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I find it very interesting how diverse the food experience is. Just as all cars can move a person from one geographic point to another yet the experience that takes place in between can be totally different – so too is this true with food.

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12 Best Chinese Food Restaurant Chains

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Chinese food is the ultimate take-out food, its sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy sauces make marinating vegetables, meats, and seafood more perfect the longer it sits. Chang’s is Chinese food with an American twist that is highly popular in the U.S.


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Reducing Restaurant Food Waste

Modern Restaurant Management

million tons of food. According to the food waste hierarchy pyramid, source reduction is the ‘best case scenario’ when it comes to food waste. Food Donation. It’s weird to think about this is in the context of food waste, but it’s true.

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The Omnichannel Restaurant: Recognizing the Importance of a Multi-Channel Strategy to Drive Sales


Today, it is a successful operational model that is used by organizations across multiple industries, including the food and restaurant sector. Let’s define the advantages and building blocks of a multi-channel strategy for your food business.

Changes in Consumer Habits: Looking Back Over the Last 12 Months for Restaurants

This large-scale North American survey explores changes in expectations over the last year. You’ll learn what consumers expect from restaurants and food service establishments, how habits are solidifying, and where to focus efforts to drive the greatest impact.

Listen up – Food and Beverage Professionals

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If you are a seasoned food service manager, a chef, or serious cook looking for that next step in your career – I have great opportunities for you. I have enjoyed a rewarding and robust career in the food business, while maintaining a quality of life that inspires and protects.

Future of Food Delivery

Goliath Consulting

The coronavirus crisis has challenged restaurants to rethink the way they deal with food delivery for good. Meanwhile, smaller restaurants had to turn to third-party delivery services like Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub to deliver food to their customers.

Summer 2021 Food & Beverage Trends

Goliath Consulting

Here we share some of the major food and beverage trends operators can expect this upcoming season. There’s also been a noticeable sales bump in more natural, functional foods. The post Summer 2021 Food & Beverage Trends appeared first on.

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Culinary Cues

There are times, possibly many times, when you question your own skill – whether in cooking or presenting food, or even with the operation of a kitchen. Chefs tend to be highly focused individuals who have a need to express what they believe through their food and their operations.

Food delivery management software 101


In the era of food delivery, offering online ordering, delivery and takeaway is a smart strategy to appeal to a vast audience of potential customers. When you start delivering meals, it’s crucial to invest in the right food delivery software, in order to keep things tidy and efficient.

Food delivery in the COVID-19 climate


With the closure of restaurant dine-in services to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, online food ordering has become a crucial business model overnight. Online food delivery has been skyrocketing in the past few years, so many restaurants already have a solid delivery model in place.

Dive Into Your Inventory Data (and Add Substantial Profits to Your Bottom Line)

Speaker: Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director West Coast

In this seminar, Ian Foster will discuss the basics of inventory management, including tips on how to get inventory right and how to evaluate your food and pour costs. Ian will examine the best ordering practices from our clients. Finally, he’ll share some case studies showing how well designed inventory control can uncover hidden losses from over-pouring and lost sales that will result in several thousand dollars of extra profit every month.

Are Food Trucks Still Viable In India After The Pandemic?

The Restaurant Times

Back in 2017, food trucks were a big trend in India. They found food trucks to be an uncommon and interesting concept of serving food. Their love for street food rekindled with this format, which is why food trucks were being preferred to dine-in ambiences.

Food Costing Tips for Delivery

Modern Restaurant Management

We are focusing here one essential piece: food costing. Notice we’re not saying food cost percentage. That means essentially ignoring the food cost percentage of delivery items. We’ll use screen shots of a user’s data from reciProfity, our food costing app.

15 Tips for Reducing Restaurant Food Waste


Restaurant food waste is a pressing topic in the food and restaurant industry. Studies show that about 35% of all food produced in the United States goes unsold or uneaten. ” However, the impact of food waste doesn’t just stop at landfills.

