Restaurants Save Money with the Right Recycling Practices 

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In 2018, when China stopped accepting plastics and recycling from the US, waste management professionals wondered whether the recycling industry could survive the loss of a major market for America’s commodity scrap. percent a year, and the plastic recycling market by $14.74

Restaurant Sustainability is About Success, Not Just Recycling.

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Now more than ever, with soaring supply prices, staff shortages and crazy weather, sustainability makes sense across all business areas – it’s much more than recycled packaging and local vegetables. So keep sharing a steady stream of photos and happy snaps – everything from the new trainee’s first coffee to the bookkeeper at work, cheerful customers and the cardboard recycling. The post Restaurant Sustainability is About Success, Not Just Recycling.


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How to Run a Restaurant and Reap the Benefits of Recycling


How to Run a Restaurant and Reap the Benefits of Recycling . So when someone brings up food recycling, you’re probably asking yourself when you’ll ever have time to give it any thought. Well, what if food recycling could actually help your growing business and save you money?

Organic Waste Recycling for Foodservice: What You Need To Know

Sustainability Beyond the Plate

Until 2016, commercial organic recycling was limited to the dedicated few. If you produce 4 cubic yards* (the size of a standard commercial bin, not the smaller ‘cart’) or more of organic waste per week, you must separate and recycle that waste. Here is a brief overview of the terms used by the various stakeholders in the world of organic waste recycling, which often cause confusion: Organic matter comes from a living organism; food waste is one type of organic matter.

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Reducing Restaurant Food Waste

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Donation, composting, and organic recycling are all available options to restaurant operators attempting to reduce the amount of food scraps entering their solid waste bins. Organic Recycling. The EPA estimated that in 2018, the United States wasted 35.3 million tons of food.

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Which Sustainably Packaging Model Is Best for Your Business?


60% Americans would support local ordinances improving recyclability standards for takeout containers. Reusable, recyclable, and compostable are the three major categories that fall under the sustainable packaging category. Recyclable. And the cardboard lids are also recyclable.

What’s the difference between plastic and metal coffee pods?

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Recyclability & sustainability. And while the production of “virgin” aluminium is energy-intensive, it is infinitely recyclable. Figures from the European Aluminium Association estimate that in 2015, the aluminium can recycling rate for Europe was over 76%.


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Instead of thirty-gallon trash cans spread out through the kitchen, there were two much smaller cans, a recycling bin, and tubs for compost. Bigger isn’t always better. Bigger brings a significant upswing in headaches, unforeseen challenges, an inability to flex, and long-term costs.

6 Tips to Make the Switch to Sustainable To-Go Containers Painless


More than 180 billion single use takeout containers are thrown away in the US every year, and recycling is not a solution. A UN funded study estimated that barely 10% of plastic packaging is recycled effectively and more than 70% reaches landfills and nature. Reading Time: 4 minutes.

How can you minimise the environmental impact of green coffee storage?

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The company is also a trade representative for Pinhalense and Carmomaq and a manufacturer of its own 100% recyclable and reusable SUMMA “big bags”. Fibtex ’s packaging is made with 100% recyclable resins,” María Patricia says. “We

2022 Restaurant Industry Trends: Part 2

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As food deliveries and takeaways continue to rule the food industry in 2022, forward-looking restaurants are now moving away from plastic and other non-recyclable materials in their food packaging. Restaurant Industry Trends and Outlook for 2022.

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Can you run a zero-waste coffee shop?

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Essentially, the concept of zero waste is based on the elimination of waste, mainly through reusing and recycling products, materials, and packaging. We also use compostable and recyclable items, so our landfill bin is only a quarter-full every two weeks.”.

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How can coffee shops reduce single-use cup waste? 

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As they’re difficult to recycle, we can also conclude most of these cups end up going to landfill, where they contribute to a growing waste problem. You may also like our article on why recycling single-use coffee cups is so difficult. Can you recycle single-use cups?

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Supporting Guests and the Environment with Sustainable Restrooms

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Consider a variety of features and solutions that your facility can invest in to reduce its carbon footprint and provide visitors with a clean and green restroom, including: Look for restroom products made from renewable sources and/or from recycled materials.

Exploring the compostable coffee capsule market

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Although recyclable capsules are an option for consumers, the waste disposal solutions aren’t always straightforward. Nespresso and Keurig are two of the biggest global coffee capsule manufacturers, producing capsules made from aluminium and recyclable plastic, respectively.

Ready to toss out your pumpkins? Here's how to keep them out of the landfill

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From composting them to putting them out for wildlife to eat, here are some recycling ideas. The U.S. produces billions of pumpkins each year, most of which end up in the trash when Halloween ends. Image credit: Jennifer Seifert/Pumpkins For Pigs

Repurposing an Old Costume Shop into a Brewery

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” The interior design of the brewery also incorporates tables made from recycled pallets and chairs made from recycled skateboards.

Restaurant Sustainability Efforts and Customer Attraction

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For some time now, the members of the foodservice industry in some areas have been forced, at a minimum, to practice proper waste disposal and recycling. More than 60% recycle cardboard/paper and fats/oils/grease. Less than 30% recycle aluminum/metal/glass/flexible plastics.

Managing Your Restaurant’s Maintenance & Sanitization During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 health crisis has created a new emphasis on sanitization, health, and social distancing in businesses of all types—and restaurants are no exception. Enhanced focus on sanitization and social distancing have become the minimum restaurant operating requirements during the pandemic.

