Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

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Adding food to your menu could help here, but will require you to consider various factors including regional differences, and whether you’d like to produce your food in-house, or outsource it. . You may also like How to Create a Coffee Shop Food Menu That Minimises Waste.

Food delivery management software 101


In the era of food delivery, offering online ordering, delivery and takeaway is a smart strategy to appeal to a vast audience of potential customers. When you start delivering meals, it’s crucial to invest in the right food delivery software, in order to keep things tidy and efficient.

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Does getting into food delivery pay off?


But is food delivery worth the investment? Your regular costs are around 25% for staffing, 25% for rent/bills/marketing and about 25-30% for food, with total costs being about 75-80%. If you look at these costs, the only big variable that changes with delivery is food.

Food Safety Never Takes a Holiday 

Modern Restaurant Management

With the season of food and Thanksgiving when holiday food is at the forefront, what are defined standards and procedures that restaurants should keep top-of-mind to set the expectations regarding food handling and preparation during the holiday rush?

The Future of Food is Exciting - Food and Hospitality Trends of 2020

Future Food

Trends that will shape the future of your food and hospitality projects for 2020. However, food and service will always be at the heart of hospitality. Food 1. Home Meal Replacement food choices, primarily from supermarkets, will continue to be a major growth category.

Food Service Equipment: What You Need in Your Kitchen


While the food you serve will either have diners waiting in line or leave your tables as barren as the Sahara, there’s more to it. Other food purchases that need to be kept cool will require a walk-in cooler. The countdown has begun!

Cut Food Cost with Two Easy Systems

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How would you like to cut food cost with two easy steps? Or maybe a front of house server keeps placing duplicate orders or doesn’t communicate customer’s wishes, resulting in wasted food. Use them together to cut food cost.

Food Truck Technology to Invest In


Food trucks are fueled by more than just diesel. Across the country, food truck operators are relying on the latest technology to streamline operations, manage wait times, inform customers, and so much more. Today, we list the must-have technologies for food trucks.


Culinary Cues

If we push aside much of the chatter and get down to the necessities in life that are food, shelter, clothing, health, family, communication and trust that rise to the top of the priority list. Drop off dry goods to your local food pantry if you have more than you need.

Third-party or in-house food delivery: pros and cons


In an era of convenience, online ordering systems, self-service kiosks and mobile platforms have become key to give the customers what they crave the most: a fast, personalized and convenient food experience through delivery and/or takeaway. Food delivery

Is there too much food?

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Is there too much food? Food may be on every street corner, but that does not mean it is successful. The essence of the Hospitality industry is that it is not about the volume of food around, but the quality and consistency to drive sales and bring customers back time and time again.

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MRM Food Hall Focus: Transcending the Trend

Modern Restaurant Management

Food Halls are hot commodties in both the restaurant and real estate industries. For this Food Hall Focus feature, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine reached out to Joseph A. Magliarditi, President/Chief Executive Officer of The Food Hall Co., The Food Hall Co.

Summer Food Festivals: Best Food Festivals In The US

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Why not try a food festival? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best summer food festivals in the country—take a look and see what food festivals are happening in your city! Uptown Food Truck Festival: June 23rd. Learn more about the Uptown Food Truck Festival.

Beginners Guide to Pair Food and Wine


Pairing food and wine with a specialized menu and keeping up with wine trends will help boost your restaurant sales all-year-round. Believe it or not, any kind of restaurant can have a wine and food pairing menu. Wine and food pairing creates a special experience.

Good Food Guide Awards 2020 #poweredbykounta


Australia’s restaurant elite have been crowned at the Good Food Guide 2020 Awards in Brisbane. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see so many of our customers recognised and awarded for their boundless enthusiasm, energy and of course, the food at this year’s awards.

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Food Safety Is Everyone’s Problem


It doesn’t matter whether you work in the front or the back of the house; food safety is everyone’s problem. Everyone, from the server to the busboy to the line cook, has to know basic food handling procedures. . Most food safety problems can be eliminated by doing the job properly. .

How Food Operations Data Assists Your Social Media Campaigns


The connection between your food operations data and social media marketing is stronger than you think. Your food operations data can inform your social media decision making. food operations management data analytics and reporting

MRM Plant-Based: Good Food Scorecard and Healthier Hospital Food

Modern Restaurant Management

Good Food Restaurant Scorecard. Despite skyrocketing demand for plant-based food across the U.S., 42 of the country’s favorite fast food and restaurant chains still don’t offer a plant-based entrée, according to a report released today by The Good Food Institute (GFI).

3 Simple Ways Restaurants Can Reduce Food Waste this Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be a boon for many restaurants, but it can also exacerbate an issue that plagues the restaurant industry all year long: food waste. The Issue of Food Waste in the Restaurant Industry. Food waste in the restaurant industry is real. Donate Leftover Food.

How Can a Food Handler Identify Pathogens?


Foodborne illness is something all food handlers and food consumers should be concerned about. Food handlers have a responsibility to serve safe food to their customers that’s free of pathogens and illness-causing bacteria. How to Prevent Pathogenic Bacteria in Food.

Food Haven CEO José Fabregat’s take on food delivery and cloud kitchens in Spain


Founded in Barcelona in 2018, Food Haven is one of Spain’s most ambitious and innovative cloud kitchens. The business was created to elevate the customer’s food delivery experience - a mission which Food Haven takes very seriously. Food Haven is a company with a clear vision.

Food Inventory Control – Taking Inventory

Chef's Resources

Managing Restaurant & Hotel Food Inventory – (Part 1 of 4) One of the most important components of managing your food cost is managing your inventory process. The post Food Inventory Control – Taking Inventory appeared first on Chefs Resources.

