Restaurant Design Trends for 2021

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurant design, kitchens, and the dining customer experience has been changing over the past few years and with the COVID pandemic, it may be changing again. We asked Ponte what his thoughts were in regard to recent trends in restaurant design.

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Restaurant Design

The Restaurant Group

Restaurant design is critical to the success of any food service establishment, yet it tends to be regularly disregarded. In other words, your restaurant design plays a large role in the overall guest experience and ultimately your restaurant’s success. Small Design Details Count.


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10 Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Interior

Modern Restaurant Management

One key reason why many restaurants fail despite having great food is failing to consider the restaurant design. Restaurant interior design is the key to attracting customers. When planning a restaurant design consider who will be your customers.

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The Future of Restaurant Design Post COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

In a post COVID-19 world, restaurant design must evolve and adapt to the new normal. With the evolution of the hospitality design, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems will need to adapt to the changing architecture.

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Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

Where Design Meets Performance: Importance of Commercial Kitchen and Bar Designs

The Restaurant Group

A well-designed commercial kitchen and bar is an efficient way to prevent accidents and ensure proper management. Whether you want to re-design your current business or start a brand new restaurant, you have to pay close attention to your commercial kitchen and bar design.

The Breakfast Cook – Tough, Dependable, Organized, and Fast

Culinary Cues

Just because you are listed on a schedule as a cook does not necessarily mean that you are adept at filling every position under that designation. There are cooks and there are cooks – each has his or her list of responsibilities, required skills, and bag of tricks.

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The Future of Restaurant Design (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

Topics discussed include restaurant design, what goes into it and how the pandemic altered how restaurants are approaching their restaurant design. Listen to learn about how Starr feels about good design and operational efficiency deliver guest expectations.

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Ultimate Restaurant Website Design Guide for Beginners

7 Shifts

This rise in digital interactions has made it critical for restaurants to have well-designed websites. After all, intuitive design and up-to-date information can turn a website visitor into a paying customer. Restaurant website design ideas from real restaurants.

Architectural Salvage: Hot Restaurant Design Trend

Modern Restaurant Management

As the desire to develop new and update older restaurant establishments increases, designers and owners seek to add an authentic historical touch to their spaces by incorporating architectural salvage. ” Design architectural salavage design trends Restaurant Design terri sacks

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Restaurant Design Tips

The Restaurant Group

Restaurant Design. While great food and customer service are essential for return business, the ambiance and restaurant design are equally as important. Your restaurant’s design sets the stage for a customer’s dining experience. Balancing Restaurant Design and Occupancy .

Why You Need a Restaurant Designer

The Restaurant Group

What is a restaurant designer. But not all restaurant designers and consultants are created equally – it is wise to conduct thorough interviews and hire someone that aligns well with your overall business goals and brand identity. Choosing a limited or trend dependent design.

How to Create an Engaging Web Design for Your Restaurant 

Modern Restaurant Management

As a restaurant owner, you’ve put some serious thought into your interior design, menu development and ambience creation to make your guests feel comfortable and attract more people to visit. But have you thought about your website design? Align your web design with your style.

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Exploring Some Of The Factors That Influence Café Design

Perfect Daily Grind

Many of these spaces were repurposed factories or storefronts, and had not truly been designed with customer experience in mind. . I spoke to some baristas and café owners to learn about more of the factors that influence café design. Exploring Some Of The Major Trends In Café Design.

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Six Ways the Pandemic Is Transforming Restroom Design

Modern Restaurant Management

While cleanliness has always been a goal in designing restrooms, coronavirus has underscored the need for hygienic, sterile and safe environments. The following design strategies might help guard against coronavirus and other germ transmission in public restrooms: No-Touch Fixtures.

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Changes to Restaurant Design as a Result of COVID-19

The Restaurant Group

Changes to Restaurant Design as a Result of COVID-19: Permanent or Temporary? As a result, there are several changes to restaurant design underway. Let’s take a look at some of these changes in post-COVID restaurant design. Lessons in Post-COVID Restaurant Design.

