Former Panda Express Employee Says She Was Made to Strip at Cult-Like Work-Endorsed Seminar


The incident allegedly occurred at a “self-improvement” seminar that her manager told her was required in order to be considered for promotion. Alive Seminars served — in essence — as an extension of Panda Express’ own Human Resources department,” the suit alleges.

Ani Ramen Chef Julian Valencia


Chef's Seminar May 2021 Asian cooking chef Japanese cooking New Jersey restaurants ramen restaurantTips for Slurpworthy Ramen.

2021 207

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Marseille Bouillabaisse-Chef Daniel Drexler


Chef's Seminar Food This Month Vol. Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal fish soup whose origins are tied to the port city of Marseille in southern France. The ancient Greeks who Continue Reading. 25 No.

Chef Elizabeth Karmel Shares Grilling Tips


Chef's Seminar This Month cooking grilling summer grillingConsumers spent more than $4.9 billion on grills, smokers, camping stoves, accessories and fuel in 2020 reports retail data tracking Continue Reading.

Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

Free Seminars: Legal Considerations when opening a bar or restaurant. Restaurant Management Boot Camp 2.0

Restaurant Law

2nd Fl, New York, NY 10027 Seminar Description : An insider look at tips, tricks, and best practices to start your first restaurant in NYC, presented by Restaurant Attorney James D. To Register : For the Downtown seminar: click HERE or paste the following link into your web browser: [link] For the Uptown seminar, click HERE or paste the following link into your web browser: [link]. When : Downtown Location : September 13, 2016 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

2016 43

Taste of the NFL: Where chefs and NFL communities win


Chef's Seminar Brown Sugar Kitchen Chef Michael Smith Chef Parke Ulrich. The San Francisco 49ers held a winning card at the charity event. Deborah Grossman. ?The

Matt Robinson’s “Chef Chat”© Andy Husbands


Chef's SeminarTheSmokeShop-16.jpg. Author(s): Matt Robinson. Teaser: Andy Husbands has helmed two of Boston’s most beloved restaurants for 20 years. He is elevated to the level of mensch monarchy.

The wine2wine Business Forum hosts first-ever Clubhouse wine marathon


The forum takes place over two days and features keynote sessions, seminars, and interactive workshops which aim to equip participants with practical tools to improve their business. The wine2wine Business Forum in Verona will host a six-hour Clubhouse marathon on Monday 18 October.

Emeritus Vineyards Announces Series of Online Educational Webinars for Wholesalers and Wine Professionals


The seminar will focus on where Hallberg Ranch fits into the Green Valley and Russian River Valley AVAs. The seminars, which will be hosted on Zoom, will include an educational presentation, followed by a Q & A.

3 Delicious Reasons You’ll Love Italian Wine Tasting

A Wine Story

The Live Milano Wine Week Seminar. I was impressed by the excellent coordination between the restaurant and the presenter (live from a simultaneous seminar with journalists in Miami). Question: What were the key points in the organization between the seminars and the restaurants?

Are managers managing or are they leading?

Core Hospitality

Are there section seminars scheduled for advance training monthly? Does the manager take enough time developing their people Are they rallying the staff pre revenue period with a shift meeting? Creating direction and synergy with the staff. Managing the staff to create the guest experience? Working the floor via the “Manager 500” operations model. Are the managers conducting any one on ones with staff that need it post shift?

2018 107

Librandi Wines of Calabria

A Wine Story

In the Librandi wines seminar, Paolo mentioned that the salinity of the sea is clear in the wine. The Librandi seminar was a fantastic introduction to the wines of Calabria, and to a family among the first to bring these wines from this magical land to thirsty international wine markets.

??7 Secrets of Virtual Wine Tasting Kits You’ll Love

A Wine Story

The Unified Wine Symposium recently featured an informative seminar about virtual wine tasting kits. From this and other online seminars on the topic, the “unboxing” includes the moment the consumer receives the wine shipment. Virtual Wine Tasting Kits.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend The Restaurant Success Summit

Embrace the Suck

I have spoken at and attended hundreds of conferences, expos, and seminars. While each one had some great things, none had all three elements for success. The biggest thing lacking was a strategic plan with an accountability structure. So, I decided to create a conference that had all three: education + strategy + accountability. Say hello to The Restaurant Success Summit ™! Why should you attend? Here are the Top 5 Reasons you want to be there!

2019 235

Master of Wine – 3 Secrets

A Wine Story

Though the Institute of Masters of Wine provides many resources in the form of a study guide, a mentor, and a residential seminar week where students can hone their tasting skills and sharpen their essay writing, it is a self-study program. Master of Wine – 3 Secrets.

Going Full Circle in Chicago


Teaser: Annual beverage conference features informative seminars and networking over great wines. All in all, there were 13 seminars on two days of working lunches, breakouts, a grand tasting, and by-invitation-only dinners, including one led by blue-bereted Chef Francis Mallmann. The idea that spirits can show terroir is an interesting one, but a seminar with a Bourbon producer and a Scotch producer did little to advance the argument. full circle.jpg.

2019 100



The schedule includes meetings and seminars, masterclasses, tastings, walk-around tastings, forums and many more wine-related events. MWW_BOVARA_11102019_CF_med res_-01616.jpg. Author(s): Bernard Kenner.

2020 130

??3 “Secrets” For Remote Wine Tasting You’ll Love

A Wine Story

Supery , an exclusive award-winning winery in the Napa Valley, offers an entire remote wine tasting experience with their virtual seminars. Can Remote Wine Tasting Kits Save the USA Wine Industry?

Introducing Chef Mark Duesler!

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

Mark debuted his culinary acumen at the FSTC’s Greener Restaurants: The Power of Green seminar on December 7th. The seminar focused on environmentally responsible and sustainable foodservice management including discussions of proper waste handling, locally-sourced food procurement, energy efficient equipment, and water conservation practices. Chef Mark Duesler’s spread for the Greener Restaurants seminar on December 7th, 2016. Michael Karsz, Research Technician.

2016 40

5 Delusions Managers Have About Leaders

Embrace the Suck

Take time for self care to recharge their internal battery (workouts, meditation, journaling), Invest in training by attending seminars, taking courses, or getting a coach (hint, hint). So, what is your title? Are you a manager or a leader? Before you jump on the “I’m a leader bandwagon”, we should have a talk. You might be suffering from Leadership Delusion. It’s fairly common in this industry. We have a lot of preconceived notions about what a leader really is.

2019 219

Wine Certification Courses

A Wine Story

Many wine trade professionals also seek the diploma, and go on to teach classes during the annual SWE seminars. MW mentors help give students guidance, while the yearly residential seminars reinforce the learning. Wine Education Courses. Wine Certification Courses.

Summer Food Festivals: Best Food Festivals In The US

Bottleneck Management

After reading about the cheese and beverage seminars, exotic burgers, and the food and beverage pairings from France, Italy, Japan, and Mexico , I had one thing to say: Learn more about the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Looking for something fun to do this summer? Why not try a food festival? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best summer food festivals in the country—take a look and see what food festivals are happening in your city! Uptown Food Truck Festival: June 23rd.

Wasting Away: Reducing Food (and Energy) Waste for Restaurants

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

The Food Service Tecnology Center (FSTC) held two educational seminars in June covering the relationship between food and energy waste. The seminar at the PG&E facility in San Ramon featured presentations from the FSTC’s Richard Young and Claudia Pingatore who were joined by guest speakers Samantha Sommers ( ReThink Disposable ), Mike Goldblatt ( Copia ), Kerry Flickner ( Foodservice Sustainability Solutions ), and Anne Baker & Kimberly Lam ( Republic Waste Services ).

2017 40

6 Proven Ancillary Revenue Ideas for Hotels (2021)


A few examples of add-on guests experiences that drive ancillary hotel revenue include: Spa area Massage services Cooking and fitness classes Business seminars Movie rental Arcade. 2020 showed us that you can never be complacent in your hotel’s revenue strategy.

2021 83

A Vision For the Future of Western Tea Culture


We educate, hold seminars, and host tea-tasting sessions and spend lots of energy getting out there in the world in hopes of showing even just one person that there are better choices out there, and not to be content with sacrificing quality for convenience.

Slow Wine Announces New US Editor For The Slow Wine Guide


She also guides tastings and educational seminars, and judges several wine competitions each year. Slow Wine has named Deborah Parker Wong National Editor of the US edition of the Guide. The appointment follows the announcement of a new digital approach for reviewing wines for the 2021 Guide.

??Judy Jordan Geodesy Wine ??

A Wine Story

Moderating the seminar was Marika Vida-Arnold, the founder of the critically acclaimed Phenomenal Femmes Program and Wine Director of The Ritz-Carlton Central Park (New York) for the past two decades. Judy Jordan of Geodesy Wine.

11 Thrilling Wine Business Trends To Delight

A Wine Story

This two-day wine business trends seminar focused more directly on technology and finance regarding virtual tastings. Wine Business Trends 2020 - Wine Business Monthly. Man Ordering Wine Online - Wine Business Trends. Highlights from Technology and Financial Webinar.