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How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage

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Food cost is the profit earned from selling food minus the cost of ingredients. Food cost is calculated as a percentage. The cost of food gives insight into how profitable a restaurant or bar is. What Food Cost Says About Your Profits. Food Sales = $15,000.

Where to Get the Comfort of Chinese Food in DC

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Chinese food is often considered to be one of the greatest comfort foods, ever! We often associate grabbing takeout Chinese food on the way home from a long day of work, or to enjoy a low key night alongside loved ones, binge watching your favorite show.

Has the Pandemic Changed Food Costing Structures?

Modern Restaurant Management

The increase in demand and ongoing supply chain issues have contributed greatly to changes in food costing structures in recent months – and restaurants have been hit the hardest. Finance Operations Ask the Expert Food Costing MRM's Ask the Expert Pandemic and food costing

4 Ways Food Costing Can Boost Your Restaurant Revenue

MBB Hospitality

This trick concerns the most important thing to a restaurant: Food and food costs. However, it’s the food costing that makes you look deeper into your restaurant revenue. What Is Food Costing? Divide that by your total food sales, and then you get the percentage.

Food Delivery Ideas: How to Deliver Food While Maximizing Your Restaurant’s

7 Shifts

We’ll show you how to deliver food and offer takeout while maximizing profits. Are there any tips for food delivery and takeout inventory management? How do you market food delivery and takeout? Base your food inventory orders on data rather than gut feelings.

10 Tips for Promoting Sustainability in the Food Industry

Modern Restaurant Management

The COVID-19 pandemic led to fluctuations in domestic producer prices, particularly in the food sector , according to the U.S. Combine the rising prices of food with the drive to be more sustainable, and we have reached the point where we need to reduce, reuse, and shop local.


Culinary Cues

You know I have occasionally heard this statement, or at least felt that it was implied: “Don’t get so wrapped up in it – it’s only food.” It’s not just food – it is all of this and more. It is, after all, not just food.

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Restaurant Kitchen Staff is Key to Food Cost Savings


As a restaurant owner or operator, keeping your food costs low is a continual challenge. Food cost is one of the largest expenses for your restaurant, and because it is a controllable cost, you can influence how it impacts your bottom line. Some food waste may come from employee theft.

How to Start a Food Truck Business

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Owning any business is a complicated venture, but the food industry is particularly competitive. Food trucks are becoming an increasingly trendy way to sell food, and for good reason. Food trucks have become mini-restaurants with quality food and great service.

Does getting into food delivery pay off?


But is food delivery worth the investment? Your regular costs are around 25% for staffing, 25% for rent/bills/marketing and about 25-30% for food, with total costs being about 75-80%. If you look at these costs, the only big variable that changes with delivery is food. Don’t forget to take some good food pics – it’s really important for attracting customers. You can focus on what you do best: making great food and creating a unique atmosphere for your customers.

How Hospitality Can Close the Food Gap

Modern Restaurant Management

There is a disparity today between food knowledge and food preparation skills. Food programming on TV is at an all-time high, and every media format inundates us with all things food-related. And yet, food preparation instruction is at an all-time low.

Where to Eat Italian Food in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia’s restaurant scene is a melting pot, and while the city is beginning to discover new cultural cuisines previously unknown to the East Coast, one type of traditional fare is not going anywhere: Italian food. Made with love, Italian food is the ultimate comfort food.

The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks


The food delivery trend has exploded over the last several years and it shows no signs of slowing down. But getting started with food delivery for your restaurant isn’t just as simple as taking orders […]. The post The 5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks appeared first on The Official Wasserstrom Blog. Restaurant Management Customer Data Customer Privacy Delivery Risks Food Delivery food safety Restaurant Delivery Risks

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Where to Eat Delicious Food in Fairfax

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With a casual overall vibe and rustic decor, guests can dress comfortably while enjoying top-notch food. Since 1982, The Esposito’s have provided the Fairfax area with high-quality, authentic Italian food. Mazadar Kabob is the place to go for comfort foods and exotic flavors in Fairfax.

