10 Inspirational Hospitality Industry Stories During COVID-19

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The hospitality industry has been hit hard, and it can often be difficult to see silver linings in immense uncertainty and tragic circumstances. Here are 10 inspirational ways the hospitality industry is embracing positivity during COVID-19. Social Kitchen & Craft Bar in Costa Mesa, CA is providing free meals to feed all laid-off and furloughed hospitality workers. LGO Hospitality: Raising Money for the Team.

7 Tips for Hospitality Marketing During COVID-19

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However, no one understands the consequences more than the travel and hospitality industries. Restaurants are also pro-actively doing their part to help their own teams, as well as other hospitality industry workers affected by furloughs. Even though Coronavirus has hd tragic effects on the hospitality industry right now, it’s critical your marketing strategy includes many channels and avenues.

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9 Important Hospitality Sales and Marketing Tips

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According to the data from the 2019 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook by Deloitte , industry growth is consistent throughout the past decade. Here are 9 hospitality sales tips that combine classic techniques with modern practices. Making special offers is one of the classic hospitality training tips that works for any type of business. Local seasonal events have always been among the top sales tactics for the hospitality industry.

5 Examples of Customer Service Innovation in Hospitality

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The hospitality industry constantly changes and evolves in the face of new industry and consumer trends. After all, the future in the hospitality sector quite literally lies in the hands of guests and customers, so it’s imperative that you always perfect your customer service. Today, we’ll take a look at some best examples of stellar customer service in the hospitality industry. Customer service drives the hospitality industry forward.

Typsy explains: How to get better at learning in hospitality


Hospitality career tips Hotels Hospitality managers Hospitality staff Restaurants Hospitality training BarsLearning something new can be a struggle. Sometimes it feels like wading through mud - unpleasant, time-consuming, and taking up a lot of your energy.

Typsy chats with. Wil Slickers, 'Slick Talk' hospitality podcast


Wil Slickers is hospitality force to be reckoned with. With years of experience in hotel management, he hosts the popular hospitality podcast Slick Talk , and co-owns a company specializing in luxury vacation rentals. As if that weren't enough, this year he also founded the Destinationaire Award - a prize designed to recognize outstanding contributions and innovations in the hospitality industry (and based on a term he coined in an article for Typsy Blog !).

The 5 best hospitality tech tools to improve your business


It can sometimes feel impossible to keep up with the demands of the day-to-day grind of the hospitality industry, especially because of the fast-paced nature and constant focus on customers.

Advice from a manager: how to ace a hospitality interview and trial


If you're a hospitality professional, chances are high that your employment has been affected by the ongoing coronavirus. Read on for advice from an experienced hospitality hiring manager on how to ace a hospitality interview and trial. Hotels Hospitality managers Hospitality staff Restaurants Hospitality training Bars COVID-19But businesses are now looking towards reopening, and with them job opportunities are becoming increasingly available.

How to create a great e-newsletter for your hospitality venue


Subscribers and newsletters might seem like they don't have anything to do with hospitality, but it's really just another form of online content that can help draw in new guests and return customers alike.

Trending! Travel bubbles: the next big opportunity in hospitality


If your area usually relies heavily on tourism to support its hospitality industry, you've probably felt the pinch in the last six months. Hotels Hospitality insights Hospitality managers Restaurants Bars COVID-19 Travel & tourism

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The art of rebranding: how and why to update your hospitality brand


There are a lot of good reasons to rebrand your hospitality business, but the idea of it can be intimidating - especially if you have an established customer base. Hospitality marketing Hospitality insights Hospitality managers Restaurants COVID-19

Hospitality after coronavirus: reopening requirements you need to know


After a long period of take-away only mandates on food service venues, the COVID-19 curve is finally flattening and the hospitality engine is starting up again. Hotels Hospitality insights Hospitality managers Hospitality staff Restaurants Hospitality training Bars COVID-19But that doesn’t mean we’re quite out of the woods yet – restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and hotels will likely still need to adhere to certain regulations and requirements for some time.

Contactless Dining: Exploring the Intersection of Hospitality and Technology

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A restaurant operating at the intersection of hospitality and technology can experience significant impact from increasing margins to enhancing the dining experience to streamlining operations. It leverages the innovation of technology to enhance the indispensable genuineness of hospitality.