Restaurant Menu Design Tips to Drive Sales and Increase Profits

Sculpture Hospitality

There are plenty of ways that you can increase profits at your restaurant. Implementing effective beverage and food inventory management systems , reducing the amount of deadstock you keep in storage and offering a takeout service are some of the ways that your restaurant can improve its bottom line.

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How to Design the Best Dry Cleaning Coupons

Indoor Media

Today, whether you’re running a print ad or advertising through an online platform — you’re going to want to design the best dry cleaning coupons possible. Try to differentiate your design from theirs. The post How to Design the Best Dry Cleaning Coupons appeared first on IndoorMedia.

What Goes Into Designing a Wine Label?


Three designers on the inspiration that goes into creating the bottles you reach for. As the design director of Eater, judging things on how they look is part of my job. Designer and founder of Studio MMBB. What are the steps of your creative process as an illustrator/designer?

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7 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant’s Design for Delivery


The extra space afforded by having a purpose-designed packing area will help your staff ensure orders are accurate and complete. It’s a balancing act that can be largely solved with good restaurant design and a solid system. Boost profits by taking delivery design seriously.

Food & Design: A Partnership For Success

Future Food

Food & Design: A Partnership For Success. There are a few recent openings in Melbourne that demonstrate how the design of the hospitality operation may provide intrinsic benefits to maximise the current and future opportunities. Design Hospitality

How to Boost Restaurant Conversions with Effective Web Design

Next Restaurants

Most likely there’s something wrong with your website’s design Let’s go through some key restaurant web design steps that you should take to improve conversions. This is where a cleverly designed landing page comes to play. Call-to-Action Button Design.

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4 Eye-Opening Benefits of Graphic Design for Restaurants

Web Diner

This is the main reason why today’s restaurants have to take graphic design very seriously. It goes without saying that graphic design does more than beautifying and attracting customers. Every restaurant should invest in effective and attractive designs.

Is the Future of Restaurant Design Off-Premise Focused?

Black Box Intelligence

Even so, the list is growing of brands that have unveiled new, futuristic designs that prioritize off-premise consumption over dine-in. Design Updates Not Limited to Limited-Service Restaurants. The post Is the Future of Restaurant Design Off-Premise Focused?

3 quick and easy design fixes to improve your hospitality website


But if you're not careful, certain design flaws can be really off-putting. In today's blog post, guest contributor Emily Burton runs through three quick and easy fixes you can implement right now to improve the design of your business' website.

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4 Key Factors to Designing an Efficient Restaurant  Kitchen

The Restaurant Group

You are about to embark on a new journey, whether it’s your first restaurant of your 5th one when designing a new restaurant kitchen or renovating an existing one, efficiency should always be your top priority. The single most significant factor in your restaurant’s success is a well-designed and functional kitchen. Here are 4 key factors to focus on when designing your restaurant kitchen: 1. Design your kitchen for ease of use and easy cleaning.

The 51 Best Restaurant Websites of 2021: Examples & Design Inspiration

Touch Bistro

It’s clear that a well-design restaurant website is key to getting customers in the door (or ordering online), but great restaurant website design is a lot harder to achieve than you might think. 51 Restaurant Websites for Design Inspiration.

10 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Multifamily Lobby (+10 Examples)


WHAT WE’LL COVER: Chapter 1: 10 Tips for Designing a Welcoming & Secure Apartment Building Lobby. 10 Tips for Designing a Welcoming & Secure Apartment Building Lobby. Craft a Well-Designed Reception Area.

2-Minute Tuesdays: Designing a Successful Drink Menu


When it comes to designing a drink menu, there’s a lot to consider. Bar Management

The Restaurant Re-Design Playbook | Restaurant Recovery Series


In this episode of The Barron Report, host Paul Barron and Steve Starr, principal at Starrdesign , examine a closer look into the subsequent restaurant design. Starrdesign is an interior design firm dedicated to the foodservice industry, aimed towards increasing brand value for restauranteurs.

