How Bar Inventory Management can Help Prevent Bar Theft

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Nobody wants to think that their employees are stealing from them, but it is an unfortunate reality at many restaurants and bars - thankfully bar inventory management can help prevent it. Bar Management Bar Inventory

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What Is Bar Inventory Software?

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Bar inventory is managing, counting and tracking liquor stock at your bar or restaurant. Bar Inventory


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5 Signs You Might Have a Bar Inventory Problem

Krista Dinsmore

How are you managing your bar's inventory? No matter how in control you are of your bar's inventory, there's likely something you can do better

Does A Bar Inventory Spreadsheet Work?

Sculpture Hospitality

Whether you’ve been researching bar inventory management systems for a while now, or are just starting out, the first option you’ll likely gravitate towards is a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are an inexpensive and seemingly easy-to-use tool for managing your bar and restaurant inventory.

The Bar Exam: How to Pass the Cocktail Taste Test with Flying Colors


12 Bar Bar Above california cocktails foodwinespiritsToday’s craft cocktail culture requires fun, forward-thinking cocktail programs, which means you must serve high-quality, innovative drinks in order to Continue Reading. Management Maximizing Profits This Month Vol. 26 No.

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What is a Bar / Beverage Inventory App?

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Running a bar or restaurant can be a seamless process, when you have the right tools to support you and your team. A bar inventory app is one of those tools and can be an incredibly effective way to manage your bar’s inventory. Bar Inventory

Managing Bar Supply Chain During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Goliath Consulting

Every bar manager experiences recurring nightmares of that one delivery day. The cases of product continue piling up and floor management responsibilities are preventing the bar manager from vigilantly checking in each order. Does the bar just 86 top shelf tequila for the weekend?

Bar Inventory Spreadsheet or Bar Inventory System: What’s Best?

Sculpture Hospitality

Counting, managing and successfully maintaining your bar inventory seems simple at first glance, yet many bars are using time-consuming, ineffective and inaccurate processes that lead to hidden costs and lost profits. Restaurant Operations Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

30 Bar Game Ideas + How To Choose The Perfect Game For Your Customers

7 Shifts

More and more often, we see games of all kinds played at bars, breweries, and cafes. Drinking has, of course, traditionally been the main activity that takes place at bars. Bars and cafes must adapt to provide more value to these demographics, other than just alcohol and a place to sit.

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How Much Inventory Should a Bar Carry?

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When operating a bar, one of your main inventory goals is to ensure you have the perfect amount of stock on hand at any given time. Bar InventoryToo much or too little inventory can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

How to Open a Bar – 6 Expert Tips to Starting Your Own Bar

Harbor Touch

Are you thinking about opening your own bar? There are many things to consider when opening a bar, from the type of establishment you want to open to the licensing and zoning requirements in your area. Expert Tips for Starting Your Own Bar.

What to Look for in a Bar Inventory Management Solution

Sculpture Hospitality

Are you ready to make bar inventory management a more consistent, prominent and strategic component of your business? Bar Management Bar Inventory

Commercial Kitchen and Bar Design and Layout

The Restaurant Group

So restaurant owners need to pay close attention to the design and layout of their kitchens and bars to maximize the efficiency of their service. In this article, we’ll take a look at why commercial kitchen and bar design influence a restaurant’s growth and success.

Bar Inventory Management: How Do I Correctly Price a Drink?

Sculpture Hospitality

Pricing the drinks in your bar can be tricky. Bar Management Bar Inventory

What’s the Buzz Around Sober Bars?


All over the United States, sober bars are starting to pop up and the term is finding its way into day-to-day conversation. Bar and restaurant owners with a keen eye are asking themselves, “Are sober bars here to stay? The post What’s the Buzz Around Sober Bars?

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How to use Bar Inventory Software to Set Your Bar Inventory PAR Level

Sculpture Hospitality

In our previous blog, we discussed how to calculate your bar inventory usage through the use of a simple calculation and a bar inventory management system. Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

How to Reduce Bar Inventory Without Compromising Service

Sculpture Hospitality

Do you have inventory sitting on your bar’s shelves that are taking months, or even years, to move on? Bar Management Bar InventoryEven worse, do you have inventory that isn’t moving at all?

Bar Inventory Programs: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Bar and Restaurant Coach

Does your bar or restaurant operation have an inventory program or an ordering program? How to Make More Money in Your Bar Program. What we know from working with thousands of operators over the last two decades is that bars and restaurants lose tons of money every day. Now that you know what’s missing, your inventory team can have detailed discussions with your bar team to pinpoint what happened and set out a plan going forward.

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Protected: Liquor Inventory Experts Now Serving Dallas Bars and Restaurants

Bar and Restaurant Coach

To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Liquor Inventory Experts Now Serving Dallas Bars and Restaurants appeared first on Bar and Restaurant Coach. This content is password protected.

How to Inventory Liquor in a Bar

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Maintaining a bar inventory is critical to ensuring you have a fully stocked bar to meet customer demand while reducing wasted product. It also provides insights and data so that you know exactly how your bar is performing and where to make improvements. Bar Inventory

How to Manage a Bar Inventory: Your Complete Guide

Sculpture Hospitality

Managing a bar can be a lot of work. The good news is, you can keep your bar well stocked, organized and profitable by implementing the right inventory management processes. Bar Inventory

Are You Making These 5 Common Bar Inventory Management Mistakes?

Sculpture Hospitality

Bar inventory management has a number of benefits. Bar InventoryIt gives you oversight of your stock, helps you make better ordering decisions, and it provides insights on turnover, costing, and your overall bottom line.

Restaurant and Bar Inventory: Tips For Managing Your Wine Inventory

Sculpture Hospitality

The amount of wine a restaurant or bar has on hand in their beverage inventory varies from one location to the next. Bar Inventory

Why Bar Inventory Management is Crucial to Post-Pandemic Success

Sculpture Hospitality

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, bar owners around the world have learnt a number of lessons about managing their businesses during challenging times. Restaurant Operations Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

How to Minimize Liquor Inventory Loss Behind Your Bar

Sculpture Hospitality

Are you taking the proper measures to ensure your bar is looking after its liquor inventory ? Bar Inventory

How to Pick the Best Bar Inventory Software

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Bar inventory software, known as a bar inventory management system , is a technology that integrates with your point-of-sale (POS) system to automate and centralize the processes associated with managing your bar inventory. Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

What is a Bar Inventory App? And 4 Reasons Why You Need One

Sculpture Hospitality

One of the most important steps in improving your bar’s profitability is to implement an effective bar inventory management program. The problem is, inventory management can be a bar manager’s worst nightmare. Bar Inventory

5 Common Causes Of Bar and Restaurant Inventory Shrinkage

Sculpture Hospitality

When shrinkage is substantial, it can significantly decrease your restaurant or bar’s profitability. Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

Bar Inventory Best Practices: How to Prevent Overpouring

Sculpture Hospitality

In our last blog , we discussed how liquor shrinkage (also known variance) can have a huge impact on the profitability of your bar. Bar Management Bar Inventory

Bar Inventory: How to Create a Signature Drink Your Bar is Known For

Sculpture Hospitality

Building a successful and profitable bar is all about creating a brand story that customers’ buy into. The better your story, the easier it will be to attract new guests and the more likely it will be that existing guests stay loyal to your bar. Bar Management

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7 Ways Your Bar Inventory Spreadsheet is Failing You

Sculpture Hospitality

Spreadsheets are a seemingly simple tool for managing bar inventory – they can be organized by storage locations, data is easy to enter, the software does the math for you, and you can quickly produce charts and graphs to aid in decision making. Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

Bar and Restaurant Management: Why Data is Crucial to Success

Sculpture Hospitality

Running a bar or a restaurant is difficult. Bar Management Restaurant OperationsThe margins can be razor-thin, talented labor is difficult to find (especially during the ‘Great Resignation’) and the industry is highly competitive.

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Bar Inventory Management: Understanding Standard Pours

Sculpture Hospitality

Standard pours are what bars and restaurants typically serve to guests when alcoholic beverages are ordered, and by doing them right they can help boost your overall success. Bar Management

5 Benefits of a Restaurant and Bar Inventory Management App

Sculpture Hospitality

In our blog, we’ve discussed in detail how using inventory management software to gain better visibility and control over your restaurant and bar inventory can significantly improve business profitability. Bar Inventory

Bar Software that Boosts Your Revenue

Focus POS

Bar Software that Boosts Your Revenue: How POS Affects Your Profits. You might think that you have all your questions answered, but you should consider what your bar software can do for you. Continue reading and learn how the right bar software can make all the difference.

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How To Reduce Inventory Shrinkage At Your Bar or Restaurant

Sculpture Hospitality

In our last blog, we talked about what inventory shrinkage is for bars and restaurants and the top five causes. Restaurant Inventory Bar Inventory

Navigating the Bar Business During the Holidays and into 2021

Goliath Consulting

Supply chain issues and Covid-19 are not making it easy to run a bar right now. Most bar managers are pulling out their gingerbread martini and hot spiced rum recipes to fill their seasonal drink menus. The Virtual Bar Lesson.

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The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership

Bar and Restaurant Coach

Reality TV has been great for bar consultancy firms like Barmetrix by introducing our services to the world. If nothing else, these popular shows have made people aware that running a successful bar operation is damn HARD. It’s also created a slew of unrealistic stereotypes around what bar and restaurant consultants actually do for their clients. Help for Struggling Bars and Restaurants. provide solutions for featured bar operators.

Bar Inventory Checklist: Top 5 Things You Need For Success

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Inventory control is a key component of managing a successful bar. Bar InventoryIt ensures service runs smoothly, reduces waste, improves forecasting and purchasing, and increases the bottom line.

5 Bar Inventory Management Tips and Best Practices

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Taking inventory in your bar or restaurant is time-consuming, and one of the things that most bar managers or owners push down to the bottom of their to-do list. Bar Management