Four Questions to Consider Before Opening an Outdoor Seating Space

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Whether a restaurant, bar, food market, or similar establishment, creating outdoor seating has allowed many businesses to remain afloat throughout COVID and will be crucial for the coming months.

How to Get Restaurant Patio Seating Right

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Right now, restaurants are relying heavily on outdoor patio seating for a large part of their dine-in revenue. If you have the available space, patio seating is a great way to boost your sales and keep customers safe during the pandemic. Restaurants have been hit hard.


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Restaurant Seating 101 for New Restaurant Owners

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But, when it comes to customers and seating arrangements, that couldn’t really be further from the truth. The way clients are seated is a huge part of it. First of all, identify the different areas where it would be possible to seat customers – while obviously taking into account the areas that are needed for other purposes. Instead of buying a single very long table that would maybe sit something like 10 people, you can get smaller square tables that seat 4 people.

Fewer Seats, More Shelves: How Restaurants are Preparing for the Takeout Order Boom


Previously, most locations were about 2,000 square feet with 50 seats, as required by company policy. Future stores will be as small as 1,400 square feet and seat as few as 26 people. Since 2014, online ordering for pickup and delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic. In its early years, digital ordering provided an opportunity to access tech-savvy customers and boost sales. Now, it is crucial that quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants offer the ability to order online.

Restrictions Into Opportunities: How to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Speaker: Patrick Cottrell and Joe English

Whether your state allows outdoor dining, takeout only, or a little bit of both, we're here to help. Join Patrick Cottrell and Joe English from Sculpture Hospitality, for a webinar on Jan. 26th, and get your restaurant to thrive in face of pandemic restrictions

How Expanded Outdoor Seating Can Maximize Your Restaurant’s Profits


Expanded outdoor seating may be just what you need to maximize profits during COVID-19. The post How Expanded Outdoor Seating Can Maximize Your Restaurant’s Profits appeared first on Evergreen.

Inside Seating? A Harlem Bar Owner Navigates COVID-19's Changing Rules

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67 Orange Street makes do with take-out and outdoor service while waiting for a decision on inside dining in NYC. Image credit: Camille Petersen/Camille Petersen

Get the Best Seat in the House: More Exposure for your Restaurant Through Local SEO

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The post Get the Best Seat in the House: More Exposure for your Restaurant Through Local SEO appeared first on

Winter Storm Damaged Outdoor Seating Setups at Seattle Restaurants and Breweries


Several tents and other structures collapsed under the weight of snow [link

Creating the Ideal Dining Experience for Introverted Customers

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Seat Introverts in Corners If at all possible, seat your introverted customers in a quiet or slightly darker corner. That said, many introverts who like restaurants go out to eat in order to be near people without having to mingle with them so there's no need to seat with true isolation in mind. Bums on seatsDining in a restaurant is a different experience for every single customer, and everyone comes for a different reason.

This week in restaurant news: supporting protests, outdoor seating, fine dining chefs get creative


Restaurants With Closed Dining Rooms Win Clearance for Outdoor Seating – Restaurant Business. The post This week in restaurant news: supporting protests, outdoor seating, fine dining chefs get creative appeared first on Open for Business.

How to Develop a Restaurant Management Plan

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My restaurant knows its dollars per square foot and or dollars per seat ­­­ _. A restaurant management plan is your written strategy for how to get your restaurant to where you want it. New ideas have very little value unless they are put into action. This restaurant management plan is a tool that translates ideas (I should or I’ll try to) into action (I am). This helps solidify your commitment to turning your restaurant into a profitable and smooth-running operation.

What are Ghost Kitchens, and Why are They Becoming so Popular?

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Seating capacities have been dramatically reduced in most locations, and in some countries restaurants aren’t even allowed to open their doors to customers. 2020 has been a rough year for the restaurant industry.

Having A Seat At The Table Doesn?t Mean We Get To Order

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As to be expected in such Trump-sponsored gatherings, the members of this “task force” seemed keenly aware that addressing the President requires … Continue reading "Having A Seat At The Table Doesn’t Mean We Get To Order".

Reopening with a Safety Surcharge - Will it Work in Your Restaurant or Bar?

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For some locations, this may include reduced seating and customer capacity (25% - 50%), the requirement for staff to wear the appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment), enhanced cleaning regimes more frequently throughout the day, and much more.


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Far too many times the menu takes a back seat to all other planning that will lead to serious miscalculations along the way. Consider this – the menu is the most important component of a successful restaurant and once designed it can, and should, impact every other aspect of the business.

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Digital Logs: The Hype Behind Them


You slump into your seat, wishing you could do something about this mess that looms in front of you. You switch on the light in your office, revealing a desk overflowing with unorganized stacks of papers. Some are grease-stained from the previous work day.

Outdoor Is the New Indoor

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” No one knows for sure, but we are seeing glimpses of a trend that may be the answer for restaurant owners and operators: expanded outdoor seating. ” An (ROI) Argument for Expanding Outdoor Seating. January is well-known for being a reset month.


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There is, in human nature, a desire to make a difference, to do something meaningful, or as Steve Jobs once said: “To make a dent in the universe.” Not everyone struggles with this need, but for those who are born with this deep-seated knowing desire – they understand that it is always present.

2020 455

San Francisco Shuts Down All Indoor Dining After 250 Percent Increase in COVID-19 Cases


Restaurants were originally slated to see an increase in indoor seating capacity this month [link

TNI Safety Dividers during COVID-19

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Restaurants are considered high risk for the spread of COVID-19 due to the close proximity of tables and chairs The solution is the new TNI Safety system The TNI Safety COVID-19 protective system allows restaurants to operate without the need to remove essential seats or tables Standard sizes and custom cut panels available to fit … Read More.

