Using Document Management to Streamline Operations


The post Using Document Management to Streamline Operations appeared first on Bizimply As we look to bounce back better from COVID 19, businesses are required to implement a COVID-19 Response Plan, so workplaces are adequately prepared for the return of workers. .

Returning NYU Students Document Quarantine Meal Chaos on TikTok


Three days into the campus’ two-week quarantine, students continue to share food reviews and smell tests of NYU delivery meals [link


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List of Licences Required to Open a Cloud Kitchen in India


Documents Required For The FSSAI License. Gather all the documents & process the application by login to the FSSAI website, fill up the online application with all the required documents. Documents Required For The GST Registration.

More Than 19,000 Whole Foods and Amazon Employees Had Documented Cases of COVID-19


The sign at the checkout area in a Whole Foods Market reminds shoppers to respect social distancing guidelines by waiting behind the taped lines on the floor. Shutterstock.

How Restaurants Can Navigate the PPP Loan Forgiveness Program

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Borrowers must make representations about how they handled their PPP loans and maintain required documentation as backup. What Documentation Is Required to Apply for Forgiveness? Payroll documentation that shows the cost of payroll during the loan period.

How to Keep Your Restaurant Back Office Organized

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With your back office organized, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend looking for documentation or resources you might need so you can maybe, just maybe , leave on time for the night. It documents employee hours online. Papers. Clutter. Wires. Clipboards.

How to apply for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants

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Get your documents ready (more below). Gross Receipts Documentation: Any of the following documents demonstrating gross receipts and, if applicable, eligible expenses.

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Quick Facts About the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) Process

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Documents you need to apply include: SBA Form 3172. Documentation showing gross receipts (business tax returns 1120, 1120S, 1065, 1040 Schedule C, bank statements, externally or internally prepared Profit and Loss Statements, Point of Sale reports, and 1099-Ks).

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Video: Alcohol Awareness Training

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Referenced Documents: Incident Report Form. Video: Alcohol Awareness Training. Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy. Best Practices for Responsible Serving of Alcohol. Alcohol Serving Policy. Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims. How To Winterproof Your Workplace. The post Video: Alcohol Awareness Training appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. Bars & Restaurants Risk Management

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The "Essentials" training for Front of House employees

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In some sort of wording, these accountability outlines should be located in the front of your training documents as “Overall Objectives” or something thereof… Host The position of hosts are “The Door” and “The Floor” the door is the greeter… Welcoming and warm, their attitude will dictate guests expectations. Your training documents will dig deeper into training expectations but the above is what directly impacts the guest experience.

Mergers and Acquisitions are for Independent Restaurants Too

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Ray Camillo – Founder & CEO, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting M&A activity in large public chain concepts is well documented and thriving. In fact, Atlanta-based Roark Capital / Inspire Brands acquired their way to the 2nd largest restaurant company in the US.

PPP Loans 2021: A Guide for Restaurants

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Provide the necessary documentation. Document these conversations with written letters or emails so that you can provide documentation proving you made the attempt and the employee rejected. Provide the Necessary Documentation.

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Some Restaurant Workers Can’t Prove Vaccine Eligibility. Is an ‘Honor System’ the Answer?


Advocates say restaurant workers shouldn’t be required to provide proof to get the shot as some can’t provide pay stubs or other forms of documentation [link

Are managers managing or are they leading?

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Check around the site for the free training documents. Does the manager take enough time developing their people Are they rallying the staff pre revenue period with a shift meeting? Creating direction and synergy with the staff. Managing the staff to create the guest experience? Working the floor via the “Manager 500” operations model. Are the managers conducting any one on ones with staff that need it post shift? Are there section seminars scheduled for advance training monthly?

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Restaurant Business Plan: A Comprehensive Guide to Attract the Investors You Need

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Mike Krebs – Project Manager, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting In plain and simple terms, a restaurant business plan is a written document that outlines your restaurant’s goals and the means of achieving those goals while defeating potential challenges.

OUR DAILY BREATH: HOW CHEFS ADAPT TO A SHUT DOWN A touch of levity (or is it) when we need it

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If you walk into the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and see your stay at home chef walking around with a clipboard and pencil in hand – don’t be concerned – IT’S INVENTORY TIME! [] DOCUMENT AND SEEK CRITIQUE.

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SSAE 18: Why it’s critical in selecting a technology partner


Ask for their SSAE 18 documentation. How do your technology partners show that you can trust them? Earlier this month, we welcomed Zerrick Pearson, the The VP of Technology at Five Guys, and Tamy Duplantis, the President of Return on Informatio n Consulting , to join us in a panel at the 2019 Food Service Technology ( FSTEC ) show to discuss what to look for when selecting a technology partner.

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Paycheck Protection Program Starts Today, April 3

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The good news is that the language was revised to offer additional flexibility with regards to the documentation that will be needed to establish a company’s eligibility for a PPP loan. Tax documents (such as Forms 941) are not required to be provided to lenders to qualify for the loans. .

Restaurant Reopening Resources

Modern Restaurant Management

The document is meant to be used in conjunction with instruction operators receive from authorities during their reopening phase-in. It includes documents to assist in organizing and reopening dining rooms and businesses.

Top 3 Fundamentals of Running Vital Restaurant Operations

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Between documenting team member wellness to modifying your roster to accommodate changing consumer demand, operating during a pandemic has certainly challenged the way we view success. Document any anomalies that occur along the way.


