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Culinary Cues

For most people this will be a different Thanksgiving, a day without the traditional celebrations of large family gatherings, a day with far too much leftover turkey as we attempt to keep some semblance of normality through the bounty of the table.

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How Restaurant Owners Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Cold Weather Lull

Modern Restaurant Management

With some outdoor dining pilot programs coming to an end as we head into the winter months, tens of thousands of restaurants across the country will be forced to operate at a fraction of typical capacity without added outdoor seating to supplement the loss.

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Culinary Cues

It seems that every time I check my email or flip through postings in social media – there is another restaurant, food business, or culinary school preparing to close their doors.

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Tips for Keeping Restaurants Afloat as COVID Cases Spike

Modern Restaurant Management

As the restaurant industry continues to grapple with understanding what the new normal looks like, there may be some hope.

Navigating the Bar Business During the Holidays and into 2021

Goliath Consulting

Supply chain issues and Covid-19 are not making it easy to run a bar right now. The Oktoberfest kegs are empty and public spaces are starting to light up with the holiday spirit. Most bar managers are pulling out their gingerbread martini and hot spiced rum recipes to fill their seasonal drink menus.

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Myth: Your Restaurant or Bar’s POS Will Cover Your Inventory Needs

Sculpture Hospitality

Touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) systems are a crucial part of any restaurant or bar’s operational processes, but they can be incredibly expensive. POS systems often cost at least $20,000, and that price often comes with the myth that a POS can fulfill all of a restaurant’s operational needs.

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10 Recruitment Strategies To Improve Hiring And Attract Top Talent


Finding the best team members is crucial to the success of your business. That’s why recruitment strategies are essential for attracting top talent.

Boardroom Spirits Releases Seasonal Nocino


Green Walnut Liqueur Returns for the Season and is Featured in Two New Ready-To-Drink Bottled Cocktails. Boardroom Spirits, the award-winning, sustainable precision craft distiller announces the seasonal release of its annual holiday spirit, Nocino (28% ABV $39.99

Is a branded ordering app the right choice for your restaurant?


Mobile ordering apps have been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years. Between 2016 and 2018, usage of food ordering apps grew by 140 percent. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of ordering technology, apps have become critical for restaurants.

6 Tips for Free Restaurant Advertising

Indoor Media

Let’s face it, everyone needs to advertise. Today, restaurants face some tough decisions, and it can be difficult to prioritize new advertising when you’re already on a tight budget. We’ve put together a list of six ways you can promote your restaurant without going broke.

Tips to Maximize Safety and Mitigate Risks During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Modern Restaurant Management

There’s no denying that the restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantines and stay-at-home orders meant that restaurants were unable to serve guests onsite for months.

Restaurant Inventory Management All-time Best Practices


It's as unavoidable as death and taxes: we're talking inventory management. Counting inventory can be a restauranteur's least favorite part of their job - but, it doesn't have to be. There are several ways to make taking inventory a little easier and less painful.

11 Essential Techniques for Controlling Restaurant Food Costs


Your restaurant food cost is pivotal to your business’ financial success. Everything from inventory management to recipe costing plays a role in controlling your cost of goods sold (CoGS).

??3 Delicious Ways to Pair Sauternes Wine with Food You’ll Love

A Wine Story

One of the most delicious and complex wines in the world is Sauternes. This is a golden wine produced in a region of Bordeaux, France, also called Sauternes. The reason is that in France, wines take their name from the region where the grapes grow, not the grapes themselves.

The Complete Restaurant Reopening Guide


Reading Time: 2 minutes. If there’s anything that can bring both a smile and a frown to the face of business owners it’s the news of reopening restaurants.

HVAC Technologies to Make Indoor Dining Safer in the COVID-19 Era

Modern Restaurant Management

As restaurants face the challenge of creating safe, indoor environments for their employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor air quality has become a focal point given growing scientific evidence that the virus spreads through airborne transmission.

Salary Vs. Hourly Pay: The Complete Manager’s Guide


All businesses must choose to classify their employees according to a salary vs. hourly pay structure. From an operational perspective, the choice can have a dramatic effect on your business’s bottom line.

New year, new you: why you should be thinking about remodeling your venue


This year has been all about figuring out how to adapt, and learning to expect the unexpected.

