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Culinary Cues

We all know the challenges facing restaurants right now – there is little benefit in reiterating the problems. The question is: “What’s the answer?” Of course the pandemic is the cause and the effects are either a direct result of that or the necessary restrictions that evolved from Covid.

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Server Duties: 4 Restaurant Server Side Work Tasks and Best Practices for Managing Them

7 Shifts

People who don't work in the restaurant industry think that all there is to being a server is taking orders, bringing out food, and sorting out the bill. However, those with experience on the front-of-house (FOH) side of restaurants know there's more to server duties than meets the eye.

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Maximize Takeout Profitability With These Six Steps

Modern Restaurant Management

Off-premise dining was already on-trend in the restaurant industry well before COVID-19. According to Morgan Stanley estimates, online delivery is set to grow from $260 billion in 2017 to $325 billion in 2020 – and possibly $470 billion by 2025.

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The Future of Restaurant Technology

Goliath Consulting

The AI and tech that will take over the restaurant industry. We previously discussed social distancing and contact-free technology that offered safety solutions during the pandemic.

Freeland Spirits: Good drinks and warm hospitality


A unique Portland distillery with a woman owner and talented woman distiller, Freeland Spirits is serving up “farm to bottle” gin, whiskey, and canned cocktails.?. Joss Flanzbaum.

The Benefits of a Successful Inventory Management System in Your Bar and Restaurant

Sculpture Hospitality

There’s no industry in the world that’s more competitive than the hospitality sector. There’s no doubt about it, the restaurant and bar business is an incredibly tough space to operate in, and the owners that work within it are highly passionate about what they do.

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Captivate Website Visitors With a Free Online Mechanic Chat

Indoor Media

If your website isn’t converting visitors into leads, then it’s not doing its job. Think about your own experience searching for a product or service online.

11 Thrilling Wine Business Trends To Delight

A Wine Story

Wine Business Trends 2020 - Wine Business Monthly. Man Ordering Wine Online - Wine Business Trends. Highlights from Technology and Financial Webinar. Are you curious about wine business trends 2020? Most of us know that e-commerce is booming in the US wine industry.

Typsy explains: How to get better at learning in hospitality


Learning something new can be a struggle. Sometimes it feels like wading through mud - unpleasant, time-consuming, and taking up a lot of your energy. But what if it didn't have to be like that?

Which Restaurant Reservation System Is Best for Me: Resy vs OpenTable vs Yelp vs Tock


Reading Time: 5 minutes. Restaurant reservation systems help solve one of the biggest challenges of the foodservice industry – managing the constant influx of reservations and customers.

Five Tips for the Best Customer Experience During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants across the country have been on a rollercoaster ride. Businesses have been forced to pivot away from on-premises dining to offer on-line ordering and take-out services.

‘Food Is Political. It’s a Part of Our DNA.’


Devita Davison, executive director of FoodLab Detroit, has long advocated for an equitable and sustainable restaurant industry. She still sees a lot of work to do.

Ask an Expert: What management software do restaurants need right now?


Over 100,000 restaurants have closed permanently or long-term during the pandemic, and the prospects of desperately needed government relief aren’t looking good.

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2020 Restaurant Marketing Trends For Your Best Year Yet

Restaurant Engine

Stay on top of the latest trends to help your restaurant grow. You’ve got great food, wonderful ambiance, highly trained servers, and an excellent chef. But where are the diners? This is a common problem for both new and established restaurants, and it all comes down to marketing.

7 Tips for Maintaining PCI Compliance for Restaurants


New technology tools in the restaurant industry present new opportunities for businesses to streamline operations. However, this boom in technology also comes with security and hacking risks, especially in payment processing.

AI Food Intelligence and Now Serving Democracy

Modern Restaurant Management

In this edition of MRM News Bites, we feature real-time data on consumer behavior and the move to #cutoutcutlery. SpotOn Secures $60M Funding. SpotOn Transact, Inc. secured $60 million in Series C funding.

Restaurant Operations and Finance Teams Can Work in Harmony. Here’s How

Xtra Chef

Isn’t it funny how operations and finance teams easily become enemies in restaurants—even though they share the same goal of making the restaurant successful? Maybe it’s because, every time you collaborate, it seems to lead to extra work.

40 Photo Ideas for Your Restaurant’s Christmas Social Media

Ken Burgin

Social media posts thrive on visual content, and there are dozens of opportunities to take all sorts of photos during the Christmas season – food, decorations, people and local scenes. They will look good on Facebook, Instagram and your website.

The art of rebranding: how and why to update your hospitality brand


There are a lot of good reasons to rebrand your hospitality business, but the idea of it can be intimidating - especially if you have an established customer base.