Food Service Equipment: What You Need in Your Kitchen


While the food you serve will either have diners waiting in line or leave your tables as barren as the Sahara, there’s more to it. Other food purchases that need to be kept cool will require a walk-in cooler. The countdown has begun!

Corrosion Prevention in Food Service


Surfaces comprised of iron oxide are more difficult to clean because they contain nooks and small spaces for food and chemicals to get lodged in. The post Corrosion Prevention in Food Service appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog.

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The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks


The food delivery trend has exploded over the last several years and it shows no signs of slowing down. But getting started with food delivery for your restaurant isn’t just as simple as taking orders […].

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Five tips to avoid food delivery chaos in your restaurant


You have to juggle multiple tablets from multiple third-party food delivery platforms and keep an overview of an assortment of packaging materials (think takeout containers, cups, boxes, bags, bowls, cutlery, napkins and so on). Decide how you’ll manage excess food.

3 Ways Food Trucks Can Book More Catering Gigs


It’s hard to find a gig that compares to being a food truck owner. Setting up a single location and drawing return crowds, while providing consistently great service and food—these are the basics for brick and mortar dining establishments. How Food Trucks Can Book More Events.

Food Cost Calculator to Ensure Your Restaurant Profitability


A food cost calculator is an essential tool for you to manage your restaurant business. overall expenses of your food service operation. Insight into food cost helps ensure you reach maximum profitability. all the math you need to do to stay on top of your food cost accounting.

10 Tips to Effectively Control Restaurant Food Costs


A profitable restaurant typically has food costs between 28 and 35 percent , making food one of the biggest expenses. Here are 10 tips to help you effectively control restaurant food costs without sacrificing food quality. Recalculate Food Costs.

How Convenience Store Food Is Fixing Its Reputation


Convenience store food has a reputation problem. Convenience store food used to be a punch line — a food that no one in their right mind would eat unless they were either desperate, out of options, or trying to be funny. . Preparing Food On-Site.

The Delivery Dilemma - Food Delivery in 2019

Future Food

The Delivery Dilemma - Food Delivery in 2019. Plenty of commentary has been written about food delivery, but now that we are over the honeymoon period, there are a couple of themes that have started to emerge: ? Is your project’s food, future proofed? Related Future Food Blogs.

Use Portion Controls to Cut Food Cost

The Restaurant Expert

You’ve heard portion controls cut food cost, but you’re not sure how to enforce them in the kitchen. Or maybe you’re not sure how to explain to your kitchen manager or chef that portion controls ensure food cost doesn’t get out of hand.

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Food Halls - I'm Here for the Experience

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Food Halls - I'm here for the Experience ! Food Halls are not just food courts in different guise. They are new food destinations that are exciting consumers around the world by putting food, design and experience first. Eataly Image via Food & Wine Magazine.

Food Cost Management: Learn How to Trim the Fat

The Restaurant Group

Food Cost Management. Not much can spell disaster for a food establishment faster than high or fluctuating food cost. Food cost goals change depending what style of food service you provide; fast food, fast casual, casual dining, or fine dining. With a food cost range of 28 to 35 percent , it is important to first determine what segment your restaurant caters to, then, dig into the grunt work. This allows you to find the food cost per diner.

How to rank high on food delivery platforms


While most if not all of the online ordering apps have a ranking algorithm of their own, there are quite a few metrics that are commonly used to determine a restaurant’s ranking in food ordering apps. Food delivery

The biggest food delivery pain points and how to solve them


When you deliver food, working with multiple third-party food ordering players is a smart strategy to scale up your business. And in the end, that’s what the hospitality and food industry is all about! Food delivery

How to hire fast food workers

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How to hire fast food workers. The post How to hire fast food workers appeared first on Delaget. Blog Operational Efficiency

20 Best Nashville Food Trucks 2019


20 Best Food Trucks in Nashville, TN. Inspired by Nashville’s chart-topping success, we decided to do a ranking of our own – and given how much we love food around here, food trucks were a natural choice. How We Selected the Best Food Trucks in Nashville.

Keeping the Food Chain Safe with Master Data Management

Modern Restaurant Management

Add cybersecurity risks, mix in consumer desire for transparency, then layer in the collection of consumer data collection and you’ve got a perfect storm of data management challenges across the food supply chain. Equipment Operations Big Data and food safety Data Food Safety

Our Most Anticipated 2020 Food Trends List

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We saw the rise of veggie entrees, oat milk, boba tea and new allergy-free foods (1). What new food trend would the new year bring? It’s a health-conscious world and people now place just as much importance in healthy foods as they do in exercise and other healthy lifestyles 2. Photogenic foods have done well and we expect it will continue to do so in 2020 – all thanks to Instagram 6. More people are valuing how the food is produced, obtained and packaged.

How Can Restaurants Reduce Food Spoilage?


Food is one of the most substantial expenses in a restaurant. However, food waste in restaurants is inevitable with excessive portions, staff meals, and of course, food spoilage. Plan Ahead for Your Food Orders. The lifespan of each food item. Food & Beverage

Eating with Your Eyes – Food, Design and Social Media

Future Food

Eating with your eyes – Food, Design and Social Media. Food is a major part of this because our exposure to food globally has dramatically changed. The success of any food business is driven by its customers’ opinion: Do right by them and they will keep on coming back. So with increased food awareness and expectations, what does this mean for food businesses? Food is about sharing.

Easy Tailgate Food


Easy Tailgate Food & Other Game Day Recipes. As the weeks go by, it can be difficult to find new ideas for easy tailgate food that don’t seem too time-consuming or difficult to transport. Looking for easy tailgate food with heartier ingredients?

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