Accounting + Operations Together


The post Accounting + Operations Together appeared first on Restaurant365. In this video, customers talk about how they were able to use Restaurant365 to bring their accounting and ops teams together. BREAK DOWN THE WALL.


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So whether you are an owner/operator, manager, chef, or hourly employee let’s look at this reality and how we might learn from it moving forward. [] SURVIVAL. As owners/operators, managers, and chefs – if we have served the role of leader well then our employees will think of us as part of that family. This is another time when we can rely on what we know about human nature and what keeps people whole: physically, mentally, and emotionally.


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Evolving Technology for Restaurant Operations

Modern Restaurant Management

In collaboration with Oracle Food and Beverage and cloud ecosystem partners, Fafa’s has streamlined their order process and kitchen operations to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. ” Equipment Operations COVID Oracle

5 Tips for Maximizing Restaurant Operations Management


However, the day-to-day tasks can distract from the bigger-picture work that is essential for your long-term business health: restaurant operations management. The common saying is that owners and operators need to work “on,” not “in,” their restaurant.

Best Practices to Establish an Efficient Restaurant Operation

Modern Restaurant Management

Whether that be via restaurant operations, menu improvements, or services, there are quite a few criteria that restaurant owners constantly juggle to create the perfect balance. It also helps so that employees know how to operate necessary kitchen equipment.

Strategies For Automating Restaurant Operations

Sculpture Hospitality

Efficient operations are good for everyone. Is improving operations at your restaurant a high priority? Here are some suggestions that can help you determine how best to automate your restaurant’s operations. Restaurant OperationsIn the hospitality business, who doesn’t want to streamline? You won’t waste time on repetitive tasks. You won’t pay personnel for work you could automate. Employees will be less frustrated. Customers will enjoy better experiences.

12 Restaurant Operational Challenges and Opportunities for 2021


Certainly, 2020 brought challenges for the restaurant industry that most owners and operators didn’t see coming. COVID-19 has prompted massive changes in how restaurants operate. To prepare for the new year, restaurant owners, operators, and managers need to start planning now.

2021 78

The Kitchen Connection: 5 Ways to Streamline Your Restaurant Kitchen Operations to Increase Customer Satisfaction


Here are the top five things to focus on when streamlining your kitchen operations to improve your restaurant experience and achieve your overall goal of making customers happy. EASY TAKEOUT AND DELIVERY OPERATIONS.

Peter Smith Tapped As Culinary Operations Director of Ghostline


Restaurateur Aaron Gordon (Bakers & Baristas, Red Velvet, Red Light & Little Beast) is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Smith as the new culinary operations director of his latest establishment, Ghostline.

Smart Ops: The Future of Restaurant Operations


The post Smart Ops: The Future of Restaurant Operations appeared first on Restaurant365. Videos

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Managing Restaurant Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic


We have compiled those that we find the most helpful and informative for restaurant owners and operators. Running Restaurants Restaurants & Covid-19 (free recorded webinar) – Great insights from Roger Beaudoin from Restaurant Rockstars as well as questions and answers from restaurant operators. The post Managing Restaurant Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic appeared first on Restaurant365. We understand that this an unprecedented time in our history.

Insights from an Alabama Restaurant Operator

Restaurant Engine

Although national statistics and insights from restaurant lobbyists on Capitol Hill can be helpful, sometimes the best place to go for real advice is a local owner-operator. Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant.

Why Operational Marketing Should Be the Heart of Your Business


What is operational marketing? Why would I need to worry about having an effective operational marketing team? Well, in short, operational marketing is marketing to operate efficiently.

Accounting + Operations Together


The post Accounting + Operations Together appeared first on Restaurant365. In this video, customers talk about how they were able to use Restaurant365 to bring their accounting and ops teams together. BREAK DOWN THE WALL. Videos

Restaurant365 Doubles Down on Restaurant Operations With Their Smart Ops Release


Irvine, CA (January 12, 2021) – Restaurant365, the leading all-in-one restaurant management platform, today unveiled its Smart Ops Release, which makes the robust Restaurant365 operations modules smarter, simpler, and more mobile friendly. Key upgrades include: Multi-location dashboards so operations directors and area managers can hone in on problem areas. Simplified interface making it easy for managers at all levels to leverage the powerful operations tools.

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Handwashing Solutions for Safe Restaurant Operations

Modern Restaurant Management

Hot water is the lifeblood of restaurants. It's used not only for cooking, food prep and production, but in these times, for janitorial and enhanced sanitation needs such as cleaning food contact surfaces and high touch areas from doorknobs to display cases, checkout counters to order kiosks.

The Complex World of Ghost Kitchen's BOH Operations


While food delivery is nothing new, smart phones and the consumer’s desire to move away from the traditional restaurant dining room setting has a created an opportunity for pure-play ghost kitchen operators like Kitchen United , Uber Eats, Deliveroo Editions and others.

BOH 78

4 Communication Tips to Improve Restaurant Operations During COVID-19

Sculpture Hospitality

Operating Efficiency of Domino’s Pizza Tantamount to Google

Restaurant Engine

News Popular Restaurant Business Restaurant Marketing best restaurant Online Marketing Online Ordering restaurant costs Restaurant Operations restaurant promotion WPNDomino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) went public in 2004, and it has delivered a superior return to its shareholders, better even than Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL). “It’s pretty amazing,” said Joe Weisenthal. “The basic idea is that both Domino’s Pizza and Google went public around the same time.

The New Technology Changing the Way Restaurants Operate

The Eat Restaurant

Restaurants haven’t always been the quickest to respond to new technology

Cloud-Based Software Can Help Restaurants Operate Better than Ever. Here’s How

Xtra Chef

For most restaurant operators, pivoting to the new normal has become a major source of stress. However, the folks who are turning a blind eye to the back of house are missing a major opportunity to shape a better future for their operational processes.

2021 96

How Restaurant Operators Can Optimize their POS Investment in the COVID-19 Environment

Modern Restaurant Management

There’s one question that’s now on the minds of operators everywhere: … Despite these conditions, the expectations placed on restaurant operators are greater than ever. As restaurants work to re-tool in preparation for the return of in-house guests, there’s one question that’s now on the minds of operators everywhere: how can their existing point-of-sale (POS) system and related technologies help to provide a safe environment with secure payments?

POS 128

Restaurant Resiliency: Deploying and Securing New Operational Models

Modern Restaurant Management

From the expansion of drive-through operations, delivery services and curbside pick-up, to on-lot pop-up restaurants and even satellite locations, restaurants are using technology to survive and, in some cases, thrive in these challenging times. Install wireless access points to provide the best experience for guests and business functions: Hardware should be suited for their environment to ensure continuous operation.

6 Tips for Operators to Better Manage Their Finances

Sculpture Hospitality

Bar Management Restaurant OperationsWhen people first get into bar ownership, there’s no instruction manual for how to manage the finances of a company.

10 Operational Challenges Restaurants Should Expect in 2020


Becoming successful in the restaurant industry is difficult but staying ahead of operational challenges is even harder. To prepare for the new year, restaurant owners, operators, and managers need to start planning now. Here are the top 10 operational challenges restauranteurs should expect in 2020: 1. Labor is one of the largest restaurant operational costs, but it is also one of the most controllable.

4 Ways To Use Operational Marketing to Your Advantage


Operational marketing doesn’t have to be a one-size fits all approach. As mentioned in the article, Operational Marketing Should Be the Heart of Your Business , operational marketing has many aspects involved. It can be used as much or as sparingly as necessary.

Dining In During a Pandemic: The Do’s and Don’ts for Restaurant Operators

Modern Restaurant Management

Equipment Operations Anti-Microbial Coating NCRThe global pandemic turned the tables on the restaurant industry. Now, for restaurant employees and guests alike, nothing matters more than the safety of their experience inside the restaurant.

Top 3 Fundamentals of Running Vital Restaurant Operations

Hot Schedules

Top 3 Fundamentals of Running Vital Restaurant Operations. Between documenting team member wellness to modifying your roster to accommodate changing consumer demand, operating during a pandemic has certainly challenged the way we view success.

The Omnichannel Restaurant: Recognizing the Importance of a Multi-Channel Strategy to Drive Sales


Today, it is a successful operational model that is used by organizations across multiple industries, including the food and restaurant sector. Building a successful omnichannel operation. Secure payment, browsing your menu online, tracking delivery orders, rating your restaurant: all these operations wouldn’t be possible without today’s extensive suite of technologies. A few years ago, omnichannel was a concept that was applied almost exclusively to retail brands.

How Food Operations Data Assists Your Social Media Campaigns


The connection between your food operations data and social media marketing is stronger than you think. Your food operations data can inform your social media decision making. food operations management data analytics and reportingSocial media marketing is a tool that can promote specific menu items at specific stores.

The 8 Rules of Effective Restaurant Operations

The Eat Restaurant

Successful restaurants are built on two key principles: serve great food streamline restaurant operations. Restaurant Management

Delaget Coach Operational Dashboard Wins 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award

Rocket Fuel

Delaget Coach Operational Dashboard Wins 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award. The post Delaget Coach Operational Dashboard Wins 2020 QSR Applied Tech Award appeared first on Delaget. Blog Operational Efficiency

Listed Restaurants Continue to Outperform Owner-Operated Establishments

Restaurant Engine

Although owner-operated restaurants do not have intraday quotations of their shares on public exchanges, closures could exceed three in four if no additional fiscal stimulus passes Congress’ current gridlock.

Managing Your Vendor Network: The Key to Economically Sustainable Operations in the COVID Era

Modern Restaurant Management

One thing that many restaurants are not doing right now is taking the time to evaluate the core services that keep their businesses operating. Every restaurant location you manage has a collection of services that are critical to operation.

6 Ways Technology Can Help Restaurant Operations

Harbor Touch

Indeed, technology has continuously been changing the landscape in which we operate our businesses. The most common example of the utilization of technology in restaurant operations is the fast-food bump bar where food can be prepared using production or an assembly line approach to maximize the efficiency in the division of labor. Forget about standalone software; we’re entering cloud-based operations.

E-Book: Ultimate Guide to Payroll for Restaurant Operators


The post E-Book: Ultimate Guide to Payroll for Restaurant Operators appeared first on Restaurant365. Download Our Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Payroll. Restaurant payroll can be a challenge with employees receiving multiple types of compensation, from tips to salaries to hourly minimum wage.

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Hospitality Technology: Medicine for Operators, Gold for Investors


The future of the restaurant and hospitality industry depends on two major categories of foodservice technology to advance: operations and next generation foods. Technology is critical to the survival of the restaurant industry in a post-pandemic world.

How Restaurants Can Reduce Operational Risk

Harbor Touch

Here’s what you need to know about operational risks for restaurants and how to manage them. Training should be continuous, and it should cover; safe food handling , equipment operation, lifting technique, customer service, and how to respond to accidents like fire, burns, and cuts. The post How Restaurants Can Reduce Operational Risk appeared first on Harbortouch. Early risk detection is critical to the success of any business.

F&B Operator Procurement Strategies – Delivering on the Vision

Future Food

F&B Operator Procurement Strategies Delivering on the Vision. In the current business environment, securing the best F&B operators within your project, development or institution, can be challenging. Additional Comments on this F&B Operator Procurement Strategies Blog.

Using Document Management to Streamline Operations


The post Using Document Management to Streamline Operations appeared first on Bizimply As we look to bounce back better from COVID 19, businesses are required to implement a COVID-19 Response Plan, so workplaces are adequately prepared for the return of workers. .

8 Exciting Restaurant Technologies That Improve Operations

Restaurant Technology Guys

Let's take a look at eight exciting restaurant technologies that improve operations. The post 8 Exciting Restaurant Technologies That Improve Operations appeared first on Restaurant Technology Guys. Today's modern customer is used to online retail, immediate delivery, and the interconnectedness of a smartphone world.

How to Benefit from Your Restaurant Operations Platform's "Suggested Order" Feature


A quality BOH food operations platform will have a "Suggested Order" feature that can help you keep your inventory levels balanced. food operations managementNo one wants to run out of inventory. Having to tell customers "sorry, we're out of that," especially during a busy period, can hurt your brand's reputation. At the same time, while it's important to be prepared, you don't want to be over- prepared with too much inventory on-hand.

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Hotel Data Reveals the Latest Factors Driving Operational Success

Hot Schedules

Hotel Data Reveals the Latest Factors Driving Operational Success. As hospitality evolves to meet the needs of today’s complex environment, widely adopted processes and procedures have now expired in favor of safety, secured profitability, and lean operations.