8 Hiring Resources to Help You Find Great Waitstaff

Restaurant Engine

Hiring good staff is integral to your overall customer dining experience. With more than two and a quarter million waitstaff in the United States, competition is fierce, and hiring just the right team members can be crucial to your restaurant’s success.

The Importance of Flexibility in Restaurant Hiring

Modern Restaurant Management

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked Mark Heymann, a labor expert and CEO of UniFocus, for his insights on navigating post-pandemic restaurant recovery through effective hiring and training. Allowing staff to have peace of mind that if their situation changes, their employer will be understanding and flexible can be a huge draw when hiring staff. Finance Operations Hiring Staffing Unifocus

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Hiring Tips

Core Hospitality

That level of confidence may dictate their possible hiring position. Are you going to hire based on soft skills (Who they are, calm, confident, focused…) or their hard skills (Raw job history skills that are relevant to your business) or the best , and rarest, both hard and soft skills. Click here for the hiring docGetting the right people is always going to be a challenge. There are a few questions you need to ask your team.

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Why You Should Hire A Video Editor

Lady Boss Blogger

The post Why You Should Hire A Video Editor appeared first on LadyBossBlogger. Business, blogger, influencer, or otherwise, video editing is gaining popularity as marketing strategies have shifted away from photo content and toward video content.

How Restaurants Can Hire and Rehire Quickly During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

I know how hard it is to stay in business, how slim the margins are, and especially how difficult it is to hire and take care of the employees that keeps the business alive. Each of these factors mean restaurant owners may have to hire — and hire fast. Here are four ways to source and hire workers more quickly as cities begin to reopen for business. Automate Your Hiring Process. This is why automation is key to hiring faster.

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10 Recruitment Strategies To Improve Hiring And Attract Top Talent


In this article, the workforce management experts at Sling discuss ways your business can engage with high-potential employees , improve hiring, and make your business more successful than ever. Finding the best team members is crucial to the success of your business.

10 Recruitment Strategies To Improve Hiring And Attract Top Talent


In this article, the workforce management experts at Sling discuss ways your business can engage with high-potential employees , improve hiring, and make your business more successful than ever. Finding the best team members is crucial to the success of your business.

How to Hire QSR Employees in 2020 and Beyond

Harver Hospitality

Discover how combining recruiting technology and great candidate experience helps you hire the best QSR employees! Hospitality

How To Hire High Performing Hospitality Employees

Harver Hospitality

You can fight this by hiring the right people! Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Data-Driven Recruitment Quality of Hire RecruitmentHospitality industry is struggling with high turnover rates. Take a look at the skills high performing hospitality employees must have and how to measure them.

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How to Successfully Hire and Retain Staff

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Mike Krebs – Project Manager, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting As more hospitality businesses continue to reopen and grow during the COVID life environment we are all trying to figure out how to hire and retain staff.

How to Combat Restaurant Turnover Using Values-Based Hiring

7 Shifts

Because employees come and go so quickly, it’s natural for restaurateurs to feel like they have to make quick hiring decisions to avoid lapses in service and quality. However, hasty hiring is at the root of the turnover problem. When you hire someone who doesn’t share your team’s values, no amount of training will make them engaged in their work. At 7shifts, we put our values front and center during the hiring process.

Watch Webinar: How to Take Advantage of New Hire Tax Credits in 2020


There are several government programs that offer tax credits of up to $9,600 per new hire. During this on-demand webinar our experts breakdown how to: Incorporate WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credits) into your current and future hiring strategies.

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Hiring A Suitable Marketing Agency For Your Business

Candy Bar

The post Hiring A Suitable Marketing Agency For Your Business appeared first on CandyBar.co Brand awareness next to nothing? We feel you. Perhaps it is time to seek some agency help for the right type of marketing. Small businesses frequently have amazing products or […].

How to Hire Hourly Workers: 9 Tips for Success

Harver Hospitality

Learn how you can attract, select and hire the best hourly workers for your business with our 9 actionable tips! Contact Centers Hospitality Retail

How to Leverage New Hire Tax Credits for Your Restaurant Business


What is a tax credit relative to hiring or investment? A tax credit is an incentive to entice businesses to conduct certain hiring and/or investment activities such as: Hiring individuals from certain groups that face high employment.

Are You Ready for the Wave of Job Applicants?

