Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Climate and Agriculture?


The Democratic presidential candidate supports a zero-emissions goal for ag and wants to incentivize carbon markets, but his platform makes no mention of animal agriculture or organic farming This story was originally published on Civil Eats. Animal agriculture’s climate impacts.

Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) Now Open to Non-Agricultural Businesses, Including Restaurants

Restaurant Engine

For almost two months, applications to a $1,000-per-employee, grant-like program were limited to agricultural businesses. Small Business Administration (SBA) has reopened its application window to non-agricultural businesses for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program.


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Food, Agriculture Essential Workers Should Be Among Next in Line for Vaccine, CDC Panel Votes


Frontline essential workers, including those in the food production and agriculture sectors, should be next in line for the coronavirus vaccine , along with people ages 75 and older, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention proposed in an interim recommendation on December 20.

Climate Change Is Hurting Forests’ Ability To Filter Agricultural Nitrate Pollution

Earth Eats

A new study shows forests are really good at filtering contaminants out of water, but they’re not catching everything. Articles Blog Posts Content Type Earth Eats Homepage Harvest Public Media Subfeatured Top Story

‘Gangsta Gardener’ Ron Finley On The Magic Of Growing Your Own Food

Earth Eats

Earth Eats Homepage Podcasts Subfeatured Top Story Uncategorized community garden eggs fingerling potatoes Fritatta gangsta gardener harvest public media Hutton Honors College los angeles Madelyn Beck potatoes Ron Finley squash blossoms sustainable agriculture urban gardening youth gardeningThanks to Ron Finley, you can grow food on the public parkways in South Central L.A. and all over the city. Thanks to Ron Finley, you can grow food on the public parkways in South Central L.A.

2019 64

Vegetarian Chile Verde And A New Box Of Bees

Earth Eats

Content Type Earth Eats Homepage Podcasts Subfeatured Top Story Uncategorized agriculture annie corrigan beekeeping Chef Arlyn Llewellyn chile peppers chile verde enchilada farmers forests function brewing harvest public media honey bees jackfruit migrating birds mike bennett nitrates povers vegetarian water filtrationThe Chef at Function Brewing shares a recipe for Chile Verde using jackfruit instead of pork.

2019 63

Meating In The Middle: The Challenge of Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions On Farms

Earth Eats

Agriculture is the leading producer of methane emissions in the U.S. Articles Community Blogs Earth Eats Homepage Harvest Public Media News Updates Subfeatured Top Story climate change cows harvest public media Madelyn Beck methane sustainable agricultureIs there a way to raise beef sustainably?

2019 40

Biden could do a lot to fight factory farming even without Congress


One of president-elect Biden’s most consequential Cabinet choices will be Secretary of Agriculture [link

Drones Support 21st Century Tea Cultivation


Do drones have a role to play in the future of agriculture? We will become increasingly challenged by climate change, so any opportunity to get a leg up on agricultural pests will allow tea farmers to support organic farming practices more effectively. Photo “Flying quadcopter drone agriculture farming” is copyright under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike Generic License 2.0 Tea Industry Agriculture Drones Tea technology

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Black Farmers Have Long Faced Discrimination. New Aid Aims To Right Past Wrongs

The Salt

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack talked with NPR about new funding for debt relief. Generations of systemic discrimination have decimated the number of Black farmers in the U.S. Image credit: Charlie Riedel/AP

Webinar series: USDA Grants for shared kitchens

The Food Corridor

Why: The USDA recently announced the availability of millions of dollars in competitive grant funding under the Farm Bill’s Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP). USDA encourages projects that assist underserved local and regional agricultural businesses, producer networks and associations, and local and tribal government in responding to COVID-19 disruptions and impacts. million in grant funding was announced for the Local Agriculture Market Program alone.

Federal Grants Programs for Shared Use Commercial Kitchens Supporting Local Food Systems

The Food Corridor

million in grant funding was announced for the Local Agriculture Market Program alone. Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, Tallahassee, Florida (Local Agriculture Market Program) . ” Foothills Farmers Market, Shelby, North Carolina (Local Agriculture Market Program)

USDA Moves To Feed Millions Of Children Over The Summer

The Salt

Department of Agriculture announced it's expanding a pandemic program into the summer to help families pay for meals their children won't get in school. The U.S.

