What Are Crytpo Restaurants Serving Up?

Modern Restaurant Management

Cryptocurrency has real-world applications in the food industry, with restaurants using it to create new and exciting foods for their customers and find ways to use crypto as payments. Application of Blockchain in the Food Industry.

AI Food Intelligence and Now Serving Democracy

Modern Restaurant Management

Restaurants have been pivoting to reach and serve customers in new ways, and retailers have been seeing the lines blur between brick and mortar and e-commerce. Tastewise, an AI-powered food intelligence solution, launched in the UK. Serving Up a Side of Democracy.


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When to Stop Serving Alcohol and Refuse Service

Modern Restaurant Management

As an alcohol-serving establishment, your business can be especially vulnerable to legal challenges. It is crucial that your bartenders and staff know what signs to look for in an intoxicated person and when to stop serving patrons. Consider offering food and water.

Guide to Serving Gluten-Free Restaurant Customers


If you do use the label “gluten-free,” you need to avoid cross-contaminating GF dishes with gluten by creating a strict separation of anything that touches food. A dedicated surface is necessary to keep any crumbs or particles away from GF food. Food & Beverage


Culinary Cues

I find it very interesting how diverse the food experience is. Just as all cars can move a person from one geographic point to another yet the experience that takes place in between can be totally different – so too is this true with food.

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Client Story: Sunflour Serves 10,000 Charlotte Diners


Their signature flaky croissants and toasted sandwiches, served alongside handcrafted coffee, have sustained the Charlotte area since 2011 with four neighborhood locations. . The post Client Story: Sunflour Serves 10,000 Charlotte Diners appeared first on ChowNow.

Carroll Gardens Sushi Spots Serving Up Amazing Rolls

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Daigo serves hand rolls and sushi rolls near the Union Street metro stop. Kumo Sushi II serves authentic Japanese cuisine. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Diana | Food & Travel (@dianaeatsnyc).

Austin Breweries Serving up the Best Craft Beer

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It is also a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like biking or hiking, as well as plenty of shopping and good food. Pueblo Viejo offers a variety of Mexican food, Distant Relatives serves up mouth-watering BBQ, and Dough Boys churns out fresh, wood-burned pizzas.

15 of the Best Movie Theatres That Serve Alcohol and Food in the U.S.

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You can now head to certain movie theatres that serve alcohol and watch the big screen with different drinks and food. To help you find the closest movie theatre to you which offers alcohol and food, we have researched the best throughout America. Food & Drink

To Protest and (Refuse to) Serve


In recent years, cops were denied service at an Arby’s in Florida , and at a Whataburger in Texas, where an employee refused to serve them because she said cops had beaten up her boyfriend. also spoke out against serving the police. Smith Collection/Gado /Contributor.

How to Meet Brewery Reopening Requirements by Serving Food


Breweries that have an on-site kitchen and serve food (BrewPubs) fall under the category of restaurants. Breweries in Many States Can Reopen – But Only If They Serve Food In most states, restaurants have been able to to reopen at 25% – 50% capacity.

Collingswood Restaurants Serving Up Amazing Food

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This town has it all, middle eastern cuisine, brunch restaurants, hibachi, Thai food, and an overwhelming amount of Italian restaurants (a common joke among people familiar with the area). With an open kitchen, you’ll get to experience how the food is prepped.

Surviving COVID-19: Help Others Serve the Community Through Your Restaurant


The world is facing tumultuous times with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the silver lining is the need to serve others is surfacing in the food industry as well as for individuals. The opportunities to serve are boundless in this time of need.

8 Restaurants Serving Heart-Shaped Food on Valentine’s Day

Dot It

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to show someone you love them than with food. Luckily for you, the following restaurants are serving up Valentine’s day food specials.

Can Technology Solve the Restaurant Staffing Shortage?

Modern Restaurant Management

Rise also added heated food lockers so customers can pick up their orders and maintain a full no-contact experience – a welcome incentive for customers that also proved lucrative for Rise in the early pandemic period. According to new federal data, the restaurant industry has lost 5.9

How to Profitably Serve Cold & Sparkling Drinks in a Coffee Shop

Perfect Daily Grind

And businesses that don’t serve these risk losing out to competitors. But which cold and sparkling drinks should you be serving? Why Serve Cold & Sparkling Drinks? Serving nitro coffee on tap. Which Drinks Should You Serve?

The Omnichannel Restaurant: Recognizing the Importance of a Multi-Channel Strategy to Drive Sales


Today, it is a successful operational model that is used by organizations across multiple industries, including the food and restaurant sector. Let’s define the advantages and building blocks of a multi-channel strategy for your food business.

5 Keys to Successfully Promoting Your Fast-Serve Restaurant

Indoor Media

Fast-serve restaurants are quite a force in the food industry and don’t appear to be dwindling. Even during difficult economic times, people still enjoy the convenience and the lower price of fast-serve restaurants compared to more formal full-service restaurants.

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How Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Serves 18,000 People During an NBA Game


Chris Giacalone oversees a team of around 1,100 to serve a sold-out basketball arena Have you ever seen 1,500 servings of popcorn, 1,200 hotdogs, 1,100 chicken tenders, and countless burgers, tacos, and sandwiches prepared all at once?

2022 71


Culinary Cues

It became obvious to some that putting all of our eggs in one basket was not a wise decision for our country, a decision that could lead to a breakdown of the food production/distribution system if conditions turned sour. Just an opinion: Food for thought.