How Restaurants Deliver Great Hospitality with Contactless Ordering and Payment

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Hospitality operators are rapidly turning to contactless ordering and payment solutions to help navigate the long road back to normal from COVID-19’s impacts. Following are a few simple steps hospitality operators should consider: Remember that Guests Come for the Experience.

Hospitality Business Survey


It is difficult to steer your business in the dark. Emiliano De Laurentiis. It is difficult to steer your business in the dark. We are collecting intelligence to help you make better decisions. Click here, please for a 5-minute survey. It is difficult to steer your business in the dark. We are collecting intelligence to help you make better decisions.

Family Ties Unite Hospitality Industry During COVID-19 Outbreak


Teaser: Many hospitality establishments team up to raise funds for staff during time of need. While the hospitality industry is suffering as a whole, restaurant owners maintain the potential to earn some income despite operating restrictions. Many establishments in hospitality are family-run businesses and for those who don’t share blood ties, the daily teamwork and camaraderie between the front and back of house can make staff feel like a family.

Cracking the Language Barrier: When is Hospitality Not Hospitality

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Bavel, LA - Hospitality Design Award Finalist Image Via Bavel DTLA. WHEN IS HOSPITALITY NOT HOSPITALITY? We talk a lot about Hospitality here at Future Food, so it is interesting to note that what we think it means is not a universal definition. As I was reading through the informative Summer 2019 (northern hemisphere) issue of the Urban Land publication from the ULI , I saw that there was a special section on Hospitality. In the US, Hospitality means Hotels.

The Future of Food is Exciting - Food and Hospitality Trends of 2020

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Trends that will shape the future of your food and hospitality projects for 2020. However, food and service will always be at the heart of hospitality. One-stop-shop for the complete hospitality experience; A) Cinemas are doing this by adding dining and craft bar lounges.

Best Practices for Hospitality Marketing

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Every industry has been impacted in some manner, including the hospitality industry. The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the world in so many ways, causing businesses everywhere to adapt to an unprecedented crisis. The last few months have been very uncertain for people all over the world, with every country implementing social distancing rules to flatten the curve and reduce the number of infections.

Five Food & Hospitality Trends for a Post-Lockdown World

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Five Food & Hospitality Trends for a Post-Lockdown World. The pandemic has been a catalyst for change in the food and hospitality industry. Innovation & Creativity Not since 2008’s GFC have we seen such a squeeze on the hospitality industry. Hospitality has not had to comprehensively communicate the order of service, because customers intrinsically knew what was required of them or had prior experience. Food & Hospitality Trends

Manage Increasing COVID-19 Cleaning Costs in Hospitality

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Manage Increasing COVID-19 Cleaning Costs in Hospitality. The post Manage Increasing COVID-19 Cleaning Costs in Hospitality appeared first on HotSchedules Now Powered by Fourth. How mobile applications can support change management and control costs.

Customers Demand Authentic Hospitality Experiences - Every time

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Customers Demand Authentic Hospitality Experiences - Every time Let’s start off by saying that commercial hospitality is everywhere we look. Like food, the service proposition is also a customer expectation, this can be subjective, but overall, the commercial hospitality industry has a sound understanding of the touch-points relating to service-excellence. Trends Hospitality

Six reasons to embrace online hospitality learning


Skilled, motivated employees are the heart and soul of the hospitality industry, and there’s no better way to stay motivated, invested and skilled than helping workers broaden their knowledge base. With millions of people across the world working from home, or furloughed, undertaking online training has never been more crucial to the continuing success of a business.

How food and hospitality can flourish in the next normal

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How food and hospitality can flourish in the next normal Retail Relationships Rewarding Foodies. As we witness the gradual relaxing of restrictions placed on food operators state by state and an uncertain return to trading, one thing is certain – the Food & Hospitality will inevitably recover. People are social creatures by nature, with hospitality ingrained in our way of life - albeit it to differing degrees from person to person granted!

Food & hospitality is open for business

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Food & hospitality is open for business. The profound power of the anticipation and excitement these simple words hold is balanced by the weight of a new normal for food and hospitality operators. But…the simple joy of a complete hospitality experience including non-home cooked steak with a glass of ice-cold draught beer at the local pub earlier this week (table service only aside!), Let’s not forget that Hospitality is all about PEOPLE.