Nut Thefts Are A Problem: They're Tough Cases To Crack

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Organized agricultural crime rings have long targeted California's pistachio and almond growers. Theft is becoming more of a serious concern as production has increased within the past few years. Image credit: Justin Kase Conder/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Thousands Of Pounds Of DiGiorno Frozen Pizza Have Been Recalled Over Allergy Concerns

The Salt

Department Of Agriculture Food Safety And Inspection Service The Crispy Pan Crust pepperoni pizza product carton may actually contain frozen three-meat pizza, which is made with textured soy protein, an allergen that may not be reflected on the label. Image credit: U.S.


Culinary Cues

Similar problems rise up in agriculture as dairy farmers are faced with a diminished market for their product with the restaurant business in shutdown. Every day there are lessons to be learned.

As Food Supply Chain Breaks Down, Farm-To-Door CSAs Take Off

The Salt

Community Supported Agriculture programs that sell a weekly box of produce directly to consumers are popular amid concerns about grocery shopping during the pandemic.

Solving the Labor Shortage | Season 5, Vol. 3: Picnic


Wood says when asked to share about himself, “So my background I'm a mechanical engineer by training, I've worked in a bunch of industries including Aerospace renewable energy agriculture, robotics and after a series of startups, Picnic is really where I want to be.”

Shared-Use Kitchen Food Business Survey

The Food Corridor

The Food Corridor’s latest collaboration is with Colorado State University and the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service on a nationwide survey of food businesses operating out of shared-use kitchens. Are you a food business operating in a shared-use kitchen ?

Navigating the Supply Chain in the Restaurant Industry

Goliath Consulting

According to this McKinsey Report, these “changes in consumer behavior continue to ripple through the US food and agricultural supply chains” even today (1).


Planet Grape

Congratulations to her fellow recipients as well: Amanda Skidmore/Agriculture Business. Jonathan Moules/Agriculture Education.

The 33 Essential Restaurants in Des Moines


Goldie’s Ice Cream Shoppe. Where to find an unfussy BYOB French bistro, Ecuadorian comfort food in a strip mall, and the largest craft beer selection west of the Mississippi.

What Food Supply Chain News Means to You and Your Restaurant


This is the best way to stay informed on upcoming food and agriculture trends and challenges related to produce, proteins, grocery and more. Reading Time: 3 minutes.

??Willamette Valley Pinot Noir: Sokol-Blosser

A Wine Story

Sokol Blosser Winery has been Certified Organic by the Oregon Department of Agriculture since 2005. Willamette Pinot Noir from Sokol-Blosser Winery. In 1966, most Stanford graduates would prepare for exciting professional careers in cities like San Francisco, Manhattan, or Chicago.

How State and County Fairs Are Becoming Tech Savvy


The United States had a similar beginning for fairs: They were sites for agricultural and livestock farmers to meet and compete. Eventually, the concept trickled down to New England, where a farmer and patriot Elkanah Watson would soon earn the title of “Father of US Agricultural Fairs.”.

2019 78

July/August 2020 Legal Update

Modern Restaurant Management

Department of Agriculture Proposes Rule to Fight Organic Fraud : On August 5,, the Agricultural Marketing Service of the U.S. Pooja S.

2020 116

Seafood Delivery Services That Ship Right to Your Door

Restaurant Clicks

The seafood delivery program aims to reduce industrial agriculture and provide a reasonable alternative to families. Seafood delivery services provide excellent customer service by providing the freshest fish available.

Restaurant Industry Suppliers: Time to Retool and Realign

Aaron Allen & Associates

Agricultural Production. Agricultural yield has increased historically with productivity gains increasing 5 fold since the 1940s, thanks to technological advancements.

Foodservice ESG Investments: Investing with Passion and Purpose

Aaron Allen & Associates

Clear examples are pursuing opportunities in clean technology, sustainable agriculture, or financing services for disadvantaged populations. More and more investors are considering ROIs together with purpose.

