Be Nimble, Be Quick: What Consumers Want in 2021

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And, based on our recent survey of 830 US consumers, it’s likely a good mantra for 2021. While still in the minority, consumers are eating healthier (21 percent), eating less (four percent) or on a diet (six percent).

2021 130


Culinary Cues

imposed a 25% tariff on European wines and other perishable goods – this of course, was very challenging for European winemakers, but it also impacted importers in the U.S., wine shops, longshoreman, wine distributors, restaurants, and wine consumers. Obviously, a tariff on these European goods would be met with a similar reaction to American goods moving to Europe.


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A Good PR Plan Should Be Top of Your Holiday Wish List

Modern Restaurant Management

With the recent stay-at-home orders and kids out of school soon, more and more people will be home consuming content. Globally, consumers have moved much of their lives online. This is also a good time to check for any broken links and optimize your online content.

Good Branding Is Good Business

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Structure your brand with the expectation of future growth, expansion, and shifts in consumer preferences. Good branding is good business. Your brand is your bond! It is easy to focus on and get caught up with your product or service because it is the deliverable; the tangible asset you deliver to your customer. But what about your intangible asset… your brand? The value of your brand is equally as important as the quality and care put into your product or service.

Good Business: How The Salad House is Making a Difference During the Pandemic

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Putting good food in your body for sustenance can be an important part to fuel your work. Consumers are our lifeline and we want to ensure they are taken care of during this time. Sharing on social media how we are taking the necessary precautions to make our consumers aware and comfortable with ordering through us has helped make an impact. Operations The Salad House NJ Franchise Doing Good Adam Chandler Giving Back

Organic Content, Is It Good For You?

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They’ve quickly become the go-to search engine for most consumers, and with direct searches growing through Siri, this number is only going to increase. This is one way you can grow your searchability organically and appear trustworthy to consumers.

Consumer Attitudes' Shift Towards Health-Conscious Lifestyles


Barron and Asseo discuss how consumers nationwide are changing their eating habits amidst the coronavirus crisis. How has your business evolved—especially in light of consumer trends—since the onset of the pandemic? Asseo describes the company’s extensive consumer feedback processes.

How COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Eating Out Habits?


The coronavirus crisis is urging all consumers to embrace new habits surrounding dining at restaurants and eating in general. Cleaner food will be preferred over cheaper – The especially price-sensitive consumers may eventually turn mindful of quality ingredients grown in safe and sustainable ways, cooked by well-trained staff and served in hygienic conditions. The post How COVID-19 Will Change Consumer Eating Out Habits?

Consumer Interests Driving Plant-Based Proteins


With commentary from Chris Kerr, the chief executive officer of Good Catch , this session explores consumer interests and rising plant-based trends. Good Catch currently specializes in white fish, as it is the most popular type of fish worldwide.

MRM Plant-Based: Good Food Scorecard and Healthier Hospital Food

Modern Restaurant Management

Good Food Restaurant Scorecard. 42 of the country’s favorite fast food and restaurant chains still don’t offer a plant-based entrée, according to a report released today by The Good Food Institute (GFI). The third annual Good Food Restaurant Scorecard ranks the top 100 restaurant chains in the U.S. “We’re at the tipping point where consumers are demanding plant-based foods and the industry is willingly responding with delicious options.

Defining a Post-COVID19 Consumer: What Your Guests Will Look for When They Walk Through Your Doors

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But much has changed since you’ve last had dine-in guests; consumer spending behavior and eating habits have been reset. First, we know that consumers will continue to regard safety and sanitation in high importance, possibly going towards 2021 (1). McKinsey’s analysis of the Chinese consumer response during the COVID19 crisis revealed that consumers were more likely to spend more on food delivery, prepared goods and groceries than they did pre-pandemic (3).

Why Restaurant Accounting Software is Good for Your Business


Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why a restaurant accounting software is good for your business: Eliminates Data Entry Redundancy . While this is a cumbersome and time-consuming process, a restaurant accounting system can automate it. Instead of struggling to enter all the data manually in an Excel template, why don’t you invest in good accounting software to make the work easier. The restaurant industry is one of the most fast-paced, with endless to-do lists.

Ghost Kitchens Are the Wave of the Future. But Is That a Good Thing?


Nikki Freihofer, a senior strategist for the Culinary Edge, a restaurant consulting firm that regularly advises clients on virtual brand creation, compares the current wave of virtual restaurants to direct-to-consumer brands like Casper mattresses or Quip toothbrushes.

