Wine Certification Courses

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Wine Certification Courses. Whether you’re a wine trade professional, a sommelier in a restaurant, or a wine lover eager to learn more, you are probably interested in wine certification courses. Wine Certification Courses: Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) . Wine Education Courses.

Sterling College’s School of the New American Farmstead Launches Four Professional Certificate Programs


The professional certificate programs build on the School of the New American Farmstead’s five-year history of providing nationally-acclaimed, week-long intensives focused on traditions and trends in food, farming and craft.

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How a Restaurant Pre-Shift Meeting Improves Communication and Profits

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They are working in your restaurant only UNTIL they get their big break in acting, UNTIL they get their real estate license, UNTIL they get their teaching certificate, UNTIL they finish school… you get the picture. A pre-shift meeting can improve communication and profits in your restaurant?

List of Licences Required to Open a Cloud Kitchen in India


No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner or the partner 10. Medical Certificates of Employees How to apply for FSSAI? Structural Stability Certificate signed by Structural Engineer 5. Medical Certificates of Employees 8. Lal Dora Certificate (Only in Delhi) 10.


Culinary Cues

First and foremost – congratulations on earning your degree or certificate. Know that the degree or certificate is more than an acknowledgement of the skills and knowledge that you have gained – it represents your level commitment and discipline that will serve you well.

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Culinary Cues

Here are some thoughts: If you have the financial where-with-all then stop into your neighborhood restaurant, café, or coffee shop and buy a gift certificate for a friend or for your own future use. We find ourselves in very troubling times.

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What Jobs are in Restaurants?


Servers need to have a food handlers certificate to understand safety best practices for serving food in the United States. However, the specifics of the certification vary depending on which state you work in. The restaurant industry is vibrant, active—and full of job opportunities.

Resources for Small Businesses During Covid-19

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Kabbage Payments has integrated with Facebook to sell and promote online gift certificates. IndoorMedia is committed to helping your business stay in business.

Restaurant Licensing: Licenses and Permits Needed To Open a Restaurant 

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Certificate of Occupancy. Certificate of Occupancy. What is a Certificate of Occupancy? . A Certificate of Occupancy confirms that the building your restaurant will operate in is properly constructed and maintained. How To Get a Certificate of Occupancy .

Broaden Your Palate & Shape Your Future at SOMMCON San Diego


Event date: November 13, 2019 (All day). Join the beverage industry's best and brightest for a three-day educational conference on the business of wine, beer, and spirits.



Initial topics include: - Demystifying the range of organic and eco-friendly certifications. - The value of organic certifications in the global marketplace. - To date, Europe is a leader in sustainability with 30 certifications out of 54 worldwide.

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Flagship Class Completes Partner Certification to Expand Restaurant Accounting Services. 11, 2019) — Restaurant365 ® is proud to announce its first graduating class of Certified Accounting Firm Partners having successfully completed the company’s sought after certification process. In achieving certification, Restaurant365 partners will increase efficiency, optimize labor and expand services for their restaurant clients.

How to Become a Restaurant Server


What Kind of Certifications Do Restaurant Servers Need? In addition to business-specific training, some states, counties, or municipalities require a more formalized certification process to make sure you know the relevant laws and safety practices for your job.

Learn2Serve vs ServSafe: Which is Better?


Learn2Serve specializes in online courses – the goal is to help you complete your certification entirely online. In fact, Learn2Serve is the only ANSI-recognized Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) program that allows online proctoring for your final certification exam.

Employee Engagement Best Practices for Restaurants

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Give employees certificates for completing certain courses or training milestones. Rewarding employees with certificates for learning achievements will help them develop professionally, keep them engaged at work, and encourage them to use new skills on the job.

3 Dynamic Podcasts for Wine Lovers

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These 3 podcasts for wine lovers are excellent training for students And for in wine certification programs. As a student in the various wine certification programs I often listen to Jim Duane’s podcasts more than once, and took detailed notes. Podcasts for wine lovers.

How Old Do You Have to be to Bartend?


Below is a table of the age requirements of the different states and Learn2Serve’s online liquor license training and certification courses per state to get you started right away in your bartending career. Learn2Serve’s Online Liquor License Training and Certification Courses Per State.

133: The Coronavirus/Covid 19: Survival Guide For Your Restaurant


Look to use Gift Certificates. You can sell Gift Certificates online and it gives loyal customers a quick and easy way to support your business and then come in and grab a meal in 8 weeks when things are a lot better. COVID 19 / Coronavirus Survival Guide For Your Restaurant.

Effective Promotional Ingredients for Going Green

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Apply for awards and certifications : Third-party validation goes a long way; look for award opportunities to highlight restaurant sustainability efforts. Consumers are prioritizing sustainability when it comes to dining choices, driving a trend for going green in the restaurant industry.

3 Time Tested Secrets for Remarkable Vineyards

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Josh, a firm believer in sustainable farming, has worked diligently to achieve green certification (both Napa Green and California Sustainable) on every acre of St. Supéry Dollarhide . St Supery Dollarhide Emma Swain CEO.

Four Ways to Streamline Reopening Procedures for Restaurants

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ServeSafe and food handler certification. We’re open. Have two words ever sounded so sweet? Restaurants owners across the country are cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing in preparation for reopening in the post-COVID-19 era. Though a handful of U.S.