→ 30-min WALK UP SEMINARS. Delve into world-leading Australian wine at six Wine Australia trade events across the US during Aussie Wine Month, Sept. 19 - Oct. 3, 2019. AUSSIE WINE MONTH TRADE TASTINGS. Meet the passionate winemakers who are doing things their own way and learn how this ancient continent is producing wines that are leading the world. This tasting offers an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about the current landscape of Australian wines.

2019 100

Cuisine Solutions Collaborates with Taffer’s Tavern Founder and CEO Jon Taffer for New Restaurant Venture


CREA educates and consults professional chefs and top industry professionals alike through educational programs, global seminars, online video courses and customized engagements.

Hotels 130

Trade Commission of Spain and Mercado Little Spain Celebrate Spanish Culture With This Year’s ‘Spain’s Great Match’ Event in New York


During the daytime event, members of the wine trade and press are invited to a series of Spanish tasting seminars and workshops in addition to the walk-around tasting. " Wine trade and press are invited to attend the event for seminars and a walk-around tasting from 12:00 p.m. New York seminar schedules will follow shortly. Event date: October 1, 2019 (All day). The Iconic Annual Food and Wine Event in the U.S

2019 100

11 Key Factors to Make Your Restaurant Business Successful


Such as you can organise small party or event or seminars which can market your business among the public. New restaurants are coming up every day, from food truck business to fine dining to cafes and to theme-based restaurants, options are uncountable. Running your own business is sounds great but make a restaurant business successful is not easy. Selecting a good location can’t alone give a guarantee of success.

2019 49

Foodservice Forecast 2017: Has Cutting Waste Become More Profitable Than Unit Growth?

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

The Food Service Technology Center kicked off 2017 with our annual Foodservice Forecast seminar featuring presentations by Foodservice Equipment Reports ‘ Robin Ashton, the California Restaurant Association ‘s Jot Condie and Jessica Lynam, and myself. This year’s seminar touched on the size and shape of the foodservice industry, challenges faced by California restaurateurs, and national sustainability trends. Richard Young, Director of Education.

2017 40

How to Become a Successful Restaurant Owner?


Attend seminars, webinars, meet people who are already working in the industry have a healthy conversation with them, follow their strategies, if required join classes with your staff for training purposes. Owning a Restaurant is quite challenging but at the same time, it’s a rewarding role.

Black Vintners and Wine Professionals in the Spotlight?


Jones holds workshops, seminars, and networking events to encourage more Black partnership and mentorship in the industry and more public awareness of Black wine quality and environmental awareness. The wine world wakes up to Black wine personalities. Deborah Grossman.

Society of Wine Educators

A Wine Story

This conference is a lot of fun in the sense that participants can meet other students, seminar leaders, and widely known professionals in the wine trade during lunches, dinners, and evening parties. Society of Wine Educators. The Society of Wine Educators (SWE).

The Birthplace of American Spirits


I was recently invited to meet with 25 distillers, tour seven distilleries, participate in a cocktail seminar and dine on exceptional culinary delights. virginiaspirits-org_orig.jpeg. Author(s): Penny Weiss. Teaser: The origins of American spirits in America featuring a taste of A. Smith Bowman's magical bourbon.

2019 121

Entering China’s Emerging Coffee Market

Perfect Daily Grind

In 2018, the first International Specialty Coffee Expo and Forum took place; showcasing the Yunnan region’s varietals to international roasters and importers, and educating local industry professionals with talks and seminars.

Planning For a Positive Work Culture in Your Coffee Shop

Perfect Daily Grind

He will be leading Campfire Café: Retaining Employees and the Coffee Business Start-Up Seminar with Bellissimo co-founder Bruce Milletto at Coffee Fest L.A. Some good examples of utilising external educators include engaging in hiring bias workshops, inclusivity seminars, regular health or café hygiene audits, and even coffee training classes to improve staff knowledge.

2019 73

Round Up of New Spirits


The iconic conference, which focuses on spirits education and includes seminars, tastings, competitions and networking events has turned to a digital format planned to run from July 21-26, 2020. Deborah Grossman.

11 Key Factors to Make Your Restaurant Business Successful


Such as you can organise small party or event or seminars which can market your business among the public. New restaurants are coming up every day, from food truck business to fine dining to cafes and to theme-based restaurants, options are uncountable. Running your own business is sounds great but make a restaurant business successful is not easy. Selecting a good location can’t alone give a guarantee of success.

2019 40


Culinary Cues

If you have never been through a Riedl glass seminar then make sure you put it on your list of “must do” experiences. We are tactile beings – the feel and texture of things that we encounter is very personal and very important to our life experience.

2020 310