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Culinary Cues

As the country continues to come to grips with the ravages of a pandemic and the trail of chaos and long-term destruction that it leaves behind, we will need to think very clearly about how a country deals with diminishing funds to support our lifestyle and establishing priorities moving forward.

How Mattenga’s Pizzeria Simplifies Labor Management—and Gets Back to Family Life

7 Shifts

Mattenga’s Pizzeria is the real love child of husband and wife duo, Matthew and Hengam Stanfield. Entering the workforce shortly after completing their engineering degrees, the couple realized that a nine to five week that kept them apart was not for them.

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Achieving Your Best Digital Customer Experience During COVID-19

Modern Restaurant Management

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the ways we live, work and dine, the restaurant industry has been experimenting with different ways to adapt and continue serving customers who cherish dining experiences.

How To Post Auto Shop Deals on Groupon – Plus 3 Things To Watch For

Indoor Media

Have you thought about posting auto shop deals on Groupon for your repair shop? The coupon giant boasts some significant benefits — targeted, local ads — but many users have seen its pitfalls.

Boardroom Spirits Significantly Expands Product Portfolio


Distillery Introduces Four Additions to Existing Line, Ready-To-Drink Bottled Craft Cocktails and Sanitizer Division amid pandemic uncertainty.

Using Restaurant Reporting Tools to Forecast Your Restaurant’s Recovery


How to forecast your restaurant’s recovery. Knowing how to leverage restaurant reporting tools is one of the most effective measures you can take to better understand your business’ real time financial health.

Second Wave of Restaurant Chain Bankruptcy Filings Could Offer New Opportunities  

Modern Restaurant Management

Anyone who has worked the back of the house at a popular restaurant knows how chaotic the kitchen can feel during a restaurant “rush” hour—knives, spoons, and spatulas being swung around, glassware flying, line cooks and sous chefs furiously plating food and sending it out.

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Improve Your Auto Repair Local Listings in One Week

Indoor Media

Have you ever wondered what prospects see when they search for your business online ? Your auto repair local listings may be some of the first search results they find. If you’re not sure what local listings are, or just need a better idea of what to look for, then this article is for you.

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‘It Was a Losing Fight to Write Anything That Wasn’t “Ethnic”’


More Pizza Hut Closures Ahead of July 30 Earnings Announcement

Restaurant Engine

In a banner year for the pizza delivery industry, Pizza Hut has struggled. Its competitors are at all-time highs. Just this year, Papa John’s (NASDAQ:PZZA) has rallied 44% to date. Domino’s (NYSE:DPZ) has rallied 31% this year.

Evolving Technology for Restaurant Operations

Modern Restaurant Management

In early March at Oracle's Food & Beverage conference held prior to the COVID-19 outbreak shutdown, Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine discussed the company's plans for products and services designed to help Mom and Pop restaurants with Chris Adams, VP of Strategy for Oracle F+B about their future plans in the above video.


Culinary Cues

2020 326

Cross-Utilizing Staff: Why This is a Benefit for You and Your Employees

Sculpture Hospitality

Staffing a restaurant has been a hot topic in 2020, especially with most workers being out of work for a number of weeks during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Restaurant Recruiting During and After COVID-19

7 Shifts

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has impacted the restaurant workforce. According to data from 350,000+ restaurants that use 7shifts, while overall shifts being scheduled are still sitting 24% below pre-COVID levels, shifts for delivery-related roles have increased 38%.

How To Make Instagram Ads That Aren’t Awkward Or Salesy

Lady Boss Blogger

Advertising on social media is extremely different from any other type of advertising medium. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why so many businesses struggle to make successful ads on Instagram.

Five Steps for Leveraging Digital Data Collection to Manage Changing Rules and Challenging Times

Modern Restaurant Management

For large-scale restaurant operations, now is the time to double down on stringent standards, good customer communication, and consistent application of your standards. For franchises, that means making sure your evaluations and data collection house in order.

Introducing Curbside Ordering with ChowNow


As restaurants continue to adapt to the new normal of business during the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and convenience are critical concerns. It only makes sense that curbside pickup—in which customers pick up their food straight from their cars—has skyrocketed in popularity. .

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems for Restaurant Inventory Management

Restaurant Engine

Restaurant owners implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for inventory management and real-time low stock notifications. For example, when chefs order an ingredient, the stock counts in their ERP systems automatically reflect an increase in stock.

A Fool’s Choice


Lisa Donovan | Photo courtesy of Lisa Donovan.