Gluten Free Near Me: Finding Restaurants That Serve Gluten-Free Meals

Bottleneck Management

Bottleneck Management offers a number of restaurants that serve gluten free meals across the country. Old Town Pour House has gluten free food and drinks—from cider to whiskey to gluten free beer, there’s lots to choose from.

Biz Tips: Food Cost

Food Business

TOPIC: Food Cost. This episode is on finding ways to shrink food costs. SUBTOPIC: Kitchen has a responsibility to find and resolve food costs. --minimize waste. Do not over serve. Each serving is consistent. Minimize bread serve, or drop it completely while you are in re-opening mode. --develop regular menu habits. Push it into a successful food cost. --review and shrink your menu. Train your staff to promote items with good food cost.

New Rule Allows Texas Bars to Remain Open by Serving Food


To be classified as a restaurant and remain open, businesses had to serve food that was maintained and prepared at on-site food service facilities & have alcoholic beverage sales make up less than 51 percent of the total sales. Offer at least two food entrees to customers.

Ensure greater food safety with digital accuracy.


Could anything be more important than the safety of the food you serve customers? Fortunately, there are highly accurate digital tools at your disposal that can have a dramatic impact on how you inventory, prepare, cook, and label your fresh foods.

51: Krishna Aunty serves up fantastic carryout

Food Business

Enjoy homestyle Indian food, which is a much loved style of food in India, coveted more than restaurant food. Joseph's immersion in to Indian food starts as a Irishman, lawyer, curious about his wifes heritage and cuisine. Krishna Aunty is the brainchild of Joseph Moroney. It's an online meal service. Joseph;s quiet and appealing story, is wrapped with his love and attention to India's ginger, garlic and not-too-spicy flavors!

Are These Three Persistent Myths Preventing You from Serving Gluten-Free Dishes?

Modern Restaurant Management

Over the last decade, demand for gluten-free foods has grown by an eye-popping 200 percent with two out of 10 Americans seeking gluten-free options when dining out. At the same time, restaurant owners may be concerned about the time, expense, and profitability of serving gluten-free dishes.

Restaurant Industry Shows True Colors through Serving Communities during Pandemic

Black Box Intelligence

But while the pandemic may drastically alter how restaurants operate, and whether they are even able to remain open, it’s not taking away the heart and soul of an industry that has always been about serving communities. Others are offering promotions in the form of free food or add-ons.

How Food Service Entrepreneurs Are Finding Creative Ways to Manage Food Costs

Restaurant Engine

Manage your food costs and watch your restaurant grow and thrive. Food prices are rising across the board, and this affects restaurants just like yours. In this article, we look at how food service entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to manage food costs.

Fast Food Restaurants Open 24/7

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We want to be able to get our hands on things 24/7, and for this reason quite a lot of fast food restaurants are now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, not all fast food restaurants are open all the time. Best 24 Hour Fast Food. Food & Drink fast food

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12 Best Chinese Food Restaurant Chains

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Chinese food is the ultimate take-out food, its sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy sauces make marinating vegetables, meats, and seafood more perfect the longer it sits. Chang’s is Chinese food with an American twist that is highly popular in the U.S.

Top Ranked Fast Food Fries in America

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Think of fast food and you think of fries. Just about every drive-thru food item out there pairs well with fries. So, in today’s blog, we will be focusing on the best fast food fries in America. Top 10 Best Fast Food Fries in America. Food & Drink fast food

Robotics in the Food Industry

Goliath Consulting

Artificial intelligence robots are taking over the food industry and the world. 2 As artificial intelligence advances, so does the automation of food services. 4 Food robots are even being used on campuses, apartments, and hotels for food delivery. Robots in fast-food.

11 Top Rated Southern Fast Food Chains

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Even better, the region is home to some of the best fast food restaurant chains globally. We all have a favorite fast-food chain. These locations are where most individuals run to for comfort food when they are feeling the blues or on their diet cheat days.

Serving Food in Specialty Coffee Shops

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How To Start Your Food Truck Business In The US

The Restaurant Times

The food industry is expanding dramatically in the US, and food trucks take a major share of it. This uber-cool way to sell food has ruled the streets of the States for over a decade now, and numbers show it: the industry was valued at over $1.2 Finalize Food Truck Model.

Sales Mixes: Analyzing Food Costs and Pricing

Modern Restaurant Management

Good words sell food. The data to analyze with food is the following: food sales, food costs, sales mixture, food inventory, cost of goods sold, menu pricing, invoice reviews for accuracy of pricing, stock on hand, beginning and end of day protein counts, and daily sold items.

7 Tips to Reduce Food Waste & Increase Profit Margins


Pinching pennies might have worked pre-Covid, but to survive today’s increased wages and higher food costs restaurants will have to find new ways to increase profits. Taking advantage of the growing trend of reducing food waste is a great way to achieve both. The Food Waste Pandemic.

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10 Platforms Making it Easier for Chefs & Caterers to Scale Up Their Food Business

The Food Corridor

Chefs and caterers are always looking to reach more members of the public with their delicious food. Happily, a new wave of tech platforms is helping chefs and food entrepreneurs do just that by enabling them to reach customers directly. Home Made Food.

Summer 2021 Food & Beverage Trends

Goliath Consulting

Here we share some of the major food and beverage trends operators can expect this upcoming season. Dunkin Donut is serving up their popular coffee drinks with nondairy milk such as oat or almond. There’s also been a noticeable sales bump in more natural, functional foods.

2021 95


Culinary Cues

You know I have occasionally heard this statement, or at least felt that it was implied: “Don’t get so wrapped up in it – it’s only food.” It’s not just food – it is all of this and more. It is, after all, not just food.

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