Managing Document Compliance

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Managing client documentation can be a headache. Here’s some information to help you develop and tailor document compliance procedures to meet the needs of your shared kitchen. The laws for document requirements can vary by location.

Personnel File & Employee Documents: Tips and Best Practices


But there’s more to the process than just filing employee documents away and forgetting about them. Employee documents to include in a personnel file Best practices for maintaining a personnel file Tips to keep your employee documents organized Keep accurate records with Sling.


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Employee documents


Attach important documents, like licenses and certifications, to employee profiles and set expiration dates to receive alerts before they expire. Learn more > The post Employee documents appeared first on Sling. [DO

Using Document Management to Streamline Operations


The post Using Document Management to Streamline Operations appeared first on Bizimply As we look to bounce back better from COVID 19, businesses are required to implement a COVID-19 Response Plan, so workplaces are adequately prepared for the return of workers. .

3 Rental Documents Your Kitchen Needs

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Here, we’ll cover 3 rental documents that your kitchen needs before you begin the client onboarding process. Rental Documents. It is good practice to date these documents because they will need to be updated periodically.

List of Licences Required to Open a Cloud Kitchen in India


Documents Required For The FSSAI License. Gather all the documents & process the application by login to the FSSAI website, fill up the online application with all the required documents. Documents Required For The GST Registration.

One Man's Journey To Document The Strangest McDonald's In The World

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Max Krieger is telling the stories of the most eccentric McDonald's locations in the world. Image credit: NNECAPA Photo Library

Decoding The Cafeteria License Cost In Dubai And The Process Of Getting One

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Legal Documentation To Keep In Mind . When it comes to legal documents, it can be a hassle sometimes. You can try and make a list of these documents to simplify the required legal procedures. Here is a list of legal documents to keep in mind. (i)

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work

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Document Your Successes. One way that involves self-reflection and accountability is documenting your successes. Keep a success journal documenting your accomplishments and the challenges you have overcome. What Is Imposter Syndrome?


How to Keep Your Restaurant Back Office Organized

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With your back office organized, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend looking for documentation or resources you might need so you can maybe, just maybe , leave on time for the night. It documents employee hours online. Papers. Clutter. Wires. Clipboards.

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Franchise Compliance Guide: Laws + Agreements

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The FTC Rule largely pertains to franchisors supplying prospective franchisees with a franchise disclosure document – a document from franchisors providing 23 key information points to franchisees regarding need-to-know information about the business.

Patio Season is Here. Make it Your Best Summer Ever with 7shifts Tools Built for Restaurants

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Employee Document Storage & Certification allows you to upload unlimited documents and certifications to your employees’ profiles. With 7shifts’ Employee Onboarding, you can collect, track, and store important employee documents, such as tax forms.

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How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan [with Sample]

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You'll have a document to reference during the planning or opening of your restaurant. A restaurant business plan is a document that outlines the various aspects of your restaurant business. Got supporting financial documents, like projected cash flow and a projected income statement?

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More Than 19,000 Whole Foods and Amazon Employees Had Documented Cases of COVID-19


The sign at the checkout area in a Whole Foods Market reminds shoppers to respect social distancing guidelines by waiting behind the taped lines on the floor. Shutterstock.

How to apply for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants

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Get your documents ready (more below). Gross Receipts Documentation: Any of the following documents demonstrating gross receipts and, if applicable, eligible expenses.

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E-Signature is here! ?


Send contracts and documents to be signed by employees or managers and store safely all within your Bizimply account! E-Signature has arrived at Bizimply! The post E-Signature is here! ? appeared first on Bizimply. Human Resources Workforce Management

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Restaurant Business Loan

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Industry Analysis : Document the size and trends in the restaurant industry to show readers you are an industry expert. Competitive Analysis : document local competitors and show how you will be able to carve out a niche in your market.

4 Reasons To Use 3D Renders for Your Restaurant Design

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3D rendering simulates spaces using software and design documentation. Restaurant Design 3D Rendering. The ambiance and interiors of a restaurant are a big part of the dining experience. It influences how patrons feel while they’re enjoying your food and how they see your restaurant.

How to Manage Multiple Restaurants and Locations

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Whichever way you go, remember that for every new restaurant you open, you'll need to conduct any necessary market research and document your planning process with a business plan and a feasibility study. It's a quick and reliable way to document and refer to need-to-know information.

Social media, your wine list & hospitality: Part 2

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From documenting the iconic pop of Champagne to a simple post that shows a bottle of red being. Part 2 – Engage, engage, engage!

15 apps for restaurants that can make work and life easier


You can quickly save text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents. When it comes to tech tools for restaurants, some places only want a basic restaurant waitlist app. Others need an all-in-one platform that helps with every area of the hospitality business.