7 Features To Look For In The POS Software For Your Fast Food Restaurant

The Restaurant Times

The rising number of malls and the high disposable income of the population have accelerated the growth of fast-food restaurants and QSR chains. This has increased the demand for POS software for every fast food restaurant. 7 Features A Fast Food Restaurant POS System Must Have.

6 Strategies To Control Rising Food Costs Of The UAE Restaurants

The Restaurant Times

As a solution to this problem, most of the food consumed in the UAE is imported from other countries. The food import bill has already reached USD 100 billion in 2015 and is anticipated to grow four times by 2025. This is one of the main reasons why food costs in the UAE are high.

Restaurants & Food Allergies: What Customers Want You to Know


As of 2021, an estimated 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 13 children in the United States have been diagnosed with food allergies. What Is a Food Allergy? Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) defines a food […].

The 5 Things Food Vendors Don't Want You to Know

Embrace the Suck

You have a major food distributor in your market that you are probably buying from. It could be Sysco, US Foods, Performance Food Group, Ben E. Keith, Shamrock Foods, Gordon FoodService or another regional brand.

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How The Pandemic Has Evolved The Online Restaurant Food Delivery Market

The Restaurant Times

Even though the industry has suffered heavy losses, the online restaurant food delivery market is playing a lead role in terms of recovery. Judicious use of technology is one of the factors that can be attributed to the evolution of the restaurant food delivery market.

Food Truck Technology to Invest In


Food trucks are fueled by more than just diesel. Across the country, food truck operators are relying on the latest technology to streamline operations, manage wait times, inform customers, and so much more. Today, we list the must-have technologies for food trucks.

Food Service Manager Career – Ultimate Guide


Pop culture likes to tell us that working in food service is a dead-end job. In a job market where most companies don’t even consider current employees forpromotion , the food service industry is one of the few places in America where you can start at the bottom and end up at the top.

The Future of Food is Exciting - Food and Hospitality Trends of 2020

Future Food

Trends that will shape the future of your food and hospitality projects for 2020. However, food and service will always be at the heart of hospitality. Food 1. Home Meal Replacement food choices, primarily from supermarkets, will continue to be a major growth category.

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Safety First: Hygiene & Food Preparation


But they also need to be vigilant about the two sides of food safety: employee hygiene and food preparation. food operations managementIn the face of COVID-19, both restaurants and convenience stores have shifted their operations to support order and delivery services.

How to Take Mouthwatering Instagram Food Photos for Your Restaurant

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When luring in customers with the aroma of cooking food is not an option, the next best thing is to tempt them with photos. All you need is a good enough smartphone camera, some quick tips , good food, and you’re ready to go! There’s no telling what angle works best for food.

Vegan Fast Food: Not an Oxymoron (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

In this episode of The Main Course host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia discusses vegan fast food with Jeffrey Harris of Plant Power Fast Food. Fast food is an easy way to explore something new."

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Reduce Prep Work & Increase Profit Margins with Pre-Cut Foods


Programs like Cheetah Just-In-Time (JIT) enable restaurants to buy prepped food, significantly reduce prep work and focus back-of-house activities on the things that matter most. Prepping Food is Costing You a Lot of Money. Finer food for higher profit margins.

Where to Eat Authentic Indian Food in Columbus

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Specifically, you can find a variety of traditional Indian food restaurants with all of your favorite dishes. Whether you’re looking for the classics, food from a specific region, or traditional street food, these restaurants have it all. Columbus Indian Food

Why Food Traceability Is So Important Now (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

about food safety and traceability. Design Equipment Operations Angela Fernandez COVID food safety Food Safety Food Safety and Modernization Act food traceability FSMA GS1 podcast the Main Course