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We are a blend of our experiences and the people whom we let in to our lives. Everyone and everything influences the personal and professional product that we become.

How Restaurant Owners Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Cold Weather Lull

Modern Restaurant Management

With some outdoor dining pilot programs coming to an end as we head into the winter months, tens of thousands of restaurants across the country will be forced to operate at a fraction of typical capacity without added outdoor seating to supplement the loss.

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Navigating the Bar Business During the Holidays and into 2021

Goliath Consulting

Supply chain issues and Covid-19 are not making it easy to run a bar right now. The Oktoberfest kegs are empty and public spaces are starting to light up with the holiday spirit. Most bar managers are pulling out their gingerbread martini and hot spiced rum recipes to fill their seasonal drink menus.

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Myth: Your Restaurant or Bar’s POS Will Cover Your Inventory Needs

Sculpture Hospitality

Touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) systems are a crucial part of any restaurant or bar’s operational processes, but they can be incredibly expensive. POS systems often cost at least $20,000, and that price often comes with the myth that a POS can fulfill all of a restaurant’s operational needs.

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Good Advertising for Good People

Indoor Media

When you plan your advertising campaign, it may be helpful to review why you went into business in the first place. For most people, it’s because you had a dream.


Culinary Cues

For most people this will be a different Thanksgiving, a day without the traditional celebrations of large family gatherings, a day with far too much leftover turkey as we attempt to keep some semblance of normality through the bounty of the table.

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??3 Delicious Ways to Pair Sauternes Wine with Food You’ll Love

A Wine Story

One of the most delicious and complex wines in the world is Sauternes. This is a golden wine produced in a region of Bordeaux, France, also called Sauternes. The reason is that in France, wines take their name from the region where the grapes grow, not the grapes themselves.

New year, new you: why you should be thinking about remodeling your venue


This year has been all about figuring out how to adapt, and learning to expect the unexpected.

6 Tips for Free Restaurant Advertising

Indoor Media

Let’s face it, everyone needs to advertise. Today, restaurants face some tough decisions, and it can be difficult to prioritize new advertising when you’re already on a tight budget. We’ve put together a list of six ways you can promote your restaurant without going broke.

Is a branded ordering app the right choice for your restaurant?


Mobile ordering apps have been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years. Between 2016 and 2018, usage of food ordering apps grew by 140 percent. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of ordering technology, apps have become critical for restaurants.

HVAC Technologies to Make Indoor Dining Safer in the COVID-19 Era

Modern Restaurant Management

As restaurants face the challenge of creating safe, indoor environments for their employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor air quality has become a focal point given growing scientific evidence that the virus spreads through airborne transmission.

The Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide


Reading Time: 2 minutes. If there’s anything that can bring both a smile and a frown to the face of business owners it’s the news of reopening restaurants.

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Episode 98 – Talking with Roostar owners about how technology has helped their business thrive

Restaurant Technology Guys

Check out the Roostar technology partners HungerRush. HungerRush helps restaurants compete in the toughest business on earth. There are a ton of options. Loyalty is hard to get. And preferences are changing fast. Our integrated restaurant management system helps you master operational efficiency, create awesome guest experiences with ease, and squeeze customer data for every last drop of insight. All so you can focus on doing what you love: serving great food. link].

Tips For Scaling A Coffee Chain

Perfect Daily Grind

Most of the world’s best-known café chains started off as a single neighbourhood coffee shop. While some café owners set out to simply serve good coffee to local people, others choose take their coffee further afield and scale their business to create a chain. .

Restaurants Reinvent Themselves For Thanksgiving And Beyond: 'You Just Pivot'

The Salt

A Japanese café sells plants and green-tea pie. An Italian restaurant caters a prime-rib dinner. A steak-and-fries chain delivers free meals for the elderly. Fight or flight," one manager says. Image credit: Yuko Watanabe

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How To Successfully Get On Company PR Lists

Lady Boss Blogger

Have you ever seen accounts post samples they received and wondered how you could get on company PR lists too? Well, the answer might surprise you. Many brands provide influencers and bloggers samples to increase brand awareness by having them present and advertise products.

Digital Logs: The Hype Behind Them


You switch on the light in your office, revealing a desk overflowing with unorganized stacks of papers. Some are grease-stained from the previous work day. You slump into your seat, wishing you could do something about this mess that looms in front of you. Restaurant Management

The First Lady of Restaurant Supplies

Modern Restaurant Management

In this week's episode of The Main Course host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia speaks with Patricia Bible, CEO and Founder of KaTom Restaurant Supply, about the company’s journey, response to COVID and more. To listen, click here.

