Basics of Business Interruption Insurance

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Property Insurance + Business Interruption Insurance. Property insurance covers the replacement or repair of your business’s damaged physical property. Policies vary depending on the type of event leading to a loss and what, specifically, is insured.

Five Things You Need to Know About Restaurant Insurance

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Between obsessing over food and finances, one key consideration shouldn’t fall through the cracks—restaurant insurance. Having trouble deciding what kind of insurance your restaurant needs? What is Restaurant Insurance? Why Do You Need Restaurant Insurance?

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Restaurant Owners Win Business Interruption Insurance Claims

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Most insurance companies have denied claims from restaurant owners resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners counterclaim they are entitled to benefits in Business Interruption Insurance policies that protect against lost income after a covered peril affects a policyowner.

How Business Insurance Could Save Your Restaurant from COVID-19

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In addition, most restaurants should have business interruption insurance, and that insurance may provide some relief from economic pain. Business interruption insurance covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. Gather Your Complete Insurance Policy.

Assessing Coronavirus Insurance Coverage Risks for Restaurants

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For that reason, restaurant and business owners typically carry business income coverage, also referred to as business interruption coverage, which is insurance coverage intended to replace lost income in the event business is halted or interrupted for some reason, such as a natural disaster.

Non-Admitted vs. Admitted Insurance for Restaurants, Bars or Taverns

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It is important for restaurant, tavern and bar owners to have the right insurance, however, there are so many different types of policies, and even when you zero in on what is needed, the options are often complex and difficult to compare. When it comes time to purchasing or renewing your insurance for general liability, liquor liability and other coverages, all policies are not created equal. There are differences between non-admitted and admitted insurance.

Insuring The Liquor Business

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Insuring The Liquor Business. Title: President and CEO, Hospitality Insurance Group. For the last three decades, Richard Welch has held a variety of roles in the insurance industry in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He spent most of his career at Travelers Insurance where he worked for 25 years, eventually rising to president and CEO of The Premiere Insurance Co. Q: How did you get into the insurance business? So, I looked at the insurance industry.

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September 2018 Liquor Liability Insurance Policies

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Take a look at some of the liquor liability insurance policies Hospitality Insurance Group wrote in September 2018 including the type of coverage included, insurance discounts applied and a glimpse at the total insurance premium. If you are an Independent Insurance Agent, click here to learn more about working with Hospitality Insurance Group to provide liquor liability insurance to your customers.

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Hospitality Insurance Group Bids Farewell to Retiring Board Member Gerald Cassidy

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May 16, 2019) — A founding member of Hospitality Insurance Group’s Board of Directors has retired. Gerald Cassidy, who brought decades of insurance experience and knowledge to the Board, announced his retirement on May 8, 2019. President & CEO of Hospitality Insurance Group. “I

Restaurant Surcharges – Health Insurance vs. Tips

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Ray Camillo – Founder & CEO, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting A few weeks ago, my wife and I ate San Francisco. A recurring line item on our checks was “EE Benefits Surcharge” or “SF Mandates” charge. My first reaction Read More.

For Restaurant Owners, Cybersecurity is a People Problem 

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That’s why it is so important for them to seek out comprehensive cybersecurity insurance solutions — created specifically to protect their business. Equipment Law Operations cybersecurity breaches cybersecurity insurance

Count On Experienced Insurers for Your General Liability Needs

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As part of an ongoing series to help business owners in the hospitality industry prevent losses, Hospitality Insurance Group is highlighting the common risks that could make businesses insolvent. President & CEO of Hospitality Insurance Group.

August 2018 Liquor Liability Insurance Policies

Hospitality Insurance Group

Take a look at some of the liquor liability insurance policies Hospitality Insurance Group wrote in August 2018 including the type of coverage included, insurance discounts applied and a glimpse at the total insurance premium. If you are an Independent Insurance Agent, click here to learn more about working with Hospitality Insurance Group to provide liquor liability insurance to your customers.

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The Importance of LMS Software for Small Businesses


Business Career Development Environmental Health & Safety Food & Beverage HR & Ethics Industrial Insurance Power and Utilities Quality Management Education Real Estate Technology Trades and EngineeringRunning a small business is no small feat.

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Protecting Your Business Against Copyright Laws

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As President and CEO of Hospitality Insurance, Dick Welch, says, “as the owner of a bar or a restaurant, anything you put on your website, social media, or any of your promotional materials should be legally owned”.

Video: Alcohol Awareness Training

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Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims. The post Video: Alcohol Awareness Training appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. Video: Alcohol Awareness Training. Referenced Documents: Incident Report Form. Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy.

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We have never seen anything like this. Everyone in the restaurant industry is petrified beyond today – they immediately think about how impossible it might be to dig themselves out of the hole being created.

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Video Could Provide Indisputable Evidence for Businesses

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Restaurants and bars are especially susceptible to being sued in today’s environment, and Hospitality Insurance Group would like to shine a spotlight on the importance of having surveillance systems installed. “If Vice President of Underwriting and Marketing at Hospitality Insurance Group. “In

How to Turn Your FOH Staff into Delivery Drivers

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Auto insurance. Get car insurance You must establish who is liable in the event of an accident. Drivers must have auto insurance in order to drive their vehicles, thus you must lay-out in the contract if you will be paying for any damages while on the job.

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Summer is a Good Time for Restaurant Owners to Focus on Preventing Communicable Diseases

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President & CEO, Hospitality Insurance Group. Another worthwhile precaution includes checking the insurance limits of your general liability coverage with your insurance carrier. By: Richard E. Welch, Jr.

The Right Time to Look at Assault and Battery Coverage

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In these challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent rioting, these tense times should have restaurant and bar owners strongly considering the levels of insurance coverage they have.