How Restaurants Can Navigate the PPP Loan Forgiveness Program

Modern Restaurant Management

Borrowers must make representations about how they handled their PPP loans and maintain required documentation as backup. What Documentation Is Required to Apply for Forgiveness? Payroll documentation that shows the cost of payroll during the loan period.

How Mattenga’s Pizzeria Simplifies Labor Management—and Gets Back to Family Life

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The Manager Log Book is really important because our managers document on a daily basis. Whenever there are mistakes, it gets documented. Any damage, anything that happened, customer issues get documented.

The "Essentials" training for Front of House employees

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In some sort of wording, these accountability outlines should be located in the front of your training documents as “Overall Objectives” or something thereof… Host The position of hosts are “The Door” and “The Floor” the door is the greeter… Welcoming and warm, their attitude will dictate guests expectations. Your training documents will dig deeper into training expectations but the above is what directly impacts the guest experience.

How to Create a Welcome Pack for New Restaurant or Cafe Employees

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Present the pack in a ring-binder that can have documents easily added or taken out – better than in a folder that can lose the contents. A copy of the Code of Conduct – a positive document in a bright, visual format. What’s in your Welcome Pack for a new employee?

Five Signs You Need to Switch from Excel to Scheduling Software

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If you forget to lock the document for editing, staff can go in and make changes on their own without asking you. When it comes time to do payroll, it feels like you're gathering endless documents. We've all been there. Endless cells of names and shifts.

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How to open a ghost kitchen: What restaurant owners need to know


It may be a pared-down version of what is typical for the industry, but every business owner needs this document to help organize things, guide decisions, and get the project off the ground. Aspiring restaurateurs once looked to the food truck as a way to break into the business.

PPP Loans 2021: A Guide for Restaurants

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Provide the necessary documentation. Document these conversations with written letters or emails so that you can provide documentation proving you made the attempt and the employee rejected. Provide the Necessary Documentation.

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Are managers managing or are they leading?

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Check around the site for the free training documents. Does the manager take enough time developing their people Are they rallying the staff pre revenue period with a shift meeting? Creating direction and synergy with the staff. Managing the staff to create the guest experience? Working the floor via the “Manager 500” operations model. Are the managers conducting any one on ones with staff that need it post shift? Are there section seminars scheduled for advance training monthly?

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7 Restaurant Management Tools for Maximum Productivity

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Even if it’s just a shared cloud document (like Google Docs), a centralized place for your managers to exchange information is vital. The role of a restaurant manager is always in motion. There’s always something else to get done, a new fire to put out, new fixes to make.


Culinary Cues

Separating the good from the great becomes more difficult when your competition is seeking to do the same. In a field where mediocrity reins strong it is quite easy to stand out as better – but is this where you want to be?

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Health & Safety Requirements for Restaurants [COVID-19]

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Please refer to this document to find out the requirements for your county. Notes: Refer to the above document to find out the requirements for your county. Notes: Read this document for additional requirements.

What to Include in Your Restaurant Employee Handbook

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Having all your best practices documented in one place will reduce errors, speed up training, and give everyone a source of truth—allowing you to put your trust in your employees’ hands and let them do the job they were hired to do.

Kitchen Training Checklist for Cooks

Chef's Resources

Proper documentation of employee training is admittedly a nuisance, but the process is worth the tedium. Kitchen Training Checklist for Cooks An essential element of a successful business is a robust training plan.

The Value of Restaurant Business Intelligence for Multi-Unit Operators

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Your employees are your greatest asset — but the well-documented restaurant labor crisis is making them all the more valuable.

[Updated for 2023] The State-by-State Guide To Tip Pooling Laws

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One way to avoid confusion is to document your policy. This is best done on a document your lawyer draws up and the employee signs,” says Sheskin. Tipping. It's a constant conversation in the restaurant industry.

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Video: Alcohol Awareness Training

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Referenced Documents: Incident Report Form. Video: Alcohol Awareness Training. Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy. Best Practices for Responsible Serving of Alcohol. Alcohol Serving Policy. Why Bars Should Keep Surveillance Footage For Insurance Claims. How To Winterproof Your Workplace. The post Video: Alcohol Awareness Training appeared first on Hospitality Insurance Group. Bars & Restaurants Risk Management

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How to Make a Restaurant Employee Time Off Request Policy

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A time off policy is a documented process for when, why, how, and how often employees can request time off from work. Start organizing time off requests with this free document template.

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How to Create a Restaurant Staff Training Manual

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While you can’t watch over everybody’s shoulder while they figure things out, keeping documents by your POS systems will significantly speed up training and reduce costly errors. Close the document with a message written by you.

How to Create an Effective Restaurant Onboarding Process

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What documentation to give out and collect during onboarding. Did you know that restaurant employees change jobs every 56 days ? The restaurant industry welcomes new staff at unprecedented rates. In other industries, the average employee tenure is 4.2 years.

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