Good Food Lab Series: JUST Egg


In the latest episode of the Taste Kitchen ’s Good Food lab series, Brittany Cascone chats with Josh Tetrick, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Eat Just, Inc. The egg is far and away the most consumed animal protein on the planet—1.4

Feeling Anxious? Here’s Why Having A Glass Of Red Wine Could Be Good For You.


It has been proven that certain key elements in red wine may help to improve physical health, and now, it looks like you may have another good reason why you should enjoy the occasional glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir after a stressful day at work. When consumed moderately, red wine and its resveratrol content can slow down the body’s production of corticosterone, and it can make you feel less stressed. kelsey-knight-udj2tD3WKsY-unsplash copy.jpg.

How Much & Why Do You Tip Your Barista?

Perfect Daily Grind

Tipping as a Reward For Good Service. Not always, just when I feel some engagement, good will, and love for serving.”. But also, as a local barista trying to pay it forward, it feels good to pull out a few bucks and stuff it in the jar. Tipping is a] good way to be a VIP if you frequent the same shop.”. fackrack is in Indonesia and says that they tip “at least 50c for good coffee & $2 dollar for great hospitality skills from the barista.”.

Three Fresh Tips for Leveraging PR to Grow

Modern Restaurant Management

This is a good time to revisit your lists of industry leaders and identify what news they like to consume. This is also a good time to offer free industry-related content that is useful to your readers.

10 essential reasons to offer consumers access to your food online

Takeaway Solutions

Are you offering online options to local consumers? Ordering online is convenient and satisfies consumers’ appetite for instant gratification. Here are 10 reasons to offer consumers access to your food online. Extremely good value for money Takeaway Solutions offers extremely good value for money with no commissions. Plug it in to your current website and Facebook page and, within 48 hours, you are good to go.

A Comprehensive Guide to Sending Baked Goods in the Mail


Because the last thing you want is for your cookies to arrive as a box of crumbs Congratulations, we’ve made it to the holidays: a time for loved ones, joy, and baking (and consuming) as many cookies, cakes, and pies as humanly possible between now and the New Year.

What Is a Piccolo Latte & How Do I Make It?

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Ceiran explains that a potential reason for the piccolo’s lack of popularity in the UK is “due to consumers’ confusion on what the drink is”. The definition of piccolos, cortados, and other milk drinks can be confused, which means consumers are less familiar with what to expect when they order. Consumers can taste the bold espresso flavour while drinking both a cappuccino and a piccolo, just in different ways. You’re good to go. The piccolo latte is a mysterious drink.

What Is a Spanish Latte?

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This generation of coffee consumers prefer coffee-based beverages that add milk and syrups. It appeals to younger people who have never drunk coffee… it’s good for business – A new, relaxed and chill way to approach coffee”. Manuel says, “It’s very important to choose the right beans… If you have a really good coffee, the drink is going to taste really good.” .

Entering China’s Emerging Coffee Market

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China might be the fourth-largest country in the world and have the largest population on earth, but it has one of the world’s lowest coffee consumption rates, with citizens consuming an average of just one cup a year. . China has produced and consumed tea for centuries. This was due to an increased interest in ground coffee, with more consumers choosing to visit coffee houses over making instant coffee at home.

How Refranchising Can Help Your Brand

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Not only does this serve to spark and accelerate interest among other potential franchisees, but it can regenerate local excitement and awareness among consumers. Good benefits of refranchisingThrough my 26 years working in franchise development, I have seen first-hand the intrinsic value of the franchise business model.

What Is a Cappuccino & How Has It Developed Over Time?

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The smaller the beverage, the less milk is needed, meaning that the consumer will have a better chance of tasting the flavour profile of the coffee. They’re commonly consumed only once per day, traditionally in the morning. It’s made quickly and consumed fast too, in a couple of mouthfuls, and then the consumer can start their day. This will create an intense drinking experience for the consumer, who has just a few milky sips before the espresso kicks in.

Pura Vida: A Specialty Coffee Cocktail Recipe

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So make sure you choose a good quality cold brew with similar flavor notes to that of Dawn Patrol. Barista Café Owner Coffee Cocktails Coffee Consumers coffee cocktail competition cold brew coffee cocktail cold brew-based craft cocktail english heat wave heatwave palm beachThis cocktail was the winner of the BARista Night Cold Brew Cocktail Throw Down, which was held at Grato in West Palm Beach in 2017.