Eating with Your Eyes – Food, Design and Social Media

Future Food

Eating with your eyes – Food, Design and Social Media. Related Future Food Blogs Cover Image: Pink Restaurant - Designed to be Melbourne’s most Instagrammable restaurant (Image via Boradsheet). Speedos Cafe serving up aesthetically desirable and instagrammable Pitaya Chia Pot (Image via @speedoscafe via Instagram). We live in a digital era where we are all critics. Social media and the Internet, in general, drive our ability to offload our opinions on every element in our lives.

Revamping Your Digital Menu Design? These 10 Tips Should Help.


Have you been considering updating your digital menu design? The post Revamping Your Digital Menu Design? Now is the perfect time to do so when we are faced with renewed lockdowns plus bar and restaurant restrictions. The shutdowns are difficult and frustrating for us all, […].

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Velvet Taco New Design Model | How Drive Thru Pickup Lane Increased Throughput 20%


The Fast Casual Nation podcast offers exclusive interviews with experts ranging from top chefs and brand makers to executives and restaurateurs who work in one of the fastest-growing segments of the restaurant industry.

Trends for 2022: Re-engaging with Food in a Design Led World

Future Food

Trends for 2022 Re-engaging with Food in a Design Led World. The fate of F&B in shopping centres – especially the Food Court – and internally-focused cafés and restaurants is going to rest in the hands of designers. The post-COVID world is a Design-led world.

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Do the Shapes Used in Restaurant Design Matter?


” And this has important implications for restaurant design. The post Do the Shapes Used in Restaurant Design Matter? Restaurant Management restaurant construction restaurant design sensory marketing shapes Stephanie Liu The Ohio State University Vanja BogicevicCircle or square? Angles or curves? Does it matter what shapes are used to layout and decorate your restaurant’s space?

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Free Restaurant and Bar Menu Templates Backed by 10 Design Secrets

Buzztime Business

Taking a few simple steps to plan, organize, and design your menu can make a world of difference to your restaurant’s success. Here are some design ideas and free templates that can help you take your menu to the next level.

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3D Ramen: Designing a Fast-Casual Concept

Modern Restaurant Management

Clever Ramen, scheduled to open this spring, was designed with the concept of using raw, true materials that bring warmth and life to the restaurant space. ” The parametric software also allowed Aline to design Clever Ramen with less waste and allowed them to better budget project cost.

Now is the Time to Revamp Your Digital Menu Design. These 10 Tips Should Help.


Have you been considering updating your digital menu design? The post Now is the Time to Revamp Your Digital Menu Design. Now is the perfect time to do so when we are faced with renewed lockdowns plus bar and restaurant restrictions.

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50 Inspirational Restaurant Website Design Examples

App Institute

Designing a website for your restaurant is tricky. The post 50 Inspirational Restaurant Website Design Examples appeared first on AppInstitute. But the best restaurant websites generally have some common features. They have high-quality images and other media.

Design Excellence: Proven Tips UAE Restaurants Can Use to Optimize Their Layout

The Restaurant Times

For example, restaurant interior design has a direct influence on the ordering behavior of customers. However, it is vital for restaurants to include certain design guidelines in terms of restaurant layout and floor plan design.

How to Design the Perfect Menu Layout

Restaurant Smart

The post How to Design the Perfect Menu Layout appeared first on Restaurant Smart Blog. Did you know that a visually appealing menu can enhance one’s dining experience? In fact, according to experts, an exquisite-looking menu helps customers make satisfying choices and can significantly influence them on what food they should order. That’s why for… Read more. Industry Interest

How To Design A Killer PowerPoint Presentation

Lady Boss Blogger

The post How To Design A Killer PowerPoint Presentation appeared first on LadyBossBlogger. Creating professional and strong PowerPoint presentations can be intimidating, but we are here to help!

The Best Free Design Tools to Create App & Online Graphics

App Institute

The post The Best Free Design Tools to Create App & Online Graphics appeared first on AppInstitute. So you’ve decided to create an app for your business… great choice!