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Restaurants will get the green light at some point. When the data demonstrates that the virus is somewhat under control – whether that is the end of May or later, we all know in our hearts and minds that things will be different.

Optimizing Your Restaurant Staffing and Onboarding for a Successful Recovery


Although reducing your staff’s turnover rate is vital to controlling your restaurant’s labor cost, maintaining your restaurant’s compliance with accurate labor documentation is equally imperative.

5 Best Hotel RFP Software to Win More Bids (2021)


A hotel RFP, or request for proposal, is a proposal document that an interested buyer or party – usually an event planner – submits to a hotel or conference center.

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FDA Relaxes Nutrition Facts and Menu Labeling Requirements for Restaurants and Food Manufacturers During COVID-19 Emergency

Modern Restaurant Management

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued two temporary food labeling guidance documents that attempt to balance industry supply and demand during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The U.S.

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Five Signs You Need to Switch from Excel to Scheduling Software

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If you forget to lock the document for editing, staff can go in and make changes on their own without asking you. When it comes time to do payroll, it feels like you're gathering endless documents. We've all been there. Endless cells of names and shifts.

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7 Restaurant Management Tools for Maximum Productivity

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Even if it’s just a shared cloud document (like Google Docs), a centralized place for your managers to exchange information is vital. The role of a restaurant manager is always in motion. There’s always something else to get done, a new fire to put out, new fixes to make.

The Employment Landscape is Messy: How Restaurants Can Ensure Compliance with Limited Resources

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Aside from time records, employers are required to keep numerous other categories of documents, including Form I-9, which employers must keep for three years after an employee’s date of hire, or one year after the date employment ends.

The Second Draw PPP Loan: The Latest News and Next Steps for Restaurants and Small Businesses

Goliath Consulting

The application will require borrowers to submit documents that verify payroll costs and revenue loss.

Menu Development and Business Planning Resources

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This document is a guide to developing a competitive menu that will excite guests and allow you to grow your revenue.

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What the New 1099-NEC (Nonemployee Compensation) Means for Your Restaurant Business


As you start to prepare your tax documents for 2020, you will need to continue to check for IRS updates and individual state updates. Do you have the required documentation? As you prepare your documents, it is a good idea to practice the three R’s: review, record, and reach out.

The Human Behind the Mask


Today he’s being photographed by Lindsay Kreighbaum , a food and commercial photographer based in San Diego and Southern California who is documenting restaurants during the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. This inspired Lindsay to contact her regular clients, gauging interest in her documenting their business models’ adaptations during COVID-19. Lindsay Kreighbaum Humanizes Essential Workers with Photography.

How a Performance Improvement Plan Could Save You $80K

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The Entire Process Can Be a Simple One-Page Document. You grab the PIP document, and explain, “Look, we spoke about this here, and your performance is still not up to a satisfactory level.” ” You can use the same document to show the progression.

Four Ways to Streamline Reopening Procedures for Restaurants

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” Restaurant managers who develop clearly-documented policies, operational checklists, and clear communication systems can simplify the process for everyone. All of these policies should be clearly documented, and all employees should be required to read and sign-off on them.

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What to Include in Your Restaurant Employee Handbook

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Having all your best practices documented in one place will reduce errors, speed up training, and give everyone a source of truth—allowing you to put your trust in your employees’ hands and let them do the job they were hired to do.

5 Ways Using Retail Employee Scheduling Software Turns Communication Breakdowns into Breakthroughs

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It’s also best practice to document details of events for future reference. And when the night is over, managers document the shift notes and prep for the next day. Blog. 5 Ways Using Retail Employee Scheduling Software Turns Communication Breakdowns into Breakthroughs.

Introducing the Square POS Integration for ChowNow


For instructions to reference during your setup, view the help center documentation here. .

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4 Steps to Digitizing Your Restaurant Business

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This can be a useful way to streamline file transfer and communications for restaurant owners, in that it keeps exchanges on record and, in some cases, makes it easier to transfer certain types of documents. A restaurant today can be an almost uniquely hands-on business.

Employment Law Considerations as Restaurants Reopen

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As an important note, employers seeking an exemption must document that this determination has been made pursuant to the criteria listed. While this document does not need to be sent to the Department of Labor, it must be retained in the employer’s files.

How to Create a Restaurant Staff Training Manual

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While you can’t watch over everybody’s shoulder while they figure things out, keeping documents by your POS systems will significantly speed up training and reduce costly errors. Close the document with a message written by you.

Guest Blog: PPP Loan Forgiveness for Restaurants


It should be noted that documentation of both the lease agreements in place from February 2020 through the covered period and copies of receipts or canceled checks will be required documentation to verify these rent payments were, in fact, eligible.

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Restaurant Management 101: How to Handle Employee Poaching

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Some aspects that can help you stand out in the crowd: What information or sensitive documents may the company lose control of? Obtain all documents, hand books, blueprints, etc. Hire a lawyer to craft all legal documents. Do not try to craft these documents themselves. If you want to stand out at a qualified restaurant management candidate to a job interview, then you need to do more than memorize lists of questions from the internet.

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Easy Guide to Applying to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund


Review the official RRF web-page to learn about any additional documentation you might be asked for. Reading Time: 4 minutes. Billion. That’s how much the American COVID-19 Rescue Plan has put towards the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Applications opened on May 3 rd 2021 and $2.7

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