7 tips for setting up food delivery for your restaurant


Restaurant-to-customer food delivery was already anticipated to explode in the early 2020s, and market research now forecasts global market growth of over $40 billion by 2023. Even before 2020, delivery service was looking like the way of the future when it comes to the restaurant business.

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The Future is Now Keynote | Paul Barron


By 2023, digital channel expansion will increase to 70 percent of restaurant food sales. Food Leaders blends virtual experiences with premium production and content to educate business operators worldwide.

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Zomato is likely to Buy Uber Eats India: Latest Report


billion by 2023. Highlights : 1. Zomato to buy Uber Eats India 2. Uber Eats India Currently Valued at $400 million. Uber might invest between $150 – $200 million in Zomato.

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Why Innovative Dining Experiences Are Driven by Facility Management Technology

Modern Restaurant Management

A new normal has evolved in the restaurant industry: Digital delivery sales are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of over 22 percent through 2023 , according to L.E.K.

How delivery has transformed the restaurant industry


billion dollar by 2023*. It’s impossible to imagine the food and restaurant industry today without food delivery. Just a few years ago, takeaway and delivery was all about pizza, kebab and Chinese food.

Why Driving Traffic is Still Central to Restaurant Marketing

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is one of two countries, along with France, that registered above the industry average for restaurant investments in drive-to-store, with the investment level predicted to rise to 77 percent by 2023. BY ED SILHAN ​ So why do restaurants see so much value in drive-to-store advertising?

5 Steps to do Social Media Right

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With more than 79% of the US population now using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 1 and users projected to increase to 257 million by 2023, restaurants can no longer afford not to invest in their social media presence. Using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to grow your restaurant business. By Bora Kang.

Planning to start a Cloud kitchen? Here’s all you need to know before.


Bn by 2023. The whole country is facing a global crisis caused by COVID-19 which led to a change in the way restaurants operates. Coronavirus pandemic created a massive agitation in the restaurant industry.

Why Third-Party Delivery Partnerships May Not Be All They’re Cracked Up To Be

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According to research done by eMarketer , 23 percent of all smartphone users will use a food delivery app by 2023. As we head into 2020 and digital ordering continues to boom, the restaurant segment is in for some major changes, particularly when it comes to delivery.

The complete list of food delivery services in Europe


Europe’s top 5 countries in terms of platform-to-consumer revenue are the UK ($2,061 million by 2023), Germany (377 million), France (941 million), Spain (430 million) and Italy (391 million)*. (Updated Nov 2019).

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

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every year until 2023. Introducing new customers to specialty coffee or converting coffee enthusiasts to new origins and exotic varieties is one of the great things about operating a specialty coffee shop.

Silent Tech for Engaging Your Customers | Restaurant Recovery Series


Some scientists expect this pandemic’s ripple effects to continue through 2023, and the occurrence of another pandemic is always possible. Check out the Restaurant Recovery Resource to keep up to date on the latest innovations and ideas to help your business recover from the crisis.

Want To Invest In A Restaurant? Place Your Bets On Cloud Kitchens.

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Bn by 2023. Cloud kitchens, famously known as dark kitchens or ghost kitchens, are expanding like wildfire, attracting huge investments and revolutionizing the restaurant industry like never before.

Discovering the Vast Business Opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s Cloud Kitchen Market

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The online food delivery industry is expected to grow and register an annual revenue of USD 2Bn by 2023.

Beginners Guide to Pair Food and Wine


They’ve estimated a 34% rise in organic wine consumption by 2023. Pairing food and wine with a specialized menu and keeping up with wine trends will help boost your restaurant sales all-year-round. Believe it or not, any kind of restaurant can have a wine and food pairing menu.

Restaurant Labor Laws Cheat Sheet: Oregon State

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Employee Pay Regulations Oregon Minimum Wage Oregon’s minimum wage varies in each part of the state and is scheduled to rise annually until at least 2023.

Why Investing in Cloud Kitchen Operations can Unlock New Revenue Streams for Businesses in Singapore

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billion by 2023. Across the world, the trend of online food delivery is picking up like never before.

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COVID-19 Is the Opportunity Plant-Based Alternatives Have Waited For

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As a result, industry sources report that sales of alternative meat products in Japan could double to reach $312 million annually by 2023. Covid19 has wreaked havoc with certain sectors of America’s food chain — most recently and notoriously, the meat industry.

What?s Even the Point of Credit Card Points Now?


When Delta extended its contract with American Express in 2019, the airline said it expected to be making $7 billion annually by 2023 from the deal — and that’s just one airline. Getty Images. Travel and dining rewards don’t mean much when you can’t travel or dine.

MRM Franchise Feed: Kitchen of the Future, Restaurant Sherpas and Dunkin’ Hirin’

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Previously a Dunkin’ restaurant, Patel has converted the Clinton Township location into a Captain D’s and has plans to develop two additional Captain D’s restaurants across the Detroit metro area by 2023.

MRM Plant-Based: Trends in Meatless and Copper Branch Expands in Time for Veganuary

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In the IDTechEx report “Plant-based and Cultured Meat 2020-2030”, we forecast that the first products will not be released until 2023. Please send plant-based news to Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Barbara Castiglia at bcastiglia@modernrestaurantmanagement.com.

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MRM Research Roundup: Mid-December 2019 Edition

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This edition of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine's Research Roundup features the great gift of a restaurant gift card, learning about event professionals, top QSR traffic and digital ordering strategies. Holiday Traffic Not Enough.

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MRM Research Roundup: Mid-January 2020 Edition

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billion in alcohol sales by 2023.

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Gift a Plate and Ambient Restaurant Sounds Playlist

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US Foods expects to achieve approximately $20 million in annual run-rate cost synergies by the end of 2023, primarily through purchasing efficiencies and expansion of private brand products.