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Episode 98 – Talking with Roostar owners about how technology has helped their business thrive

Restaurant Technology Guys

Check out the Roostar technology partners HungerRush. HungerRush helps restaurants compete in the toughest business on earth. There are a ton of options. Loyalty is hard to get. And preferences are changing fast. Our integrated restaurant management system helps you master operational efficiency, create awesome guest experiences with ease, and squeeze customer data for every last drop of insight. All so you can focus on doing what you love: serving great food. link].

Zareen’s Celebrates 1,000 Orders with Cheetah


Reading Time: 3 minutes. As the 1000th anniversary with one of our favorite customers is approaching, we decided it’s time for a proper introduction! Meet Zareen’s, a Palo Alto restaurant that gives a new kick to the classic Pakistani & Indian cuisine.

Touchless Ketchup, Icing on the Frosting and Bobacino

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature restaurant community support endeavors, new tech and a little holiday fun. Supporting Independents. Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Tips For Scaling A Coffee Chain

Perfect Daily Grind

Most of the world’s best-known café chains started off as a single neighbourhood coffee shop. While some café owners set out to simply serve good coffee to local people, others choose take their coffee further afield and scale their business to create a chain. .

How to Reduce and Track Restaurant Food Waste

Xtra Chef

Food waste is a serious environmental and humanitarian issue. But restaurant food waste poses a huge problem for overall profitability in the business: The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that restaurants waste $162 billion in food each year.

4 Steps to Choosing the Best Food Delivery Service for Your Restaurant


2020 has put a spotlight on delivery. Dining room closures nationwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made delivery a critical part of business operations. Many restaurateurs have been left to evaluate the best food delivery service for their restaurant. .

Digital Logs: The Hype Behind Them


You switch on the light in your office, revealing a desk overflowing with unorganized stacks of papers. Some are grease-stained from the previous work day. You slump into your seat, wishing you could do something about this mess that looms in front of you. Restaurant Management

How the Restaurant Industry Can Tackle the Cold Weather Season

Modern Restaurant Management

In this Q&A, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine gets advice on from Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg on how restaurants can prepare for the colder months ahead.

How To Successfully Get On Company PR Lists

Lady Boss Blogger

Have you ever seen accounts post samples they received and wondered how you could get on company PR lists too? Well, the answer might surprise you. Many brands provide influencers and bloggers samples to increase brand awareness by having them present and advertise products.

Time Clock Rules For Hourly Employees: What Managers Should Know


Every business needs time clock rules for hourly employees. Without them, your business could be running afoul of the federal government and the team members you depend on to get the job done.

Restaurants and the People Who Work in Them Need a Bailout. Let’s Finally Give Them One.


Spencer Platt/Getty Images. It’s absurd and infuriating that eight months into this pandemic, we’re still exactly where we started Coronavirus infections are spiking uncontrollably. Hospitals are over capacity.

6 Reasons to Switch to Digital Food Safety Logs and Checklists


As I discussed in the previous blog, “Digital Logs: The Hype Behind Them” , restaurant owners and managers across the nation are finding that paper logs just aren’t making the cut anymore. They are outdated and hard to keep track of in the modern-day restaurant space.

Three Fresh Tips for Leveraging PR to Grow

Modern Restaurant Management

Indeed, recent world events have put the kibosh on traditional dining, networking, and events which play a significant role in a company’s business development strategy. Yet, in a crisis like this, there’s one critical thing that should not be forgotten: public relations.

4 Tips to Help Small Businesses Compete with National Brands

Indoor Media

2020 was one of the most difficult years for small businesses. Countless companies failed to stay afloat, let alone expand, so it might be difficult to think about advertising right now. However, if you are one of the few that made it this far, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Restaurant365 Helps Accounting Partner FTR Hospitality Save Millions for Restaurant Clients


Background. FTR Hospitality is a full-service restaurant consulting, accounting, and technology company, helping multi-unit full service restaurant groups efficiently integrate and streamline support center functions.

7 Best Virtual Team Building Activities Your Remote Team Will Love


How do you keep your employees’ cooperation, collaboration, and engagement high when everyone is working remotely? Virtual team building activities.