How to write a hospitality cover letter


Whether you want to work in a restaurant, a hotel, or a tour company, your cover letter is one of the first things any hiring manager in the hospitality industry will look at. That’s why you must make a great first impression and show employers what you can bring to the table. In this blog post, we look at three writing tips that will help you perfect your cover letter. Career tips Hotels Staff Restaurants Training

Celebrating New Orleans’ Talented Women in Hospitality


“Forbes 30 Under 30” female powerhouse Emery Whalen, the CEO/Owner of QED Hospitality which operates all of the award-winning restaurants and bars at the Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans and Thompson Nashville. A true industry dynamo and known risk-taker, Whalen is an active member of the community who advocates for female empowerment in the industry and is paving the way for women entrepreneurs climbing up the hospitality ladder.

The 7 best hospitality training ideas


Hospitality is a customer service-oriented industry. While your team should have innate instincts about how to serve guests, they’ll need rigorous hospitality industry training to ensure that they adhere to your hotel or restaurant’s high standards. In this blog post, we’re sharing the best hospitality training tips and resources to transform your staff into hospitality superstars.


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The virus is prevalent in the hospitality business, retail, government, and education, just to name a few industries. This article stems from a recent experience in a hotel where I was staying. The power went out for a few hours, but when it returned I stopped into the bar for a drink. The bar was fully set, there were two employees on duty, the ice was in the bin, and the cocktail napkins were fanned on the bar top.

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How Restaurants Can Plan For The Next Hospitality Crisis

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The hospitality industry, in general, and restaurants in particular, face many different types of risk. What Risks Does The Hospitality Sector Face? For example, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the hospitality industry by surprise.

MRM Plant-Based: Good Food Scorecard and Healthier Hospital Food

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Healthier Hospitals. It wouldn’t be an unusual tally of meals consumed by a patient admitted to a hospital for heart disease or stroke. It’s clearly not health food, yet it’s the type of sustenance offered at hospitals every day nationwide.

Communicating with Your Hospitality Customers during COVID


Read more to find out about how the hospitality have been communicating with their own customers! The post Communicating with Your Hospitality Customers during COVID appeared first on Bizimply. Bar & Restaurant Retail & HospitalityThis is a follow-on from our previous blog post: Using Social Media to Connect With Customers During COVID-19.

10 hospitality podcasts to listen to in 2020


We’ve put together a list of hospitality podcasts to help you become a master at your job, achieve your 2020 goals and have a good laugh too. In a world where time is precious, podcasts can turn your boring commute into an interesting and time-worthy one.

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Hospitality in Australia Emerging from under the Pandemic Restrictions

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Hospitality in Australia Emerging from under the Pandemic Restrictions Staying positive, finding the silver lining & planning for the ‘next normal’. Very few hospitality businesses will be able to genuinely pick up where they left off and many will not return but for those that remain, now is the time to stay positive and maximise planning to reengage with employees, suppliers and customers searching for the silver lining to the challenges that we face. Image via Frameweb.

Top 5 Hospitality Trends for your Business — the Inside Scoop


The hospitality industry is fuelled by people’s obsession with food. Revenue for the hospitality industry will exceed $108 billion by the year 2023 — Bankwest, Future of Business. Trend 3: Tech, you’re it — development of more third-party hospitality apps.

How To Hire High Performing Hospitality Employees

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Hospitality industry is struggling with high turnover rates. Take a look at the skills high performing hospitality employees must have and how to measure them. Recruitment Inspiration Hospitality Data-Driven Recruitment Quality of Hire RecruitmentYou can fight this by hiring the right people!

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Unprecedented Effects: How the Hospitality Industry Will Recover

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The hospitality industry is no exception and it appears as if there are both good times and bad times ahead. In the short run, COVID-19 has taken a significant bite out of the hospitality industry, but there does appear to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

What to Look for in Hospitality POS Software for 2020

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Choose hospitality POS software with cloud functionality so that you can view your data and manage your business remotely, wherever you are and at any time through any internet-connected device. Choose the Right Hospitality POS Software. Considering an upgrade in 2020?

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How to make guests with food sensitivities feel welcome


Hospitality operations Health and wellbeing Hospitality insights Hospitality managers Hospitality staff Restaurants Hospitality training2020 has thrown a myriad of challenges at the restaurant industry. Now more than ever, making guests feel at home is important.

Coronavirus Bites Into UK Hospitality Dollars

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Coronavirus is having a strong negative impact on sales for even the strongest UK hospitality business, according to analysis of 136 typically high-performing food and beverage businesses from Tenzo, a restaurant business intelligence and forecasting platform. Design Finance Operations Tenzo UK Hospitality Covid-19 Coronavirus effect Coronavirus