Modern Restaurant Management

With restaurants opening back up, hiring managers will need to find applicants to quickly fill positions. Beyond finding the best applicant, companies should strive to make sure the candidates feel valued and appreciated throughout their entire hiring process.

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These Brands are Hiring During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Hot Schedules

These Brands are Hiring During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis. See below for a list of organizations that are currently hiring, and be sure to check back as we update the list in the coming days and weeks. Jet’s Pizza – Michigan-based chain Jet’s Pizza is currently hiring delivery drivers as Coronavirus leads to layoffs, according to CBS Chicago. Amazon – Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers due to increased demand, according to Forbes.

How to hire fast food workers

Rocket Fuel

How to hire fast food workers. The post How to hire fast food workers appeared first on Delaget. Blog Operational Efficiency

Why You Struggle with Hiring

The Restaurant Coach University

You need to rethink how you think about hiring. When you look at hiring do you view it as a necessary evil? Hiring on demand or only when you have an opening will never get you a superstar team. Hiring and recruiting can be very similar to mining for gold. If your restaurant or bar is struggling with hiring, it’s because you need to rethink and address your attitude about hiring. This blog post was originally published at Nightclub & Bar.

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Simple tips for hiring great coffee shop staff


But as you know, it’s not short of challenges, especially when it comes to hiring and managing staff. The concept of enlightened hospitality suggests it’s actually best to hire people with the “right” attitude and emotional skill set than to look out for relevant experience. When hiring, focus on attitude and emotional skill set rather than experience. Tweet your best hiring tips to @iZettle or drop us an email at blog@izettle.com!

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9 Steps To Hiring Exceptional Hotel Staff

Harver Hospitality

Hire exceptional hotel staff with these 9 steps! Finding and selecting the best employees for your hotel is essential to offer a memorable guest experience. Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Recruitment

How to Start a Restaurant: 6 Places to Hire Your Back of House


Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the main challenges for restaurant owners figuring out how to start a restaurant is hiring the right people. Hiring is a tough problem for any restaurant owner – the labor pool for line cooks is tight in almost every market. The good news is that there are platforms that simplify the hiring process dramatically. LinkedIn is an incredible hiring tool, thanks to its impressive search capabilities. Looking to hire a manager?

3 Things To Consider When Hiring Employees

Candy Bar

Hiring employees is an art. For small businesses, hiring employees can […]. The post 3 Things To Consider When Hiring Employees appeared first on CandyBar.co Every company in the world, including the best, are looking for ways to solve the staffing and recruitment problem. SMB Tips & Tricks

5 Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor

Lady Boss Blogger

In order for you to discover what options are available to you, it can be a good idea to consider hiring a … The post 5 Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor appeared first on LadyBossBlogger. Handling your personal finances is not always an easy task. While you may be familiar with the basic idea of saving and investing for the future, there are other ways to get ahead.

9 Tips For Hiring First-Class Restaurant Employees

Harver Hospitality

How do you find and hire them? You need the best restaurant employees to provide excellent experience to your guests. Follow these 9 tips! Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Recruitment

Food Delivery Exposure Best Practices: Tips for Hired and Non-Owned Auto Exposure Controls

Modern Restaurant Management

Consider the following in your risk management and business continuity programs: Use of Food Delivery Services vs. Company Employees – By using a hired food delivery service, a restaurant can reduce the chance of employees having an accident by using their cars or the owner’s vehicles. Check that hired delivery service has similar procedures.

Restaurant Staffing for Today and Tomorrow

Modern Restaurant Management

Equipment Operations Hiring HR pandemic hiring StaffingSince quarantine lockdowns began mid-March of 2020, restaurants faced unprecedented turmoil. Before global lockdowns, the U.S. restaurant industry suffered from a 74.9

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How To Hire Part-Time Employees In 6 Steps

Harver Hospitality

Learn all about the specifics of a part-time hiring process, what to watch out for and recruit the best part-time employees! Recruitment Inspiration Retail Hospitality Recruitment

Talent Management 101: How To Hire And Retain High-Performing Employees


Doing so will make it easier to hire and retain high-performing employees. If a potential hire isn’t a good fit, they are far less likely to enjoy their time at work, meaning their relationships and productivity will suffer. An onboarding process is a set of steps that eases new hires into their work environment so that their first days and weeks aren’t such a shock. Each of your team members — whether new-hire or long-time veteran — is unique.

