Safety Training and Certifications. Examples include a TIPS certification , ServSafe Allergen , or a local accredited restaurant safety course. Working in a restaurant is something more than 11 million people in the United States do.

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How to open a ghost kitchen: What restaurant owners need to know


Get the right permits, insurance, licenses, and certifications. ServSafe Certification. Aspiring restaurateurs once looked to the food truck as a way to break into the business. It was faster, easier, and cheaper than launching a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

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Give employees certificates for completing certain courses or training milestones. Rewarding employees with certificates for learning achievements will help them develop professionally, keep them engaged at work, and encourage them to use new skills on the job.

Abruzzo: Agriverde Winery

A Wine Story

Beyond that honor, the winery had some of the highest accolades in the wine world – visitors could see the various plaques and certificates in the hall leading to the elegant tasting room. Visiting Agriverde Winery.

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New Rule Allows Texas Bars to Remain Open by Serving Food


It is currently the agency in charge of distributing the state’s Food & Beverage Certificate (FB Certificate.). What Is the Texas Food & Beverage Certificate? The new amendment grants bars and breweries with the FB certificate for 120 days.

What Jobs are in Restaurants?


Servers need to have a food handlers certificate to understand safety best practices for serving food in the United States. However, the specifics of the certification vary depending on which state you work in. The restaurant industry is vibrant, active—and full of job opportunities.

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[New] 7shifts Hiring Tools to Help Get Through the Labor Shortage

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If you added customer screening questions like sanitation certifications, you'll see those answers here, too. If you're having trouble finding great people to work in your restaurant, you're not alone.

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How to Buy a Restaurant: An Ultimate Guide

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So you want to open a restaurant. Maybe it’s to take your grandmothers’ recipes to the masses. Maybe you want to share your love of tacos with the world. A place to call your own, perhaps? The dream of opening a restaurant is held by many, and it hasn’t been sullied by the pandemic.

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Culinary Cues

First and foremost – congratulations on earning your degree or certificate. Know that the degree or certificate is more than an acknowledgement of the skills and knowledge that you have gained – it represents your level commitment and discipline that will serve you well.

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List of Licences Required to Open a Cloud Kitchen in India


No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner or the partner 10. Medical Certificates of Employees How to apply for FSSAI? Structural Stability Certificate signed by Structural Engineer 5. Medical Certificates of Employees 8. Lal Dora Certificate (Only in Delhi) 10.

3 Ways to Reassure Customers the Hygiene Levels are High at your Premises

Clean Ice

Obtain and Display a Certificate of Cleanliness Displaying certificates and window stickers that demonstrate high hygiene levels at your venue will also reassure customers. Clean Ice certificate of cleanliness. Hygiene is a topic that is on the minds of many venue owners.

How to Create an Effective Restaurant Onboarding Process

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Proof of certification : If a new hire’s role requires them to have a specific certification, license, or permit (like a food handlers permit or Servsafe training) and you’re not providing that certification for them, ask them for proof of these permits.

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Protecting Your Customers: How to Scale Your Food Safety Culture Across Multiple Locations

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Certificate. Managers need to keep track of employees’ training certifications, whether company-based or official state licenses. Failure to keep up with certifications is too costly to not prioritize.

How to Open a Coffee Shop: The Ultimate Guide

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Certificate of Occupancy. The certificate of occupancy also knows as the building permit, is issued by the local government building department certifying a building's compliance with applicable building codes and other laws. So you want to open up your very own coffee shop.

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7shifts Employee Resources Hub

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Seal the deal with a digital certificate you can slap on your resume and LinkedIn. Welcome to our Employee Resources Hub! Here you'll find links to our favorite blog and support articles, information about 7shifts Academy, our social media profiles, and more.

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Exploring the impact of long-term sustainable coffee sourcing

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Certifications can be a significant component of direct trade models. Direct trade and certifications aren’t mutually exclusive, but rather an opportunity to harness the best of both worlds,” Amy says. The green coffee trader was the first in the UK to receive a Fairtrade certification.

Managing Your Restaurant’s Maintenance & Sanitization During COVID-19

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Ask if the service provider will issue a window certificate for you to use for the added level of confidence your staff and guests are looking for when working or dining in your establishment.

Investing In Digital Technology Is Investing in Food Safety

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants should leverage a digital software program that can track employee hire dates, active employment dates, regulatory compliance certifications, in-house training certificates, and expiration dates and keep copies of the certificates on file.


Culinary Cues

To a cook enrolled in the school of hard knocks, this is a certificate of accomplishment. Kitchens are great equalizers – it is the place where individual talent and exceptional intellect can be less important that dependability, organization, focus, and teamwork.

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The Rise of Sustainable Food Sourcing: Considerations for Seafood Restaurateurs

Modern Restaurant Management

Just like farmers in the organic revolution, fisheries and farms must invest in new processes and have their supply chain re-audited regularly to show that they are consistently meeting stringent certification requirements.

How Proper Produce Management Impacts Your Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management

There are a number of third-party certifications growers can seek. which stands for good agriculture practices, is an established certification that underscores growers’ commitment to adding value to their product, reducing reputation risks and gaining access to new and local markets.

How NYC Restaurants Can Thrive Through the Winter

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Apply for a T-93 Certificate of Fitness , also required by the FDNY Review NYC guidelines for tents, umbrellas, and other outdoor enclosures Secure electric or propane heaters and extra fuel to prevent any prime-time outages. "Winter is coming".said said every restaurateur in existence.

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Reward Restaurant Workers this Holiday (Without Breaking the Bank)

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If both restaurants pay approximately 60% in prime costs (food + labor) to make a meal, they can sell each other gift certificates at 60% of face value — then use them as gifts for staff. A $50 gift certificate costs $30. A $100 gift certificate costs $60.

Lunch with the Contini Bonacossi family

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D'Vari, DipWSET obtained the winemaking diploma from UC Davis in addition to several sommelier and wine education certifications. Lunch with the Contini Bonacossi family.

How to Become a Restaurant Server


What Kind of Certifications Do Restaurant Servers Need? In addition to business-specific training, some states, counties, or municipalities require a more formalized certification process to make sure you know the relevant laws and safety practices for your job.

New PPP Loan Insurance Covers Food Service Establishments if the SBA Later Finds They Were Ineligible for the PPP Loan Program

Modern Restaurant Management

Businesses that benefited from PPP loans were required to meet the “necessity certification” requirement and consider alternative sources of liquidity, while also taking into account “affiliated” businesses, prior to submitting a loan application.

9 ways for restaurants to do right by their teams and communities


The teaching kitchen is in the final stages of approvals, planning, and certification and should be up and running next spring. Restaurateur Kwini Reed wears a smile around her neck.

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Coffee News Recap, 25 Nov: European dieticians believe coffee consumption has clear health benefits, PRF confirms multi-year sponsorship deals with MTPak Coffee and Ally Coffee & other stories

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Thu, 17 Nov – World Coffee Events to host Judge Certification in Dubai. To become a WCC Certified Judge, applicants must complete a two-day WCC Judge Certification test to demonstrate applicable skills and knowledge. Once received, WCC Judge Certification is valid for three years.

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