2030 56

How Rural Restaurants Can Help the UK’s Food Security Problem

Modern Restaurant Management

While the UK benefits from a successful agricultural industry, many domestic and international factors affect food production and prices for consumers. A successful agricultural industry gives the perception that food security isn’t at risk in the UK.

Why Farmworkers Are Especially at Risk for COVID-19


But more than half tested positive , and the farm turned out to be one of the first confirmed clusters of the virus among agricultural workers. It also showed that the guidelines for preventing coronavirus spread in agriculture — most of them voluntary measures — are likely insufficient.

The Top Chefs to Watch in Washington, D.C.

Restaurant Clicks

It comes as no surprise that when Chef Haidar Karoum opened Chloe, it was named not only after his niece, but a nod to the Greek Goddess of Agriculture as well. Washington, D.C. is full of restaurants, and many would say it is one of the culinary capitals in America.

2021 142

Wildfire Season: How Restaurants Can Better Protect Themselves

Modern Restaurant Management

Search your local area to view the risk using this tool from the USDA and Department of Agriculture. Starting in August , more than 9,000 wildfires burn in the U.S., on average, causing nearly two million acres of damage, which includes residential and business structures.

10 Tips for Promoting Sustainability in the Food Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

From soil sensing to agriculture monitoring solutions, there are a number of IoT tools available to help with harvests and yields. The COVID-19 pandemic led to fluctuations in domestic producer prices, particularly in the food sector , according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Contemporary Roles of Women in Tea; Focus on Nepal


Menuka aims to implement IOT ( Internet of Things) in the agricultural sector of Nepal. She wants to inspire youth on agriculture and change the concept of agriculture in Nepal. Introducing a new feature – a video interview with a contributing author. .

The Tasting Menu at the End of the World


After that, they went to Hokkaido, Japan, where for two and a half years he cooked at Michel Bras’s Toya, and Katina studied agriculture on several farms in the region, which was renowned for its strawberries. Kyle and Katina Connaughton at SingleThread Farm in Sonoma County, California.

USDA grants available to support local and regional food systems

The Food Corridor

Apply for a USDA grant to support your organization’s direct-to-consumer markets, local and regional food markets and enterprises, or value-added agricultural products. In particular, projects can help underserved local and regional agricultural entities respond to COVID-19 disruptions and impacts. million supports direct producer-to-consumer marketing, local and regional food markets and enterprises, and value-added agricultural products.

Want to See Food and Land Justice for Black Americans? Support These Groups.


Food and agriculture, like everything in this country, are deeply intertwined with our nation’s entrenched history of slavery and structural racism. A protester in New York City on June 2 | Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images.

Five Food & Hospitality Trends for a Post-Lockdown World

Future Food

for more information, an Australian website dedicated to supporting local agriculture. Five Food & Hospitality Trends for a Post-Lockdown World.

How Convenience Store Food Is Fixing Its Reputation


According to the Department of Agriculture, families now spend more on food away from home than on food within the home–a change that occurred even far back as 2010. . Convenience store food has a reputation problem. Or should I say, had a reputation problem. .

Singani 63 Successful at Changing the Rules


And boy weren’t we surprised when we arrived at the meeting room to find about 20 people there from departments including USTR, State, Commerce, Agriculture and even USPTO! Five years ago I was guiding the launch of a new-to-the-U.S. brand and category, Singani 63.

??5 Super Tasty Ways to Enjoy Bodega Norton You’ll Love

A Wine Story

Yet the non-stop lines and various screening checkpoints for agriculture and livestock can take an hour or more. Bodega Norton Malbec. Bodega Norton Malbec is one of the iconic wines of the Mendoza (Argentina) region. Forbes.com covered this dynamic winery recently.

2006 122

Time-tested Food Truck Menu Ideas to Generate More Sales

The Restaurant Times

Every region has its local agricultural produce that thrives there and is even completely unique to the region. The idea is to utilize the products of local agriculture and sourcing locally. Thinking about opening a food truck business? Can’t decide what kind of food to serve?