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Destinationaires: turning regional locations into destination tourism


So how can tourism-based hospitality businesses pivot their thinking to embrace the evolving needs and demands of travelers? To explain further, Wil Slickers joins us to talk about the ways hospitality and tourism innovators - destinationaires - can turn local spots into tourist destinations. Travel trends are changing.

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Top 5 US universities with hospitality and tourism management courses


A degree in hospitality and tourism isn’t a course that is often promoted. If you’re looking to start a career in this field or climb the hospitality ladder, take a look at these top universities that offer hospitality and tourism programs in the US. You would be shocked to know how many people often overlook this degree.

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The Evolution of Hospitality: From Ancient Traditions to Modern Day Experiences and the Many Innovations Along the Way

Gecko Hospitality

The Introduction of Leisure Tourism. This is when the concept of leisure tourism spread across Europe, bringing a multitude of wealthy travelers to Switzerland. This leisure tourism opened a new world of services like transportation, food and beverages, lodging, travel agencies, entertainment and more. Travel & Tourism.

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7 ways to attract more tourists & business travelers to your restaurant

Clover - Restaurants

As food tourism also continues to grow, restaurants are well positioned to receive valuable business from work travelers. If social media, website design, and other forms of digital tourism marketing are not your thing, don’t worry—you’ve found a great opportunity to delegate work.

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Trending! Travel bubbles: the next big opportunity in hospitality


If your area usually relies heavily on tourism to support its hospitality industry, you've probably felt the pinch in the last six months. International border agreements are springing up, and represent a great opportunity to reposition your business to tourists again.

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Grocery Store Tourism Is Taking Off


Photo by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images [link]

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Romanelli Winery Umbria

A Wine Story

Romanelli began our conversation by emphasizing that two “projects” characterize their estate: Romanelli Nature and Romanelli Tourism. As we exited the vineyard, Mr. Romanelli spoke to me about their relatively new ‘wine-tourism’ program reflecting eco-tourism. Romanelli Eco Tourism. Click here for. Wine Resources.

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