Culinary Cues

Now, this alone might not keep the average consumer or politician up at night, but what they fail to understand is that restaurants are at the center of a broad eco-system of businesses that are inter-dependent. So, they rely on local or regional bakeries for those goods.

Beverage Trends of 2021: Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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And according to The Hartman Group’s Functional Food & Beverage and Supplements 2020 report, 29 percent of consumers have been consuming more functional foods and beverages since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic (2).

2021 96

Online Ordering: A Business Survival Guide


Consumers wanted - and today crave - a convenient way to access goods and services from the comfort of their home. And in today’s digital-first world, consumers want to order from anywhere, at any time. percent, and consumers spent more than $53 billion via eCommerce in the U.S.

5 Examples of Customer Service Innovation in Hospitality

Social Hospitality

The hospitality industry constantly changes and evolves in the face of new industry and consumer trends. Customer service is at the core of innovation and good business practices. Good customer communication is another vital pillar of long-term success in this industry.

Get Ready for the Post-COVID Economy Now!

Embrace the Suck

The good news : The world is not going to end! It’s not a good feeling. This will also reduce inventory and staffing as well, which is a good thing moving forward. When this pandemic hit, fear and panic consumed the media and social media channels.

2021 195


Culinary Cues

The pandemic has shown that the fear of exposure has directed consumer attention to a much simpler formula: good tasting, comfortable food, prepared and served safely, and packaged in a convenient manner so that the guest can minimize exposure to others.

2020 393


Culinary Cues

Restaurant folks are pretty good at problem-solving when we can approach the issue in a logical manner: “business volume is down and labor cost is out of whack so we change our operating hours and reduce the amount of labor needed – problem solved for the time being.”

2021 306

Our Biggest 5 Restaurant Flavor Trend Predictions

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More consumers will be looking for foods tied with wellness and health during and after the pandemic, well into 2021. Functional flavors will shape the industry,” said Philip Caputo, marketing and consumer insights manager at Virginia Dare in an interview with Food Technology Magazine (3).

Your wine By The Glass growth guide

Bermar America

Research has shown that a good wine list combined with a helpful wine service not only contributes to the financial success of the restaurant but also positively impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2008 52

Restaurant Experts’ 2021 Outlook, Part Two

Modern Restaurant Management

Delivery and take-out will continue to be the most popular way consumers will get their restaurant meals in a COVID and post-COVID world. Consumers still demand convenience when it comes to their meals, but they also want variety. My outlook for 2021 is good.

2021 182

The 5 Biggest Restaurant Food Trends to Watch in 2021

Goliath Consulting

Consumer behavior has also shifted, many preferring contactless options and off-premise dining than dining in. The meal is good for two people, featuring breaded chicken, garlic lemon pasta, marinara sauce complete with Italian-style cheeses.

2021 101

3 Exciting Strategies You’ll Love to Sell Wine Online

A Wine Story

One panelist framed the situation well in a quote from Winston Churchill: “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste.” So this is a great opportunity for wineries to reach these new consumers and sell wine online. Is the wine and its packaging in good shape?

What Is The Turmeric Latte?

Perfect Daily Grind

With an emerging consumer focus on health and wellness, more and more customers are looking for their drinks to do more than simply taste good; many now want the food and drink they consume to contribute to their health and wellbeing or support their lifestyle.

How to Get Yelp Reviews for Your Auto Repair Shop

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There are plenty of review sites, but Yelp is considered one of the most trustworthy and influential to consumers and is only second to Google. Here’s an example of what a Yelp business page might look like for an auto repair shop: Do Good, Honest Work.

5 big food trends coming your way in 2021


Consumers also cooked more home meals, a trend which restaurants inserted themselves into by selling meal kits and family packs. Today there’s a huge sense of community among consumers, who want to support their local businesses and suppliers.

2021 78

Vermont Creamery Crème Fraîche Soars to Kitchen Staple Status Amid At-Home Cooking Renaissance


But consumers aren’t just looking for a new challenge – they’re looking for products that offer versatility across multiple applications, and not surprisingly, a forgiving shelf life.

How To: Dry Cleaner Coupon Advertising

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Without being able to ship products around the country, there’s no reason to be in the banner of every consumer’s search bar. . By “targeting” your consumer base, you can examine where your customers live, work, and play. Advertise Specials on Home Goods.

The Future of Restaurant Design Post COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

In this article, we discuss how restaurant design is changing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight how we must rethink the consumer-facing footprint to make the restaurant experience more sustainable and bolster consumer confidence.

Design 169