How to Open a Bar?


Boil down your vision to what type of bar you’ll be, what vibes you want to exude, and, most importantly, the type of customer you want to attract. Don’t try to please everyone: You can’t be a hipster-laid back-rowdy sports bar-college hub-surf themed-Texas bar.

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Virtual Event Ideas for Bars and Restaurants


The bar and restaurant industry has been drastically affected by COVID-19. The post Virtual Event Ideas for Bars and Restaurants appeared first on Evergreen.

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Why Communication is Key When Reopening Your Bar or Restaurant

Sculpture Hospitality

Bar Management Kitchen Management motivating staff Restaurant OperationsAcross the world, governments are beginning to reopen different types of businesses in their communities.

Preparing Your Bar or Restaurant for a COVID-19 Shutdown

Sculpture Hospitality

Being a franchise organization, we are grateful to have access to hundreds of hospitality experts working with thousands of bars and restaurants across the world, so we are compiling all the best practices as they arise and plan to share them with you.

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Best Gin Bars Across The World

Gastro Gays

We dedicate the month of January to #Ginuary on our social media specifically every year, because we can’t quite face the terror of the tough first month of the year by going without, so we… The post Best Gin Bars Across The World appeared first on GastroGays.

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Reopening Post-COVID: Financial Tips for Bars and Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management

Unfortunately, not all restaurants and bars were able to pivot and adapt to the new normal and for many, those doors have closed indefinitely. Restaurants and bars are opening with capacity restrictions and new guidelines.

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The 3 Golden Rules of Bar Management


Whether you are managing a chic wine bar or a local neighborhood watering hole, running a successful bar is not easy. Whether a brewpub, sports bar, a club or a neighborhood joint, find the thing that makes your place unique and make sure everything in it reflects that concept.

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Bar Inventory Programs: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Bar and Restaurant Coach

Does your bar or restaurant operation have an inventory program or an ordering program? How to Make More Money in Your Bar Program. What we know from working with thousands of operators over the last two decades is that bars and restaurants lose tons of money every day.

Post-COVID Reopening Checklist for Bars & Breweries


With that in mind, having a solid reopening plan for your bar or brewery might be the deciding factor that sets your business on course for returning to normalcy or closure. Here are some of the things you should prepare for as a bar or brewery owner.

The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership

Bar and Restaurant Coach

Reality TV has been great for bar consultancy firms like Barmetrix by introducing our services to the world. If nothing else, these popular shows have made people aware that running a successful bar operation is damn HARD. Help for Struggling Bars and Restaurants.

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32 Winter Bar Promotions with No Chill

Buzztime Business

When the weather gets cold and the roads are covered in snow, it can be hard to get customers to come out to your sports bar. Here are three things you can do to ensure your sports bar doesn’t suffer during the winter months. Bar Marketing Operations Promotions

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Nikki Drake Named Bar Director of 2941 Restaurant


2941 Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Falls Church, Virginia at 2941 Fairview Park Drive, 22042, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nikki Drake as bar director of the landmark restaurant.

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How Lesbian Bars Are Surviving a Pandemic


As few as 16 lesbian bars remain in the United States, and their owners are fighting with all they have to make it through On the night of March 2, a tornado churned through Nashville, ripping through whole neighborhoods and damaging swaths of restaurants. Courtesy of Pearl Bar.

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Health & Safety Guidelines For Reopening Your Bar or Restaurant

Sculpture Hospitality

As locations are reopening, restaurant owners are getting back into the swing of things and learning new procedures and protocols set in place by local governments.

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Why a Bar Consultant is Your Restaurant’s Missing Link

Goliath Consulting

After weeks of time-consuming meetings with local liquor distribution reps, local market research, and decision wavering, you finally feel confident that your bar is set up and ready to go. Before we dive into how bar consultants work, let’s briefly break down the structure of the liquor industry in America. While distributor reps are a great resource for bar managers, they often have conflicting interests and responsibilities.

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5 Ways to Increase Summer Traffic to Your Bar

Sculpture Hospitality

The good news is, the summer months are typically a boom time for bars and restaurants according to Houston Chron. If you want to make sure you are getting your share of the summer business and increase your foot traffic, be sure to follow these 5 tips: Bar Management Restaurant Operations

Leveraging Relationships to Build a Better Bar Program

Goliath Consulting

Every bar/beverage manager can tell you about their distributors purchase incentives. Your bar gets free product to try out different flavors or drop the price on name brand spirits, the distributor keeps their inventory fluid and product shipping. These brand ambassadors are a bar manager’s gateway to endless promotions that rouse excitement from guests and reduce the ordering cost and inventory of brands. Want to stay on top of what’s new in the bar business?

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Florida Begins Restaurant and Bar Business Restrictions


In this episode of The Barron Report, host Paul Barron discusses the latest order from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis regarding bar alcohol consumption in the midst of coronavirus case spikes. Three Key Points: This is a severe blow to Florida’s bar businesses.

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Actionable Cost Controls to Save Your Bar and Restaurant

The Restaurant Group

Food and Beverage is a relative term concerning a large part of the hospitality industry, and what goes into the development of these critical aspects of the bar and restaurant business involves much more than typical startup costs.

11 Great Ways to Promote Your Bar on Social Media

App Institute

Social media is an extremely effective tool you can use to promote your bar. Your bar social media strategy should focus on two main outcomes: increasing the size of your audience and encouraging people to come to your bar. Bars & Pubs Social Media Marketing

Protected: Coronavirus COVID-19 Contingency Plan for Bar and Restaurant Operators

Bar and Restaurant Coach

To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Coronavirus COVID-19 Contingency Plan for Bar and Restaurant Operators appeared first on Bar and Restaurant Coach. This content is password protected.

7 Ways to Keep Liquor Costs Low at Your Bar


As a bar manager or owner, keeping track of liquor costs is a primary responsibility. Set Up a Lean Bar . Our first tip to keeping liquor costs low at your bar is to set up a lean operation. To achieve that kind of organization, you would have to establish your bar’s pars. .

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Reimagine How Reopening Could Look for Your Restaurant or Bar

Sculpture Hospitality

Around the world restaurants are beginning to open up, and the hospitality industry is watching closely to learn how new health and safety protocols are being met, and how customers are responding. Restaurant Operations

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7 Must-Have Bar POS and Nightclub POS Features

Restaurant Technology Guys

The post 7 Must-Have Bar POS and Nightclub POS Features appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys.

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Virtual Acceleration, Raising the Bar and Insult Monitor

Modern Restaurant Management

US Foods Springs into Helping Bars and Grills. In other news, US Foods launched its Spring Scoop, “Raising the Bar: The Classics – Celebrated and Elevated.” ” Spring Scoop highlights include: Elevated, Upsell-Worthy Bar-and-Grill Favorites.

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9 Best Bar Upgrades (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Buzztime Business

Feel like your bar could use a revamp? Here are 9 easy and low-cost bar upgrades to freshen up your bar! The post 9 Best Bar Upgrades (That Won’t Break the Bank) appeared first on Buzztime. Bar Operations TechnologyDon’t have the funds or time for a total overhaul?

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How to Rock 2020 (5 Best Bar + Restaurant New Year’s Resolutions)

Buzztime Business

Here are the top bar and restaurant goals to set and a step by step guide on how to achieve these New Year's resolutions. The post How to Rock 2020 (5 Best Bar + Restaurant New Year’s Resolutions) appeared first on Buzztime. Make 2020 your best year yet!!!

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What You Need to Look for Before You Buy a Bar

Sculpture Hospitality

Not everyone builds a bar from scratch. If you’re in the market to buy a bar that’s already been built, you need to know what to look for to improve your odds of a successful start in this business. Bar Management Restaurant Operations

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Free Restaurant and Bar Menu Templates Backed by 10 Design Secrets

Buzztime Business

The post Free Restaurant and Bar Menu Templates Backed by 10 Design Secrets appeared first on Buzztime. Bar and Restaurant Marketing OperationsTaking a few simple steps to plan, organize, and design your menu can make a world of difference to your restaurant’s success.

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Bar Rescue’s Jonathan Taffer on COVID-19 Restaurant Changes

Restaurant Engine

Bars and restaurants deal with bacteria every day,” says Jonathan Taffer, the host of the television show Bar Rescue which premiered in 2011 and is entering its 12th season with Paramount Network. . Things like smell, music, pace, energy, the setup behind the bar.

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6 Tips on Becoming a Successful Bar Manager

Focus POS

From tiki bars to sports bars, bar managers face unique challenges to run a successful establishment and keep guests happy. It can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, so we’ve compiled 6 tips on how to be the best bar manager you can be.

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How to Define Your Bar’s Voice on Social Media (in 5 Steps)

Buzztime Business

Finding your social media voice for your bar can be extremely difficult. We've got you covered with five steps to help define your bars social media voice. The post How to Define Your Bar’s Voice on Social Media (in 5 Steps) appeared first on Buzztime. Bar Marketing Social Medi

Three Ways to Save Your Bar Business | Restaurant Recovery Series


In this massive interruption that the restaurant and bar industry has experienced, operators are now looking at new ways to creatively pivot their models in hopes of ending up on the other side of this crisis. Where do bars fit in on the other side of this pandemic?

Should You Offer Discounts in Your Bar or Restaurant Operation?

Bar and Restaurant Coach

The subject of whether to offer discounts in the bar and restaurant industry can be a hot topic. Empty retail stores and empty bars and restaurants are bad news. The post Should You Offer Discounts in Your Bar or Restaurant Operation? appeared first on Bar and Restaurant Coach.

Loss Prevention Tips for Restaurants and Bars


Designing a restaurant and bar loss-prevention strategy is critical to managing a profitable business, regardless of your size or level of success. Look out for these other common types of restaurant and bar fraud scams. A visitor at a restaurant orders a frosted tea at the bar.

Promoting Your Bar or Restaurant Using Trivia Nights

Next Restaurants

Trivia Nights are a great way to get people into your bar and keep them coming back week after week. This brings us to the 1980s in America, when pub quizzes (or “Bar Trivia”) branched out from the UK.

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After Rushing to Reopen Amid COVID-19, States Restrict Bars and Restaurants Once Again


As coronavirus cases spike, Texas, Florida, and Idaho are among the first states to restrict restaurants and bars a second time As more states allow restaurants and bars to offer outdoor or limited capacity indoor, dining, the country has seen a massive spike in COVID-19 cases.

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Bar or Restaurant for the College Basketball Tournament


Preparing your bar and/or restaurant for this event takes a little bit of planning. The post 7 Tips to Prepare Your Bar or Restaurant for the College Basketball Tournament appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

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How To Take Inventory For Your Bar: 5 Expert Tips


Many managers feel that bar inventory is a complex, time-consuming process that doesn’t serve any real purpose. Done right, though, it can reveal a great deal about how your business is running and keep your bar on the road to profitability and success. How To Take Bar Inventory.

States, Cities Ordering Restaurant and Bar Restrictions Due to Coronavirus

Modern Restaurant Management

With the specter of a federal ban on restaurants and bars looming, states have started enacting emergency measures designed to combat the spread of COVID-19 such as ordering the closure of bars and nightclubs, curfews and reducing occupancy levels.

Safety Checklist for Bar Owners: How to Reduce Liquor Liability Claims

Buzztime Business

Looking to try and reduce the risks that come with owning a bar? CoverWallet has you covered with their safety checklist for bar owners for avoiding claims. The post Safety Checklist for Bar Owners: How to Reduce Liquor Liability Claims appeared first on Buzztime.

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How Digital Menu Boards Keep Customers in Your Bar Longer


By Bryce Patterson As a bar owner or manager, you probably know that keeping patrons in your bar longer is one of the biggest revenue drivers in the business. The post How Digital Menu Boards Keep Customers in Your Bar Longer appeared first on Evergreen.

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Mastering Your Bar’s Liquor Inventory System [Updated 2019]


Do you dread taking bar inventory? Most restaurant and bar owners struggle with maintaining order of their inventory. Below, we reveal how to set up an efficient bar inventory system. How to Do Bar Inventory. Managing the inventory for your bar is a balancing act.

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