Tailored Policies for Business Owners like you

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Hospitality Insurance Group is surveying restaurant and bar owners to develop a better understanding of challenges the industry is facing. Your responses to this survey will help Hospitality Insurance Group tailor our policies for business owners like you.

How Climate Change Hits Small Business

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But aren’t they insured? The reality is that the level of insurance that could cover this type of flood risk is too expensive for most small operators, even if it is available.

Financial and Operational Implications of Moving to Restaurant Delivery/Takeout Only During COVID-19 Outbreak


Expanding “off-premise” insurance coverage. Start with the following: Revisit your insurance policy. Your first step will be to call your insurance provider and inquire about on-premise versus off-premise coverage. Vehicle insurance.

How Do Employee Benefits Work? | A Guide For Managers


For example, if Business A offers a competitive wage while Business B offers the same competitive wage as well as medical insurance, most job seekers will choose Business B because they receive something more than just a wage for their efforts. Life insurance.

Meet Our Commercial Lines Territory Manager, Bryon Hutter!

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This month, we welcomed Bryon to Hospitality Insurance Group as our new Commercial Lines Territory Manager based at our headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts. I’ve worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years (time flies!) appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group.

Restaurant Owners Could Face a Host of New Liabilities as a Result of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Even as thousands of restaurant owners deal with the business disruptions caused by Covid-19 and the subsequent business interruption claims being filed with their insurers, they now also face a host of new potential exposures for which there are no easy, clear-cut answers.

Dram Shop Laws Vary by State

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While laws may vary from state by state, Hospitality Insurance Group aims to shed light on what business owners should know about Dram Shop laws. Any business that is underinsured takes the risk that if the insurance doesn’t pay for the claim, they will have to come up with that money.”.

The Legal Case for Recovering Lost Income from COVID-19 and Government Shutdown

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Business interruption insurance is an extremely important type of coverage in an insurance policy which is intended to cover for lost income sustained as a result of a covered peril in order to allow for the continuity of your business into the future.

How To Calculate Overhead Costs In 3 Easy Steps


Insurance. Insurance. Insurance is a prime example. Your insurance bill arrives every twelve months, but you don’t want to leave it to chance that you’ll have enough money to cover this expense. Insurance $100. Insurance $100.

Your Business Could be Missing This Essential Alcohol-Related Coverage

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bar, magnifying the significance of having a liquor liability insurance policy. this insurance policy covers a wide range of incidents, Hospitality Insurance Group. and Marketing at Hospitality Insurance Group. liability insurance needs.

A Service of Alcohol Policy Can Help Prevent Costly Accidents

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Now that we are closer to the holidays, Hospitality Insurance Group urges business owners to have a Service of Alcohol policy in place to help prevent alcohol-related incidents. Another cost to consider is the increase in the business owner’s insurance premium.

National Restaurant Association: We Need Help!

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” The Association proposed three separate categories of protection for industry restaurants and employees: directed/targeted financial relief; loans/insurance options for impacted small businesses; and tax measures. Loans/Insurance Options for Impacted Small Businesses.

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How Restaurants Can Plan For The Next Hospitality Crisis

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Insurance. Insurance coverage is an excellent resource to have as part of your risk response strategy. Insurance policies cover injury to employees or customers on your premises, damage from inclement weather, and much more.

Future of Food Delivery

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It also means you’d have to hire, train and pay new staff for this job including paying for insurance and vehicle expenses. How will restaurants deliver after COVID-19? The coronavirus crisis has challenged restaurants to rethink the way they deal with food delivery for good.

How Restaurants Can Reduce Operational Risk

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Get Insured. To protect your employees and facility, get the appropriate insurance cover. Early risk detection is critical to the success of any business.

Winterproof Your Workplace

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How to winterproof your workplace to avoid slip and fall insurance claims against your business during the winter months. The post Winterproof Your Workplace appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. Keep parking lots cleared of snow and ice, including sidewalks; have a snow & ice removal and salting schedule in place. Clear roofs from heavy snow to prevent ice dams and collapses.

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COVID-19 Legislative Actions: What to Know Now

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Impact on Unemployment Insurance. Employees who experience reduced hours, furloughs, or layoffs should be encouraged to file for unemployment insurance as soon as possible. COVID-19 Legislative Actions: What to Know Now.

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The Complete Guide to Restaurant Costs


Recurring restaurant costs would include costs like lease or mortgage payments, employee salaries, food and beverage costs, utilities, insurance and permits. Fixed costs such as insurance, rent, and loan payments do not fluctuate month to month.

Restaurant Payroll 101: Everything You Need to Know


In addition to federal guidelines like the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) Tip Credit, mandating the credit (if any) that can be taken varies by state, with some states enacting further regulations.

12 Tips for Restaurant Delivery/Takeout During COVID-19 Crisis


Before repurposing your FOH staff for delivery, check with your insurance carrier to ensure that you’re covered for off-premise activity. If you’re properly insured for delivery, you can keep your servers, bartenders and other FOH staff working during this uncertain time. If you’re not insured for staff delivery, make sure that you work with third-party delivery services that are temporarily waiving or discounting commissions or other fees.

Food Delivery Exposure Best Practices: Tips for Hired and Non-Owned Auto Exposure Controls

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License and Insurance – If employees who don’t normally deliver food for the restaurant are using their own vehicles, restaurant management should check for a valid license and insurance before asking the employee to deliver food.

Work the Prime Cost Formula for Your Restaurant

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Labor cost includes taxes, benefits and insurance. It’s not just their hourly wage that comes out of your bank account, but the taxes, benefits and insurance that comes out with each hour of an employee’s wage.