What the Heck is a KPI and Why You Should Give a Sh*t

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RevPASH stands for “revenue per available seat hour” during a given time period (and sounds really cool when you say it). RevPash = Total revenue ÷ (available seats x opening hours).

Cartvertising: How to Advertise in Your Local Grocery Store

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Cartvertising, IndoorMedia’s shopping cart advertising program, places your business on the baby seat and nose portions of grocery store shopping carts. Baby Seat Ads. These ads are displayed on billboards mounted to the backrest of the baby seat.

Changes to Restaurant Design as a Result of COVID-19

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Flexible Seating. Flexible seating and partitions are both necessary for a safer restaurant experience. At a time when most restaurants are seeing declining revenue, it would be impractical for these establishments to pay for substantial renovations to modify their seating arrangements.

How to Plan Your Restaurant's Grand Re-Opening Event

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Set a goal for your restaurant’s grand opening—whether it’s seating capacity, an order volume, or revenue for your first day back in business. Alternatively, bar seating must be closed until physical distancing requirements are eased.


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Then we over-stepped our bounds, other underlying initiatives drove us to make assumptions, and include other deeply seated theories in our approach towards this common battle. World terrorists have taken a back seat to domestic terrorists. Never Forget.

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Dale DeGroff to speak at the Santé Symposium in VR


1:00 PM EST. REGISTER NOW TO RESERVE A SEAT. Registration is free , but the first 20 registrants will have a seat in the room as avatars. Seated participants will be able to ask Dale questions directly. Register now to guarantee a seat at this milestone event! Coming Next Sign.jpg. Author(s): Emiliano De Laurentiis. Teaser: We are bringing the Santé Symposium back, online, using virtual reality!

Understanding Clients’ Needs for a Workable Return to the Restaurant Experience

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New design solutions we’re considering include temporary enclosures around existing seating groups, devising clever touchless delivery systems inside existing and new restaurants, rethinking the curbside pickup landscape for our mixed-use projects as a starting point.

The Pros and Cons of Running a Dog-Friendly Restaurant


With more restaurants expanding their outdoor seating to cater to social […]. Have you considered opening a dog-friendly restaurant? If so, you’re not alone. As more millennials choose pets over babies, pet-friendly restaurants are becoming a restaurant industry trend.

Representation Matters: Celebrating Black-Owned Restaurants, Bars, & Vendors


As our nation continues to confront a deep-seated history of racism and systemic oppression, Evergreen (fka Taphunter) remains committed to driving change in our industry while continuing to stand united […]. Representation is especially important in the restaurant industry.

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Seven Traits of Successful Restaurant Owners and Managers

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Expand or Remodel Expanding your restaurant's outside seating area with a deck, patio or tent, could bring you real financial benefits. That’s a 65 percent return on investment for their customer who considered adding outdoor seating.

San Francisco Officially Reopens Indoor Dining


This will be the first time diners are allowed to take a seat inside the city’s restaurants since COVID-19 cases skyrocketed by 250 percent last November [link

The Breakfast Cook – Tough, Dependable, Organized, and Fast

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The average dining room guest for breakfast is likely to spend no more than 30 minutes from the time they are seated. There are cooks and there are cooks – each has his or her list of responsibilities, required skills, and bag of tricks.

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Coronavirus and Restaurants: A Year In Review

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Breweries and Taprooms were close to pre-pandemic levels by the end of summer—dude to to-go cans and outdoor seating. Some had to get creative with their outdoor seating and greenhouses, yurts, and igloos became the way to dine out.

2021 124


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When professional groups rally behind the needs of their members then employees feel as though they belong as a member of that organization, and when government steps up and does everything in its power to help citizens then there exists a deep-seated pride in being an American.

Back to the Future: a Revolution in Back-of-House Technology


Widespread adoption of front-of-house software has taken hospitality from notepads in back pockets to everything from placing orders and processing payments to seating guests and splitting checks being done electronically.

149 – Restaurant Value Engineering


Improve your revenue per available seat hour ( revpash). A concept commonly used in the airline industry, revpash lets you focus on improving the ‘revenue per available seat hour’. It works perfectly in a restaurant setting where tables and seats are just as limited. .

2021 52

Minnesota Retreats From Indoor Dining As COVID-19 Cases Surge


Reduced hours and seating capacities go into effect Nov. Jes Lahay /Eater Twin Cities. 13 [link

Restaurateurs Adapt to New Consumer Preferences

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Restaurants worldwide are finalizing their checklists for sanitation requirements, curbside and delivery setup, and figuring out new seating layouts for six feet of social distance. Restaurant owners must approve seating arrangements ahead of time with their municipality.

Social Distancing Techniques For When You Reopen Your Restaurant

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If possible, expand your outdoor seating area. Cities are beginning to close off streets to provide more space for restaurant seating and pedestrians. ” Fill those empty seats. The Bangkok-based restaurant is occupying seats with adorable panda stuffed animals.

New York Restaurants Hope To Avoid Heartbreak On Valentine's Weekend

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Now that they can reopen for limited indoor seating, restaurants in New York City are hoping customers show up for what's normally a busy holiday. Image credit: Sally Herships/NPR

2021 91


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Some try and paint a brighter picture by projecting that as soon as the quarantine is lifted – people will return in droves to their previous lifestyle and fill those empty restaurant seats. Desperation has sunk in for those of us in the restaurant business.

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Some Fresh Air Is Necessary to Jumpstart Restaurants Reopening

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Therefore, maximizing the ability to utilize outdoor space to increase seating capacity will be critical for restaurants during this period. That said, it can be expected that consumers will likely feel more comfortable if the restaurant has socially distanced outdoor seating option available.