Café 102

Introducing Sync, Our FREE Sync and QuickBooks Online Integration

Xtra Chef

Our partnership with Toast was formed out of our shared dedication to provide restaurants with low-cost and affordable tools to offer data-driven insights that help them to succeed through difficult operating circumstances.

How Can Restaurants Emerge Stronger?

Modern Restaurant Management

The restaurant industry was turned upside down in 2020, practically overnight.

New Partial Shift Release Feature Offers Added Flexibility for Both Managers and Employees

Hot Schedules

New Partial Shift Release Feature Offers Added Flexibility for Both Managers and Employees. Partial Shift Release will be available to all customers by August 17th. H was developed with the ultimate goal of giving hourly employees control of their schedules.

How to Have More Life When You Own a 7 Day Business

Ken Burgin

Have a life and a business. It works fine if you have a Monday to Friday cafe in a business area. But if you’re part of the raging weekend cafe market, Saturday and Sunday are top earners – they can’t be neglected.

Eulogy for My Neglected Windowsill Herb Garden


Shutterstock. Honoring the lives — and deaths — of the forgotten quarantine scallions Cherished friends, Thank you for being here to honor the lives of those whose journeys meant so much to us all, and whose stories are, fondly and inevitably, coming to an end.

7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Running A Cloud Kitchen Business

The Restaurant Times

Doorstep food delivery services are the latest trend to have changed the dynamics of the F&B industry. According to a study, the online food delivery market will be worth $200 Billion by 2025.

2025 59

Ensure Your Parking Lot Is Safe for Outdoor Dining

Modern Restaurant Management

COVID-19 has forced restaurant owners and operators to turn their operational strategies on a dime. After reopening in May and June, the CDC and state governments provided guidance for inside dining, but even with reduced seating, 73 percent of people are uncomfortable dining indoors at a restaurant.

Crossing over: A guide to multi-location Ghost Kitchens


Popular fast-food restaurant, Wendy’s has turned to ghost kitchens (also known as dark, cloud or virtual kitchens) to expand their business operations without the “high real estate costs.”

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‘Local’ – More Ways to use this Magic Word for Cafe & Restaurant Marketing

Ken Burgin

Maybe you enjoy pizza from Italy, beer from Denmark and TV from Britain, but the L word, LOCAL, arouses emotions and loyalty in most of us.

These Pantry Labels Made by a Blogger in Minnesota Are Taking Over TikTok


How simple, streamlined white stickers ended up in pantries across America Before the pandemic , I never spent much time in my apartment’s tiny galley-style kitchen, preferring to dine out (or take out). Stay-at-home orders changed all of that.

Restaurant PR: Nine Tips for your Restaurant’s Public Relations Campaign

App Institute

An effective restaurant PR strategy can be a lot of help in raising awareness of your business in a way that connects with your customers. It takes in aspects of social media, outreach, and building your restaurant’s brand.

How Restaurants Can Emerge Stronger

Modern Restaurant Management

The restaurant industry was turned upside down in 2020, practically overnight.

California Pizza Kitchen Bankrupt

Restaurant Engine

After a five-month battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, California Pizza Kitchen has lost. According to today’s statement from CEO Jim Hyatt, the company has filed for bankruptcy protection. The company was founded 35 years ago.

Real not Fake: How to Build a Positive Reputation for Yourself and your Restaurant

Ken Burgin

Customer BS radar is on high alert – they’re swamped with hype, and can learn a lot about your business before they even visit. Have you googled your name and business lately?

2020 78

Will a Cafeteria Tray Solve All My Problems?


Africa Studio /Shutterstock. Four months into quarantine, a regression back to the safety of middle school dining “Do you have kids that hate when their food touches?” reads the first line of an email that popped up in my inbox this morning, advertising corrals that separate foods on a plate.

Food & Beverage Strategy - Future Focused

Future Food

The Arcade Food Theatre in London. Food & Beverage Strategy - Future Focused Diversification of Food and Hospitality Destinations is the key to Success.

New PPP Loan Insurance Covers Food Service Establishments if the SBA Later Finds They Were Ineligible for the PPP Loan Program

Modern Restaurant Management

Businesses that benefited from PPP loans were required to meet the “necessity certification” requirement and consider alternative sources of liquidity, while also taking into account “affiliated” businesses, prior to submitting a loan application.

McDonald’s Earnings Disappoint, Starbucks Beats

Restaurant Engine

It is earnings week; more blue chip companies report second quarter fiscal results this week than any other week. Today on national radio , senior restaurant analyst Michael Halen discussed disappointing earnings reports from McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) and Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX).