Working Well With Third Party Delivery Apps [FREE White Paper]

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In this 10-page white paper, learn how to take advantage of this growing restaurant trend, including: Most [ ] The post Working Well With Third Party Delivery Apps [FREE White Paper] appeared first on Dot It. There's no denying food delivery is on the rise.

White Castle Is Testing Out a Robot Line Cook Named Flippy


White Castle announced plans to pilot a robotic chef named Flippy in the fall. Plus, the 20th anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s ”Kitchen Confidential, ” and other news to start the day White Castle will be the first fast-food chain to install a robotic cook.

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Culinary Cues

BAR-B-QUE JOINT: Maybe your goal is to work in a white tablecloth restaurant and the thought of investing your time in an operation with paper tabletops and bottles of hot sauce on the table does not sit well with your plan.

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Offsetting Rising Labor Costs with Menu, Purchasing, and Inventory Excellence

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Download a copy of our complimentary white paper, Leveraging Technology to Offset Rising Labor Costs. We have a suggestion: stop rogue purchasing, eliminate paper from the entire purchase-to-pay process and tackle waste. Offsetting Rising Labor Costs.

RATE Your Advertising Campaign

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While the exact rate of repetition is debatable, there are a number of research papers that propose that a good number to target is 7-8 views per customer to ensure they take action. Newspaper 1x per month Black & White ad in Sunday paper 318,085 Readers On the driveway $4,620 per ad.


Planet Grape

The label is created from recycled paper, and cotton fibers, the capsule is PVC- free, and the box comes from recycled cardboard. Trebbiano d’Abruzzo – light, dry, gentle and fresh white with notes of lemon, almond sliver, candle wax, and sea salt. Food and Wine. Best Organic Wines.

New Bill Proposes $120 Billion in Grants to Support Independent Restaurants


The proposed RESTAURANTS Act white papers note that “[p]revious efforts to help small businesses such as the Paycheck Protection Program are too restrictive for restaurants and do not address their specific challenges.” Scroll to read the white papers in full

Drowning in Data? Integrated Analytics Can Be Your Lifeboat

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Or, to learn more about Data and Analytics in hospitality, download our free white paper. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Drowning in Data? Integrated Analytics Can Be Your Lifeboat. How can you get the information you need, when you need it?

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How to Achieve Accurate Forecasting

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Download our complimentary white paper, The Science of Scheduling. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER. How to Achieve Accurate Forecasting. When planning ahead, forecasting methods — and accuracy — vary dramatically restaurant to restaurant. How accurate is your forecast?

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Switching to Biodegradable Utensils & Straws


Here’s the good news: In an effort to meet demand for eco-friendly products and keep up with evolving industry trends, many manufacturers already offer a robust catalogue of alternatives to plastic utensils and straws that go way beyond paper. When it comes to finding a biodegradable solution to plastic straws for your establishment, you basically have two options: paper straws and PLA straws. Best Biodegradable Utensils & Alternatives to Plastic Straws.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Bottleneck Management

From there, the salt will easily stick to the lime juice, so just spread some salt on a plate or paper towel and run the rim over the salt. 3 6″ white corn tortillas. While chicken is cooking, heat white corn tortillas in a separate saute pan, 30 seconds on each side.

What Is a Cortado?

Perfect Daily Grind

For others, it’s a small flat white or latte. Based on its appearance, it’s often confused with an Australian/New Zealand flat white, macchiato, or piccolo latte. It’s] a bit smaller than a flat white”. . A customer walks into your coffee shop and orders a cortado.

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These Pantry Labels Made by a Blogger in Minnesota Are Taking Over TikTok


How simple, streamlined white stickers ended up in pantries across America Before the pandemic , I never spent much time in my apartment’s tiny galley-style kitchen, preferring to dine out (or take out). Paper & Pear Modern Spice Labels.

Chefs on the Lamb: Low Cuts, High


Jamison and his wife and partner, Sukey, graze their flock on the local grass and white clover, switching to hay only in the middle of winter, and only when necessary. Sheep have been a cultural icon for millennia and their lamb a mainstay of menus around the globe for even longer.

Cleanliness in the Restaurant: Reality and Perception

Modern Restaurant Management

For instance, something more sustainable but reminiscent of the white, butcher paper on wood tables that was popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Just because dine-in business is on hold doesn’t mean your restaurant’s future has to be.

3 Ways to Get the Most Value From Content Marketing

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Content means a lot of different things, such as white papers, research, gated content, and guest posts. For example, take a look at white papers. Research shows that 61% of business owners share white papers with their colleagues.

12 Restaurant Lunch Specials: Make Lunch the Most Important Meal of the Day ???

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Take advantage by offering “brunch for lunch” options like avocado toast (a must-have for millennials) or an egg white omelet wrap with seasonal roasted veggies. It’s December, and the air is seasoned with the scent of cinnamon, spice, and everything nice.

Essential Food Workers Are at Unique Risk for COVID-19. Some Are Fighting Back.


The policies inflict an adverse, disparate impact on Black, Latino, and Asian workers who experienced severe harm and disparity in that impact, compared to white workers and compared to the majority white management of these corporations.”.

Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws

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Unlike a paper posted on a notice board, this digitized approach allows for instant changes, while keeping timestamped records of how the change was made. Download the white paper! Maintain Compliance with Predictive Scheduling Laws.

Catering to Health-Conscious Customers

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Our complimentary white paper shows how nutritional and allergen information can be used as a competitive advantage. Catering to Health-Conscious Customers. Thinking beyond Food Labeling compliance, how can you attract more guests to your restaurant by sharing the right information?

The Rise of Food Allergies – and How to Keep Your Guests Safe and Happy

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Download our complimentary white paper to learn how. The Rise of Food Allergies. And how to keep your guests safe and happy. R oughly 15 million Americans (including 5.9 million children) are managing food allergies.

Founding Director of Influential Southern Foodways Alliance Pressured to Resign


Edge, author of The Potlikker Papers , whom Kim Severson in the New York Times described as “part scholar and part kingmaker, a conscientious white man in a Billy Reid sport coat who makes his living wrestling with the food legacy of a region built on slavery.” Jason Thrasher.

Easy Tailgate Food


Remove from heat and stir in the nuts, then pour onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and separate with two forks. It’s tossed with a Chablis (or any dry white wine you have on hand), white wine vinegar, and Dijon mustard dressing, then topped with green onion and parsley.

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The Human Behind the Mask


Philip presses round pink stickers on brown paper bags in Punch Catering’s backroom, each one crinkling as he works. He carefully adheres stickers of the business’s logo to the top and center of the bags, smoothing them out with strong hands adorned with black rings on both of his fourth fingers, his inner right forearm decorated with a black-and-white tattoo. Lindsay Kreighbaum Humanizes Essential Workers with Photography.

Essential Directions for Restaurants & Cafes in 2019…

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Explore white-label delivery apps like Foodstorm or OrderUp, and special deals with couriers for catering. This is not about dumbing-down or going back to pen and paper.

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Get Your Spices in Order to Make This Etouffee Recipe From a NOLA Chef


4 teaspoon white pepper 1 ? 4 cup sliced green onions Salt Cooked white rice, for serving. Meanwhile, whisk Seafood Sprinkle, thyme, oregano, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, the house seasoning, white pepper, and black pepper together in a small bowl; set aside.

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Weak Restaurant Culture While Boosting Sales

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Good Benefits A white paper by the SHRM cites good benefits, particularly health benefits, as a key driver of employee retention. No one will deny it; working in a restaurant is tough.

Culture as a Competitive Advantage

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Make their jobs easier by reducing paper and automating processes where possible. Download the free white paper! Culture as a Competitive Advantage. See how improving your employee experience will boost the guest experience, too.