Kamala Harris Hopes You’ll Be Comforted by Her Cornbread Dressing Recipe This Thanksgiving


Photo by Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images. Plus, hazardous crockpots. and more news to start your day You, too, can cook like Kamala.

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How to Boost Your Restaurant Staff Morale during Covid 19


Welcome readers As we know that situations are not good at all due to COVID, restaurants are open in many cities but with several restrictions. People are also concern about safety!! Also, Read – Tips to Ensure Safe food delivery!

Simple Menu Ideas for Restaurants to Add Today

Restaurant Engine

It’s always a good idea to refine your menu for your patrons. Owning a restaurant in 2020 has meant pivoting, being creative, and constantly reevaluating business practices. Covid-19 has upended the restaurant industry and presented a myriad of challenges.

6 Reasons to Switch to Digital Food Safety Logs and Checklists


As I discussed in the previous blog, “Digital Logs: The Hype Behind Them” , restaurant owners and managers across the nation are finding that paper logs just aren’t making the cut anymore. They are outdated and hard to keep track of in the modern-day restaurant space.

The First Lady of Restaurant Supply

Modern Restaurant Management

In this week's episode of The Main Course host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia speaks with Patricia Bible, CEO and Founder of KaTom Restaurant Supply, about the company’s journey, response to COVID and more. To listen, click here.

America’s Dive Bars Are Among Those Hit Hardest by Alex Trebek’s Death


The dive tradition of watching ‘Jeopardy!’ over beers and shots will end with Trebek’s final episode on December 25 As 7 p.m. hit on Monday, the bartender at Do or Dive in Brooklyn killed the music and two ancient black-and-white TVs roared to life, as they do every night at 7.

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Leverage Your Real Estate and Access New Markets


The Fast Casual Nation Podcast offers exclusive interviews with experts ranging from top chefs and brand makers to executives and restaurateurs who work in one of the fastest-growing segments of the restaurant industry.

Food Truck Business: 5 Reasons why Saudi Entrepreneurs Should Opt for it Over Traditional Restaurants 

The Restaurant Times

With a rise in average consumer expenditure, conscious consumerism, and an increasingly mobile lifestyle, the food truck model has become quite a rage in the Middle East. With a projected revenue growth rate of 3.7% in the next five years, the future of the food truck industry seems bright.

The Dozen - Positively Thanksgiving


belden_estate_ch_2012_225x470-1-1575938576405.jpg. Author(s): Roger Morris. Teaser: Whether you're with family or in lockdown, you'll definitely need wine.

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Must Be Something in the Sunshine

Modern Restaurant Management

BurgerFi got its start in 2011 in southeast Florida with its first location opening in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. Today, it’s one of the nation’s fastest-growing “better burger” concepts with approximately 125 restaurants and counting.

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The Best Experience Gifts for Food Lovers Who Miss Going Out


There are still plenty of experiential gifts to give to this year. rocharibeiro /Shutterstock. From online cooking classes to virtual wine consultations I don’t have to tell you that you’ll be spending more time at home than ever this holiday season.

An Ode, À La Mode: 1 Baker Savors America, Creating 50 Pies For 50 States

The Salt

Originally from Singapore, Stacey Mei Yan Fong loves baking and America. For a project she calls 50 Pies/50 States, she's made an elaborative representative pie for each state. Image credit: Stacey Mei Yan Fong

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5 Key Things to Remember When Implementing Restaurant Order Taking Software

The Restaurant Times

Since the outbreak of novel Coronavirus disease, order taking in the restaurant business has undergone a complete transformation. Online food delivery now accounts for a substantial revenue share of the entire restaurant business.

Beyond Meat Seeks to Increase Accessibility to Plant-Based Meat with Holiday Deals.


With quality products tailored to foodies, Beyond Meat offers the perfect opportunity to gift a culinary must-have this holiday season. Beyond Meat - one of the fastest growing food companies in the U.S. - is offering an exclusive direct-to-consumer deal for Cyber Monday.

The 5 Tiers Of Influencers And What They Each Offer

Lady Boss Blogger

If you’re a brand, navigating the various tiers of influencers can be a challenging task since each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Because of that, it’s important to think about the factors that are most vital to your brand’s success.

There’s Never Been a Better Year to Do a Takeout Thanksgiving


Shutterstock/ Elena Veselova. Help restaurants and save yourself time in the kitchen for what’s bound to be a weird holiday anyway Thanksgiving, the traditional start of the holiday season, is getting a COVID-19 makeover.