How Restaurants Evolve in the War for Talent in 2021 and Beyond

Modern Restaurant Management

Equipment Finance Operations staffing technology Hiring HR Staffing

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Eight Ways to Fill Seasonal Positions Amid Record-Low Unemployment

Modern Restaurant Management

In a job seekers market, if we don’t alter our approach to sourcing, recruiting, and hiring, we'll be left with open jobs and few applicants to fill them. While the lack of workers will affect every size of operator, smaller restaurant operators will most likely struggle with seasonal hiring even more due to lack of brand recognition, limited advertising options, and monetary restraints not allowing for competitive offers. Streamline Your Hiring Process.

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Restaurant Staffing: 9 Tips for Hiring the Right Staff

MBB Hospitality

Hiring the right staff that has the skills and passion needed for this industry is crucial. Check out our guide: Restaurant Staffing: 9 Tips for Hiring the Right Staff: 1. Whenever you are hiring for a position, first write out a clear description of what the job entails and what skills and qualities are needed to be successful in that position. Hiring experts agree that a single interview is not always enough to determine the eligibility of a candidate.

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talentReef Helps Employers Create Contactless Talent Management Strategy.


Download the talentReef Guide and learn how to digitally engage candidates and successfully recruit, hire, and onboard in a digital world. 2020 has been a lesson in quickly adapting to new requirements - namely, contactless recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

Nationwide Restaurant Hiring Hits a Wall as Stimulus Talks Pick Up Steam


Flat jobs growth and a provisional decline in restaurant jobs could pressure lawmakers to reach a stimulus deal soon [link

A Cut Above The Rest: How Hiring Quality Drivers Builds Customer Loyalty

Thrive POS

Let’s get real for a moment. Customer loyalty is not guaranteed, no matter how good your pizza is. And no matter how many times you landed it like a gold medal Olympic gymnast, one misstep can cost you big time - which makes having high-quality delivery drivers even more critical to your success as an independent pizza restaurant offering local delivery. POS Customer Service Online Ordering Delivery Thr!ve

Simple tips for hiring great coffee shop staff


But as you know, it’s not short of challenges, especially when it comes to hiring and managing staff. The concept of enlightened hospitality suggests it’s actually best to hire people with the “right” attitude and emotional skill set than to look out for relevant experience. When hiring, focus on attitude and emotional skill set rather than experience. The post Simple tips for hiring great coffee shop staff appeared first on The Business Owner Blog.

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Hiring Right Restaurant Staff: 5 Tips to Build a Customer Centric Team of Servers For Your Fine Dine Restaurant

The Restaurant Times

Since your first-line staff or customer-facing staff represents your fine dine restaurant brand in the eyes of your customers, you should ideally begin with hiring the right restaurant staff The definition of the right team certainly varies with the brand. Questions To Ask While Hiring .

Your Guide to Hiring Temporary Workers That Are Right for the Job

Harver Hospitality

How do you make sure that you hire temporary workers that are right for the job? Follow these 6 steps and improve your recruitment process! Hospitality Recruitment Recruitment Inspiration Retail

11 Tips For Hiring Servers For Your Hospitality Business (And Retaining Them)

Harver Hospitality

Hire the best servers by following these 11 tips! Frontline service employees such as waitstaff are the faces of your hospitality business. Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality

Four Ways QSRs MUST Innovate to Outlast the Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

And yet, despite the high unemployment, Quick Service Restaurants are one of the few sectors still hiring in massive numbers. Hire Faster or Be Left Behind. QSRs are hiring at a rapid clip. Tens of thousands of new hires are needed right now to meet demand.

Staffing Issues Every Restaurant Owner Should Focus on Post-Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

As business owners begin the process of hiring (or, in some cases, re-hiring) employees for their restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and food services companies, here are five things to focus on: All Hands on Deck. Be creative when it comes to how to recruit, hire and retain employees.

Optimizing the Candidate Experience in Five Simple Ways

Modern Restaurant Management

When you are part of the restaurant industry, catch phrases such as “low unemployment rate” and “revolving door” seem to find their way into any conversation involving hiring and retention. While this is great for the economy, it can make hiring managers feel as though they are running at full speed on a hamster wheel. Having the right hiring managers in the recruitment process is essential.

Stay Here: A 15th Century Irish Castle Escape in Co. Kilkenny

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Did you know we’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones?