12 Restaurant Lunch Specials: Make Lunch the Most Important Meal of the Day ???

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Get ahead of it with our 12 favorite restaurant lunch special ideas for you to feature. Why you should invest in restaurant lunch specials Increasing lunch sales is a no-brainer in the restaurant business.

Restaurant Promotions: The Psychology Behind Deals, Discounts & Specials


Happy hour Happy hour specials are a classic restaurant promotion designed to bring in the after-work crowd. But does running these specials actually result in an upsell? Off-peak specials Most restaurants experience a lull in the hour or two before dinner service begins.

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13 Spooky Halloween Ideas for Your Restaurant or Bar: Specials, Promotions, and Parties ??

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Halloween Specials and Menu Ideas for Restaurants and Bars ????? New spooky food and drink specials Unique, Halloween-themed food and drink specials are one of the most common ways bars and restaurants can spookify their business.

How to do retail properly if you sell speciality coffee…

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Highly recommend you follow Dublin café owner Colin Harmon on Instagram, and in this short video he shows off all the Christmas gifts you can buy at his cafe.

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Announcement & Special Offer

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I look forward to introducing you to Kim and as a way of providing such introduction, we have agreed to extend a special offer to our clients, colleagues and friends, to help them better prepare for the future. Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends: I have the great pleasure of announcing that as of January 1, 2018, the DiPasquale Law Group has joined with Kimberly A. Summers of Summers and Schneider, P.C.

V-Day Prep: How to Train Your Staff on Special Menus

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The post V-Day Prep: How to Train Your Staff on Special Menus appeared first on Open for Business. Valentine's Day for restaurants is a high-stakes game, and restaurants need to plan ahead and prepare their whole teams. Here's how to make sure your floor and your kitchen are up to speed.


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We are going to discuss two types of events: catering—guests’ special occasions, and experiential events—frequent events to draw in guests. SPECIAL OCCASION & CATERED EVENTS Knowing that you can serve for an office party, a wedding proposal, and a wedding reception is a huge asset.

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9 Restaurant Entertainment Ideas to Create Frenzy


Restaurant Business entertainment for restaurants fun restaurant promotion ideas restaurant entertainment restaurant entertainment ideas restaurant marketing ideas and trends restaurant special events restaurants that entertainMove beyond the tag of being just an eatery.

3 ways to make your holiday cocktails extra special this year

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But if you’re looking to offer something extra special to your customers, here are three ways to craft a cocktail that is sure to spread the Christmas cheer. For example, a sprig of thyme and skewered cranberries make this Under the Mistletoe Cocktail (18) extra special. There are quite a number of beverages that come to mind when we think of the holidays. There’s mulled wine and spiced sangria, hot buttered rum, eggnog, and hot chocolate.

Researchers Hope Seaweed Will Quiet Gassy Cows

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Community Blogs Earth Eats Homepage Earth Eats Staff Blog Special Subfeatured Top Story climate change flatulence global warming greenhouse gas emissions methane red algae seaweed

Cage-Free Egg Bills Reveal Industry Influence

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Community Blogs Earth Eats Homepage Earth Eats Staff Blog News Updates Special Subfeatured Top Story animal welfare battery cages cage free egg production lobbying

7 Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurants


Places that have a special menu or promotion. So, this is the best time for a restaurateur to make their customer feel special and spread love in the atmosphere. Valentine day is about candlelight dinners, romantic mood or love-themed foods and Valentine’s Day restaurant specials.

Thriving with Thrive!! Or.The Gift That Kept Us Going

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The story of Buckaroos Slices and Scoops would not be complete without the inclusion of this very special episode, and it is part of the saga we kept quiet until this post. Reposted from the official blog of Buckaroos Slices and Scoops , published September 29, 2019.


Culinary Cues

The funny thing is that these small businesses – in this case – restaurants – cannot survive on that once-a-year recognition, or even the occasional special event. Every year, this weekend is the official time to celebrate small businesses.


Culinary Cues

Always a specialized space for members, the club setting maintained a market space for food that was based on tradition, classic preparations, and to a large degree a “food cost free zone”.

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The "Essentials" training for Front of House employees

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The floor is the seater and the busser the seater explain specials and sets expectations, when they bus they're flipping tables and communicating, or updating the door. Here is an outline of primary job descriptions of your front of house staff.

Making Customers Happy, One Eatery at a Time


A versatile and expansive bi-level space, Berkshire House is the ultimate neighborhood haunt with 30 near wrap around flat screen TVs perfect for watching the big games and pop-culture events, weekend brunch, daily happy hour specials, throwback boardgames and more.

15 Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Attract More Customers 

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Luckily, there are plenty of specials that will get customers in the door and filling seats. . We’ve come up with a list of the best restaurant promotions and specials to try out. These specials are not one-size-fits-all, but you’re sure to find a new idea to try at your restaurant. .

8 Restaurants Serving Heart-Shaped Food on Valentine’s Day

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Luckily for you, the following restaurants are serving up Valentine’s day food specials. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to show someone you love them than with food.

13 Simplest Yet Creative New Year Restaurant Promotion Ideas (That You Can Actually Implement)


Offer New Year Special Deals & Combos. Social Media has become the primary mode of an advertisement on every special occasion, the Importance of social media marketing is equivalent to the restaurant as well.

How Social Media Launched the Acai Berry Craze

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Once you have identified a new food trend, then roll it out via a special menu and your Instagram feed. The Acai berry market expands across the globe.

The Top Restaurant Technologies to Improve Business

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Special occasions can be tracked too, which gives a much more personalized experience for the customer. It’s hard work to run a restaurant. It takes time, commitment, and the ability to deal with a number of challenges at the same time.

5 Psychological Theories to Boost Restaurant Marketing

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Think about what makes your restaurant special. Want to boost your restaurant marketing? Use psychology. The result? More guests. It’s that simple. We’ll look at some great psychological techniques you can use.

5 ways to turn your restaurant into the perfect Valentine's Day venue


And it’s time for you to understand what your guests are after on this special day and up your love game. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated days of the year for retail shops and restaurants?

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Culinary Cues

BE SOMETHING SPECIAL, BE A CHEF. We have all had those moments (some of us more frequently than others) when we question what we are doing, the level of commitment required, and the price to pay.

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5 Expert Tips to Make Your Bakery Stand Out


Being known for the special lime pie recipe that’s been running through your family for four generations, for example, adds a great personal touch. A logo designed by a professional designer can mean the difference between a memorable brand and one that no one takes special notice of.

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How Your Restaurant Can Survive the Valentine’s Day Dinner Rush


You’re affecting their memories of a very special day. . It’s great marketing to create a special Valentine’s Day course or menu and share it on social media. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, and you should staff accordingly.

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Culinary Cues

Typically, it starts off that way – old enough to work, they’re hiring, no experience required – it’s a job.

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5 Psychological Theories to Boost Restaurant Marketing

Social Hospitality

Think about what makes your restaurant special. Want to boost your restaurant marketing? Use psychology. The result? More guests. It’s that simple. We’ll look at some great psychological techniques you can use.

The Top 10 Things Learned from Working with 1000+ Restaurants

Embrace the Suck

Oh, and if you think your problems are special to just apply to your restaurant, they are not.

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7 Proven Restaurant Marketing Ideas You’ll Wish Someone Would Have Told You Before


B) Customers are expecting special treatments, offer them birthday freebies gain customer loyalty. So don’t forget to share good thoughts on your customer’s special days. Today special for you- Get 20% discount on an order above 1500 minimum 2 people.

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Restaurants

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‘Buy One Get One Free’ on special occasions or festivals will attract customers. This not only makes them feel special, but also encourages them share their experience and visit your restaurant again.

How Social Media Launched the Acai Berry Craze

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Once you have identified a new food trend, then roll it out via a special menu and your Instagram feed. The Acai berry market expands across the globe.

Accounting 101: The Most Popular Restaurant Accounting Software Used by the Best Restaurant Operators


There are many proven accounting software systems out there and with today's providers there is no "special sauce" when it comes to restaurant-specific accounting principals.

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6 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day


From surprise proposals to a dozen roses, Valentine’s Day is a special day for many. Early Reservation Specials. These deals can range from dessert to drink specials. Simply set a date that customers have to make their reservation by in order to receive the special.

Checklist for launching a successful delivery business


It’s equally important to offer special deals to celebrate your online opening - especially for your loyal eat-in customer base. Use Instagram to post delightful images of your meals, Facebook to promote special offers and Twitter to engage with your customers on a personal level.


Food Business

find a way to regularly invite people in for special gatherings—bookclubs, workshops, wine tasting, flights of beer specials on Monday, coffee tastings, teaching obscure crafts unique to your business. Living in fear of cashflow and volume can make any human crazy.


Culinary Cues

The meetings, the budget management, planning menus for special events, dealing with vendors, scheduling staff, and staying on top of the quality of food that carried his name was not the problem – it was how his body, mind, and soul was impacted by those tasks.

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FINAL CALL to Enter Your Wine for Sommeliers Choice Awards


Special Submission Closes 31st Jan 2020. Medal winners receive additional benefits – such as special promotional logos and stickers that they can add to wine bottles, social media marketing support, and regular mention in both press releases and on the Sommeliers Choice Awards website.

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How Restaurants Can Attract Customers During Slow Months


Game day specials and different sports related events are the perfect way to attract new and old customers a like. Some creative ways to stand out is with speciality game day food and drink menus. The New Year is upon us and so are the endless new year’s resolutions.

Build Loyal Customers in 4 Steps


With Christmas around the corner, it’s prime time to create email marketing campaigns that offer seasonal specials. This includes ‘thank you’ emails that are triggered after the first purchase to birthday emails with special offers. Silly season, sensible marketing.


Culinary Cues

The chef walks through coolers and storage every day as he or she determines what specials will be designed, which ingredients need attention, and which ones need to be replaced.

How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Valentine’s Day

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It provides dual benefits of streamlining kitchen ops on a busier-than-usual night and making customers feel like they’re getting something special. If done right, offering a special menu on a busy night should be a money maker for your restaurant.

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