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Three Things Your POS Can’t Do if You Lose Internet

Modern Restaurant Management

By doing so, the company can prevent downtime, saving anywhere from $1000 to $2000 an hour. One of the fastest-growing pizza chains in America, Jet’s Pizza, recently opted to implement a cloud-based online ordering system and a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that runs on a static IP connection.

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[Podcast] Staying Ahead of the Curve of What Customers Want

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Back around 2000, I started noticing people throwing away hamburger buns and French fries. Mijo Alanis opened the first Beyond Juicery + Eatery in 2005 alongside his wife, Pam Vivio, after working in the restaurant industry for many years. The best ideas come from paying close attention to consumer behavior.

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Culinary Cues

In 1800 the world population was approximately 1 billion; by 2000 that number had reached 7.9 Think of the impact on supply that this creates now and in the future. [] GROWING POPULATION: While numerous factors impact food supplies, the world population continues to grow and so too does the demand for those products.

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Five Signs You Need to Switch from Excel to Scheduling Software

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Recommended Reading: How Shift Scheduling Software Helps Restaurants Save $2000 Per Month. Even the managers who are most on the ball can overlook things. Scheduling software makes sure that doesn't happen. Payroll is a lot of plug and chug. When it comes time to do payroll, it feels like you're gathering endless documents.

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10 Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms in Fort Lauderdale

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2000 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 Phone: (954) 556-7667 Visit Website. Ocean 2000 is a seafood restaurant that is located in Pelican Grand Beach Resort at Fort Lauderdale Beach. At Ocean 2000 you will be enjoying American dishes with Latin influence. Make a Reservation. Make a Reservation. Make a Reservation.

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Founder of Sushi Maki on Developing a Brand Over Two Decades


He founded a fast casual burrito chain but transitioned to Sushi Maki in 2000. Ng says, “Hard to believe that in the early 2000 where we were in South Miami and in Coral Gables Florida there weren't a lot of sushi bars.” Twenty-two years later Sushi Maki is still a family business and today operates twenty-five restaurants.

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World Tea Expo: Virtual Summit 2021


Continuing their efforts to support specialty tea businesses, World Tea made an impressive Covid pivot last October with their first Virtual Summit and were delighted when more than 2000 participants gathered for the event.

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