From the Strategist: The Most Ingenious Kitchen Tools, According to Chefs


Baking Parchment Paper — Set of 100 Half-Sheets. Parchment paper half-sheets are the Bounty Select-a-Size of cooking: exactly the kind of thing you’ll go from not knowing exists to being unable to live without. “I

The Evolution of Scheduling

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Download our complimentary Science of Scheduling white paper. The Evolution of Scheduling. A more scientific approach to scheduling can help you get ahead. E very restaurant operator knows the recipe for the perfect schedule: get the right people on the right shift at the right time.

What ?Reopened? Restaurants Look Like in 17 Cities Worldwide


On June 2, the grand dome enclosing the White Rabbit isn’t populated by the usual diners gazing out of the 16th-floor windows over Moscow. It’s hard to remember those times when the only remnants are a paper sign-in sheet at the front of the restaurant and a meter between tables.

The Uncertain Future of Pop-Up Restaurants


For women and people of color in the restaurant industry, who are all too often refused the opportunities and resources that their white male counterparts enjoy , the pop-up model serves to democratize the cooking and sharing of food.

How to Organize Your Fridge


You can use a diluted combination of (roughly) one part white vinegar to one part water to cut through those little bits of hot sauce and sesame oil on your shelves. Use a paper or cloth towel to wipe the fridge floor, the shelves, the roof, and any other nooks and crannies.

Wine Certification Courses

A Wine Story

So to make the story short, I popped the sparkling wine as was appropriate, draped it in a clean, white, starched serviette (napkin) and poured it for the gentlemen and their imaginary wives. Wine Education Courses. Wine Certification Courses.

Five Ways to Reduce Waste

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Plus, a fully-integrated system helps you cut paper waste, too. our complimentary white paper. Download the white paper! Five Ways to Reduce Waste. Go Green! Take these five steps to reduce your impact on the planet, and boost your bottom line.

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Small Business Marketing Trends That Are No Longer Trends

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How you provide this information, whether it is via your blog, white papers or cornerstone content will depend on your target audience. Debra Murphy As I was working on my content audit , I came across a couple of posts on small business marketing trends for the years 2013 and 2014.

From the Strategist: Everything You Need to Picnic, According to Picnic Professionals


Caspari Brushstroke Paper Napkins, Pack of 20. “If Strategist writer Dominique Pariso recommends the triple-insulated koozies from BrüMate, which keep everything from slim, 12-ounce White Claws to 24-ounce tall boys as ice-cold as when you “first cracked it open straight from the cooler.”.

Takeout For Good and Menus Go Tech

Modern Restaurant Management

This eliminates the need for the guest and server to transfer paper, pens, or credit cards and maintains a safe environment for the restaurant and its patrons.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-December 2019 Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Essentials: Puffs Plus Lotion Tissues, Charmin Toilet Paper, Kleenex and Bounty Paper Towels. This was also the only region to over-index on an alcohol item: White Claw spiked seltzer.

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Make This Spiced Ice Cream Sundae From a Brooklyn Scoop Shop Founder


Coconut White Chocolate Ganache. 1 13.5-ounce can of full fat coconut milk 2 cups of white chocolate chips 1.5 Pour over white chocolate chips and wait for 1 minute, and then mix together until smooth and incorporated. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-February 2020-Valentine’s Day Edition

Modern Restaurant Management

Alcohol: White Claw Seltzer, Natural Light, Corona Extra, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Seltzer*. Among the most aggravating are clogged/unflushed toilets (85 percent), empty/jammed toilet paper dispensers (83 percent) and partition doors that don’t latch shut (78 percent).

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Women in Wine


She has passed the closed-book theory and practical portions of the Master of Wine exam and is currently writing a research paper as the final stage. Santé Staff. To kick off Women's History Month, we take a look at some groundbreaking women in the wine industry.

Give Some, Take Some: How the Community Fridge Fights Food Insecurity


Black people have experienced vastly disproportionate COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths to white people, so the Brownsville free fridge hopes to draw attention to the racist city-planning that has affected the health of their communities as well. “It’s