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Restaurant Labor Management


Certification Tracking: Software shows which workers are certified to do certain things on the restaurant and their availability. More Accurate scheduling: Labor management automates the scheduling process, including factors like worker availability, certification, and preferences.

How to Uncover Outstanding Wine Tasting Book for Geeks

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Wine Folly has been a “must read” among the various wine educational certification programs , including the Court of Master Sommeliers and also the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust (WSET). This is especially true of people studying for wine certification examination s.

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Summer is a Good Time for Restaurant Owners to Focus on Preventing Communicable Diseases

Hospitality Insurance Group

The National Restaurant Association offers a Food Safety Manager Certification as part of its ServeSafe® program that could help reinforce important precautions at your establishment. By: Richard E. Welch, Jr. President & CEO, Hospitality Insurance Group.

Uber Eats Up Postmates and PPP Loan Data

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Having a minimum of one person per location with a current ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification. Certificates of completion are required.

Nikki Drake Named Bar Director of 2941 Restaurant


Drake received her Level One certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers in November 2018. With her new appointment comes the debut of 14 new seasonal libations spotlighting autumnal spirits.

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Make Your Restaurant a Social Media Hotspot

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” Or even something as simple as, “First 10 people to direct message us your favorite dish at our restaurant will receive a free dessert gift certificate.” Love it or hate it, Instagram is affecting your business.

Virtual Acceleration, Raising the Bar and Insult Monitor

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” GIG Rebrands Certification Group. To date, over 60,000 products from 51 countries have earned GFCO certification. The GFCO certification program protects consumers with gluten-related disorders by confirming that a product meets strict standards for gluten-free safety.

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What Delivery Customers Expect During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Reassure customers you are going the extra mile to protect their food by: Retraining staff and ensuring everyone’s Food Handler certifications are up to date. The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and estimates a $225 billion loss over the next three months.

Restaurant Reopening Resources

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“By combining this guidance with a restaurant’s existing policies gleaned from the FDA Food Code, ServSafe training, and recommendations from local health officials, they can help secure a safe opening,” said Sherman Brown, executive vice president, training and certification.

Learn Italian Wine

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The other is a certification course called the Italian Wine Professional. Learn Italian Wine map. Learn Italian Wine. When it comes to buying wine for tonight’s dinner, what country comes to mind? If it’s Italy, you are keeping in step with most wine consumers in the USA.

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Touring the Douro Valley with the Symington Port Family


The Symington Mission 2025 led by Rupert’s cousin Rob has already achieved significant sustainable milestones with receipt of B-Corp certification. Fewer than 30 wineries and only 2,000 businesses worldwide have received this certification.

Restaurant Holiday Catering & Marketing Tips

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Your serving staff will also potentially need a license, or TIPS certification, and will need to meet state requirements for the legal serving age. The holidays are just around the corner, and for many restaurants, that means gearing up for catering gigs.

CHART: The One-Stop Event for Employee Training Trends, Best Practices and Ideas

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Official certificate of Completion for Hospitality Training Competencies.

Tops in Global Cuisine and Tips for Tots

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Catania Oils Receives Halal Certification. In addition to Halal certification, many of Catania Oils’ products carry Kosher, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Quality Assurance International and AOCS certifications.

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Why Your Restaurant Needs Marketing and PR Now More Than Ever

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Selling gift cards and certificates for future use is another great option to keep money flowing while business is slow. During a recession or economic downturn, virtually everyone struggles. One of the first instincts for cost-cutting measures is to eliminate marketing.

As Restaurants Reopen, Focus Sharpens on Risk Mitigation

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Don’t forget to secure their certificates of insurance, hold-harmless agreements and contracts. There’s some light showing at the end of the tunnel the coronavirus created. However, as the U.S.

Restaurant Weighing Scales Guide: Why You Need Them in Your Restaurant  

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Since the scale is used for purchasing, selling and determining the cost of the product, most local regulations require it to be NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program Certificates of Conformance) certified. The importance of restaurant weighing scales cannot be underestimated.

Surviving COVID-19: Leading Staff Through Crisis


To help keep sales up as much as possible, be sure to regularly post to social media, or if you have a loyalty app, create specials or reminders that you’re open for business, and encourage purchase of gift certificates. Everyone will react to the COVID-19 pandemic differently.

Court of Master Sommeliers

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The reason is that going the “wine certification route” has become a trend. One rational is because of the vast numbers of wine trade personnel seeking out the Court of Master Sommeliers wine certification program. The higher level certifications also have restrictions.

How to Get a Competitive Advantage For Your New Restaurant

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And be sure to reward them for their time with a discount or gift certificate toward a future meal. A portion of this article is included as a chapter in a new, 90+ page eBook – How to Start a Business from Scratch: Build a Successful Business and Turn Your Ideas Into Money.

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Society of Wine Educators

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Many people need to take the exam more than one time to achieve a pass in this wine certification program. This is a good thing – it means that the certification this course offers is worth the study time and expense to achieve. Society of Wine Educators.

How to turn angry customers into fans


But don’t be overly generous, be careful offering a discount or a certificate for a future order since it normally doesn’t relate to the complaint. It doesn’t matter how awesome your food is – or that your friends think you’re a social genius.

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