57: Irena Stein on Art and Beauty

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She respect nature which the menu reflects by using local produce, minimizing waste, recycling and consistently building her business with sustainability in mind. Irena Stein is a Baltimore restauranteur for the last 18 years. That would be impressive on it's own. There is far more to Irena Stein, and it's a joy to share what many people do not know. She is a creative, and artistic human!

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Culinary Cues

Do what you can: recycle, reuse, reduce waste, buy local, find ways to connect with more sustainable energy sources, save water, and be an ambassador for good practices. [] Take the time to put aside your prejudice (we all likely have some), listen to others and learn.

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What Happens to Used Cooking Oil When it Goes Down the Drain

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Recycle Used Cooking Oil with a Reputable Provider. Recycling with a reputable recycling partner is always the superior option when it comes to disposing of your used cooking oil. Cooking oil is a staple within commercial kitchens.

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7 Guest Preference Predictions for 2022


Fortunately, there are a lot of great options when it comes to recyclable and compostable takeout containers and paper products. Reusable, recyclable, and compostable are the three major categories that fall under the sustainable packaging category.

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Inspiring! 3 Restaurants Show How they Adapted During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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But Hamburger Mary's is eco-conscious and encourages guests to recycle! You've heard hundreds of stories about restaurants struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it's undoubtedly a difficult time for restaurants, this has also been an era of innovation and resilience.

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Effective Promotional Ingredients for Going Green

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About half of consumers indicated that a “restaurant’s efforts to reduce food waste, recycle or donate food can be factors in choosing where to dine.”

An Environmentally Friendly Strategy to Reduce Restaurant Costs

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percent of the leftover food is recycled, 1.4 The circular economy is a model of production and consumption involving the reuse or recycling of materials to its fullest life cycle. Food waste generated by restaurants has long been an expensive and environmentally harmful problem.

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Tips For Restaurants to Reduce Food Waste and Save Significant Money

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Recycle and compost. California has just launched a food waste recycling program, the largest of its kind in the US. The restaurant industry loses an astounding $162 billion each year in food waste.

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Sprite is ditching its iconic green bottle — and that's good for the environment

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For decades, the lemon-lime drink has come in green bottles — but green plastic isn't as easily recycled as clear plastic, the company says. Fresca, Seagram's and Mello Yello will all follow suit. Image credit: Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images; The Coca-Cola Company

Coffee News Recap, 12 Aug: Coffee leaf extract could inhibit Covid-19 infection, Intelligentsia employees vote to unionise & other stories

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K Cup consumers could receive reimbursements over recyclability settlement. was accused of labelling K Cups as recyclable when many were not widely available for recycling in the US. Every Friday, Perfect Daily Grind rounds up the top coffee industry news from the previous week.

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12 Restaurant Lunch Specials: Make Lunch the Most Important Meal of the Day ???

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Some restaurants will go the extra mile and pack everything into a sweet little picnic basket, but a recyclable paper bag will also do the trick. It’s December, and the air is seasoned with the scent of cinnamon, spice, and everything nice.

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Restaurateurs, Are You Engaging Gen Z?

Focus POS

Recycling and composting, selling non-GMO foods, and phasing out non-recyclable plastics are among the other practices Gen Z seek out in a restaurant. Gen Z, those born after 1998—successors to Millennials—are estimated to have a buying power of $44 billion.

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Boardroom Spirits Significantly Expands Product Portfolio


The distillery’s strengthened commitment to sustainability include a recycled bottling program and an installation of solar panels making it one of the first distilleries in Pennsylvania to run on 100% renewable energy.

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We have become use to recycling our cardboard on a daily basis, but it may soon be required to eliminate that packaging before food and other supplies enter a food production space or storage. [] EMPLOYEE ANTIBODY TESTING AND VALIDATION.

How the Pandemic Has Forever Changed the Way We Eat

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And as COVID spread, it came became increasingly clear that addressing the larger system that prevents packaging from being properly managed and recycled was a more practical and flexible way to manage bags that were designed to be recycled rather than banning them.

Managing Your Vendor Network: The Key to Economically Sustainable Operations in the COVID Era

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The truth is: waste management, recycling, hood cleaning and grease trap services are more often than not a source of overspending and inefficiency. During the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine, most restaurants are just working to keep their doors open.

Innovation, Cup by Cup: The Starbucks Sustainability Approach

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Waste is an immense issue within the restaurant industry, and Starbucks itself distributes over six billion single-use cups each year — most of which are unable to be recycled and end up directly in landfills or the environment.

How to Keep Your Restaurant Back Office Organized

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By extension, these regular tidy-ups can help you pinpoint and get rid of things in your office that you just don’t need anymore, like papers that can be recycled or those that need proper filing. Papers. Clutter. Wires. Clipboards.

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Open The Eco-Friendly Gates, Think Outside The Plate


Much to your surprise, the amount of food that was wasted could virtually feed a small nation.Trash was being tossed into the recycle bins, contaminating the truly recyclable items. Recyclable items were being thrown in the trash, substantially increasing your disposal fees. By simply recycling unconsumed drinking water, as well as excess water from ice buckets and other sources you can put this grey water to good use.

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Creating a sustainable restaurant in 3 easy steps


Today, compostable, recyclable and plant-based packaging is readily available , and many restaurants and third-party delivery service providers are already making efforts to curb the distribution of (single-)plastic straws, cutlery and condiment packets. Recycle glass and cardboard.

2019 97

Top 4 Ghost Kitchens Compared


Make sure the location can provide proof of live utility hookups, waste removal, recycling, and proper permitting. Reading Time: 4 minutes. Ghost kitchens, a delivery-only restaurant model with no physical space for dine-in, have become essential lifelines during the pandemic.

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