Your Menu: Nutritional, Calorie, Allergen Data On-Demand


When the FDA placed requirements for calories to be listed on menus in chain restaurants, it meant nutritional information must now be be clearly displayed on menus and menu boards and for salad bars and buffets. All calorie information must be displayed on signs near the foods.

The Rise of Food Allergies – and How to Keep Your Guests Safe and Happy

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require emergency medical attention from contact with a food allergen. Accurate allergen information is critical to guarantee your guests’ safety. With the right recipe and menu engineering solution, each ingredient is tagged with accurate nutrition and allergen info.


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How to Create an Allergy-Friendly Environment at Your Restaurant

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Customers with food allergies take a great risk to eat food prepared by someone other than themselves, as they may suffer potentially severe consequences from coming into contact with a triggering allergen. Your menu should very clearly convey which foods contain certain allergens.

4 Management Tips for Running an Allergy-Free Restaurant

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Let’s look at four management tips you can put into place to create and promote an allergen-friendly establishment. However, you can mitigate those issues by training your staff as much as possible on food allergens and how to avoid them. Identify Allergens on Your Menus.

Cross-Contamination: What It Is and How to Avoid It


Cross-Contamination with Allergens. Allergens are proteins that cause an allergic reaction in some people. The most common food allergens are found in: Eggs. Allergens and chemicals can also linger. Trace allergens can remain and cause a reaction.

20 Restaurant Skills You'll Quickly Learn on the Job (Updated)

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Health, Allergen, and Food Safety Training and Certifications. Examples include a TIPS certification , ServSafe Allergen , or a local accredited restaurant safety course. Working in a restaurant is something more than 11 million people in the United States do.

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BOHA!™ Work Station among the top 10 cool new products at NACS


Easily manages item pricing, ingredient items, and allergens. TransAct is presenting at the 2020 NACS Crack the Code Experience, which is a four-week virtual event that features education sessions and exhibitor showrooms of the convenience store industry.

Is Your Ghost Kitchen Haunted by Food Safety Breaches?

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Tech solutions can elevate food safety checklists and audits, track ingredient lists and allergen information, and help staff manage food safety processes, quickly, easily, and accurately.

Why Smaller Menus Are the Best Thing for Restaurants Right Now


Of course, a menu should cater to various tastes with a diversity of flavors, textures, allergens, and even calorie count. Reading Time: 3 minutes.

The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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One such software, Nutritics, also calculates dishes’ allergens, calories, and nutrition based on inputted recipes. It’s hard work to run a restaurant. It takes time, commitment, and the ability to deal with a number of challenges at the same time.

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A Coffee Shop Owner’s Guide to Handling Food & Dairy Allergies

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It doesn’t always take large amounts of an allergen to cause sickness or even death. This means that using the same jug to handle different milks could trigger a reaction in someone – even if the jug has been rinsed and contains only microscopic amounts of the offending allergen. Despite the high risk, guidelines for how businesses can manage allergens are inconsistent, unclear, or non-existent. Place allergen information prominently on your menus, website, and signage.

March/April 2021 Legal Update

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FASTER Act Makes Sesame a Designated Allergen : On April 23, 2021, sesame was officially designated an allergen as the bipartisan FASTER Act was signed into law by President Biden. Pooja S.

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How Chatbots are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

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Customers can now interact with a digital or virtual assistant to make their meal selection, get information about menu items ( such as allergens ), place orders or make reservations, and receive notifications when orders are ready for pick-up.

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Thousands Of Pounds Of DiGiorno Frozen Pizza Have Been Recalled Over Allergy Concerns

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The Crispy Pan Crust pepperoni pizza product carton may actually contain frozen three-meat pizza, which is made with textured soy protein, an allergen that may not be reflected on the label.

Restaurant Inspections Checklist and Guide [Get an A+ Rating]

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Sanitizing kitchen equipment before using it to prepare any allergen-inducing foods, as well as when customers alert you of an allergy. Don't panic, but it's time to prepare for your restaurant's health inspection. Health inspections are routine at restaurants – and for good reason.

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How to Create an Effective Restaurant Onboarding Process

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A server’s manual could contain a detailed description of each menu item, allergen guidelines, and a customer service guide. Did you know that restaurant employees change jobs every 56 days ? The restaurant industry welcomes new staff at unprecedented rates.

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5 Key Areas For Faster ROI From Digital Transformation In Hospitality


With digitization software such as Apicbase, restaurateurs can speed up recipe development and menu production for their restaurants, with powerful features such as instant recipe costing, profit potentials, aggregated nutritional data, and precise allergen information.

The Plant-Based Alternatives Market: A Guide for Restaurant Chains and Investors?

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Egg is the second most common cause of food allergies in children and among the most common allergens in the general population, so plant-based substitutes can be a great offering for this group of consumers (among others). Plant-Based Baby Formula: Another Allergen-Friendly Target Market.

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How to Use Technology to Deliver on Customer Expectation


Allaying allergen fears. The restaurant industry is absolutely brimming with innovation. Between self-service, order management, home delivery options, and futuristic robotic servers, there’s no shortage of great ideas for boosting front-of-house productivity.

How to Train Your Restaurant Staff When It Comes to Food Safety

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This number is expected to be much higher if food safety complaints and allergen incidents are taken into consideration. By Violetta Njunina, Contributor In 2018, restaurants served over 200 million guests , and employed over 9.9 million food workers.

Expected Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Restaurants

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Once a guest leaves their full name, email and phone number along with possible allergens and specific requests, the staff will be able to meet their needs anytime and thus win guest parties over and over again. Is it over yet?

Better Food, Better Profits Part 2: Clean Label Menus


Less additives, allergens and preservatives. Reading Time: 4 minutes. November is World Vegan Month, the perfect opportunity for your restaurant to experiment with alternative menu specials.

Vegan Confectionery Is Making its Way from the Margins to the Mainstream

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These buttons have various allergens listed on the package, as well as a vegan and clean label. Also, the allergen information (tree nuts) is clearly stated down. Veganism is the new trend that is sweeping the world.

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Catering to Health-Conscious Customers

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With a menu and engineering solution, you can automate the publishing of menus (and nutritional and allergen information) to your website. Our complimentary white paper shows how nutritional and allergen information can be used as a competitive advantage. With food allergies on the rise, and more than 15 million Americans affected, it’s critical for your restaurant to be able to deliver clear, accurate allergen information to guests. Catering to Health-Conscious Customers.

Food Safety Never Takes a Holiday 

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Pay attention to maintaining rack storage order to prevent cross-contamination of ready-to-eat foods from raw animal proteins as well as any allergen cross-contact potential. New menu items may have new or unexpected allergens (a new dessert may have nut or dairy ingredients, or a new sauce may contain anchovies, a fish allergen).

Eating Money in a Good Way: The Link Between Procure-to-Pay, Menu Engineering, and ROI

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When it comes to regulatory compliance, nutrition planning features give access to fast, accurate nutritional and allergen data standard with every recipe. In This Post. Procure-to-Pay: Minimizing Supply Chain Harm. Inventory: How to Skillfully Store and Operate.

Top Five Supply Chain Management Tips

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You should ensure your suppliers are able to provide you with allergen data to load into your procurement system against your recipes so you can track the allergens in every dish. Top Five Supply Chain Management Tips. .

FDA Relaxes Nutrition Facts and Menu Labeling Requirements for Restaurants and Food Manufacturers During COVID-19 Emergency

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allergen information required by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued two temporary food labeling guidance documents that attempt to balance industry supply and demand during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Essential Guide On Food Traceability For Production Kitchens [How To Comply With Regulations Without Adding To Your Employees’ Workload]


allergen data for every product. Food traceability is compulsory for many food companies in the US, Europe, and the UK. These businesses are accountable for any safety issues in their supply chain and must have information on traceability for the goods they grow, distribute, and sell.

How Insurance Needs Differ for Traditional Restaurants v. Mobile Food Businesses 

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This can be unlabeled allergens or a foodborne illness. Traditional sit-down restaurants and mobile food businesses have uniquely different needs when it comes to insurance.

How to Handle Food Recalls in Your Restaurant


coli O157:H7 in ground beef, salmonella in peanut butter, or food with an undeclared allergen. Examples include minor labeling problems, such as improper format or undeclared ingredients that are not allergens. A recall is by far one of the most devastating things that can happen to any brand in the food industry. On top of the negative image that could haunt the business, restaurants may also face steep sanctions and penalties from the government.

#LifeOrDeathRecipe Challenge and ‘A Woman’s Place’

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Trabon, menu management and publishing solutions, and MenuTrinfo®, nutritional analyst and food allergen expert, have forged a strategic alliance that enables an end-to-end solution for the calculation and presentation of menu item nutrition facts and allergen declarations.

Restaurant Consumer Trends: Demographics, Lifestyle and Technology

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Not having gluten-free (wheat allergen), nut-free, or dairy-free options is not just a preference, it’s a vital component of gaining certain consumers. How Demographics, Lifestyle, and Technology are Changing Restaurant Consumer Trends.

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Technology Strategies For Hotels Are Outdated—The Hospitality Industry Should Embrace A New Scalable Approach


Moreover, they finally have a better handle on food waste and can improve the guest experience by offering nutritional value and allergen information – both automated by the F&B management platform.

A Simple Step to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

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Allergens–especially on new menu items or specials. Managers need to have a means to effectively communicate time-sensitive subjects such as allergens and immediate safety concerns to the staff.

7 Features To Look For In A Restaurant Menu Management System

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These systems allow restaurateurs to develop or restructure their recipes, provide nutritional & allergen data pertaining to food ingredients, help with dynamic menu pricing, etc. If you are a restaurant owner, you will know that a menu is a restaurant’s heart and soul.

Meet the Villains Part One: The Busywork Beast

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With food allergies on the rise, and more than 15 million Americans affected, it’s critical for your restaurant to be able to deliver clear, accurate allergen information to guests. Meet the Villains Part One: The Busywork Beast in the Back-Office Lair.

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Calorie Information on Menus

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One such tool is MenuCal, which can help food businesses comply with legal requirements to manage and record allergen information. Calorie Information on Menus. New legislation became law on the 6 th April regarding the listing of calorie information on restaurant menus.

Competition’s Coming: Key Technology Changes Can Help You Win

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For example, customers using these sources are searching for restaurants with information about allergens, vegan offerings and other consumer concerns and interests. When the pandemic hit, many restaurants focused on expenses. Menus were trimmed to a fraction of original size.

HotSchedules Employees to Give Back During Global Charity Day Oct. 10

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With food allergies on the rise, and more than 15 million Americans affected, it’s critical for your restaurant to be able to deliver clear, accurate allergen information to guests. HotSchedules Employees to Give Back During Global Charity Day Oct. Employees across the company’s Austin, Atlanta, Denver, and Sydney offices will take the day to volunteer at a number of local charities.