California Fish Grill Saves 1% in Food Costs at its 34 Locations Thanks to Restaurant365 Reporting Tools


Background. California Fish Grill has been preparing delicious, healthy, and sustainable seafood for discriminating restaurant guests since 1998. All of the chain’s 34 locations are committed to not only a great tasting menu, but also serving seafood that is always responsibly sourced and sustainable.

Picking Up Curbside: How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Curbside Service and Why It’s Here to Stay

Modern Restaurant Management

How do we love thee, curbside pick-up? Let us count the ways. There’s the table-wedged-in-the-doorway approach, where one brave soul in full PPE hands off an order over a barricade of restaurant furniture.

Sohla El-Waylly, Formerly of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, Announces New YouTube Show


Binging With Babish. Stump Sohla” will air Saturdays on the Binging with Babish YouTube channel Chef and YouTube star Sohla El-Waylly has announced a new show , Stump Sohla , on the Binging with Babish YouTube network.

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Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Your Cafe or Restaurant

Ken Burgin

It’s an important annual event in October, and might be forgotten with all the COVID issues on our mind. It’s had less publicity in the last few years, but is no less important – we all have mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who have been affected.

What Is A Chai Latte?

Perfect Daily Grind

The chai latte is hot, milky, fragrant, gently spicy, and popular in cafés everywhere. However, despite the fact that it’s served in coffee shops and named for the latte, it actually contains no coffee whatsoever. . Chai is one of the world’s oldest tea-based drinks.

Maru Hospitality Group Sees $1.2 Million Difference in Food Cost Savings and Increased Sales with Restaurant365


Background. Robert Song, Maru Hospitality Group’s founder and president, brought a fresh concept to Michigan in 2009 when he opened the first Maru Sushi in Okemos. Along with his chef, Moon Yang, Mr. Song built a chef-driven concept with a passion for incorporating love into every dish and every guest experience. His recipe for success soon expanded into markets across Michigan, with new locations opening in Detroit, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Midland.

Case Study: How a Food Truck Can Open Doors to Restaurant Ownership

Modern Restaurant Management

Kyle Gorlie opened his Vet Chef food truck in 2016. In four years of operation, he’s doubled his sales every year, and today pulls in more than $475,000 a year. Those are profits many brick-and-mortar restaurants would look at with envy.

Cracker Barrel Adds Booze to Menus So You Can Get Drunk the Old Country Store Way


Photo: Jonathan Weiss /Shutterstock. Plus, Blue Bell is paying out millions for contaminated ice cream it sold in 2015, and other news to start the day Cracker Barrel is getting boozy for good.

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How Does A Point of System Work? The Ultimate Guide To Using A Point of Sale Systems

BNG Point of Sale

Today’s point-of-sale (POS) systems have changed dramatically and are a far cry from what was available just ten years ago, leaving many businesses to ask how do the newest versions of point-of-sale systems work? POS systems allow you to process more types of payment in more ways faster than ever before. At the same time, they provide advanced benefits such as backend data and reports to help boost your sales, helping you run your business more effectively.

How to Successfully Hire and Retain Staff

Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting

Mike Krebs – Project Manager, Blue Orbit Restaurant Consulting As more hospitality businesses continue to reopen and grow during the COVID life environment we are all trying to figure out how to hire and retain staff.

All You Need To Know About Selecting The Most Suitable Cloud Kitchen Model For Restaurants In Saudi Arabia

The Restaurant Times

On-demand food delivery has brought unprecedented convenience for customers, more sales for restaurants, and has also given birth to several spin-off businesses, making it one of the most growing industries globally.

Restaurants Need to Open the Digital Door Wide (Podcast)

Modern Restaurant Management

It's tech talk on this week's episode of The Main Course as host Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) Executive Editor Barbara Castiglia, speaks with Brad Duea , Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant Revolution Technologies , about the role technology will play in restaurant industry recovery.

Indiana Restaurants and Bars Get Green Light to Open at Full Capacity


Diners at a sports bar in downtown Bloomington on the first Saturday night after the stay-at-home orders were lifted in Indiana’s Monroe County. Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

US Foods Offsetting Restrictions and Offering Additional Revenue Streams


Check out the Restaurant Recovery Resource to keep up to date on the latest innovations and ideas to help your business recover from the crisis.

140 – What is a Restaurant USP (Unique Selling Proposition)


This episode looks at what a Restaurant USP – Unique Selling Proposition is. What are they, why are they important and what they can do for your Restaurant? Our last episode looked at how to plan to reopen your Restaurant with the new COVID-19 normal.